I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. The exposed long lean back glistened with sweat in the hot afternoon sun and was stretched out over the engine compartment. Jeans hung low on the hips and appeared so loose I couldn’t believe they stayed up. Oh how I wished they would slip down, slip down just a little more. His skin was so smooth looking with one small mole just above the waistband of his jeans my eyes roamed over it over and over looking at every movement, the shift of shoulder blades, the curving spine and the flex of muscle.  Rivulets of sweat ran down his back and my eyes followed each one, their curving, snaking path over his skin, each one trickling down till they disappeared inside his jeans. The wet underarm hair released bead after bead of sweat that snaked down his sides and around to his front disappearing from sight. I leaned over a little further to look along the profile of his chest and stomach, a straight flat profile all the way down disappearing into the loose jeans. His stomach undulated gently with his breathing. He reached toward the firewall and I looked at how his arm flexed, stretched out so unbelievably long. My eyes moved to the side of his face, the way his beard was trying to come in but was sparse and uneven. His sideburns framed his ear petering out before connecting to his beard growth around his chin. His brown hair stuck our around his cap shaggily, roughly cut…

“It has to be an electrical issue.”


“Electrical…the problem with the car. No surprise really, for these British cars are notorious for electrical problems.”


“If we get the car back to my place I might get it running.”

“Okay; how do we get it there?”

“My cousin has a tow truck. We can go get it and tow it.”

“You don’t mind…I mean I’ll pay you, no doubt, but…”

“No problem. I’ve never seen one of these in person before so I’d love to work on it.”

Was he qualified, did he really know what he was doing and could I trust him. All questions that floated through my mind and quickly pushed aside because I wanted any excuse to be around him, if only to look at him.

“Okay, where is this cousin with a tow truck?”

I had not felt like this in a long time, nervous, anxious, sitting so close to someone I found so appealing. He told me his name was Grady and his family were farmers, had been for nearly two hundred years in the region and I sensed his attachment to this rural countryside, and something more. He sat behind the large steering wheel of the old truck, left arm on the window sill the right barely holding the wheel. Only the noise of the engine and the wind whipping inside the open windows could be heard, the ancient AM/FM radio in the dash probably didn’t work and was switched off.  I glanced over and watched Grady as often as I dared, watching the way his arm moved as he drove and the way he would catch me looking, turning my way suddenly smiling back at me so casually it was disarming. His lean smooth torso, glistening with sweat, displayed someone in shape from his labors and not some gym.

“Where did you get that Rover?  2200 TC, right?”

“That’s right. I found it in Washington last month…”

“The state of Washington?”

“Yeah, it seems they sold more cars on the West coast than here in the east, especially in the south.”

“I’ll say…I’ve seen a late seventies 3500 but not the earlier model like yours. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for it?”

“A little over eight.”

Grady turned at the first intersection we came to, another narrow two lane road that seemed to go nowhere but after a couple of miles we came to a place where a general store and a gas station sat opposite each other and several houses sat close enough together to give the impression of a place, a place that might actually have a name. I really had driven too far out of the city but I had been having so much fun driving these back roads.

“Welcome to Green’s Village. It ain’t much but my cousin runs the gas station. Good, he’s not out with the tow truck.”

The gas station was old, a small retail area and two garage bays for repair work, and on the far side the front of a Ford truck was visible.

“Nice thing is John’s tow truck is a flat bed so you don’t have to worry about us damaging the front.”

Grady pulled to the side of the gas station and I followed him inside.  The small room was crowded with display fixtures selling snacks, drinks and the odd assortment of items typical in any convenience store. Small reach-in drink coolers lined the back wall and to the side was a counter with only the area right next to the old register clear. Cigarettes filled the shelving behind it.  Sitting on a stool behind the register was a guy who looked older, more mature, a beard framing his face, his body stockier, thicker.

“Hey John.”

“Grady…what are you up to now?”

“Need to borrow the tow truck.”

“What for?”]

“This is Ryan and his car has broken down and I told him I could get it running so he can get back to Charlotte.”

“You stealing my business again?”

“John, it is an old Rover and you bitch about Hondas and Volkswagens so I don’t think some 50 year old British car is something you’re going to want to work on.”

“Rover?  I thought those were SUVs?”

Grady laughed as he went behind the counter and got the keys from a hook on the wall.

“We’ll have the truck back soon; come on Ryan let’s get your car back to my place.”

It didn’t take long to get the old Rover on the tow truck and we were soon heading down the road.

“So you run your own shop?”

“Nah…just tinker on an old car now then.  I usually have one or two old cars I’m rebuilding for fun but I don’t have a lot of time since I help the family with the farm.”

“Sounds like you’d rather work on cars than farm?” I ventured a guess.

“Yeah, but not much need for rebuilding old cars out here.”

“Why not move into Charlotte or Raleigh and get a job at a mechanic’s shop?”

“Well…I don’t have any type of degree and…I prefer to rebuild old cars instead of just repairing people’s daily drivers.”

All through the conversation I kept looking over to Grady, his bare upper torso, his slightly long neck and strong line of his jaw.  He pulled his cap low over his eyes and while his arm was raised up briefly I looked down at the way his jeans fit, the bulge at his crotch and the way the legs fit tight around his thighs. The waist rolled out slightly making their loose fit more noticeable.

Grady slowed down and I looked up to see the typical farm; a ranch style house with one old barn and one newer prefabricated metal barn behind it. The drive pulled in and around to the back of the house and Grady pulled the tow truck over to the older barn and stopped just past the doors at one side.

“This is it” Grady stated as he slipped down out of the tow truck.

I followed him over to the doors and helped him open them, he pulling the right side open and I the left. Sunlight fell into the open door illuminating an old Mustang, the hood removed and the engine bay empty.

“Nice” I stated in a hushed voice.

“Yeah, my latest project; a 1968 fastback.”

I walked along the driver’s side of the Mustang seeing the interior was gutted out as well. At the back of the car further inside the barn I saw the engine laid out over a large table and the interior lying on a platform.

“It’ll take me another six months to get the car put back together.”

“You got a buyer?”

“Not yet. I usually don’t advertise the cars till I’m done.  Come on help me push it out so we can get your car inside.”

A few minutes later the Mustang was outside and my old Rover sat in the barn. Grady had lights hung over the engine bay as he leaned in checking the electrics. I stood behind him once again admiring his body, the long lean back, narrow waist and his round ass that filled out the seat of his jeans. For the next half hour I watched him test different components and then taking some apart making some kind of adjustments then putting them back again. I watched how he moved, the form of his body, the way he flexed with muscle, the way his lean body moved easily over the car and around the barn. I watched him, studied him.

I told him about the cars I have had over the last few years, the sports cars that bleed my bank account nearly dry, the obscure models that were in some cases impossible to refurbish, and he looked at me as I described one model or another, knowingly, his eyes locked on me till I had to look away.

“I think I’ve got it; just need to get this back in place and we can try it” Grady stated as he leaned over the fender.

I stood by him, so close I nearly touched him. I looked down on his bare back and up to his neck. His hair stuck out around the cap pulled down backwards, the bib in back and I let my eyes scan his body once again. His arms outstretched let me watch how the muscle in the right one flexed with his movements and leaning over slightly I could see along the underside of his arm to the armpit, the hair dark with sweat. I watched him wipe his nose absentmindedly smearing the greasy grime on his fingers across his nose and cheek.

I saw him tighten the screws on the part, one at a time, slowly, each one carefully driven back into place. He was nearly done and I began to feel a foreboding of letting something slip through my fingers and I found my hand hovering over Grady’s shoulder, shaking with my anxiousness. I so wanted to touch him, to feel the firmness of his skin, to caress it, to feel my fingers glide slickly over its surface. Closer and closer I moved my hand, trembling with the mixed up emotions I felt, knowing it could be a huge mistake to touch him, something provocative, a gesture that could elicit a response I didn’t want.

My fingers were so close, just above Grady’s skin and I saw him on the last screw, driving it in place slowly and I let my fingers lightly touch him on the shoulder, gently gliding over his skin and he froze. For the longest time he didn’t move and I held my hand in place afraid to move or pull away. Grady hung his head down and took a deep breath. When he stood up he turned toward me and I watched him run his grimy fingers of his right hand down his chest leaving a dark smudge in their wake. All the way down his fingers moved till they touched his jeans and he brought them to his side hooking them in the front pocket.

“You know Ryan, I’ve seen you looking at me all day. You think this dumbass redneck boy will do what you want?”

“I don’t think you’re a dumbass…I think…”

“You just like the way I look?” he teased laying the screwdriver down on the fender and stepping closer to me. “Well…you want to touch me now?”

I nodded my head, unable to say the words. Grady reached out and took my hand bringing it to his stomach.

“Go ahead Ryan, show me what you want. Show me what you’re capable of…touch me. It won’t be my first time” Grady said, his voice barely audible but so confident in tone.

I moved my around his stomach, up to his chest over one nipple feeling the nub harden to the touch as I watched him close his eyes, lean his head back slightly and exhale slowly. My other hand on his waist I continued to caress his skin, to move over his body till I was up to his neck holding him in place as I leaned to him. 

I gently touched our lips together, once, twice then three times till he pushed back and we kissed passionately as he pushed up against me. His warm body against my own aroused me further and I pressed my growing erection against him. He pulled back and started on my shirt, quickly working each button free till it fell open. He pushed it off my shoulders and down my arms till it gathered around my wrists and he twisted it tightly around them. He pushed me against the car and came at me. I closed my eyes focusing on the sensation of his mouth on my neck, along  my jaw, down to my chest till he came to my left nipple and I felt him suck it into his mouth and bite down on the hard nub.

I fought the urge to cry out but moaned through my clinched teeth as I pushed my chest outward. My cock flexed harder and he felt it, fingers manipulating me through my jeans. Then it seemed as if he was all hands, touching me everywhere, along my arms, over my chest, stomach and quickly getting my jeans undone and down. 

I opened my eyes to Grady holding my cock, his fist tight around the base of it with his glazed over eyes locked on it.

“Suck me…suck me Grady” I whispered and gasped as I watched my cock sink into his mouth, felt every inch of it in his slick warm mouth. I dug my fingers into his shoulders as his mouth moved on my cock, lips noisily sliding down the shaft till his nose pressed into my abdomen then back till only the head was lodged in his mouth and his tongue would work around it causing me to push forward trying to shove back inward.

As he sucked my cock his hands worked my shoes off, one then the other, then he slipped each sock off and I struggled to help him, to keep my balance as I raised one foot then the other. He worked my jeans and boxers off each foot leaving me naked. I felt his body rubbed against my legs, hot against my skin, every hair on my leg sensitive to every touch. My cock ached with its hardness as it slipped deep into his mouth over and over.

“Fuck…I’m so close…” I uttered and Grady pulled off my cock sitting back on his heels. He looked up smiling mischievously…a little devil.

“Fuck me Ryan” Grady said as he stood up and I watched his loosened jeans drop to his ankles letting his erection curve upward between us. He took my hand and led us to the back of the space to one of the tables. He backed up to it and laid back.  “Come on Ryan, fuck me.”

I moved up him stepping on the jeans around his ankles. He lifted his feet clean of them and let them rest on my shoulders as I moved up closer. I ran my hands over his prone body feeling the smooth firm skin, the lean muscle beneath and then down to his hard cock, my fingers wrapping around the thick shaft. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his body, his long, lean torso and legs and arms to match. He stared at me with his blue eyes, an icy blue color that seemed to glow in the dim light of the room. When I stroked his cock I felt the thickness of it sliding through my fingers. I used my other hand to rub his stomach as I stroked him to full hardness. He squirmed with my manipulations and began to push upward with his hips and I knew he was close. I released his cock and took my own, pushing it down and nudging it against his hole. I felt the tightness as I pressed against it and wondered if I should loosen him up first.

“Come on Ryan, stick me” Grady begged, his hands on my thighs encouraging me forward. I drove with my hips and felt my cock breach his opening. Grady threw his head back and cried out as I sank into his hole. The tightness gripped my cock milking it as I pushed inward and pulled back, over and over and over. Slowly at first, I piston my cock in his hole.

“Fuck me…fuck me harder…” Grady uttered as he worked his ass with my fuck.

I hugged his legs to my chest and began to fuck harder, faster, driving my cock deeply into his hole. The table squeaked as we rocked it back and forth and Grady’s moans and cries filled the barn. The sensation of my cock pumping in Grady’s hole drove me to fuck harder, my abdomen slapping against his ass. I slipped my hands to the back of Grady’s calves and pushed them down folding him in half as I leaned over him driving my hips furiously back and forth, my cock so aroused it was rock hard. I wanted to cum, needed to cum and I fucked as hard as I could unable to hold back any longer.

“Fuck…I’m cumming” as I shoved all the way into Grady’s hole and ejaculated, wad after wad, till I was spent. And I kept pumping my cock in him, cooled by my load, slickly pumping through it. My cock stayed hard as I drove inward over and over till I was too sensitive to continue. I pulled my cock from his hole and watched the wet opening slowly close.

Grady stood up, his cock dripping, and I went to my knees capturing his cock drool on my tongue and slipping his cock between my lips and into my mouth. I slobbered on it, sucked it, got it so hard it flexed in my mouth, then I stood up and leaned over the table, legs spread, open, ready, for Grady to fuck me.

He moved to me quickly, roughly, kicking my legs apart further and put his cock to my opening and shoved forward. I cried out as he breached my opening and sank into my hole. And I pushed back to take all of him.

He held my waist firmly as he drove into my hole, fucked so roughly he rocked me with every thrust, his abdomen slapping against my ass. Every smack of his body against my ass aroused me more. I looked down and saw my hard cock flopping between my legs with our fuck, often smacking my stomach wetly.

I felt Grady lay over my back, his hot breath on my neck, as he thrust into my hole over and over and over.

“Take me…take it” he uttered in my ear as he fucked my ass. He slipped one hand around my waist and took my cock, stroking it roughly with the rhythm of his fuck. “Cum for me again, come on…cum…cum for me” he uttered in a low voice as he kept his hips pumping cock in my hole.

Grady’s hand stroked my wet cock till I felt my body grow more sensitive to every touch, every muscle tensed up tight and my cock achingly hard then I felt it, cum surging through my cock and ejaculating onto the table beneath me. My hole spasm with each ejaculation as Grady piston his cock through it.

“Fuck…I feel you coming” Grady cried out as he shoved into my hole hard and began to jab his cock into me in short hard thrusts, over and over till I knew he too was spent.

When he stood up he pulled me up with him hugging our bodies together. I felt his right hand milk my cock squeezing out the last of my load. His wet slimy fingers came to my mouth and I took them cleaning my cum off of them.

“Fuck that was nice” he whispered in my ear as he held me in his arms.

Three months later.

The day was beautiful, the sky cloudless, and I found myself heading home from a meeting that was in a small town in the edge of the mountains, two hours away. I took the Rover out for the trip, enjoying the passing miles as I took secondary roads going up and coming back.  I was just outside Charlotte coming back into town when the Rover sputtered and almost cut off.  I pumped the gas pedal and eventually the car settled back to running smoothly. As I drove across town I wondered what might have caused the problem and knew it was time to make a visit to my mechanic. I turned on North Tryon instead of going straight.

The shop was busy, old foreign cars parked all around the building. I pulled up to the first bay and shut off the engine. As I was getting out Grady came out wiping his hands on a blue rag. The coveralls he wore were unzipped down to his waist and the bulge at the crotch revealed the lack of underwear.

“What’s wrong?” Grady asked as he came up to me.

“I don’t know. It sputtered as I came back into town and almost cut off” I replied.

“Well I should look at it” he said as he came up to me and I fought the urge to slip my hand down into the coveralls knowing his bare cock was just below the zipper. “I can’t get to it now but I can look at it tomorrow.”

“I don’t have to be back at work this afternoon so I can leave it and ride home with you” I replied as I couldn’t resist any longer and let my hand slip down into the coveralls feeling the warmth of his skin on the back of my hand as I let it drop down to his cock manipulating it with my fingers.

“Easy…easy…” Grady said laughing, “you have to wait till we get home.”



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