As I lay on my back with Mack's semen still oozing out of my ass, the band's drummer, big redheaded 27-year-old Dirk, had been invited to Mack's room to take up where Mack had left off.

"Dirk, this 20-year-old twink's ass is the best man pussy I've ever had. It is so velvet-like soft, the ass channel is so deep for driving a big cock like yours and mine to the cock's base, the muscled pink ring around the entrance to his ass is big and thick and I loved his strong ass muscles when they gripped my throbbing cock. You'll never have a better ass fucking. Man, go for it."

Big hunk Dirk wearing only a pair of gym shorts moved toward the bed and me. His horse-sized tool had escaped his gym trunks. Holy shit, it was long and thick with the smooth shaft circumference about the size of a large beer can. I learned that he had a whopping 12-inch cock. His cock was dripping the thicket's pre-cum that I had ever seen. The front of his gym shorts already had a wet ring from the oozing semen fluid. Man I wanted this hot drummer to fuck me. I could not believe my good fortune. My bellhop buddies would never believe this steamy sex story.

I began bucking my hips as I starred into his gorgeous hazel eyes of this yet another hot rock star. I inserted one of my fingers up my ass, took it out, sucked on it and smiled to encourage Dirk to get down and dirty fucking me.

Dirk threw off his gym shorts, pointed his horse sized cock at me, got on the bed, drove a couple of his fingers up my ass, collected Mack's semen and began rubbing his cock with the cum. He used the thick white cum as lubrication to wildly jack off making his cock steel hard before entering my ass. Man, he caused his cock to swell until it looked like a baseball bat.

"Hey man, do you want to fuck my ass? Hell, I've never seen such a long and thick cock. But I want your cock deep inside me. You have me horny as hell. Mack just fucked me raw and now having your monstrous cock drill me, I could die a happy man."

This invitation drove Dirk into a state of carnal bliss. He threw his naked body on top of me and began to wildly hump. I felt my spent cock surprisingly come back to life. Soon I was as hard as a steel pipe. I'd never had such s quick recover of my favorite tool.

Dirk and I began to buck as if we were both wild bulls. Our cocks slide across each other with Dirk's cum covered shaft wetting both of our crotches and pubic hair. The wet feeling and smell was so arousing. Would we come before Dirk invaded my welcoming ass? I had great staying power, as it had only been a short time since I had the fun of emptying my nuts. But how about this redheaded hunk, could he last?

He smelt so manly. There seems to be such a special scent of men with red fuzz and especially the feel of the red pubic hair. It was just my favorite type of guy. He had a beautiful bed of thick pubic hair. As we humped, I felt a tingling from our wet pubic hair rubbing together.

After some five minutes of humping, Dirk moved his big throbbing cock up to my mouth as he sat his ass on my chest. He used his cock to part my lips. He slowly began to drive his big tool all the way to the back of my throat. I could hardly breath as my mouth was stuffed with this gigantic dick. I began breathing through my nose. I could not speak but only grunt a signal of pleasure and approval. Dirk's cock felt so slick, soft and warm. Soon I was swallowing a good supply of his pre-cum leaking from his cock's piss slit.

After a minute, he lifted his ass off my sweaty chest, bored his knees into the bed, moved his body forward as he drove his cock deep into my throat. He began a long series of hammering my mouth. He fucked my face like he was never going to have the opportunity again for a guy to give him a blowjob. I sucked hard on his dong and used my tongue to drive him crazy with lust. I wanted that python to get rock hard and then fuck my ass until I could not walk normal for a week. This evening had to be the best fucking experience a guy could ever have. Every animal instinct in me wanted to have my ass fucked by his huge cock all night. I had never wanted man sex more.

After some five minutes of the hottest blowjob possible, Dirk pulled out of my mouth. He took time to French kiss me as we once again went wild humping.

Nineteen-year-old Mack, whose cock was again hard as steel, began lubing his own cock, started jacking off and handed the lube to Dirk.

Dirk put me on my stomach, put a pillow under my crotch to lift my ass up for a better angle and entrance to my asshole for his aching cock.

"Dirk buddy, you need to lube Cody's gorgeous ass, lube your own cock and drive that snake of yours into that man pussy. I know you are a true-blooded 27-year-old gay man and have no interest in fucking a woman's pussy. And although you have fucked many guy's assholes, I tell you, this will be the best man pussy you have ever had. It never gets better than this. Now fuck that little gay bitch."

With that encouragement from Mack, Dirk soaked my ass with the lube, ran his finger deep into my ass with the lube, poured gobs of lube on his long cock, jerked his boner to spread the lube, and thus driven with uncontrollable lust, thrust his cock into my ass. Man it hurt to get all that cock in me with one thrust.

Dirk began a wild grinding of my ass. He used his years of experience fucking man pussy to move his dick in and out of my ass like it was a piston in a car. WOW, he was good at fucking ass. His cock touched and rubbed against ever each of my inner ass walls and massaged my prostate (G-SPOT). The fuck was beyond ecstasy. We both were grunting and moaning that could be heard for some distance. Mack too was making loud sexual sounds. Mack began to pant as he masturbated.

Before long lust over took Mack. He got on the bed above my head, lifted my head up and drove his recovered cock down my throat. I began to give Mack a wild blowjob while Dirk drilled my ass. I had very big pulsating cocks in both of my holes (mouth and ass). I felt my once again hard cock rubbing against the silk bed sheets. We were grunting, experiencing heavy breathing, moving all over the bed and ready to shoot a huge load. The bed was screeching from all the fucking and sucking.

We were so turned on and in total heat that we did not care who heard us. Soon there was laughter coming from the joining room where the other five band members had gathered. They unlocked the adjoining door and all five hot rock stars came into Mack's room. They began to cheer us on as I was getting my ass pounded by Dirk while I was bearing down on Mack's big juicy cock in my mouth.

In a few minutes, the five guys dropped their pants and shorts. They started a circle jerk off. The room reeked with hot men;'s smelly testosterone, sweat and hormone building energy. Eight hot studs produced hot sex odors appear with all the lust and pre-cum oozing.

The sex scene was now so hot that I felt Dirk's balls tighten, his cock head swelled, his penis twitched and he released a volcanic flood of his sperm into my ass. When the guys became aware that he had shot his load, they got up on the bed on each side of me, began rapidly masturbating and soon they took turns dumping their hot seed all over my ass and back. When they were all finished, the scene set off Mack as he shot a massive load of his cum down my throat. All the guys then got down and used their tongues to suck up all the cum on my body until I was as clean as if I'd just come out of the shower. They turned me over and took turns planting hot kisses on my lips. The smell and taste of each guys was incredible.

They took turns sucking my cock. My cock became coated with the cum from their mouths. When Mack's turn came to suck my cock, he set me off, as I dumped my load of semen down his throat. Mack was such a hot stud. I think I had fallen in love with him.

The five other band members introduced themselves to me; we took a shower together and went out to dinner. During dinner, I learned that all of them were devoted gay fuckers except Mack who was bi-sexual. This was a truly gay band. I hoped that we would have another fuck session the next night after the concert. Maybe I could invite eight of my bellhop friends to make it an even number of guys for a hot orgy. We could pair off in eight couples. WOW, would that ever be hot?


Naughty Eric


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