Tom was in his second year of College Rugby when he was called into the new Coach Paul office for a meeting concerning this coming season. The team also voted for Tom to become the new team Captain for the short 10 game season. Over the last few years the Cougars had never made the playoff at all. Coach Paul comes in with a whole new team of Coaches and staff.

The meeting lasted well over 30 minutes when Coach Paul called in his new assistance player coach Brock Meyers who has a military background and play professional rugby over in Germany. He stood just over 6 feet weigh a solid 190 with dark brown trim beard and deep dark brown eyes. As for Coach Paul he was a solid brute himself about 6,1 in height and on the huskier side of 240 in weight. They both can bench press well over 300 pounds each and both are now single and sharing a townhouse together on the upper scale side of Charlotte .

It was the third practise when Coach Paul and Brock really push the team good and hard for well over 90 minutes plus before they head off to the locker room for their showers. Tom was really excited that he will be the team leader heading into this weekend opening game against the 3 rank team in the league. 

It was almost 3000 people came out to fill up the stands for todays game and Tom become a hero when he score the Try which won the game for them. The men were all in the locker room changing when the 2 coaches walk in for the game meeting before they head on home and called it a night. As for Tom once again he was called into the Coaches office for a chat and some issue he show on the sideline during the game.

Tom now siting in the chair when both Paul and Brock drill him very hard as they both stood there wearing a pair of bright green Duluth Company sports briefs which show off the outline of their cock very well as the sweat roll off their bodies. Paul was the first one to made a move on Tom as he placed him on the massaged table that he got put into his huge office.

Paul and Brock both took turns and gave Tom a nice sexual body massage as he just lay there totally nervous and shock for what is happening to him. His 7 inch cut cock was rock hard spurting out huge loads of pre cum as they both took turns on sucking his dick.

" Fuck Tom you have a nice dick "

" Thank you Coach Paul "

" I loved your bear mouth sir "

Brook then push the button on the table were for Tom head and mouth was to hang down a bit as he started to push his small put very nice mushroom head into Tom's goatee mouth. The 3 some last for a good 20 minutes before Tom shot his load off all over Paul and Brock hairy chest and nipples as he stood on top of the desk. It was well after 11 pm now when they all ended up in Coach Paul shower washing off their cum and sweat from the 3 some they just had.

Coach Paul had to go and take a trip to the West coast for his Daughter graduation and a party in which his x wife was hosting. Brock had the house all to himself for the next four day's and which he invited Tom over to watch some video from the game the lost on Wednesday night. The night started off slowly as the beers were going down real good by now for the both of them. Coach Brook then got his nerve up to ask Tom if he could fuck his ass. " That well be nice Coach Brook but I must tell you that I only got fuck once before " It took a minutes or so until they both head up to Brock bedroom for some more action.

Brock spread Tom ass checks wide apart over a huge pillow before he guided his mouth and tongue into Tom juicy hairy ass hole and crack. They both moan of great pleasure as Tom ass juice has been slurp up by Brock wide bearded mouth.

" OMG Coach does that feel fucking great dude "

" You like it Tom "

" Eat my hole good and deep Sir "

" Love your juice Tom "

" Love your tongue  tingling my hole "

" I feel like. Im going to spray some bear ass spray for you "

" Give it to me Tom "

" Yes Sir "

" Omg here it comes Sir "

Tom ass erupted into a huge orgasm of spray that flew all over Coach Brock mouth and trim beard. " Fuck Sir, that was fucking awesome dude" Brock just stood their bend on his knees totally exhausted from eating him all out. " I know you enjoy it Tom by the moans and spray that you came me ."  

They both took another pint of beer as Brock went into the bathroom to get condom for the fuck. Tom began to watch Brock roll up the condom over his mushroom head curve dick as he just lay there with his hairy sweating hole still slump over the pillow.

Coach Brock took his time as he started push his cock into Tom's ass. The fuck became more aggressive as Coach Brook went into some kind of deep sexual trance as his short thick cock was sliding in and out of Tom's ass good and hard.

" Fuck Sir it feel great "

" I know dude "

The fuck is well into 30 minutes now as Tom was screaming for Brock to shoot off his juice

" Are you close Sir "

" Not yet "

" Fuck it starting to hurt a bit Sir "

" I know dude "

" I love your ass Tom"

" Make me cum "

" Fuck me Sir, Fuck me Sir "

" Fuck I close Tom "

"Give it to me dude "

Brock pull out real fast and took the condom off as Tom roll over onto his back. Brock then got up and began to jerk off as Tom lay there smiling before Brock dumps his load.

" Here it comes Tom "

" fucking Yes Brock "

" HOLY shittttttttttttttttt "

Brock began to scream through the tops of his lungs as the huge load of white cum shoot off all over Tom hairy chest,mouth and face. " Fuck Sir that was fucking hot dude " Coach Brock just stood their deep breathing as his heart was still pounding from the orgasm.

The rest of the year was so where the team ended  up 5 and 5 for the 10 game season and just miss the playoff. Both the Coaches were not to impress with Tom at all during the last 2 games were he then got carded right out of the games. 

Tom never saw the 2 coaches until he ran into them at a sex club over in Charolette were he spotted them both in the steam room. They spoke for a while  before they all ended up in Tom sling room along with a pro wrestler name Matt. Tom was on top of the world as he got to get fuck by all 3 of these Brute Bear type of men.

Matt wrestle on the Pro circuit for well over 25 years in which his career ended up his he breaking his neck for the second time. Matt was another grizzly bear type where he stood 6'1 weigh a solid 210 with deep wolf blue eyes and blonde hair that covers all over his body. He told Brock that it was the first time at the sex club and never fuck a man before. As for Tom he was deeply thrill to be Matt's first man fuck.

Coach Brock left the room to get some more heat as it was now just Coach Paul and the new guy name Matt in the sling room. Coach Paul took a little sniff of poppers before he pass the bottle both to Matt and Tom to try. Paul stood behind Matt and help him pull down his jock strap just pass his hairy ass. They once again took a good snort of poppers as Paul help Matt guide his huge 8 plus semi cut dick into Toms small hairy hole. It took a couple of minutes until Matt was all the way inside of Tom.

Matt and Tom were moaning loudly after each deep long strokes that Matt was giving as Paul stood behind pinching Matts sweaty tits and nipples. Paul then got down on his knees and started to lick Matt huge  sweating balls while it was sliding in and out of Toms juicy hole as all 3 of them were enjoying the fuck.

" Fuck Matt your feel great Sir "

" You like my cock Tom"

" Love it dude "

" Fuck him harder Matt "

" Fuck him like a slut "

" Lick my nuts Paul "

" Love your nuts Matt's

" Fuck guys you making me close "

" Yes Matt "

Paul was total amazed and got so fucking horny as he watch Matt fuck the shit out of Toms sweating hole as his ass juice was pouring out like bucket of water all over Matts huge juicy cock.  Matt then told Paul to pull his jock strap right up below were his balls were before he shot his load off. " Hole onto my jock strap waist band good and tight Tommy " Tom then smile and grab the band and pull them tighter.

" Holy shit this is hot guy's "

" Fuck him good and harder Matt "

" Grab and squeeze my nuts Paul "

" Fuck me Matt "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Pull them tighter Tom "

" Tighter Paul "

" Fuck I am close guy's "

" Fuckkkkkkkk "

" Give it to him Matt '

" Fuck squeeze my balls Paul "

" Squeeze "

" Holy shiiiiiiiiitttttttttt "

" Fuckkkkk Tooooooommmmmm "

" Here it comes Tom "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Jesuuusssssssssssssssss "

" Wow Matt "

Matt body started to shake and vibrate as his balls and waist  band were squeeze so tightly  as the cum flew out of him like  explosion going off all side of Toms soars ass by now. Matt collapse for a second before he pull out of Tom hole very slowly.

" OMG guy's that was hot "

" I know you like that Matt "

" I never shot a load off like that before "

" Really Sir "

" Yes Tom "

Matt just stood there still  with a huge load off Tom's ass juice and his own cum hanging to from his semi hard cock now. Paul began to order Matt to turn around before he began to lick up the rest of Matt cum that was still there.

" Holy shit Paul Lick all up "

" Love your cum Matt "

Matt then walk over to where Tom was laying there totally exhausted from the fuck and shove his semi hard cock into his throat while Coach Paul started to suck on Toms hard cocks once again. It only took a short time  until  Matt shoot off another load of his spray at the same time Tom shot off into Pauls mouth. 

It was a good 20 minutes later that all 3 of them were all down in the shower room together washing and scrubbing each other off before they head on home for the evening. Matt was the first one to get dress as he stood there sitting on the chair watching Matt get dress.

Tom loved it when Matt pull up his red brief to waist before his tight wrangles jeans,black button domes dress shirt , cowboy boots and his cowboy hat before he close the locker door shut. They all shook hands together before he walk out the door to get into his new Ford F-1 pickup truck.

The End




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