Rumor Has It

by Jake

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Reader discretion is adviced, this story contain graphic content depicting violence and rape which may not be suitable to all readers. This is a fictional story and do not portray real events or real persons.

Kenny Delaney was going through hell.

The rumors were flying; all across the school, people had been saying that he was sucking off random guys for money.

It was all a crock of shit! Sure, Kenny was gay, and everyone knew that, but he would never whore himself out! He had decency, something a lot of his peers were lacking. But no matter how much he tried to deny it, no one believed him.

Kenny was an outcast. He always had been, even before coming out as gay. He was tall and lanky; his limbs seemed to go on forever. And he was ginger. Not just slightly red-haired, but full-blown ginger. His skin was pale and freckled, his hair bright red, and his eyes were green. He was your stereotypical Irish-American. Even in his ethnically diverse community, Kenny stuck out like a sore thumb. He had always known he was different, but he’d never thought that being different was a bad thing... until now.

As he walked down the hallway, he heard snickers. They were directed towards him, and he could feel all eyes on him. Kenny didn’t know what to do. He was tired of being an outcast, tired of being bullied. He wanted to fit in, just for once.

“Hey, Kenny,” a guy said behind him.

Kenny turned around and saw three of the football players standing there. They looked big and muscular compared to Kenny’s skinny self. He felt intimidated.

“What do you want, Sam?” Kenny asked. Sam Messina was the linebacker for the school football team. He was built like a brick shithouse, and no one fucked with him.

“You got something on the side of your mouth,” Sam said with a grin. “Bet it’s jizz from the last guy you blew.” Then Sam’s buddies all laughed.

“Real fuckin’ funny, asshole,” Kenny shot back, rolling his eyes.

Sam let him walk away this time, but Kenny had no clue what was waiting after school. As soon as the final bell rang, signaling the end of class, Kenny made a beeline for the bus. He had to get home fast, so he could escape the taunting and teasing that went along with high school life. But, he didn’t make it far.

The football players had followed him out of the building. Kenny didn’t notice until he was halfway to the bus stop, when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around, only to see Sam and two other football players, Noah Bishop and Travis Blackstone, following him.

“What the hell do you guys want?” Kenny asked exasperatedly. He really just wanted to go home.

“We’ve been talking, and we think you’re lying about not blowing guys for money,” Sam said. “We wanna try it out.”

“Fuck that!” Kenny replied, raising his voice. “I might be gay, but I’m not a fucking whore! For the last time, I don’t go around sucking dudes off for cash!” He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at them.

But his words fell on deaf ears. Sam, Noah, and Travis all laughed.

“Oh, yeah? Well, if you’re not gonna charge us, then why won’t you do it for free?” Noah asked.

“Bro, I wouldn’t touch any of you with a ten-foot pole,” Kenny said defiantly. “Now leave me alone!”

Travis took a step forward, closing the distance between them. “We can either pay you or force you,” he said menacingly. “Your choice, faggot.”

Kenny felt his blood run cold. He realized he was trapped. There were three of them and only one of him. Kenny was a virgin; he’d never been with anyone, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to start with these thugs.

“No!” Kenny shouted, trying to push Travis away.

It was no use. The three guys grabbed Kenny and dragged him into a nearby alley. He struggled and kicked, but it did nothing.

“You’re gonna suck our cocks whether you want to or not, Kenny boy,” Sam said threateningly. “So, you might as well shut up and enjoy it.”

“The fuck I will!” Kenny spat out, trying in vain to get free of Travis and Noah’s grip. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him—but there was nothing he could do.

Sam grabbed Kenny’s head and forced him to his knees. Kenny cried out in protest, but his voice was drowned out by the sound of cars driving past.

“Now, open wide,” Sam ordered. “I’m gonna shove my cock down your throat.”

Before Kenny could say anything, Sam pulled his pants down and shoved his hard dick into Kenny’s mouth. Kenny choked and gagged, but Sam just held his head still and started thrusting. His dick was huge, stretching Kenny’s lips wide. It hurt like hell, but Kenny had no way to stop it.

“Take his fucking cock, you slut!” Travis barked as he watch Sam fuck the redhead’s throat.

Sam pulled out of Kenny’s mouth, and Kenny panted, catching his breath.

“You motherfuckers,” he growled through bitter tears.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Sam fired back as he shoved his cock back in Kenny’s mouth. This time, though, he didn’t hold back. He face-fucked Kenny mercilessly, shoving his entire shaft down the redhead’s throat and holding it there for several seconds. Kenny struggled to breathe, his hands clawing at Sam’s thighs, but it did nothing.

Finally, Sam pulled out. Kenny gasped for air, coughing violently. Tears ran down his face as he glared at his three assailants.

“We’re just getting started, Kenny boy,” Sam said evilly. Then he turned to Travis. “Your turn, Trav.” He stepped back, allowing Travis to take his place in front of Kenny.

Travis grinned as he pulled his pants down. He was just as big as Sam, maybe even bigger. Kenny whimpered as Travis grabbed the back of his head and pushed his dick in. Kenny gagged and choked, but Travis didn’t care. He thrust into Kenny’s throat viciously, moaning in pleasure. When he was finished, he pulled out and slapped Kenny across the face.

“Get ready for round three, bitch,” Noah said, stepping up next. He was smaller than Sam and Travis, but not by much. And his cock was the biggest out of all of them. Kenny felt sick to his stomach as Noah grabbed his head and shoved his dick in.

Noah was rougher than both Sam and Travis combined. He slammed his cock down Kenny’s throat, hard enough to bruise it. Kenny choked and gagged, tears streaming down his face, but Noah just kept going. He thrust in and out, harder and harder, until finally he came. Noah shot his hot load down Kenny’s gullet, and it burned on the way down. Kenny gagged again, trying not to choke on it.

When Noah was done, he pulled out, leaving Kenny gasping and crying. Kenny was a mess; his throat hurt, his jaw was sore, and he felt humiliated. He hated those guys more than ever before.

“Well, that was fun,” Sam said. “Maybe we’ll come back and do it again sometime.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Travis agreed.

Then the three of them left Kenny in the alley, zipping their pants back up and walking away like they hadn’t just committed a crime.

Kenny watched them go, his eyes still welling up. “Fucking bastards,” he whispered to himself through the tears.

Then he stood up, wiped his mouth on his sleeve, and walked to the nearest bus stop. He needed to get home. He wanted nothing more than to forget what had just happened, but he knew better than that. He was traumatized. His first blowjob had been rape. He’d never forget that for as long as he lived.

And it made him wonder: would he ever be able to enjoy sex, or was he too broken now? Only time would tell.

But for now, Kenny wanted to pretend as if none of that had happened and go back to his old self—or at least try to. He didn’t care if it was in vain.