Rumor Has It

by Jake

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It was now six years later. Kenny and Derek were both twenty-five and out of college.

Kenny was now very muscular, and he had grown his beard out. His hair, still that gorgeous fiery red, was meticulously styled. And he loved to wear tight shorts that hugged his bubble butt. And Derek was equally as muscular as his boyfriend.

Kenny took a good look at Derek and thought to himself how lucky he’d been to find this man seven years ago. Derek had shown him what real love was, and he’d helped Kenny to heal from his past traumas. Even after all this time, Kenny still never took a single day with Derek for granted.

It was the middle of July. The two lovers were at the beach, soaking up the sun. They were both wearing swim trunks and sunglasses, and they were lying side-by-side on a towel.

“Kenny Delaney?” a familiar voice called out. 

Kenny froze. No fucking way... 

He turned his head to the left, raised his sunglasses, and saw none other than Sam Messina, one of the guys who had raped him in high school. He looked pretty much the same as he had back then, except now he had a beard and had put on a couple pounds.

Kenny felt a chill run down his spine. What was this bastard doing here? 

“What the fuck do you want?” Kenny spat out, glaring at Sam. 

Sam shrugged. “I saw you from afar, and I thought I recognized you,” he said with a nonchalance that made Kenny’s blood boil. “You look different now, though. You’re ripped!” 

Kenny scoffed. Sam had a lot of fucking nerve thinking he could just waltz up to him and act like nothing had happened.

“Fuck off, Sam. I don’t wanna talk to you,” Kenny growled. He was angry; he hated Sam with a passion.

Sam smirked. “Well, I guess you’re still a faggot, huh?” he said. “Who’s the lucky guy today?”

“He’s my boyfriend. Not that it’s any of your business.”

“Kenny, who is this guy?” Derek asked. 

“This is Sam, one of the guys from high school who made my life hell,” Kenny explained. 

He didn’t need to say anything else. Derek knew exactly what had happened to Kenny back in school. He had told Derek everything, and Derek had promised to protect him. 

“Well, isn’t that interesting,” Derek said. “I remember hearing about you guys.” 

Sam chuckled darkly. “Yeah. Your boyfriend did a little favor for me and my buddies back in the day.”

“Oh, is that what you call it?” Derek asked. Kenny could see him getting more worked up by the second. 

Sam shrugged. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Kenny willingly sucked our cocks.”

“Bullshit!” Kenny fired back, getting up. “You guys forced me to do that!” He balled his fists up. “Now get the fuck away from us!” 

“Or what?” Sam sneered. “You think just ‘cause we’re older and you got a little muscle now, you can beat me up?”

Kenny balled his fists up even tighter. This fucker was really pissing him off. 

“I know I can. And I will if you don’t shut the fuck up and leave us alone!” Kenny said. 

Derek jumped up and stood beside Kenny, glaring at Sam. 

“Just beat it, alright?” Derek said to Sam.

“Don’t tell me what to do, bitch!” Sam said, shoving Derek.

That set Kenny off. He lunged at Sam, punching him square in the jaw. Sam stumbled backward and fell onto the sand, clutching his jaw. 

“You broke my fucking tooth!” he yelled.

“You’re lucky it wasn’t your jaw!” Kenny screamed back before punching Sam. Again and again. “You fuckin’ piece of shit! I hate your guts!” He yelled between punches. Then he got into Sam’s face and snarled, “If I had a knife, I’d cut your fuckin’ dick off!”

Derek grabbed Kenny’s arms, stopping him from continuing to beat Sam. 

“Let’s go, babe,” Derek said, dragging Kenny away. 

Sam was sobbing on the ground. Kenny felt no remorse; Sam had deserved it. 

Kenny and Derek went back to their towel and sat down. Kenny was still shaking with rage.

“Baby, it’s okay,” Derek said, pulling Kenny close. “You’re safe now. Don’t worry about that scumbag.” He kissed Kenny softly on the cheek. 

Kenny relaxed a bit, laying his head on Derek’s shoulder. He felt safe in Derek’s arms. Always. 

“Let’s go back to the hotel,” Kenny mumbled. 

Derek nodded. “Alright, baby,” he said. “Whatever you want.” Then he and Kenny got up and walked back to the hotel.

Once they were in their room, Kenny felt better. He knew he was safe with Derek.

“Just what we fucking needed,” Kenny said with a sigh. “To run into Sam.”

“I’m sorry, baby,” Derek said, stroking Kenny’s hair. “I wish that hadn’t happened.”

“It’s fine,” Kenny said. “At least you stuck up for me.”

“Not that you needed it. You held your own pretty well out there.” 

Kenny smiled. He had felt powerful beating Sam up. He’d never felt that way before. 

“You’re my hero,” Kenny said, kissing Derek softly. 

Derek kissed back, deepening the kiss. Kenny moaned into his mouth, feeling himself getting hard.

“Fuck me,” Kenny begged. “Make me forget what happened earlier.”

“Anything for you, baby,” Derek said. Then he pulled off Kenny’s swimsuit and bent him over the bed.

Kenny spread his legs wide and arched his back, presenting his ass to Derek. He felt Derek’s tongue on his hole, licking and probing it. Kenny moaned loudly, grabbing the sheets and writhing under Derek’s touch.

Derek fingered Kenny’s ass roughly, shoving three fingers inside him. Kenny cried out, loving the feeling of Derek’s fingers stretching him.

“I need your cock in me, baby,” Kenny whimpered. “Please.”

Derek obliged. He pulled his fingers out and lined up his cock with Kenny’s hole. Then he shoved in, filling Kenny completely.

Kenny screamed out in pleasure, feeling his walls stretch to accommodate Derek’s girth. He loved the feeling of Derek inside him. It felt so good.

Derek started thrusting, pumping into Kenny’s ass with all his strength. Kenny moaned loudly, grabbing the sheets and pushing back against Derek.

“Yes! Fuck me, baby!” Kenny cried out. “Harder!”

Derek obeyed. He slammed into Kenny’s ass, hitting his prostate spot. Kenny cried out, feeling himself get close to orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!” Kenny wailed. “Don’t stop!” 

Derek pounded Kenny’s ass furiously, slamming into him repeatedly. Kenny arched his back, moaning and thrashing about on the bed. Then he came, shooting ropes of cum onto the sheets. Derek followed shortly after, filling Kenny’s ass with his seed.

Afterwards, they collapsed onto the bed together, panting heavily. Kenny felt happy and content. He loved sex with Derek.

“Thank you,” Kenny murmured. “I needed that.”

Derek smiled and kissed Kenny softly. “Anytime, baby,” he said. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Kenny replied. And he meant it. He was so in love with Derek. 

They lay there in each other’s arms for a bit before getting up to go shower.