Troy was traded to the Chicago Chargers Ruby team and was real nervous before his meeting with Bill Hanson who was the toughest Coach in the 10 team League. Bill was build like a brick shit house standing just over 6 '2 with short buzz blonde hair and a bushy goatee that made him look more scarier. He also had a great body for someone who just turn 50 and was well done from top to bottom.

Bill came from teaching college Rugby from Ohio State and was recently divorce from wife number two. The time was well after lunch that Troy finally made it into his office. The office was recently updated for Coach Hanson and his Coaching team. The meeting is well into 20 minutes before there meeting got more intense and they both got into  a huge disagreement on just about everything that is happening with the team.

Troy was a short fucker who stood around 5'9 and weigh a solid 170 and never took shit off of anybody in his life, He came from a Military background family  who father fought over in the middle east. Bill finally got up from his chair and started to wrestle with Troy onto the ground.

The other 2 Coaches had to made there way into the office to pull them off of each other before the situation got calm down and they both went on there separate ways. Coach Mark and John could not believe what just happen has the 3 of them decided what to do next with Troy bad behavior. 

" Okay guy's thanks for help "

" Know problem Bill "

" Lets hit the shower room now "

The three of them are scrubbing there hairy bodies all down with shower gel before Bill cock started to get a semi on as Mark and John where very shock and surprise  seeing it all happen. It only took a  minute or two until Coach Bill was standing against the shower stall wall as Mark and John both took turns sucking his 7 inch cut dick. 

This was Bill very first time ever to have 2 guys work over his cock. Bill finally made it home just pass 6 pm when he got a message from Troy apologizing for his acton during the meeting. They both meant one another 2 days later over at TGIF for some brews and chicken wings. Bill was nervous when Troy invited him over to his Pad for dinner next Friday night.

" Thank you for the invite Troy "

" Is there anything I could bring "

" How about some wine and please wear your track suit "

" LOL why is that Troy ? "

" You never know, We might end up on the floor wrestling again "

" May I ask what you well have on Troy ? "

" Properly my track suit that I got for my birthday "

" Cool I well see you next Friday night at your place after practice  "

The team had a great practice before heading in Sunday game with the top team the Warriors over at the stadium. Troy got shower and dress pretty fast to head on back to his place to get supper started.

Bill got to Troy place just after 8 pm and the two of them are deeply enjoying the seafood platter and salad before the wine started to hit booth of them. Troy has just started to clean up the mess as Bill was in the Lazy Boy chair watching a roller derby game back from the 70's.

" Fuck those girls can knock the shit out of each over Troy "

" You got that right Bill and not just the girls "

" Please don't tell me you are into Roller Derby "

" Back in the hay day I was "

" My Uncle Bill skated for years with the Chiefs and the San Fransisco Bombers "

" Are you kidding me ? "

" Nope my Dad always took me to see the game when he was in town "

" What was your Uncle name Troy "

" You remember Bill Groll  "

" OMFG he was favorite dude and build like a brick house "

" You got that right , Why do you ask ? "

" Always love to here what happens in the locker room  "

" Only thing I remember  he always wear tight white FOTL briefs and fuck many other skaters back then "

" He evan hook my Dad up for a one night stand with the blonde bomber  "

" Know way Troy "

" How about another class of wine ? "

" Just pour me half a glass "

The wall clock was showing just pass 10 now and both of them are on the floor wrestling in their underwear that they had on. The hole room started to smell like sweat and body order as their match got more intense and very aggressive. The two of them finally made into Troy bedroom to finished off the great night the two of them are having.

" Fuck me Coach "

" Yea you want my dick "

" Yes Sir "

Bill then got behind Troy tight ass and began to penetrate him very slow with long deep strokes off his 7 inch dick. The fuck went on for a good 20 minutes until Bill shot of a huge load of his salty cum all over Troy ass and cheeks.

" That was fucking hot Coach Bill "

" You got that right "

" Let's hit the shower room now Coach "

Bill finally made it back home well after midnight and went to bed right away totally exhausted from fucking the shit out of Troy ass. Over the rest of the season the team ended up 3 points missing the playoffs. Troy could not weight to tell Coach Bill that his Uncle is in town and coming over to his place for dinner Sunday night.

" Holy shit Troy is he really "

" Yes Sir, would you like to meet him "

" I sure do Troy "

" You know he is around 65 now "

" I don't care Troy "

" He still looks the same anyhow Coach "

" What to you want me to bring "

" Just make sure you have some condoms "

" Cool I will bring some "

Sunday came by real fast and it was just pass 8 pm until Tory got everything clean up from the dinner. The two Bill's enjoying each other company before Troy decided to go out for a walk and leave the two of them all alone.

It was not to long when Troy was out the door that Coach Bill was hanging onto Bill tight powder blue briefs has he started to fuck Coach Bill.

" OMG Bill you dick feels great "

" Same here I love your fucking ass  Coach "

Troy just got back and strip down to nothing and decided to join the two of them. He stood behind his Uncle Bill pinching his sweating hard erect nipples before he got down on his knees and started lick Bill hairy sweating balls after each of his long deep strokes going in and out of Coach Bill ass.

" Fuck I am close Coach "

" Give it to him Bill "

" You want it dude ? "

" Fucking yes "

Bill then scream out a huge moan as he started to hit a massive orgasm during the time in which Troy was licking the sweat off of his juicy balls. Bill then began to pull out of the Coach butt  real slow. Troy began to help his Uncle pull off the juicy filled condom and began to pour the cum all over Coach Bill hot sweating hairy chest and nipples.

" Holly shit guy's that is  so hot "

" How about you lick it all up Troy "

Troy slurp up every ounce of the cum that was pour over Coach Bill chest and nipples as Bill was slump over onto the bed totally exhausted from the fuck. Coach Bill was really excited to watch Bill shower and  watch him get dress.

He was truly amazed watching Bill pull his powder blue bikini briefs up to his waist before the track pants,white sports t-shirt and jacket. Coach Bill and Troy became very good friends from then on. As for Roller Derby Bill he then move out to California to train up and coming skaters for the new league that was going to get started.





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