Ryan has been working for Subway well into three years now in Rome, Georgia. A few time a month Mr Kelly Franks alway stopping by and order his favourite Sub from Ryan. Kelly Franks was the General Manager for Pro Bass Outdoor stores just on the out skirts of Rome. " Hello Ryan how about a 12 inch meatballs sub extra cheese to go " Ryan then gave him a huge smile before he ask him if he would like it toasted. " Yes Ryan that will be good " As he made his way down to where the teller was.

Mr Franks ran into Ryan later on that day in his store were he was looking for a new shower handle for his new apartment that he just move into a week ago. They had a little conversation before Mr Franks invited Ryan into his office for a chat since it was his hour lunch break. Ryan very much lover the Business Men look as Kelly was wearing a tight pair of Dockers grey dress slacks along with a Burgundy shirt with the Pro Bass logo and a very expenses sold tie. One moment Kelly got the feeling that Ryan could not stop starring and glaring at his huge bulge that was showing off very well in his slacks. " Hey Ryan you with me dude, " It took a few seconds for Ryan to reply back at him, " I am Sir just stuck in a day dream a bit. They both laugh in carry on their conversation with one another.

Mr Franks had a great body for someone who just turn 47 years old, He stood well over 6'1 weigh a solid 220 had a few Tattoos on his arm with short dark hair and a very well kept trim goatee, As for Ryan he was around 5'10 weigh around  160 with short blonde hair with a blondish beard coming in. It was late September when Kelly invite Ryan up to his Parents Cabins that was hidden away in the woods a good 30 minutes from the Inter State Highway.

It was 7 am on Friday morning when he honk his F-1 Ford pick up at Ryan's apartment and waited a few minutes until Ryan came down with his Knapsack full of things he need for the weekend trip. Ryan was once again amazed by what Mr Franks was wearing when he pick him up . He had on a very tight light brown Haley Hansen outdoor shorts along with a Pro Bass short sleeve shirt that matches his shorts and a tight pair of Colt new spandex workout boxer briefs underwear that was showing just pass the leg opening.

The first day and night they had a great time until the rain started to come down likes buckets for the most of the second day as the temperature good much colder out.  It was around 8 pm when Kelly and Ryan decided to hit for the Hot Tub that his Parents just put in along with a few cans of beer. "  Fuck this feels so great Ryan " As the rain is slowly pouring down on the two of them. " You got that right Mr. Franks " Kelly then got up to sit on the side of the hot tub as Ryan eyes were once again starring at the Huge package that Mr. Franks was showing off in his powder blue Hanes Briefs as he notice the outline of Mr Franks huge 8 inch thick cock growing.

" Hey Ryan can I ask you something " ?

" Yes Kelly "

" Why do you always stare at my groin area every time we meet "

" I don't know Sir, I won't do it again "

" Please don't worry it no issues with me "

" I understand Kelly "

" Now it is my turn for a question Mr Franks " ?

" You can ask myself anything you want dude "

" Why does your bugle grow so much when you notice me staring at ?"

" Because I always had a fantasy about having some kind of sexual pleasure with you "

" Really Kelly "

" I thought you are 100% straight  "

" I am dude "

" You can say that I might be Bi curious "

" I need to tell you something then "

" Go for it Ryan "

" My first time was with my High School Ruby Coach Mr Bradly "

" Know way dude "

" He blew me off in his office shower the last game of the season "

" How big was he Ryan ? "

" He was a good 9 inch uncut and had a very well muscled body along with a Bushy beard he likes wearing "

" How old was he Ryan ? "

" Around 55 I guess "

" He had like 7 kids and a short bitchy old lady at home "

" Did you blow him ? "

" Yes sir "

" He shot 2 loads off at once all down my throat "

"  Fuck Ryan you making hard "

" I can see that Kelly "

" I have not cum in 2 weeks "

" The wife cut me off for some reason "

" You poor thing lol "

" How about we go back into the cabin and let me blow your load ? "

" I never had a man mouth on my dick before "

" Cool love to be your fist Mr. Franks "

They both dry off and headed back into the cabin as Kelly throw 2 more logs into the huge fireplace along the side of the wall. Kelly began to climb onto the top of wooden oak coffee table right in front of the fire place. Ryan took his hands and began to pull down Kelly red bikinis briefs all the way to his hairy ankles. 

Ryan took out a bottle of Rush poppers for Kelly to try for his first ever real man blowjob. " What are those dude ? " They called poppers and well make you very horny and gave you a massive orgasm. " So take a good riff dude and then pass the bottle to me okay "

" Fuck that feel great Ryan "

" You like it dude "

" Holy shit that feels so good '

They blow job last a few more minutes until they both decided to head up stairs into Kelly bedroom. Ryan once again began to pull Kelly underwear off and started working over his hairy body with his tongue and lips real good. Mr Franks started to scream more with all of the excitement coming from the poppers and Ryan's hot lips  wrap around his thick tool like a BOA ! 

" Fuck Ryan it feel good "

" I told you that a man can suck much better then a women "

" Let me suck on your nipples for a few minutes now "

" You can suck anywhere you like "

Ryan was well into 20 minutes sucking on Kelly hard erected nipples as they became much harder and sore from his mouth, " Fuck my friend is there anything that you can't do?  They both took a little rest before Kelly roll onto his stomach. 

" Would you like your hairy ass hole eaten out ? "

" Never had that done before dude "

" They say it is the same feeling that girls get when their pussy gets eaten "

" Go for it Ryan "

" Take a good shot of poppers and then relax "

Ryan mouth and tongue were slowly going inside Kelly steaming hot hole now as his body started to tremble from his ass be eaten out.

' OMG it feels so great "

" You like it  "

" Fuck you got my ass soaking dude '

" OMG I think that I going to shoot "

" Go for it Kelly "

" Go for it Sir "

" Take one more riff "

 Kelly began to scream out as his ass started to shot out a huge load of ass spray all over Ryan's mouth and lips.

" Holy shit Ryan what was that dude? "

" You had  Ass orgasm  Sir "

" My 2 fingers hit your male G-spots "

" Know way Ryan "

" I told you that it feels great "

" Fuck dude you are the best "

" How about you turn over for another explosion "

Mr Franks once again roll over this time onto his back as Ryan and him took another shot poppers before the real fun begins. It was almost 10 pm now where Ryan climb onto Kelly 9 inch thick cock as they both scream with sexual climax during the fuck. They both started to sweat like pigs as Kelly was now Fucking the shit out of Ryan doggy style as the aroma from the poppers made them both more horny.

" I love you ass Ryan "

" Fuck me real good Mr. Franks "

" Oh Shit  I am getting close "

" Fuck dude I getting close "

" Give it to me Coach? "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Yea "

" Omg Can you please pull out Sir "

" Here it is Ryan"

Kelly quickly pull out of Ryan hole as he was shooting off a massive load of his juice allover Ryan's hairy bubble butt hole and ass checks.

" Hold shit Ryan that felt great "

" You got that right coach "

" Coach "

" You know what I mean "

They both slept good that night and got up early in the morning to head on back to Rome before the traffic started to get heavy. They finally arrived back at Ryan Apartment shortly after 2 pm as Ryan climb out of Kelly truck very slowly from the fuck.

" We have to do it again Ryan "

" We will Mr Frank's

" See you in a few weeks "

" You to Coach lol "

It was a good month later that Mr Franks went back to Subway for a sub and notice that Ryan's is know longer working there. He began to ask Sue were he was and she told him he is now working for Pro Bass in Knoxville Tennessee. It only took a couple of hours as Kelly look him up to see were the store was located. Winter came and went very fast as Kelly got a e-mail  from Ryan telling him he will be at the PRO BASS convention in Buffalo, New York later that month. Mr Franks reply  back to him see you there and please bring your speedo swim suit.

Part 2 To Follow




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