I had just moved to the city to start college. I had a cramped little loft apartment that didnt even have its own bathroom. So one morning when I went down to the bathroom to shower is when I first saw him. He was a light shade of caramel with a shaved head and a neatly groomed goatee. He was about 5'11' and probably 200 to 210 pounds with a muscular build. He had a noticable beer belly whitch I found very attractive (I liked that average joe look) and was standing in his towel about to dry off. When he dropped his towel so did my jaw. I had heard that Latinos had a very active libido and im sure he did too. He was uncut and was about 6 inches soft and had a huge set of balls hanging below his dick and above was a big bushel of black pubes. I couldnt help but stare.

When I looked up he was looking right at me. I was so embarassed. I had known I was gay for a while now but never had done anything with a guy. I turned around and walked quickly back to my room, forgetting his room was right beside mine and hoping he didnt come back for a while. I didnt see him for a few days. I was so embarassed by what had happened that I only went to the showers in the dead of night. One night around 3 I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and the he stood. He barged in and sat down on my couch and turned on the tv. I said 'hey what do you think your doing?' he said 'what the hell does it look like im doing?' before I could answer he asked if I had any porn. I said 'I dont think youll like the porn I have' he said 'ill get off to anything getting fucked.'

When I came back he had his shirt off and his hand around his dick. He had a light coat of curly black hair and a thick trail of hair going to his crotch. I put in the porn. It was a big black guy fucking this little white boy. He started to rhythmicaly jack off. About half way through the video he told me to come over. When I got ther he grabbed me by my hair and forced me to his crotch. He said 'suck my dick like the little fagot you are.' I told him no and before I could pull away he hit me in the jaw. He yelled it a second time'SUCK MY DICK LIKE THE FAGOT YOU ARE!' I was cautious at first because he was about 9 inches and he could barely fit his hand around it. As soon as I opened my mouth he shoved it in all the way untill my nose hit his pubes. I started to choke and he just laughed. He said 'if you wanna breath you better relax' A few seconds later I could breath. He stared to pump my head up and down. After a few minutes of face fucking me he started to shake. A few seconds later my mouth was flooded with a warm, salty, creamy liquid and he told me to swallow. I could barely keep up with his rate of cumming. He came atleast 10 times. He stood up and said 'damn ive never had a blowjob that good from any woman.'

I sat there speechless and he said 'ill be back some other time for more.' We did this a few more times and then one day he came over and asked me if I had any condoms. I said no and he said 'great I dont like them anyway.' he then came over to me and started to kiss me. I could taste the beer in his mouth. I was in heaven. A few minutes later he told me to get naked and go lay on my stomach on my bed. He said to wait for him that he had to warm up. I waited there in anticipation. When he walked in he was in a silver banana hammock. He came over to the ben and kneeled down behind me.

He opend my ass cheeks and started to lick my virgin hole. The feeling was euphoric. He continued for a few minutes and then without warning he plunged is 9 inch monster into my ass. Before I could scream in pain he had his hand over my mouth. He beared his full 200 pounds onto my body. He wispered as I squirmed in pain' the pain will change soon just take it for now.' as he started to slowly fuck my streched virgin ass the pain soon turned to pleasure. He started to fuck me faster and I thought I could take anything he threw at me. Until he grabbed me and turned me on my back and held my legs up and sandwitched me. It felt like he was crushing me. Every time he would fuck me deeper and deeper. It felt like I was being punched in the gut. The pain was unbearable but I found so much pleasure in it.

His fucking was getting mor aggressive by the minute. I came all over my bed. It was the best orgasm I had ever had. He finally plunged all the way into my ass and his body started to jerk. He came for almost 2 minutes. I felt like my ass was about to overflow. He pulled out and started to jack off. I was surprised he could even cum a second tim but he did. It flew up and landed on my chest. He got up and got dressed without saying a word. He threw me his banana hammock and told me to keep it to remember him. He walked out of the door and I put it up to my nose and inhaled deep. A smell of pubic hair, sweat and musk overwhelmed me. I didnt need that to remember him by im sure the pain of walking will. A Few weeks went by and I didnt see him. Until one day when I heard a knock at the door...



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