One night in Teccatron at the Galaxy family home Rocket was having fantastic but sex with his husband Tronamie. "Oh! Yeah!, come on Trony, just like that! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Ooh! Hader, hader, harder! Oh Yeah! Uh! Ooh!" "Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! Oh, oh, OH!" Tronamie was so far up Rocket's ass and going so fast it was insane. Rocket built up a swet, rolling drops from his nose to his lips, from there to his nipples to his side right down into his but crack where his huge harry hubby was shoving his big cock. The swet was intence on Tronamie too, it was all in his lovely brown and purple spotted hair/furr. His chest was glistening with the stuff. His bachk too all the way down to his own but cheks and crack. Not to mention his tail was drenched. Tronamie, biting his lips, showinf his monsterous, human sized sabor teeth, let out a moan of pleasure. "Ow-oooooo!" Tronamie said playfuly bringing a lustful yet playful smile to Rockeys face. The two always had playful fun, even during intercourse... sexual intercourse that is. Tronamie leaned in, kissing Rocket vigorously into the mouth. His tounge plunging in meeting Rocket's. They started to moan in great enjoyment and in harmony to each other. As their make out escalated to slobering in each others and on each others mouths it seemed that they could never be parted until... *Creek* "wha- Uh... What the hell?..." Rocket and Tronamie snap out of their entrance of their lustful venchers into each other to look to their bedroom closset door. Apawn their gaze they find a round, little, one-eyed, lime green ball with limbs and a huge mouth to boot. "He-hello there little green one." Rocket says after he realizes that tjey all froze for a moment and that time did not stop. "The little green thing quickly snaped out of his embarrassed/puzzled/slightly aroused state and transferred into a more stunned and shocked state stil lingering on the slight arousment he felt as he replied. " wh- w-, wha, w-well I was just... um..." "Wanna come in here where its snugly and warm?" Rocket told him in a friendly, lovingly way while sonding just too cute. The little green monster clenched his arm and started to rub it as a flustered blush started to form wildly on his face. "What?!! I-I-I d-d-dunno?... I-um... *tee he* I don't know... Maybe..." "Come on here cuttie thang! Let us give you some love!" Rocket said this so seductively the small round monster could barely remember why he came there in the first place and soon forgot as his mind flooded with fantastic sexual fantasys of making love to these two incredibly attractive creatures luring him into their sex trap. "Oh-oh-okay" The little green round thing said as he lifted out his scrawny little arms approaching the fabulous bed filed with centuries worth of oozy jiz after closing the door behind him. Rocket and Tronamie holding out their arms in Welcomeing awaiting embrace, Tronamie's swet filled fuzzy armpits fully exposed. The round little monster hopped onto the bed and into their arms for a loving embrace. "So, hey there you. You little cute thing you. You got a name green thing?" Rocket said. "Mike, Mike Wizawski." The little green monster spoke. "Well Mike, are you reddy for the time of your life?" Mike became speachless and could only respawn with a slow nodd. "Well then Mike, prepare yourself for non-stop, all night but fucking sex. Whach out everyone, its about to get a whole lot steamyer in here!" Rocket grabbed hold of Mike shoving his dick into his mouth making him swallow hard and instantly slober all over while Tronamie griped tight and started thrusting his larg trunk of a cock into Mike's ass pumping off slow then gradually picking up the pace converting to rapidly ram him. They all moaned deep and heavily now. Tronamie again leaned down over to kiss Rocket, making a meaty sandwich causing intense heat between the three bodies. Rocket started to hump upwards into Mike's mouth now while Tronamie stil kept the same pace causing the bed to to tumble and shudder even harder and loder than before. Their pace increased even more, going faster and faster. Cum was surely on its way. "Uh! Faster! Faster!" Said Rocket. "Oh yes! Uh, uh, uh! Yeeeaassss! Oh yeah!" Came from Tronamie. "Mmm! Mmm!" Muzzed Mike. Mike hurriedly grabbed his pennies and started to sroke it wildly as he could feel the cum starting to flood his tubes. Mike broke off the sucking to be turned around by Tronamie who now was being seeded by Rocket. "Umf, uuummff! Uuuuumf! Oh, oh, oh! I'm gunna come! I'm gunna come! Ooh!" Mike screamed out in great plesure. He came and he squirted big exactly when the door was opened again by a rather lage monster covered in bright blue furr with purple poka-dots. The cum squirted right into the monster's face. Mike looked embarrassedly stunned then suddenly gasped. "Sully?!" *DUN, DUN, DUN* TO BE CONTINUED


Rocket Nebula Shootingstar

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