I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and no one was there. So I went and watched tv for a couple of hours and then decided to go take a shower. I gathered up my towel, soap, and shampoo and headed down the hall. It was about 2:30 in the morning so I was the only one in the hall but I had this feeling of being watched. I ignored the feeling and continued down the hall. I got into the shower room and started taking my clothes off. I swore that I heard 2 voices outside in the hall but I paid no attention. God I wish I had gotten an apartment with its own shower but it didnt really matter to me.

I undressed and got into the shower. The warm water felt amazing running down my skin. I heard the door open and then a click whitch meant the door was locked. I couldnt see who it was because the way the shower room was setup is that there was a big dividing room between the toilets, the door, and the showers. In fear I quickly turned off the lights in the showers and ran and crouched in the corner. I heard 2 people laugh. The first voice said 'wheres this little bitch you told me about.' 'Must be in the showers already.' I heard in a familiar voice. My suspicions where comfirmed when the lights flipped on and I saw him standing there. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I thought to myself what wil Ricky do to me this time. I dont think he knew it but I loved the abuse. I a tall dark figure beside him.

I later found out his name was Dequante. He looked about 6'3' and about 250 pounds of pure muscle. They were wearing nothing but a thong. Rickys was in a pink thong with a seperate pocket for his dick and I could tell the material was streched to the limit. Dequante had a cheetah print thong that he was about to burst out of. They came and picked me up. I struggled and in return got a punch to the gut. They dropped me on the floor in front of one of the benches and threw something at me. It was a pair of frilly pink pantys with a hole torn in the back and they told me to put it. They said theyed be waiting in the showers. I put them on and walked into the shower area. They were standing there with their dicks at full attention. Rickys gave me no surprise but Dequantes did. It was black as night and at least 11 inches long. It was cut with a big mushroom head, it wasnt as thick as Rickys but it wasnt thin either. Dequante called me over and told me to get on my knees. Surprisingly he was gentle. He put his dick in my mouth and told me to take it slow. I could taste the sweet and salty flavor of his precum. I could only take about 7 of his 11 inches. Before I could take the rest he picked me up and held me like a baby. He stuck his tounge down my throat with the illusion of a passionate kiss but was really a distraction. I felt this searing pain in my ass and realized that he had started to fuck me with no condom or no lubrication whatsoever.

Before i could yell out a scream of pain my mouth was met by Rickys lips. The feeling of my dick rubbing against Dequantes abbs, the pain and pleasure emenating from my ass and Rickys tounge assaulting my mouth was pure orgasmic. This went on for 2 to 3 minutes and then Dequante stopped, layed on his back with me still on him, and held me tight as if to stop me from moving or getting up. I felt something wet and warm hit my asshole. I turned my head and saw Ricky rimming my ass and at the same time licking Dequantes dick. Dequante started to pump in and out of my ass again while Ricky continued to explore with his tounge. Ricky started to finger my ass in rythm with Dequantes dick. My ass finally started to relax when a jolt of pain shot from my ass.

Ricky had shoved his dick into my ass. I was now being penetrated by 2 huge dicks and the feeling was amazing. They fucked me in 2 different rhythms. I could barely breathe due to the pain, the pleasure, and the weight of Ricky all at the same time. The pantys were amost ripped comletely in half along with my asshole. Ricky started to jerk. He plunged his dick all the way in and let the floodgates open. My ass filled with cum. His orgasm set of a chain reaction because I came and I could feel Dequante getting there. Ricky got off of me and went and sat in the corner panting in exaustion slowlyjacking off. Dequante turned me over on my stomach and beared his whole weight on me and started to fuck faster and faster. He started to grunt. He stopped and started to cum. He came for 2 minutes straight. He got up. Ricky came and picked me up and carried me over to the bench. He layed me down on the bench with my ass hanging over the end. He started to fuck me like a stallion. He fucked me so hard I thought he was gonna break my hip. Then he gasped and I felt this huge weight on top of me. Dequante started to fuck Ricky.

I think we were both surprised.the fucking went to a whole new level. It was like I was being topped by 2 men at once. Without warning Ricky came like a horse. I was surprised my ass could hold it all. Dequante soon came in Rickys ass. Ricky pulled out and latched his lips around my sore asshole. He started to suck and the cum drained right out of my ass into his mouth. I had never experienced that feeling and it felt good. He came to my mouth and kissed me. The cum flooded my mouth and I swallowed 3 or 4 times before it was all down. I layed there in exaustion . Ricky whispered in my ear ' do you wanna be my boyfriend? If so leave a note under my door' Him and Dequante got dressed and left.I took my shower and went to bed...



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