Owen was leaning against the old drink cooler with its sliding top panels and the drinks sitting down in the dark recesses of the noisy old case. He was listening to Jack, the owner of the old general store, and two of the community's farmers talk about the weather, the price of soybeans on the market, and where the best fishing was this time of year. It was a ritual in the farming community to take a break on some mid-afternoons and head to one of the old general stores that anchored one community or another and grab a drink and something to snack on. For Owen it was a Coke and a Snicker's bar.

Owen was twenty this past April and had stayed in the community after high school to farm. His tall lanky frame, his light brown hair that seemed to always need cutting, the thin line of beard that he allowed to grow in during in the week only to shave it off on Friday evening when he would hook up with some buddies to go out for a movie or to some club down in Pensacola or Mobile was typical of many of the young guys who stayed to farm.

When the door opened to the store, making the bell ring, everyone looked up to see who was coming in. Wearing a dirty white t-shirt and worn frayed jeans, both knees blown out, was Bruce. He was naturally dark skinned with dark brown hair. Owen felt his heart rate increase slightly, his pulse quicken, for Bruce was someone he really liked, liked in ways he knew he had to keep to himself. Time and time again he allowed his fantasies of connecting to one of the guys in the farming community run rampant in his mind, especially when he was out in the middle of a field, closed up in the cab of the tractor, working his way across a sixty or ninety acre field, and one of the guys that his fantasies revolved around was Bruce. Bruce had been one year behind him in high school and even today, he still looked so boyish in the face he seemed a lot younger than his nineteen years. But Owen knew Bruce was in a serious relationship with one of the local girls, had been since high school and it was surprising they had not married yet.

As Bruce came in, speaking to everyone, Owen slid over and let Bruce get to the cooler for a drink. They spoke casually, catching up on what each was doing on their farms, then Bruce leaned against the cooler next to Owen, and for Owen this made it worse, to be so close, to have him right next to him, he thought about paying up and leaving. Then he heard the familiar sound of a tractor pull up out front. Through the large window he saw it was an old 4020 John Deere, a tractor from the 1960's that a lot of the farmers in the area still owned, used primarily for odd jobs, as a backup if one of their newer tractors had mechanical problems, or simply held on to for sentimental reasons for it represented the time when farming was finally becoming profitable, was letting so many become middle class after generations struggling to just put food on the table, and Owen knew how good a tractor it truly was for his dad still owned the one his grandfather had bought in 1966. Owen immediately knew this particular tractor, for it had a small dent in the hood right at the front; a tractor he had seen over the years, and when he looked at who was shutting it down he felt that certain excitement again. Climbing down was Travis. Travis was a year older than Owen, and was one of the most attractive guys around in his opinion. He was taller than Owen, at least six foot two or taller, and had dirty blonde hair and a smooth muscular body, one he remembered from high school when they played football together, a body that seemed naturally well defined. Travis had a scholarship to play football at one of the universities but he had shocked everyone by turning it down to farm. He had inherited his uncle's property, a man who never married and had no one to pass it on to except his nephew. Travis was friendly but kept to himself, leaving many in the community to gossip that he would be like his uncle, someone to never marry, even though many of the single women practically threw themselves at him.

The door open, the bell rang, and Travis ambled into the dark interior of the store, nodded to everyone, mumbling a 'hi' or 'how's it going' to everyone as he went over to the cooler Bruce and Owen were leaning against. Owen and Bruce stood and moved to opposite sides giving Travis access to grab something to drink. Owen watched as his long tanned arm, the sleeves of the old plaid shirt having been ripped off, reached into the cooler, he looked at the way Travis' beard came in so sparse along his jaw with his chin and upper lip showing the thickest growth. His short cut hair showed he had no side burns, appeared he couldn't even grow them and his skin looked so smooth Owen had a moment's temptation to reach out and touch him. Owen looked once again at the tall lean body hidden beneath the loose shirt and he glanced down at the round ass in the tight jeans, the back pocket faded where he always kept his wallet and his long legs revealed by the tight jeans, all the way down to the old work boots. When Travis stood up he turned and leaned back against the cooler between Bruce and Owen. Owen glanced down and saw how Travis' old jeans were faded and worn around the pockets, at his knees and when he dared to look, at the crotch. He could make out the bulge, the way Travis' cock lay beneath the soft worn fabric, and he had to force himself to look away.

Travis stepped up and went over to the stand with chips displayed and pulled down a bag, pulled it open and moved back against the case. As he held the bag up, letting the chips fall into his upturned mouth, Owen began to ask him what he was doing with the old 4020 out just so he had an excuse to look at him, to look at the way his Adam's apple moved up and down, to look at the sparse hair under his raised arm, to look into his bright blue eyes as Travis told him between mouthfuls of chips and drink that he was going to pick up a bush hog from the Reynolds. Bruce cut in and asked what kind of deal he got and what made him sell it. Owen lost the thread of conversation, not really caring about the bush hog, who he bought it from, how much he paid or anything else to do with it. He leaned against the cooler and looked at Travis, looking at each of his features, watched his movements, and wondered what it'd be like to actually get him to do something, to allow him to please him in some manner.

As they talked Owen saw movement outside the store then saw the door open. In came someone he didn't know and assumed was someone passing through, for many people driving from one of the towns north of the community routinely cut through the area to avoid the main highway at certain times of the day. He was an attractive guy, appeared to be in his mid-twenties, expensive haircut, wearing a dress shirt and khakis with nice leather dress shoes. He stopped inside the door and nodded at those looking at him when he entered and then he approached the cooler.

"Excuse me guys, can I grab a soda?" he asked flashing his perfectly straight white teeth. Owen couldn't help but look at the guy, acknowledging his attractiveness. He glanced over at Travis and for a moment he saw a look on Travis' face he recognized. A stranger, someone he didn't know, had no expectations, and therefore no restrictions on how he could imagine that person, and Owen knew Travis was thinking the same thing he had been thinking; was the guy doable? It made him realize how many times he had wondered about Travis, had considered trying to get to know him better, but he was always telling himself it was his fantasy and not reality, but now he wondered anew.


It was only a couple of days later that Owen faced the opportunity of getting to know Travis better, an opportunity he had to take advantage. Travis stopped him outside Jack's and asked him if his father still had his pan that hooked to a tractor. Owen told him they still had it, in fact he had used it last summer to rework the bank of their back fish pond.

"Well, I've got a waterway washed out since last winter and the guy I had do the work last time has sold his equipment and retired. You or your father willing to do some side work...or rent me the pan...although I don't know how to use it" and he actually smiled at Owen, acknowledging his inability to operate the implement.

"I'm caught up and can do it for you. What were you thinking of paying?"

"I don't know what guys are getting now. I paid forty dollars an hour for the last work done."

Owen smiled at Travis, seeing his opportunity. "I'll do it for twenty five an hour but you have to buy my diesel and feed me lunch and dinner each day I'm on the job."

Travis looked at Owen, a small curl up of his lip before he replied, his hands buried down in his pockets as he rocked on the heels of his feet. "Ok Owen, it's a deal. When can you start?"

"How about I start this Friday? I can be there around seven that morning and get started. How long do you think it'll take?"

"Last time I had this waterway wash out it took two days to fix it, so if you start Friday you may have to work on Saturday or the following Monday if you don't want to work on Saturday."

"I'll work at your place on Saturday if you're ok with it."

They finished making arrangements and Owen rushed home to tell his father he was going to help Travis on Friday and Saturday with something. Now he just had to be patient and wait for Friday to arrive.

Thursday night Owen went to bed early so he could get up and be on the road by 6:30, knowing driving the tractor over to Travis' place would take half an hour. He had the tractor all ready to go sitting in the back yard so all he had to do was get ready, eat breakfast and take off. He tossed and turned for half the night, unable to get the image of Travis out of his mind, the opportunity to get near him and finally the fantasies of getting him naked, of seeing that tall muscular body out in a field, or in some dark corner of his barn, or maybe back at his house, in his bed. Owen had an erection that would not stop any more than his fantasies. Sometime during the night he finally drifted off to sleep having exhausted himself with his tossing and turning.

The sun was just breaking the horizon when he came out and started up the tractor, the engine cycling up its rpm's, the initial dark smoke pumping out of the vertical exhaust until the engine began to ease back down to an idle. After a few minutes of letting the engine warm up he put it in gear and headed off. The pan being the width of the tractor made driving over to Travis' easy and he soon pulled into the long drive that wound back to Travis' house and barn. It was an old family house, a clapboard structure two stories in height with a full width porch in front and a screen porch in back next to a later addition. Travis sitting in the screen porch drinking his coffee and looking at the morning paper rose up as Owen pulled in by the old Chevy truck parked in the rear drive. When he stepped out into the early morning light Owen saw he was in a clean white t-shirt, one stretched tight over his upper chest and slightly loose around the waist, his narrow waist accentuated by the low waist jeans that fit snuggly to his hips and legs. Owen had to make himself stop staring and climb out of the cab and step down to the ground. He had taken a chance and wore a loose tank top, one he had to dig out of the bottom of his drawer, something he normally didn't wear, but feeling this arms exposed, the way the cool morning air could blow around his upper body made him conscious of his tall lean body accentuated more by the tight legged jeans he had on, the denim worn thin in several places, the hem frayed at his boots, and their color faded to a very light blue. He hoped he got Travis' attention. He watched Travis come toward him in his slow easy gait and as he approached Owen saw his eyes move up and down, cruise up and down his body and he fought the urge to smile.

"You ready to get that waterway fixed?" Owen asked when Travis was half way to him.

"Yep" he replied as he strolled on up to Owen.

Travis had Owen to follow him to the area needing his attention and when they got to the washed out area Travis began to tell Owen where he could get extra soil and how he wanted some changes to prevent future problems, the entire time he was talking to Owen he kept looking down Owen's body and it was obvious his train of thought was being interrupted by his lack of concentration. As Travis told Owen he would leave him to his task and began to walk back to his truck Owen called out.

"What time will you have lunch?" he asked, smiling at Travis.

"I'll bring some sandwiches down about 11:30" he replied without turning around.

Lunch time found the two of them sitting on the tailgate of Travis' truck eating the sandwiches Travis had made. They talked little while they ate, Travis occasionally commenting on the work so far and some adjustments to the layout while Owen listened and replied how to accomplish some of Travis' ideas. As they talked each would look the other in the eye and occasionally let their eyes roam down over the other's body.

Travis kept looking at Owen, his lean body, they way his arms flexed and moved, at his smooth skin, the way a fine line of freckles lined the top of his shoulders, the way his light brown hair stuck out around his cap, the way his sparse facial hair came in, a rough patchy line along his jaw and a little thicker covering on his chin and upper lip and he felt a desire to reach out, touch his flesh, to feel the heat of his body but he was afraid to do anything, to try something, for it had always been that way, he the outsider, the one that was different from everyone else, alone with his thoughts and he couldn't bring the idea of someone else being the same as he, not here in this community, in this rural countryside, so he forced himself to look away, to regain his focus on the work in front of them.

Owen kept looking at Travis as he talked about the work, looked at his rugged good looks, the way his dirty blonde hair stuck out, curling around his ears, sticking out around the old frayed cap and the way his beard was coming in with a sharply defined area along his jaw and around his chin and lips, hair darker than the dirty blonde sticking out of his cap. He looked at the tall body, seated on the tailgate, his long legs dangling above the ground, the old four wheel drive truck high off the ground. Owen noted the hole in one pant leg, in the side just above the knee and he could see the skin, the dark blonde hair and it made him want to reach out and touch Travis there, to run this fingers lightly over the skin, to feel the hairs brush over his finger tips and when he looked up he saw Travis giving him a look of confusion before he quickly turned away from Owen, looking back out at the waterway he was repairing.

When they finished eating Owen began to head back to his tractor while Travis closed the tailgate and headed to the cab.



"If you want, knock off about five or five thirty and come up to the house. I'll take you home so you can get your truck, clean up and you can come back for supper...ok?" Travis stated, and the way he said 'ok', his voice questioning, Owen knew Travis didn't know if he was serious about dinner.

"Ok Travis, I'll stop around five" Owen replied, smiling at Travis, feeling like things were in control, that he actually had a chance.

Travis spent the afternoon doing light maintenance on his equipment, all the while letting his thoughts swing back to Owen. He had remembered Owen in high school and his tall lanky body, and he remembered how he once looked at him along with the other boys in gym when they were changing or in the showers, but now this was different. Owen seemed to be coming on to him, to be even flirting with him, and it made him anxious and excited at the same time. He wondered if Owen really agreed to do the work so cheap just to get an opportunity to hang out with him. He caught himself smiling at the idea time and time again that afternoon, hoping, maybe it was true.

Owen had never been in Travis' house and didn't know what to expect. He was surprised to find the house tidy and nicely furnished. It didn't have the trinkets or the homemade crafts so many of the homes in the region would have, but instead it had a few photographs on the wall of local landscapes, photographs taken in the mountains, at the beach and a few locales Owen didn't' recognize. The photographs lined the walls of the big open living room and dining and kitchen, the kitchen being the newer addition on back, with cabinets having a simple clear finished wood that gave the room a simple rustic look.

"Wow, your place is nice" Owen stated as he came in.

"Thanks, although keeping it up and working is a real choir at times."

"The photographs on the wall; are they some you took?"

"Those...well yeah I took them" Travis suddenly seemed embarrassed.

"They're great" Owen replied.

"Really? You think so?"


They settled into the kitchen, Owen on a bar stool at the island that had the cooktop in it and Travis in the work zone, preparing salad. Soon the roast was pulled from the oven and the two of them seated at the table, Travis at his usual spot at the head of the table and Owen just to his left. Music played softly in the background and Owen just realized it was jazz and blues playing.

While they ate Owen asked again about the photographs, getting Travis to tell him it was a hobby that he enjoyed as he tried to make it seem no big deal. As they talked Owen realized he had never seen Travis dressed as he was now, a nice dark blue dress shirt and khakis pressed smooth, but he realized he too had dressed up slightly, putting on a white dress shirt and a pair of black jeans that were still new with their dark black color. When they finished eating, Travis told Owen to go on into the living area and sit he would clean off the table, but Owen insisted on helping and as Owen carried some of the dishes to the kitchen, placing them down in the sink Travis came up behind him with the remainder. Owen moved over only slightly, turning to face Travis.

"You want to load the dishwasher now? I can help" he stated as Travis set the rest of the dishes in the sink.

"I can do it later" Travis responded as he looked up at Owen, the distance between them very close. Owen looked at Travis and smiled causing Travis to smile back. "Go on and sit; I'll worry about these later."

Owen went to the sofa and sat on one end as Travis put a few things in the refrigerator. He saw a photo album lying on the shelf under the coffee table and pulled it out. It was a large format and when he opened it he saw it was more of Travis' photography, including shots of his family and some shots taken in some of the cities in the region; New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Key West and others he wasn't sure of their locale. When Travis came over Owen patted the sofa next to him looking up at Travis.

"Come here and tell me about some of these shots" he asked.

Travis sat next to him, so close they almost touched as Owen pointed out one photograph after the next getting Travis to tell him something about each of them. He really was curious, but he also knew he had Travis where he wanted him, real close, he could almost feel his body heat. When Travis pointed to one image his arm brushed over Owen's, the contact electric. Owen shifted, moved slightly closer to Travis as he asked about another image. It showed two guys standing outside a bar in New Orleans and Travis hesitated just for a moment before saying they were some guys he met a couple of years ago and has stayed in contact with since.

Travis had explained each photograph, leaving out the bits that he thought might be too much for Owen, the part about being in Miami for gay pride, or New Orleans for Mardi Gras and staying with Ben and Robby, or having spent a long weekend in Atlanta last fall clubbing and bar hopping with Jonathon whom he had met on Pensacola Beach the Memorial Weekend last year. Details he didn't want to discuss, not now, for he suddenly felt different about the evening, realized he had been allowing his fears and anxieties of the region to cloud his judgment, to make him think he couldn't have what he wanted here, but it was only available in some far away city. He finally relaxed and looked at Owen for what he was, for the person he was presenting to him and he leaned back as Owen continued to thumb through the album, coming to some shots he took when he hiked Linville Gorge with a couple of friends from Atlanta. He settled in the sofa, answering Owen's questions, telling him about the trip, backpacking the gorge for four days, camping on a rock outcropping, the snakes, and the narrow trails cut along the steep slope, and as he did he placed his left arm on the back of the sofa, letting it rest behind Owen, letting him get a sense of enclosure with Owen, the feeling he was holding Owen in place, within his space. When Owen leaned back, his shoulders touching Travis' arm, neither made a move to break contact as Travis continued to tell him of the trip. When Travis fell silent Owen slowly closed the album and let it rest in his lap as he eased his right hand down on Travis' leg, letting Travis feel the weight of it, keeping his head down slightly, looking at his lap, seeing out of the corner of his eyes his hand on Travis' leg. Travis fell silent as he looked down at Owen's hand on his thigh and he let the feel of it radiate through him and after a moment he pushed his leg against Owen, pressing leg to leg, and as he did so he brought his left arm up and ran his fingers over Owen's neck, lightly, gently he stroked his finger tips over the smooth skin right along the edge of his hair.

When Owen looked up a slight serious smile was on his lips as he looked Travis in the eye. He squeezed Travis' thigh and ran his hand down toward the knee, then back up, slowly he rubbed his hand over the thigh, bringing his hand right on up to the crotch, letting Travis feel the closeness of his hand, feel it rub up close, nearly touching him, teasing him and Travis responded. He took Owen by the neck and pulled Owen to him as he brought his lips into contact with Owen's, and they kissed passionately, urgently. Travis brought his other hand up and rubbed over Owen's chest, felt the lean firm body beneath the fabric, and as they kissed harder, open mouth, turning to one another, Travis ran his hand down and felt Owen's crotch, ran his hand over to the side feeling the cock within begin to expand. Soon Travis pushed Owen over on his back as he followed him, coming down on top, letting Owen feel the weight of his body. Travis began to undo the buttons of Owen's shirt, frantically pushing each one through their hole, opening the shirt up one button at a time until he came to the waist band of Owen's jeans. He tugged the shirt out without looking, him and Owen still kissing and making out. He quickly finished the buttons and pushed the shirt open and ran his hand over the firm smooth warm flesh, feeling the undulation of his stomach from breathing. Travis undid Owen's belt, unfastened his jeans and pulled the zipper down, running his hand inside the jeans, feeling the soft cotton briefs and the hard firm shaft of Owen's cock. He slid his hand underneath the waistband and down through the sparse pubic hair and felt the base of Owen's cock, felt the way it leaned over to the left, pinned inside the jeans and he let his hand trail over the hardening shaft.

"Fuck, I want you naked" Travis grunted as he pulled his hand free and sat up. Owen sat up and let his shirt fall off his shoulders as Travis moved down and pulled off his shoes, socks, then tugged down the jeans and finally he reached up and grabbed the briefs by the waist band, wasting no time, and tugged them down. Owen's cock popped free, half hard, the thickening shaft shifting upward. Travis pushed him back down and fell on top of him, letting Owen feel the roughness of his clothes over his naked body, the weight of his body and let him feel his hand slide between them and take his cock, squeeze it, give it short firm strokes as Travis ran his lips and tongue over Owen's neck, over his ear, around his chin, and on his mouth. Roughly they made out as Travis pushed his own hard cock, still trapped in his khakis against Owen's thigh.

Owen took Travis by the head, held him eye to eye, looking at the need on his face.

"Stand up" Owen whispered. Travis obeyed, getting up off Owen and standing by the sofa as Owen stood in front of him, kissing him lightly on the lips as his fingers worked the buttons free down the Travis's shirt. He slid the shirt off and tossed it in the side chair and dropped to his knees. He pressed his face into Travis, blew his hot breath through the fabric where he felt the hard shaft; mouthed it with his lips as he hugged Travis's legs to his body, feeling his nakedness against Travis.

He undid the belt, the button and finally the zipper of the khakis, and pulled them and the boxers underneath down, letting them pool at Travis' ankles as he took Travis in his mouth, sucked the hard shaft between his lips and over his tongue, feeling the soft spongy head slide back and forth as he worked his mouth along its length. Travis laid his hands on Owen's head, letting the shaggy short light brown hair slide through his fingers as he felt the movement of Owen working back and forth over his cock. It wasn't long and he was achingly hard, his cock felt like steel, as it moved through the hot slick mouth.

"Get up" Travis asked Owen as he pulled back, bending to take off his shoes, then his pants and boxers. He turned Owen around, had him get on the sofa on his knees, his chest resting over the back of the sofa. Travis ran his fingers up and down Owen, feeling the smooth skin of his ass, probing along his opened cleft and pushing against his hole, testing its tightness, letting Owen feel it. Owen pushed back slightly, wanting it, wanting to know what it was like to take a man, to let him penetrate him, to feel a man's cock slide inside him, and he wanted it more since it was Travis. Travis breached his opening, pushed a finger into him, felt him stretch open, accommodating the finger. Travis kept up his manipulations, first with the one finger, then with two, stretching the hole open more, then finally with three, feeling the tightness against his fingers, and finally the relaxing of Owen's hole, and Owen pushed back to take his fingers all the way.

"Put it in me" Owen said has he held his head down, pushing his ass back, wanting it bad. Travis pulled his fingers out and moved up close, nudging his cock against Owen, letting Owen feel the head of his cock push against him. Owen pushed back and Travis watched the head of his cock slide in, penetrating Owen, slowly breaching the tight ring of is opening. "Oh fuck" Owen cried out as he kept pushing back, slowly, steadily taking Travis, letting his cock push in all the way.

Travis held Owen's hips for a moment, held him still, letting him get use to the thicker penetration, then he pulled back, slowly, letting the tight ring squeeze his shaft as it slid through until only the head was still firmly in Owen and he then he pushed back in, all the way, not stopping until his hips hit up against Owen's ass and he began to fuck. To swing his hips back and forth, to work his cock through the tight ring of Owen's opening, feeling it loosen up, take his fuck, and he got faster. As he slammed forward he saw Owen shove his body back, the collision making a slapping sound. Travis felt his need arise too quickly, the need to cum and he pulled out, his cock bobbing up and down in the air.

"Lay on your back" he told Owen, who moved around and onto his back, spreading his legs, waiting, wanting, as Travis moved down between his legs, pushing his hard cock up to Owen's hole and in. Travis was on top of Owen, letting him feel his undulating body, feel his cock fuck his hole and Owen hugged him around the neck, held on to him tightly, kissing his neck, nipping at the skin.

"Fuck me Travis, fuck me" Owen voice barely audible as he took Travis's cock, gave himself to it. Travis' pace quickened, his need quickly arising again, his desires strong, for Owen was what he desired, what he wanted in ways he still couldn't consider, and he fucked with wild abandon, not slowing to make this fuck last, bringing it to its climax, knowing there will be other times, plenty of times if he has his way. He shoved hard into Owen as he cried out, pushing his cock in as far as it would go and he came, hard, shooting his load deep into Owen, pumping it out with each short hard thrust until he was spent. He lay on top of Owen, sweaty, breathing hard, as he felt his cock grow soft. Owen was holding him tightly, feeling the weight of his body rest on him.

Owen's mouth moved up to Travis' ear; nibbled the lobe and tongued it slowly. "Thanks Travis" he whispered.

Travis sat up and moved down, taking Owen's hard cock in his hand, feeling the long shaft slid through his calloused palm as he moved into position between Owen's legs. He leaned forward and took the head into his mouth, felt the hard wet head hit his tongue and he tasted the odd sweet taste of Owen as he let the cock slid back into his mouth. He worked the cock steadily, with a firm hold by his lips, his tongue moving over the shaft as he worked back and forth over its length. Owen began to pump his hips upward, as he laid back, arms stretched out over his head and over the arm of the sofa. Travis looked up along the long lean torso, the smooth skin, as he pulled up the shaft, then he closed his eyes, letting his other senses take over, as he pushed down letting the cock sink into his mouth as far as he could take it.

Over and over Travis' mouth slid up and down the shaft until Owen was close, his need to cum rising with every rub of tongue and lip over his shaft, and he pushed up hard, his nuts tightened in their sac, and he exploded in Travis' mouth. He pumped wad after wad into Travis filling his mouth, as Travis stroked his shaft, holding his mouth over the head taking his cum. When he was spent, he leaned up and saw Travis slid down his cock shaft one more time, suctioning along the shaft getting all of his load.

Owen stayed that night and they continued off and on all night until exhaustion finally took them, put them in a sound sleep, tangled together, twisted up in the sheet, snuggled against each other. Owen got a late start the next morning and told Travis it may take him longer to do the job than originally planned, smiling at the insinuation.

Saturday was another hot humid summer day, the clear skies letting the intense sun bake the ground and heat the sky. Owen worked the rest of the morning, hauling dirt into place and leveling it out, reshaping the waterway until Travis came driving up with lunch. As they ate they made plans for Owen to knock off early so they could go down to Pensacola and go to one of the seafood restaurants out at Pensacola Beach on the barrier island. It was a long drive, nearly two hours and Travis told Owen he had reserved a room for the night so they could stay at the beach the next day then come back late to finish up on Monday.

Owen worked that afternoon; eager for four o'clock to arrive so the evening would began. He shifted down into a new spot and began to scoop up the soil that had washed down from the eroded waterway when he felt the pan pull against him when it should be towing freely. He shifted around and looked to the other side, the side he couldn't see as easily when looking over his right shoulder and saw the tire of the pan was flat. He'd run over something and punctured the tire.

"Shit!" He exclaimed to himself and stopped the tractor. He lifted the inverted 'U' frame that the wheels were attached in order to get them off the ground. At the tire he quickly found a rusted nail in the smooth tire and went back to the tractor cab to retrieve his tool box. He called Travis and asked if he could come down to help for he needed to get the tire to a service center that could break free the large tire from the wheel and replace the inner tube. He lowered the frame to put the wheels back on the ground so he could loosen the lug nuts and began the work of breaking them free. All but one came free. He tugged on the lug wrench trying to get it loose but it was too tight. Sweat was pouring off of him as he tugged against the lug nut, even pouring out of his hair from underneath his cap and into his eyes.

"Son of a bitch" he stated out loud, each word said distinctly as he backed away from the pan for a moment, looking at the lug wrench sticking out from the wheel, held up by the stubborn lug nut. He pulled his cap off and tried to wipe the sweat out of his face. Then he tugged this t-shirt off and used it to wipe his face, the shirt already damp with sweat. He tossed the shirt over the wheel frame of the pan and moved to take the lug wrench again trying to get a better angle on it.

Travis pulled up and saw the bare back leaned over tugging on the lug wrench, the muscles tense, straining against the wrench. Owen's skin was shiny with sweat, sweat that ran down his back in rivulets soaking the waist band of his briefs visible above the waist band of his jeans. Travis sat for a moment, just staring at Owen, looking at his body, the lean muscled form and he thought about last night, the way his bed seemed full of Owen, his long torso, his long limbs seemingly to be everywhere as they had moved over each other, moved with each other; penetrated each other. Travis finally got out and saw Owen stand up and look over at him, frustration on his face.

"I can't get the last lug nut to break free...goddamn if it hasn't been tightened down too tight. You think the two of us can get it?" Owen asked looking at Travis and finally smiling a little as he shook his head.

"Let's see what we can do" Travis said as he came over. The two of them got down in position, each holding the long handle of the lug wrench, their bodies pressed together, side by side. Travis could smell the raw fresh sweat of Owen, could feel the heat of his body against him and it made him feel excited, to be next to Owen, to feel the heat of him, to be out in the sun, out here in a field, side by side, and it felt good. They tugged at the wrench, their muscles tensed up tight, straining against the wrench until finally, slowly, a little movement then a little more and the lug nut finally broke free. Travis was in a better position to finish loosening the nut and Owen stood back and watched him take it off. He watched as Travis' t-shirt stretched tight over his back, saw the dirty blonde hair curl from under the cap and he unconsciously ran his hand down his own sweat slick chest, feeling the heat of his own body, feeling the sensation of his hand move over his skin. His cock suddenly felt very confined.

Owen moved up behind Travis who was bent over retrieving the nut he had dropped on the ground, and he ran his fingers lightly through the hair sticking out around his cap and lightly brushed his fingers along the smooth neck. Travis froze in place, letting Owen touch him for a moment. Then he turned and looked up at Owen.

"Stand up" Owen asked and as he did so Owen moved up close, his hot sweaty body right in front of him, so close he could smell once again the raw scent of Owen. Owen moved up and kissed Travis as his hands tugged on the t-shirt, pulling it upward and when he moved back he tugged it over Travis' head, revealing the dark olive toned body, his lean and long torso in some ways similar to his own and he moved up against him, feeling the heat of their bodies pressed together. Owen kissed Travis passionately, roughly, as he wrapped his arms around Travis pulling them tight together. Soon Owen backed up and removed his boots, his socks, tossing them carelessly on the ground as Travis watched, watched at Owen took off his jeans and tossed them on the ground and as Owen took his briefs and pulled them down, stepping out of them, tossing them on top of his jeans, Travis finally snapped out of his trance of watching Owen removing his clothes and he began to get out of his own. The relentless sun had Travis sweating too, and when Owen moved back to him, running his rough hand over Travis' chest smearing the sweat around he kissed with renewed passion. Soon they held each other, stroking each other, bringing each other up to full hardness. Owen suddenly became aggressive, dominate, as he pushed Travis toward the pan, had him turned to face it, bent him over the inverted 'U' frame for the wheels and bracing his hands on the pan. Travis' lower stomach rested on the frame, his hard cock arcing up underneath it as Owen moved up behind him, stroking his own cock; it hard, the head wet and shiny.

"Fuck, I want in you" Owen grunted out as he pushed Travis' legs apart and moved up between them. He was soon pushing his cock against Travis, pressing against his opening, pushing against its natural resistance, but Travis wanted it, wanted to be penetrated, wanted to feel Owen inside him, out here in the open, the sun beating down on them, making them hot, sweaty and eager. Travis pushed back as Owen pushed forward and Owen penetrated, his cock slid into Travis and Travis raised his head up and cried out.

Owen's naked body, the rivulets of sweat trailing down his torso, moved with force, holding Travis by the hips, keeping him pinned to the pan, as he pushed his cock into him, shoving it into him over and over and over, thrusting his hips back and forth, taking Travis, making him his own, wanting him so badly he pushed his body up and over the sweaty body beneath him, the two of them sliding over each other as Owen slammed his hips against Travis, burying his cock into him all the way each time. Travis pushed back, wanting it, wanting this different fuck, the way Owen, out in the open, under the hot sun, became wilder, his desires more urgent, his aggressiveness more primitive and he begged Owen to fuck him harder, to take him, to shove his cock into his hole.

Owen bear hugged Travis as he worked his hips, swinging them back and forth, urgently, with force, plunging into Travis his whole cock, all the way.

"Fuck...fuck..." Owen grunted out as he shoved into Travis, his cock flexing up hard, thicker, and he came, pouring himself out into Travis, shooting each wad deep into him until he was spent, exhausted and he fell still, lying on Travis' back, the slick heat trapped between them. Owen finally pulled his cock out of Travis, it still half hard and he sat back on the ground and then lied back, not caring how dirty he was getting his sweaty body letting the dirt cling to it.

"Fuck me Travis, get down here and fuck me" he commanded. Travis turned around, his cock arced up, hard and wet and he moved down between Owen's legs, moved up in position and pushed his cock against Owen, nudged it up tight to his hole.

"Shove it in...shove it in Travis...fuck me" Owen demanded, lost to his desires, his need for Travis and his sex. Travis pushed in, pushed till he was seating all the way in Owen, his hole stretched open taking the hardness. Owen threw his head back and cried out, his hands digging in the dirt, grabbing for purchase. Travis began to fuck, to work his hips back and forth, to thrust his cock through Owen, to feel the tightness diminish as he plowed his cock through Owen's insides. He wouldn't last long, his need stroked by the way Owen had taken him, had used his hole, fucked him and now his own cock was so sensitive, so hard, and Owen's hole was so tight, so hot and wet and slick, he thrust into him harder and harder until he was doing short jams with his hips as he felt his cum race out of his cock and pour into Owen.

"I'm cumming" he whispered as he slammed his hips down against Owen, pumping out each wad deep into him. When he was spent, the sweat pouring down his body, his hair soaked, he fell over on top of Owen, his cock still buried in his hole, trying to get his breathing back to normal. Owen wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him just below the ear.

"I can't wait till tonight" he whispered in Travis' ear.



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