Cody woke up horny. He reached down to jerk his cock when he noticed he was alone in bed. He's pussy had left him. Looking around he saw Ryan past out on the other bed. He was asleep on his belly, with that fantastic ass in the air. Cody walked over and saw just how stretched open Ryan's hole was. It still had fresh cum pouring out of it. Cody didn't care, he took hold of his cock, aimed it and slide in deep. Ryan's cunt was loose and sloppy. This wouldn't do, Cody smacked Ryan's ass hard. The skin glowed red in the shape of his hand. Cody could feel the hole tighten on his cock.

Ryan woke up with a start. Cody's cock was in him and he was getting his ass spanked. Cody smacked again and again. Soon Ryan's hole was almost virginally tight. Cody groaned with pleasure. With much protest by Ryan, Cody started roughly fucking him. Soon Ryan started feeling good as his pussy got reamed. He could feel his hole milking the cock. Cody didn't last long before blasting his load deep inside. Pulling free he gave one more hard smack to Ryan's ass. Not a drip of cum escaped.

"Oh wow, look at that hole. If I wasn't just in there, tearing it up, you'd think you were still cherry." Cody laughed.

Ryan was pissed. But he was also very horny from being fucked, smacked and not yet cumming.

"What the fuck Cody, you just gonna leave me hanging?" pleaded Ryan as he shook his ass at Cody trying to get him to fuck his ass again.

Cody stood there laughing at Ryan. He shook his head, got dressed, smacked Ryan's ass and left. Ryan lay in Cody's bed stretching his boy cunt open again. Even with his pinky finger Ryan could barely fit the tip into his tight boy pussy. As he lay there trying to worm his finger into his hole, the door opened. Standing in the door way, was Lee, a huge mountain of a man with skin as dark as midnight. There was nothing small about Lee.

"You left the shower so quickly, we never got to play." boomed the young man's deep voice.

Ryan could see the bright toothy smile as Lee watched him finger fuck himself. Lee stepped closer as he closed and locked the door. Reaching out Lee smacked Ryan's hand away while shoving his huge thumb into Ryan's cunt. Moaning loudly, Ryan could feel a squirt of jizm fill Lee's hand. Eyes wide with horror he watched as the hand full of cum was brought to his face. Looking deep into Lee's eyes he opened his mouth and took the cum, tasting the mixture of five different boy juice as well as the taste of his own ass. The taste was fantastic. Lee feed him handful after handful of ass and cum until there was almost nothing less.

"Oh sweetness it looks like you're all out, I guess I'll just have to give you some more." Laughed Lee, as he opened his fly freeing his massive member.

Standing behind Ryan his cock landed right on his puckered pussy lips. He took what was left inside Ryan to lube up a cock that was as thick as a soda can with a head even thicker. Using both thumbs to rip open the ass in front of him Lee shoved his cock into the spasming hole. Ryan moaned as his cunt lips snapped shut around the massive cock head inside him. With every thrust more and more of the massive cock slide deeper into his hole.

"Virgin territory on a whore's used cunt." cried Lee as he reached and stretched new depths with his super sized member.

After fucking Ryan's abused hole for over half an hour Lee pulled his cock free and pulled Ryan's head towards his cock. Ryan looked at the impossible thing that was just inside him. The shaft was thick and covered in veins and bumps. Lee's cock head was swollen and angry and is wide piss slit was leaking like a faucet. Opening his mouth as was as he could he was barely able to fit more than the tip in just as Lee let loose. Splash after splash fill his mouth and covered his face. As quickly as Lee came Ryan made all the cum disappear down his throat.

"That's my little piggy. But oh look, you ate it all. Guess I'm just gonna have to put something else up your sweet little hole."

Confused by what Lee meant, Ryan was pushed onto his back with his legs in the air. He could feel Lee push his still hard cock back where it belonged. As his lips slowly wrapped around Lee's cock head, Lee began smacking his ass to tighten him up. Ryan could feel Lee's cock start to throb and suddenly explode as a hot warmth spread though him. My god thought Ryan, he's ... he's pissing in me. Looking down he could see his belly start to swell and his cock start bobbing and leaking like crazy. Just has he was about to come Lee stopped pissing and with a finale smack to the ass pulled his softening cock free without a drop spilling.

"Oh no Lee, not again. I need to come. Please keep fucking me." Ryan begged.

Lee grabbed his arms preventing Ryan from jacking off and laughed.

"Naw I don't think so."

Lee held Ryan down until he could see that Ryan wouldn't be able to get himself off.

"Ryan oh you do need more don't you." teased Lee.

"Please, please I need to nut. I need more ... more in my ... in my pussy."

sobbed Ryan. After the last 24 hours he had gone from total straight boy to cock loving cum drinking slut pussy boy. But he didn't know where or how to get more.

Lee told him of a place that could help. Told him to go downtown to an address and ask for Daddy Mike.

The paper in his hand shook as he searched for the address. Ryan wasn't sure why he was walking down a back alleyway looking for some stranger called 'Daddy Mike'.

Ryan knocked on the metal door of the address given to him. He hadn't seen another person for the last 20 minutes and he was pretty sure there was no one around. A plate slid open and a pair of eyes peeked thru the door.

"Um, I'm looking for Mike ... Daddy Mike." he stammered.

The deep black eyes looked him over for a moment before disappearing as the plate slid closed and the door was unlocked. Ryan pushed the door open and stepped inside the dimly lit hallway.

"End of the hall, boy." Came a voice from the dark as the door closed and was locked.

At the end of the hall was a large room, also dimly lit. A man stood in a bright circle of light. He was in his late 30's early 40's about 6 feet and clearly in good shape. He was cleanly dressed in jeans, a dark t-shirt and boots. He had short hair and was clean shaven. He motioned for Ryan to step forward into the light. Ryan looked into the man's eyes and was calmed down at once.

"How can I help you boy?"

"A friend, Lee said you might be able to help me with my problem."

"He called, and I might. Why don't you start from the beginning and tell me about your problem."

Ryan started to tell the man about Cody's suggestion with self finger fucking. As he relayed his tale the man started to slowing remove Ryan's shirt. He told the man about how Cody started finger fucking then fisting Ryan's once virgin straight boy hole. As the man lowered Ryan jeans and remove his flip flops, Ryan spoke about feeling the first cock slid into his ass. He vented his anger at finding that his best friend and room mate had spent a night fucking him and breeding his boy pussy while he slept thru it.

Ryan stood naked in the bright light, his cock rock hard as he shared the story of being gang banged and double teamed by twin brothers. The man listened quietly while attaching soft warm leather cuffs to Ryan's wrists and feet. While Ryan shared about being woken by his room mate, who was smacking his ass to tighten his hole while fucking him, the man snapped a leather cock strap around his engorged cock and between his balls. Ryan paused for a moment to look at the obscenely hot sight of his cock and balls wrapped and separated. Returning to his tale, Ryan told how another floor mate had walked into his room while Ryan was trying to finger his own hole. As he told of sucking down Lee's cock and cum, the man bent him over to finger and lube Ryan's tight hole. The man started pushing his fingers into Ryan as he told of Lee pissing in and filling his hole. As he finished his story the man had his whole fist deep inside Ryan's ass.

Ryan had to grab his knees as the man slid his fist so deep into Ryan's boy pussy he could feel the man's elbow trying to get in. Ryan was shocked, as once again he had some ones arm inside his recently virgin boy cunt. The man roughly fisted him as Ryan felt his nuts boil and his cock grow harder than ever. He badly wanted to come but the leather wrapped around his cock and balls prevented him. The man slowly popped his fist free of Ryan's pussy and started to smack his ass. As his hole tightened Ryan realized that he could feel the man's thick long cock inside him. The man had stretched his hole so much he didn't even feel him slid his cock in.

Ryan moaned as the man grabbed his hips and started to roughly fuck him.

The repetitive stabs of cock into his prostate sent small explosions thru Ryan's body and mind. He started shaking has he began to have a dry orgasm.

As his balls were unable to release their load the orgasm went on and on. Ryan felt the man start to throb as he shot his thick load deep inside of the formerly straight jock. The feeling of the man's heavy load of cum hitting his prostate started a second chain of dry cums thru Ryan's mind. He was unable to hold himself up anymore and fell to the ground with a load pop as the man's thick cock head popped free of his wide hole. The man continued to shoot his load onto Ryan, covering his face with several thick strands of hot heavy cum. As he passed out from the intense fuck, Ryan thought he could see several men standing around him in the dark...


James Klawitter

[email protected]


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