The Story as told by the Hotel Bellhop Cody

When I heard that my favorite rock band staring the famous 19-year-old teenage throb "Mack" was coming to town, I called the box office to get some tickets for me and my fellow bellhops. I was crushed when I was told that the concert had been sold out for months. What a bummer! Then I got really excited when I learned that the band and its crew were booked to stay at our hotel.

On the Friday before the concert, I checked in for work at noon for my eight hour shift as a bellhop. Around 8 PM as I was finishing my shift, I was called to the main check-in desk and the nice lady behind the desk said: "Cody, please take these suitcases up to room 1515." I had no idea who was registered for that particular room; however, I knew that suite was always reserved for very famous and wealthy people. Oh could it be one of the rock stars?

As I rang the doorbell, I became very nervous with clammy hands, small beads of sweat on my brow and quivering all over. I was just a 20-year-old twink that weighed 145 pounds, stood 5' and 7", and had only a high school degree. I wore a well-trimmed blond butch haircut with light blue eyes. I was self-conscience, shy and had no experience with girls unlike those hot rock stars although my friends said I was a really cute blond twink.

When the guest opened the door, my legs instantly became like rubber and I began to stutter, as I could not believe my eyes. There stood the voluptuous rock star "Mack" wearing only a tight pair of blue shorts. Oh holy shit, he had long wavy blond hair down to his shoulder blades with hot bangs; the deepest blue eyes; tanned hairless smooth chest, stomach and legs; looked to be about 6-feet tall; weighed around 175 pounds; very ripped body; and wow, he had a big package between his legs. It was obvious that he worked out to be able to do a three-hour concerts night after night.

As I just starred at him motionless, he said: "Well bellhop, are you going to just stand there or are you going to bring my suitcases inside so I can give you a tip? Have you never seen a rock band performer before?"

"Oh Sir, forgive meeee, Aaaaaa. I have all your CD's. You are my favorite musician of all times. I never thought Aaaaa I'd ever meet you. I just dreamed of being present at one of your concerts. Unfortunately, the concert tomorrow night is sold out. I could not get tickets."

"Well, once again are you going to come in with my suitcases?"

I managed to compose myself and put the suitcases in the room. He handed me a $50 tip. WOW, that was the biggest tip I had ever gotten as a bellhop. He must have been loaded with money.

"Gee, Sir, thank you so much. You are so generous. Could I beg your patience just long enough to get your autograph?"

"What is your name, young man?"

"Sir, my name is Cody."

"Well Cody come over here to the desk and I'll get a pad for my autograph and stop calling me Sir, my name is Mack. By the way, would you like for me to give you and your buddies some tickets for tomorrow night's concert?"

As I glowed with excitement, I said a big YES. After Mack gave me his autograph, he put his arm around my shoulder and smiled. The touch of his hand on my body by my idol caused me to loose complete control as my best asset, an 8-inch thick cock, swelled to its maximum in a record time. My hard boner began showing through my very tight bellhop uniform. My face turned blood red as Mack observed what had just happened.

"Hell, look at you Cody. I just touched your shoulder and it is obvious that your animal instincts have taken charge. You want me, don't you? You are just like many of my female and male fans. You want me to fuck that bubble ass. I find you really cute and hot. Come over here to my bed and let me undress you. You're really hot in that bellhop sexy uniform. Man, your cock looks so big. I bet you are so excited that a teenage throb is about to have sex with you? I bet you want me to suck that big cock and you want to suck my big cock? I'm bi-sexual. I like fucking both males and females. This is your lucky day. Look at my 9-inch steel hard cock and ready to fuck you. I became dizzy and I felt like I was about to faint. Was I having a wet dream? This could not be happening to me. To be fucked by my rock star idol was not possible. But it was happening.

We got undressed and headed to the shower. Mack had movie star qualities making him the most voluptuous and sensuous being on the planet and I was going to experience his delicious meat any moment. I'd never been more hormone-driven and horny.

Mack and I began lathering each others' smooth bodies as the warm water ran down our bodies. We ran our hands up and down each other from head to toe. Soon we took turns jacking off each others' steel hard cocks with our soap covered hands. The feeling was so sensuous. The touch of Mack's hand on my steel hard cock sent chills up and down my spine. I was about to come but I did not want to shoot my load before we had an erotic fucking in bed.

We toweled off and returned to the bed. Mack had me lie down on my back, close my eyes and I felt his warm body lie down touching my side. He started the most erotic foreplay. He began kissing my forehead, soon he kissed my closed eyes, nibbled and pulled hard on my nipples, licked up and down my armpits until the hair was soaked, softly touched my lips with his wet lips, parted my lips as he plunged his tongue deep inside my throat, kissed and licked down my chest and stomach, sucked hard on my inner hot thighs, took my balls in his hand and sucked on them, licked down my legs and finally sucked on my toes. The sensual gratification of his great foreplay had my swollen cock thrusting back and forth on my abs. I was thrashing back and forth all over the bed in pure pleasure.

Mack moved up to my crotch with his big pink lips, spit gobs of spit on my pulsating purple cock head and began to take my cock down his throat inch by inch until he had all eight inches deep in his throat. As he sucked and bobbed up and down on my leaking cock, he put his hot body up against my side and drilled his rock hard 9-inch tool into my hip. He sucked my cock and drilled his burning hot cock into my hip for some ten minutes. I experienced pure nirvana. This rock star had to be the best cocksucker in the universe.

"Oh Holly shit, yea suck my fucking cock. Your cock drilling my hip feels like a hot poker and your wet pre-cum is wetting my leg. Oh Fuck, I'm about to shoot my load. Do you want it now?"

Mack pulled off my cock and said: "No not yet. I promised to let you suck my big cock. Let me get on my back and you come down on me."

I grabbed his homogenous cock at the base, squeezed it hard and began licking up and down the thick shaft, as Mack bucked his hips up to meet my pleasuring his boner. After several minutes of licking and sucking his manhood, I began to lower my mouth on the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Soon I was bobbing up and down that perfect cock as if it was a sweet lollypop. I felt the big cock piss slit widen and leak the most sweet pre-cum I'd ever tasted. The juice coated my tongue making me even wilder as I sucked this champion tool. Finally Mack pushed me off and said: I cannot come until I get to fuck that bubble pink pulsating ass of yours. It looks so hot and even smells better. My cock is throbbing with anticipation of exploring that pussy boy ass. I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful rosebud. Get ready to take my giant dick up that big man pussy. Are you ready for me?"

"Hell yea, I cannot believe my good luck. I'm actually going to have my rock star idol's cock up my ass. Oh, please fuck me."

It was obvious that this rock star was always ready for a good fuck. He got a bottle of lube, poured it on my ass, lubed his cock and put my legs up on his shoulders.

He took his wet cock head and rubbed it up and down my ass crack making me wild with lust to be fucked. I then felt his cock head began to push past my

outer ass walls and drive inch by inch into my inner ass. I eagerly took what he had to offer---a huge dick deep inside me. He began a long series of deep thrust into me and would then pull out partially before another deep thrust. He slammed my ass, as he seemed to turn into some kind of wild beast. He fucked me harder and harder. It was a very rough fuck. Mack had become primordial with his lust for my man pussy. He started grunting and began a rapid breathing cycle. He pounded and pounded my now sore ass as he used his hips and legs to give me the fuck of my life.

When his cock discovered my prostate, he thrust his cock across my prostate that produced the greatest pleasure and hot massage of the G-Spot. I yelled: "That's it. It feels so great. Come inside me. Give me your seed."

This provocative talk put Mack over the edge. His balls tightened and began spasming as his balls pumped loads of his semen up into his cock and out into my ass. I felt multi-spurting goo deep in my ass. He had a huge load that filled my ass to the brim. He used his slick cum to continue thrusting his slick cock deep inside me. Finally, he was exhausted and he withdrew his softening cock.

He went down on my ass and sucked his cum into his mouth. He then kissed me and we had a cum meal.

I begged Mack: "Baby, I need to come. Help me come."

He took his cum covered mouth and tongue and went down on my aching cock. He began to give me the hottest blowjob. I was so turned on that in a few seconds, I unleashed a huge load of my juice down his throat. When he came off my cock, he again kissed me as we shared the thick warm cum.

Then I got a huge surprise. Mack went over to the phone and called his drummer Dirk and said: "Dirk, get over here to my room. I have just fucked the best man pussy of my entire sex life. Do you want a piece of the best gay man's ass you will ever have?"

In about two minutes, there was a knock on the door. mack let in this gorgeous redheaded 6' 4" tall hunk who appeared to eight about 195 pounds with muscles all over his body. He was dressed only in a pair of gym shorts. WOW, what a body and he had a huge bulge in his shorts that looked like a horse cock. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes.

As I was still on my back with cum seeping out of my ass, big Dirk came over to the bed and began to lower his gym shorts. Hell, man that was a big cock. He was going to take my ass regardless of what I said. I saw in his eyes the most horny look I had ever witnessed. Gee, it was so hot. I was about to be fucked by this hunk.



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