Rick loved his morning run. He loved the feel of the wind on his lithe, teenage body. He loved the sweat beading up on his chest and running down over his tight abs. He loved the feel of his nylon running shorts caressing his cock. If he allowed himself to enjoy it too much, he always started to stiffen up, increasing the sensation on his dick even further. This morning, sunny, just warming up, cloudless, he allowed himself to grow to half-hardness and let the sensations wash over him.

Normally, running with a woody wouldn't be too much of a problem - the neighbours in his suburban California neighbourhood weren't out much at this time of the morning. Today, though, he heard a familiar voice.

'Run Forrest, run!'

Rick stopped and turned toward a long, low house with an enormous front yard. Dan Sampson, school athlete extraordinaire, had stopped in the middle of mowing. He, too, was shirtless, and his body showed the amazing affects of his swimming prowess. Broad shoulders tapered down over defined pecs, then across a six-pack mid-section, narrow waist, and powerful legs. Dan had shaved all the hair on his body for meets back in the spring, and now the dark fuzz was just starting to show on his legs and chest. He wore only sneakers and a pair of cotton shorts, and the exertion of mowing had left him thoroughly soaked with sweat.

As Rick walked over to greet him, Dan's eyes brushed over the bulge in those skimpy shorts, but only for a second.

'You always pop wood when you're running?'

'Only when I'm thinking about you,' Rick joked back. Now that Dan was standing in front of him, and Rick could see the outline of his cock through the soaked shorts, he found he really WAS thinking about Dan. But as far as he knew Dan was as straight as an arrow. Girls crawled all over him at school, and the jock did nothing to dissuade them. And Rick spent a lot of time making sure that his attraction to a few of his more well-developed classmates was never known outside his own bedroom.

'You really have to convince your dad to buy a ride-on mower. This lawn is huge.'

'Why would he when he's got me to push this thing? I bet the day I leave for college he heads to the John Deere store. Hey, why don't we both jump in the pool for a minute? I could use the break, and the road will still be there when you come back.'

'That's a great idea. I started early but that sun is starting to get hot.'

As the two boys headed into the house, Rick asked where Dan's parents were.

'They headed off to San Fran for the weekend - going to check in on my older brother. He's at SFU, lucky jerk. Bet he's cleaning like crazy before my mom gets there!'

The back yard of Dan's house was bigger than most people's entire lot. One reason he had excelled on the swim team was that he grew up with one of the biggest pools in the county. You could easily do laps in it and get a serious workout before hitting the wall. Dan walked straight to it and dove straight in - with his shorts on. When he came up, Rick was still standing on the side.

'Just wear your running shorts, Ricky. They'll dry in no time. Unless you want to go starkers.'

Rick didn't want to shuck his last piece of clothing in front of Dan, so he walked down the stairs and into the pool. He knew that if he dove in the shorts would come right off.

The water in the pool felt amazing. It's cool wetness wrapped around Rick's body and through his shorts. His cock quickly rose to full staff at the feeling of the wet nylon caressing his shaft. He knew he'd have to keep turned away from Dan or it would be plain to see just how horned up he felt at that moment.

'Now that I've rinsed out these shorts I'm going to let them dry,' Dan said, climbing back out. With no hesitation he slid the shorts off, and Rick drank in the sight of his jock friend's tight butt and muscular legs. His cock grew even harder as Dan turned around, and Rick got a full view of his awesome uncut cock - at least 5' hanging down over big shaved balls. Was Dan getting a little aroused, Rick wondered? Or was his cock always that thick?

Dan hung his shorts over a chair, and jumped back in. He swam the length of the pool, allowing Rick to enjoy his friend's beautiful ass as it glided through the blue water. Finally Dan came back over to where Rick was sitting on the steps, trying to keep his hard cock from view.

'Man, I haven't been in here naked for a long time. I used to swim nude every day,' Dan said. 'Whacked off in this pool many times.'

'Gross!' said Rick. 'What the hell did you do with the spunk?'

'Usually I'd just catch it and send it into the filter. I figured if it could clean out everything else it could take care of a little jiz.'

Rick glanced to Dan's crotch, and clearly the memory was getting his friend a little worked up. The cock he saw earlier was now much bigger, and waving back and forth under the water. Dan noticed his look.

'Thinking about it is getting me horned up again. Man, I'm fucking horny all the time these days. Can't keep the big guy down for very long.'

At that, Dan gave his cock a little tug, as if patting a beloved pet. Rick couldn't believe how open Dan was; or how worked up it was making him.

There was an awkward silence, and Rick looked away to the far side of the yard. But Dan stared at the other boy's upper body, enjoying a leisurely view of Rick's broad shoulders, long blond hair still untouched by the water, and the defined pectorals half-submerged. Rick had a great tan that brought out all his muscle definition, and Dan had always admired his traps - those muscles that formed a triangle from Rick's neck to his shoulders.

As if coming to a decision Dan stood up, allowing Rick to see that he was now fully hard.

'During last semester there was a rumour going around that you might be interested in boys, Ricky', said Dan, 'and I went along with the jokes. But I always hoped it might be true.'

Rick couldn't stop staring at the hard cock in front of his face. He knew that he should get up, run away, call some guys and tell them what Dan had done, preserve his reputation. He knew that if he didn't, his life was going to change. But that cock; the long, smooth shaft, the velvet uncircumcised head, the huge balls hanging below, covered with a dusting of dark hair, filled with Dan's jiz.

Seeing the hesitation Dan took the base of his enormous cock in one hand, and placed his other hand on the back of Rick's head. Slowly, gently, he pulled Rick toward him. Without thinking Rick opened his mouth and allowed the cock to slide past his lips, to slide slowly into his hungry mouth. Dan pushed his cock until it reached his friend's throat, and then held it there while Rick learned what being a cock sucker felt like. He started a slow fucking motion, sliding his dick in and out of that hot, beautiful hole. After a minute or so Rick had created his own motion, and Dan held still to let his new buddy slurp on his rod.

'Fuck, you look beautiful sucking my cock,' he said, feeling Rick's long hair flowing around his thighs, seeing the cheeks vacuuming around his rod. He had never experienced this feeling of total lust before.

Rick couldn't believe what he was feeling either. He loved sucking cock; if he could suck Dan's prick for the rest of his life he'd be happy. He loved the feeling of the hard meat sliding in and out of his mouth, the way he could wrap his tongue around the shaft and over the meaty head. Dan began to spew pre-cum in an almost constant stream, and Rick could taste the salty goodness and knew he wanted more.

'I'm going to feed you your first load now, Ricky,' hissed Dan, 'so just keep doing what you're doing.'

Dan's hands went back onto Rick's head to make sure he didn't have second thoughts, but there was no need - Rick was nervous but there was no way he was going to miss this new experience. He pumped his mouth as far as he could over the 7' shaft even faster.

'Slowly now, Ricky, slowly,' breathed Dan as his cum boiled up out of his balls. Rick did as he was told, and suddenly felt Dan's hot cum hit the back of his throat. He barely had time to taste it as Dan shot again and again, filling the blond's mouth with his teen cum. Rick swallowed like a pro, loving the sensation of the thick jiz sliding down his throat. Another huge spurt, then another. Finally Dan's cum slowed, and his hand's relaxed on Rick's head. He nearly fell over from the pleasure washing over his body. Rick took his time sucking the last drops out of Dan's cock, enjoying the taste now of his buddy's cum.

After his cock had deflated in Rick's mouth, Dan stepped back.

'Shit, that was awesome. I'm going to go grab us a couple of beers, and then I'm going to take care of your cock.'

As he headed for the house, Rick stepped out of the pool and pulled his running shorts over his rock-hard dick. He had never felt so hard in his life, and pre-cum was streaming down over his cock and balls. He sat down on one of the pool chairs and started spreading his juice over the entire shaft. Never had he felt so relaxed - here he was, in a strange backyard, pumping his cock. He smoothed the cream across his heavy balls, and used both hands to slide back up the rod and over his purple head. He could still taste the bitter-sweetness of Dan's cum, and feel the cock sliding down his throat. The memory brought him to the edge, and he nearly shot his load when Dan reappeared.

'Whoa there stud! I'd be pissed if you didn't share that with me.'

Dan handed him a cold beer, and then took a big swallow of his own. Rick stared admiringly at Dan's awesome body, the cock still swollen with a drop of cum hanging in the piss-slit. Dan wasted no time getting on his knees in front of Rick.

'Put your legs up over the chair arms,' he instructed.

Rick lifted his muscular legs, giving Dan total access to his crotch. Dan took a long slurp with his tongue up Rick's balls, tasting the pre-cum running down in a stream. Rick gasped at the feeling he'd never experienced before.

'Fuck you taste good, Ricky,' said Dan.

'I can't believe the captain of the swim team is licking my balls,' Rick replied.

'That's just the start, stud. I think you and I have a lot of fun coming up this summer.'

At that, Dan slid his tongue up Rick's shaft, licking off the pre-cum but avoiding the cock-head. He spent several minutes licking and sucking on the teenager's balls and shaft, then flicked his tongue over the engorged head. Rick sucked in his breath, unable to believe what he was feeling. Suddenly he felt something cool run over his balls, then Dan's tongue lapping it up. He looked down to see Dan pouring beer over his nuts before slurping it back off.

'Mountain spring water might be great, but I'll take my brew with pre-cum anytime,' laughed Dan.

Rick couldn't talk; he could barely breath. Dan finally put his mouth over the end of Rick's pulsating dick and slid the entire shaft in. When it reached his throat, Dan did something with his mouth and suddenly all seven and a half inches were gone, and Dan's nose was buried in Rick's blond pubes.

A gurgle emerged from Rick's throat, and his entire body went rigid. He felt as though his entire being was about to explode through his cock into Dan. His balls contracted, but suddenly Dan stopped and pulled off the huge cock, leaving a sopping wet shaft of spit and pre-cum. Rick was left hanging, his ass right off the pool chair, his leg muscles flexed and rigid. Before he even had time to complain, Dan stepped over top of him, lowered his ass, and Rick's cock popped into his ass.

'Holy fuck!', screamed Rick, unable to believe the sensations washing over his hard, writhing body.

When Dan went into the house for the beers he had grabbed a bottle of lube from his bedroom, and while sucking Rick's cock he'd been soaking his own hole and getting it ready. When he sat down, his buddy's tool just slid right in, and Dan didn't stop until he felt its entire length burning in his ass. He started riding Rick's cock, one hand on the chair and the other on the hard abs below him, staring into his friend's eyes wild with lust. Rick started thrusting up into Dan's ass, his instinct totally in control, his cock on fire with the heat of the other teen's body. Both boys slammed into one another over and over, grunting in pleasure, feeling their bodies alive with animal lust. Finally Rick screamed out, and his cock exploded his pent-up load. He could feel the cum blowing into Dan's ass over and over, and knew that he had never shot so much in his life. With each inward thrust cum leaked out of Dan's ass in a river and ran down Rick's balls. Dan's cock had become fully hard again, and Rick aimed it at his face and gave two quick strokes. Dan shot off again, blowing cum into Rick's open mouth, down over his chin, and leaving a stream down Rick's tight chest.

Dan collapsed on his friend, feeling the cum slide between their two hot bodies, feeling Rick's cock slowly, slowly start to lose its incredible thickness. Both boys knew that their world had just changed, and both boys smiled as they wrapped powerful arms around the other.


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