Now I was raised on a ranch in southwest Texas, I have always loved the rodeo, I am a twenty three year old, strapping cowboy of the highest caliber, and have this fetish for riding Bulls, the bigger and rougher, the more challanging.

My Father, Matt Livingston, Owned this very large ranch, and we had a lot of cattle, Horses, and yes rattlesnakes, you know, the whole enchalada for a Texas Ranch. Me, I stand six foot tall, I have been helping brand steers, and handling livestock since I was ten, and I am very well built, I'm really muscular, and strong as hell, at least my dad says so. And I have worked my ass off on this ranch. Oh yea my name is Clayton.

I have one little problem, I have always had this thing for dudes, but being a Texas Cowboy I have had to sorta keep it under my stetson hat, if you know what I mean. Hell I remember back when I was in High School, there was this young dude, that moved here from Kansas City, Kansas, and every body here, (the boys at High School) Called him a faggot, and dick smoker, he was a little different,I will say that, and sorta withdrawn. I had made friends with him and we hit it off really well, but I tried to stay aloof from him when around the other guys, for my own appearence, I guess that was really to my shame.

Well I remember his name was Danny, I met him at school. I invited him home with me, I guess we were about seventeen maybe eighteen, He and I got along really well away from the other guys and I ask him to spend the night one night, He did, and that night in bed, Danny gave me my first blowjob, God Damn, was it fantastic, this kid knew what he was doing, I had never felt anyone elses touch on my cock since my mom use to wash it when I was getting a bath, back when I was a kid. But I realized that getting your dick 'smoked' wasn't a bad thing at all, I really friggen loved the feeling of it.

That night I returned the favor to Danny, and what I remember the most was the feeling I got when he was getting ready to unload a load of cum, hearing him breath really heavy, feeling his body tighten up, feeling his nuts tighten up and feeling that jerking motion in his cock as it pumped each shot of cum in my mouth, fuck it was an awesome senstation, and hearing his voice, almost a laboured whisper as he unloaded and said, OOOOOOHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, FUCKKKKKKK and he blessed me with his load, Man that feeling is just fenominal.

Well that was a few years ago, and Now I have the job of getting on with my Rodeo workouts. practicing with broncos, riding Bulls and roping calves.

Sometimes I am so fucking tired when the day is over and I have been practicing, I don't even feel like taking a shower, but I do, and going to my room, laying back in my briefs and just reaching into my briefs and pulling on my nice, thick, cock, and rubbing my nuts, this always helped me sleep better. I am really proud of my cock, its eight and a half inches of solid American, grade A Prime Texas, Meat, and its thick too. Nothing feels better to me, except getting it sucked off than laying there under my window in the dark and sometimes moonlight, and stroking it slowly while twisting my nipples and feeling the sensation as it builds up, I fantasize about Danny sucking and rubbing my nuts, and taking my load into his throat. Damn, and it don't take me long to unload a nice, thick, milky white load of cum into my hand, and then just to keep in practice, I lick it off my hand and fingers, god it tastes awesome, I just wish it was someone elses for a change, That was about to happen.

About six weeks ago My Dad Hired this new guy, a Rodeo riding expert to help me out with my riding and show me new tricks to help me be a champion rider. His name was Howard, now Howard was built like a Sherman Tank, big Burly, Muscular and about 35 years old. He had rusty colored hair and wore tight fitting Levi's and a big shiney oval Belt Buckle, The first time I saw Howard, He was standing next to the Horse corral fence with his right leg propped up on a fence board, He was awesome looking from the back, He had an ass to die for, and when I walked up to him to introduce myself, he turned around and said Hi, you must by Clayton, I said yes sir, but everyone just calls me Clay, he said sounds good to me, I looked down and saw a log laying inside his trousers down his leg, Holy fuck was it huge looking, I just stared at it a few seconds and looked up and saw Howard smiling and staring at me as I stared at his crotch.

Well Howard and I really hit it off, he was quickly becoming my hero, mentor and friend. Every time we were together he would do little things to bring attention to his huge bulge, like squeeze it in front of me to get me staring again, or reach down and rub it up and down, acting as if I hadn't noticed what he was doing.

We had been practicing together for days and days, getting the procedure just right, and then on day we were in the barn, having just put up the horses, I turned and Howard was staring at me and just said Clay, I noticed you don't ever date girls, I said no sir, just don't have the time, getting ready for the rodeo and all. He said well there is this little thing called sex, that most young men your age need, to keep them healthy and totally rounded out, what do you do for that? I was a little embarrassed, and I said Oh, I guess the usual, the right hand, He said yea, I have been there most of my life, I said and what about you, he said I have my outlets, I said I haven't seen any women beating down your trailer door, He said here man come with me.

We walked over to his small trailer, Dad had had a trailer put up for him to stay in. We walked into the trailor door, and he said excuse me, I have to piss, and he walked back to the bathroom in the trailer and I heard his piss hitting the water in the commode.

I looked around in the trailor and I noticed a couple of magazines under his end tables besides his small couch, I took one and opened it, and almost swallowed my tongue, It was a gay magazine, and it had these naked men doing the blowjob thing, and fucking in the ass. My cock jumped up and almost shot a load from looking at the magazine, I had a very large lump in my levi's and Howard just walked in and stopped dead in his tracks, and he looked a little red in the face and said sorry, I didn't mean for you to find that, I said hey man it's o.k., I have had sex with dudes before, He said no shit man, I said yea, He said you must of liked it, your sporting one large boner in those trousers. I said yea, it gets that way sometimes, especially when I get turned on, He said, would you like to do something about that, I looked into his handsome eyes and sorta whispered yea, he reached out, took the magazine from my hands and led me to his bedroom, and reached down and rubbed my very hard cock thru my Levi's, then he just looked up at me, I was standing next to him as he set on the edge of his bed. I was breathing that hard laboured breathing again, excited as hell, here was Howard my mentor undoing my pants and I'm about to shoot a load of cum all over him I'm so friggen excited.

Howard took my cock out of my pants and gently lifted my nutsack with my swollen gonads into his hands and moaned his approval, he said man Clay, your really hung pretty damn good, I said that is what I have been told, I said but, I want to see yours, He stood up unbuttoned his shirt, and fuck he was gorgeously built, like a tank, heavy chest muscles, hairy, and washboard abs under a hairy stomach, I reached down and undid his Levi's as he smiled at me and gently stroked my cock, I was getting so fucking excited that I was having trouble breathing, I undid the buttons on his fly, and I opened his Levi's, pulling them to each side and slipping them down just a bit, and Jesus, Holy mother of God, out flopped this montster cock, I had never seen one this sized before, except on one of our stallions, It was huge, He smiled and said do you approve? I said, Oh yea, he just smiled and said well enjoy yourself, I knelt down and I smelled his body aroma, god it was awesome, I slid his thick foreskin back and took Howard manhood into my mouth, ever thing was simply enhanced, its flavor, its size, the awesome aroma, the veins, I could feel its beating as each beat of his pulse came thundering thru the girth of his cock, hard as a peice of granite, God His cock was totally out of site.

I took as much as I could and strained to get more in my mouth and I felt his build up comming on, It felt like it was thickening up in my mouth, I was feeling awesome, the nerves in my mouth were so alive, so enthrawled with life, and so full of his cock, and he sorta leaned over against my face and grunted, pulled on the back of my head against his body, and said awe Fuck, g daummmmmmmmn, and I felt his cock fire off a round of cum into my mouth, I swallowed as I tasted the acrid, almost bleachy, sweet and salty at the same time flavor, it was fantastic. he just straightened up and flopped back on the bed, his deflated still twitching cock laying back across his upper thigh, and layed there catching his breath, he said Clayton, mother fuck that was awesome, I had no idea, He said ughm, your cock is hard as nails, I just smiled and he opened up the night stand besides his bed and said now for some real Bull riding, I said What? He said, My intimate friends Call me Bull, and he shoved some lubrication up his ass and slathered some on my very hot cock, he crawled back up on the bed and said, fuck me, man, ride me like a rodeo star, fuck my ass, I said your wish is my commmand, and I climbed aboard and got up behind his ass and put the head of my cock into his opening and shoved, It was really tight, but I punched thru, Howard jumped and said awe fuck man, and I slid my eight and a half inch love muscle into his tunnel of love, He grunted and reached down under his butt, and started rubbing my nutsack, and said now, Cowboy fuck The Bulls ass, yea thats it, and as I fucked the hell out of him, pounding and slamming my cock to the hilt into his asshole, he got very vocal, Ya--hoo, Ridem Cowboy, fuck man I thought he got so fucking loud they probably heard him in the bunkhouse, and main House.

I fucked and hammered that ass like a professional breeding horse for about a half hour and finally Howard shot another load, and I unloaded a load of man juice into his intestines like a horse, I was totally spent and exhausted, but I loved it, my first and totally exciting Bull ride.

Well Bull and I did many rides after that one, every time I got the chance, He would smile at me and just ask, are you up for some Bull riden, I would just smile back and say, you bet.

Hell men we stayed together as a Rodeo pair for a number of years and liked to suck and fucked each other silly. And when anyone askes my what my favorite Rodeo event is I say wow, that's an easy one, Bull Riding.



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