"Uh- M-m-m-Mikey?... wh-wha- what are... uh..." The big blue furry purple polka dotted monster quickly became speechles and started to babel. His face now forming a great big blush as he tried desperately to come up with an explanation as to why he was there. But he could not bring himself to think of one for his mind was too quickly being dominated by the thoughts of his secret sexual desires for Mike now popping up to the surface in full force. "S-sul... what are you doing here?..." I-I-I-I ummmm.... uhhhh...... errr.... mmm...." It was too much, it was way too much. Sully could not and would not hold back his desire of his sexual fantasies becoming a reality. He had to fuck Mike now, his will give him no choice. Sully lunged for Mike's scrawny little legs, gripping them tight in his paws. hHe gave Mike a moment's hard look, boring in to his eye with deep desire to fulfill his fantasy. Mike returned the look with a wistful gaze and twinkles in his eye, ready for Sully to claim him. After a moment Sully finally ripped Mike off of Tronamie's trunk of a cock. Sully inserted his purple furry cock into my ass hole then continued with kisses starting from Mike's neck all the way down to his penis, slipping his lips over it, minding not to scratch it with his monstrous teeth. He topped it off by grazing Mike gently with his paws, feeling him up. Mike started to let out moans of pleasure. "Mmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm!" Came from Sully. Sully kept a sloe and steady pace humping mike blissfully. The two monsters enjoyed the passion of their love making for a good long moment. After a while Rocket and Tronamie joined in. Rocket landed his bodacious little hiney on to Mike's Green little rod taking Sully into his arms rubbing his back passionately and entering his mouth, tongue finding its way to Sully's. Sully returned the love. And Tronamie slid his tree trunk cock into Sully's hole starting to steadily thrust and grabbed a hold of Sully's tummy, fondling it with care. Moans, oohs, ahs, uhs, mmms, ohs and various other exclamations of words where said aloud as all four of them now fucked each other gracefully. They kept the same slow and steady pace as Sully did before with Mike. They lasted over two hours and a half before changing positions. Sully and Tronamie grab hold of each other. The two muscley and monsterly men furry and all positioned themselves, Sully laying himself on top of Tronamie, chest hair and furr grazing each other as Sully entered Tronamie, along with his mouth plunging his tongue deep into Tronamie's mouth finding his tongue colliding with it. Rocket grabbed hold of Mike, pulling him into his face while he planted his dick into Sully's furry tunnel. Rocket now sliding Mike's sticky dick into his mouth starting to pump back and forth. They continue to make sexual, lustful sounds into the night. They started off slow but then gradually picked up the pace going faster and then even more faster. Not even an hour goes by and they all start to build up a sweat that soon becomes more dense and heavy. aAs they continue what builds up in there cracks, on their chest, in their tails and in their armpits and dripping down everywhere else, dripping off one another and on to someone else. The smacking sound of crotch ramming butt cheeks became more eminem and distinct. The smell of BO was strong in the air which only further intensified the lustful feelings towards each other. Their fucking speed was now in high gear. The bed had never experienced this much rumbling, rattling, shaking and tumbling before. Their love making was getting really intense. They switched places one last time. They all laid themselves down on their sides upon the bed. Tronamie's dick into Mike's ass and Sully's into Rocket's fun hole. Tronamie's and Sully's mouths and tongues again met as Rocket and Mike followed suit, ultimately it with Sully and Rocket facing Mike and Tronamie, creating a sex sandwich. The he was really on now, it was steamer than a sauna in there. They were louder, weter, and more rough then they had been all night before. The bed shook shook until finally... it broke on them. but it did not feed them, for they continued on words in their sexual ventures of lusting. They lasted into early the next day lasting a total of 15 hours and 54 minutes. Exhausted, they all fell asleep together, happily resting in the comfort of their presence together. Late into the afternoon they all slowly awoke one by one, waiting for one another to wake before discussing what they were going to do next. Once everyone was up, drowsy as they might be, Rocket began to speak. "Good morning everybody." Rocket said playfully and drowsaly at the same time with a sleepy smile. "So, let me first properly introduce myself and my love furffurry over here. My name is Hu-lishi Rocket Nebula Shootingstar The Epic and he's Tronamie Lightning Suppernova, my Husband." Tronamie lifts a hand "Hi everyone." "You guys seemed to have found your way into my world. You gotta tell me what your trick is latter. I'm just used to the old travel through in between irips of cronic space faster than the speed of light jutsu! It was incredible that you where able to step in here so easily, you just waltz in through the closet door! So as to where you are right now you are of course inside our house in the fist place, which is then residented in Teccatron, my world tjat I created. And where are you guys from?" Mike and Sully took a minute to process all of that of which Rocket just told them with whelmed looks on their faces. They slowly turned to fave each other with puzzled expressions, having many questions come to mind. They turned back to face Rocket and Tronamie once again. Mike stated. "So what are you guys exactly? I mean, I mean- yeah..." Rocket began "Well, I'm kinda just me... Rocket is Rocket..." Rocket gave a big grin with his teath, eyes closed and hand on the back of his neck, arm arched up into the air. "Well, I suppose if you have to put a label on it... I would be... an ultra been of sorts?...." Mike cocked an eyebrow and Sully raised his eyebrows with wide eyes of non understanding. " Well, just think of me a being, well um... a super powerful person wjo can think of something and just make it a reality just by wanting it to be real. It's like that for me. And well that pretty much explains how I'm the one who created this world. Tee he." "Well um, that's cool..." Mike began again. "Um, wow. Okay that's actually pretty amazing. Wow, that is impressive my friend. That's real talent there if I do say so myself." "Thanks!" Rocket replied with the grin still on his face, hands now in his lap. "So uh, Rocket, is your hubby here a- uh... I mean, like you too? I mean is he the same as you. In power, I guess?" "Well um, no. He's, well mortal you might say. Of course I keep my life with my power just by loving him, and that's all that's needed." "Wow, really?" "Yes." "Wow, okay then." "But to answer your earlier question, Tronamie is a monster human hybrid." "Oh, that would explain his horns, saber teeth and tail on his seemingly human body, with the exception that he is lager than most humans." Sully chimed in. He continued. "So uh, is he like from our world or something?... We kinda live in a monster world and have doorways to the human world. Or a human world that is... " "Oh goody! That sounds fascinating! Uh... what's your world called?" "Uh, well, it doesn't realy have name like yours does." "Oh Sully please. You could at the very least tell them the name of the planet do you live on." "Oh Yeah. Hey, your right." "The name of our planet is Dreadmount." "That-name-sounds-awesome! I LOVE IT!" Rocket exclaimed in joy. "*He, he* Yeah, we think it sounds pretty awesome too." Mike replied. "But no, that's not the world my beloved came from. Or into for that matter, tee he." Mike and Sully looked confused for a moment but then got the joke eventually and then laughed along with Rocket and Tronamie. Do you get the joke? "No, my husband here came from a world called the Nethro. It's a place filled with monsters too, or as I consider them, other people. Just different species the humans." Rocket gave a warm and thoughtful smile. "And you are right to assume that there is more than one human world, because there is more than one. I am one to know that for a fact." "Oh" Sully and Mike both said now understanding. "So uh, hey I have one question. Why do you guys have two different last names?" Sully said." "Oh, that! Our last names are our last names. How we recognise ourselves as a family is simple. We have a family name. We're the Galaxyies! And this is our home, welcome!" "Oh, that clears things up." "So... What do guys want to do now?" Tronamie said. "We'll um, I really don't know what I want to do next. How bout you Sul? What do you want to do next?" Sully's stomach growled profoundly in a uttering roar. He gave a sheepish smile. "Okay, okay, its clear we need to eat break fast first before we start our day." Rocket said in response. "Few! That sounds good to me!" "Sully said, Mike looking up to him with a smile. "I agree. (said Tronamie) let's eat! I call first dibbs!" "Oh no you don't, not if I have anything to do about it." The two lage hairy/furry monster men scrambled to get to the door first and continued through the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen. Mike and Rocket just shook their heads and smiled as they followed after them, walking not running.


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