Disclaimer: The following story contains graphic sexual language and actions between teenage males. If material of this nature offends you, or it is illegal in your jurisdiction for you to view it, DO NOT READ any further. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between real people or events is purely coincidental. As this is fiction, safe sex practices are not always followed by the characters, but should be by you.

Rick and Dan lay wrapped around each other, cum sliding between their sweaty, hard bodies. Rick's mind was reeling from the events of the last few minutes. From only dreaming of sex with one of his hot school buddies to fucking the captain of the swim team, it had been an unbelievable morning. He knew his parents would be wondering why he hadn't finished his run yet, but he also knew they would be heading off to their jobs assuming he'd hooked up with a friend. He was really glad they didn't know just how hooked he'd been. He loved the feel of Dan's muscular body, and he ran his hands lazily over the tight ass and down the slick legs.

Finally Dan climbed off, and the sticky mess between them covered both their torsos.

'Fuck, Rick, one of us blows a hell of a load,' said Dan.

'And this is number 2 for you, stud,' added Rick. 'Number 1 is still warming my insides.'

'Let's hit the shower and get cleaned up.'

Dan's backyard had almost every toy imaginable, including an outdoor shower next to the pool. Both boys stood under the warm water, letting the cum and sweat slide off their bodies. Standing behind Dan, Rick soaped up the broad shoulders, tight, defined lats, and amazing butt. Pretty soon his cock was rising again, poking into Dan's ass, and sliding up along the crack. The big teen moaned softly, and Rick reached around to find Dan's awesome cock fully hard. He stroked it slowly, soaping up the long shaft and running his hand over the flared head. Rick couldn't believe that he was hard again, and ready to learn more from this stud.

They were interrupted by the doorbell, loud and insistent. Dan jumped, not expecting anyone at the house while his parents were away. The yard was very private, but one of his mother's irritating friends might walk back to see if she was in the garden. He quickly threw his wet shorts back on, and tossed Rick his running shorts. The two boys had just covered up when there was a knock at the gate.

'Hey Dan, you in there?' came a voice.

'Yeah, come on back,' replied Dan, crashing in one of the pool chairs. The gate creaked open.

'Hey man, I was hoping you were home, I really hoped we could finish...'

The visitor suddenly noticed Rick, and stopped, trying unsuccessfully to hide the look of disappointment on his face. Rick recognized him as another member of the school swim team, but couldn't remember his name. The boy was wearing a loose white cotton shirt, unbuttoned so his hard abdomen was clear. He wore the school's blue Speedo racing suit, which hugged the bulge of his cock. The suit had white racing stripes running down each side, and the stripes flared out over muscular legs. Like Dan, he was almost completely shaven. He was shorter than Rick, but packed on more muscle. His brown, curly hair was highlighted with blond, and he wore expensive sunglasses. Rick guessed that he drove over here in his father's car, wearing nothing but the Speedo.

'Hey Brock, how's it going?' asked Dan, mischievously. 'What was it you wanted to finish?'

Brock looked uncomfortably at Dan, then at Rick, then back to Dan. 'Oh, ah, I was just hot and hoped I could have a jump in your pool.'

Dan knew exactly why Brock had come over, and wasn't going to miss the chance to embarrass his buddy.

'Really? How come you didn't just swim in your pool, Brock, it's almost as big as this one, as I recall.'

Brock looked really uncomfortable now. 'Ours is being cleaned,' he lied.

Dan finally let him off the hook. 'Hey, you remember Rick?'

Brock visibly relaxed. 'Oh yeah, hey Rick,' he said. He took the opportunity to glance over Rick's body, less muscular than his but perfectly toned. He stopped momentarily on the damp nylon running shorts, stealing a look at the other boy's cock, still not quite back to normal from its earlier workout.

'Are you going swimming?' asked Dan, bringing Brock's mind back to the present.

'Oh, yeah,' stammered Brock. He tossed his shirt onto a chair and walked to the end of the diving board. Though disappointed that their fun had been interrupted, Rick enjoyed the chance to stare at the amazing bod on this new stud, broad shoulders tapering down over curved back muscles to a slim waste, perfectly shaped ass covered with the thin blue spandex, huge glutes tapering again down to muscular calves. He thought of introductory art class, how they were taught to start with two triangles when drawing a human body. This guy had damn fine looking triangles.

Brock rose up on his toes, tightening all the muscles in his legs, then executed a perfect dive into the pool. He swam the full length, flipped, and started back.

'I got something to tell you, Ricky,' said Dan. 'After our last swim meet a couple of months ago, Brock and I were last in the showers because we'd stayed late to talk to coach about next year. I noticed him staring a little too long, one thing led to another, and pretty soon Brock was slurping my dick. It only lasted for a couple of minutes - we heard the cleaning guy coming in to lock up, so we bolted. But I think Brock probably got over his nerves and came here today to see if I was still interested.'

'Fucking-a, man,' replied Rick, 'I'm up for it if you are.' He gave a quick squeeze of his cock, which had indeed started to thicken up again.

Meanwhile, Brock had finished his lap. As he hoisted himself up and out, Rick admired the thick arms, and took the opportunity to stare as the suit emerged, vacuumed around the boy's cock and large balls. He couldn't believe how comfortable he had become about his new-found sexuality. Brock walked over, water running over his tight body, proud of how he looked. When he got close enough, Dan reached out and grabbed his ass.

'Shit, Dan,' he cried out, pulling away and glancing at Rick, 'don't be such a fag.'

'Hey Brock,' said Dan, 'what if I were to tell you that you can get fucked by Ricky here, and suck on my cock at the same time. Would that be something you were interested in?'

Rick laughed, recognizing the quote from one of his favourite TV shows. Brock looked mortified. His mouth hung open as he stared at Dan, then at Rick. Before he could talk, though, his cock was growing inside the tight suit, lengthening out toward his right leg.

'I think we have our answer Dan,' murmured Rick seductively.

'Come here, Brock,' said Dan. Still staring in disbelief, Brock did as he was told and stepped back over to his captain. Dan leaned over and licked the racing suit from under the balls to the tip of the captive cock. Brock moaned, and Dan started to suck the boys dick through the suit, causing it to swell enormously. Brock hooked his thumbs into the suit to pull it off, but Dan stopped him.

'Not yet, stud, you're gonna keep that on for now.'

Rick leapt out of his chair and moved over to the other two boys, his engorged cock jutting obscenely through his running shorts. He chucked them off, and Brock gasped at the sight of Rick's hard prick. The taller boy moved behind, and wrapped his arms around Brock's hard pecs. He humped his cock over the Speedo-covered ass, enjoying the feel of the material. Brock reached down and pulled Dan's head closer in, amazed at the sensation of these two studs teasing him front and back.

Finally Dan, while still sucking through the material, peeled the front of Brock's suit down over his cock. He sank his mouth onto the teen's prick, causing Brock to cry out from the intense sensation. From behind, Rick finished the job of removing the suit, crouching down to pull it over Brock's calves. He then found himself face to face with that beautiful ass, and temptation won out over any misgivings. He licked at the muscular crack, slowly sinking his tongue deeper in, tasting chlorine and sweat. Brock bent down over Dan's head, still slurping at his dick, allowing Rick to reach his hole. The blond lapped at the ass in front of him with delight, shoving his tongue up the other's ring and bringing the young swimmer to the brink of orgasm.

Dan pulled his head off, releasing six inches of spit-covered rod, hard as a steel ruler. He stood up, pulled off his wet shorts, and put both hands on Brock's shoulders. The boy hardly needed coaxing; he bent at the waist further, allowing Rick even greater access to his ass, and took Dan's massive cock in his mouth. Brock wasn't very experienced at cock sucking, and could only take about half in. Dan started couching him, using his hands to angle the other boys head back a bit so that his throat was straight, and then telling Brock to swallow. There was a gag, and then another, and then silence as Brock managed to deep-throat Dan's huge prick. Dan moaned in delight as his cock was serviced from one end to the other, and in no time Brock had mastered this new skill.

Rick stood up, and found his own rod throbbing and spewing out pre-cum. He rubbed it over Brock's crack, squeezing out the juice, and in no time had the other boy's ass covered with his own special lube. He placed the tip of his cock at the pulsing ring, and gave a push. Brock grunted over Dan's meat as the head of Rick's cock sank into his virgin ass. Rick spit down over his pole, allowing him to slide further and further into the smaller boy. Brock let out an almost constant groan, still deep-throating the huge cock, until Rick bottomed out.

'How do you like that, Brock? Two cocks rammed up both ends,' grunted Dan.

Brock couldn't make a sound - his mind was spinning with the feeling of these two studs sandwiching him, plowing his ass and mouth with hard, thick cock. In his wildest whack-off sessions he had never imagined something like this. His own cock slapped up into his abs over and over, and his balls were being assaulted by Rick's with each thrust. He grabbed Dan's hard butt and pulled him back in each time the magnificent cock was pulled from his mouth. He was a total cock-hound, and didn't ever want the feeling to end. Rick was plowing the hot ass in front of him hard and fast, letting the instinct to fuck overtake him.

'I'm gonna shoot,' cried Dan, pulling his cock out so that just the head was in Brock's hot mouth. 'Oh FUCK,' he cried, and started spewing his third load of the day inside his swimming buddy. Brock swallowed as fast as he could, but the angle made it difficult and cum started streaming over his chin and down his neck. Still Dan spewed cum, amazed at his own load, until he finally pulled out and shot a final blast into Brock's face. Rick watched his fuck buddy spewing, saw the huge cock covered with jiz, and couldn't hold back any longer. He exploded inside Brock's ass, coating the hot tunnel with spunk and feeling it lubricate his cock further. He cried out in animal lust, ramming his hard meat once more to the hilt in the other's butt.

Rick pulled his softening cock out, panting with exhaustion. Brock, who until then had let the other two boys lead, was overcome by massive sexual energy. He pushed Rick face-down over the diving board, kicked the boy's legs open, and knelt between his ass cheeks. Dan tossed him the bottle of lube he had brought out earlier, and Brock poured it down the boy's crack before sliding a finger up the impossibly tight hole.

'Shit, Brock, I'm not sure I'm up for this,' said Rick. There was concern in his voice, and he started to straighten up, but without a word Brock pushed him back down onto the board and tongued his asshole. Rick moaned in pleasure, momentarily forgetting where this was heading as he felt waves of pleasure spread from his butt up his back. Brock stood up, slathered his dick with lube, and in one motion pressed his spunk-covered cock at Rick's entrance and pushed the head in.

'Oh, SHIT,' cried Rick as his virgin ass was assaulted and a wave of pain shot down his legs.

Dan came around the diving board and said, 'Relax, stud, you're gonna fucking love this, just let the pain go.' Then he kissed the blonde passionately, shoving his tongue into Rick's mouth and completely distracting him. By the time Rick came back to earth he realized that Brock's thick cock was completely up his ass.

Brock pulled out slowly, pouring more lube on his thick tool, and slid it back in. Rick felt the pain disappear, and in it's place a feeling of total submission. He wanted to be fucked. He wanted to have a cock up his ass. He couldn't believe how good it felt to be invaded by this hot, fleshy poker. Brock picked up the rhythm, fucking harder and faster, and Rick started shoving his muscle-butt back up to meet the thrusting cock. Dan slid underneath the diving board, grabbed Rick's rock-hard cock, and jammed his own ass back up against it. The blond's dick slid inside Dan's well-lubed fuck-chute once again, and now the motion of Rick's ass doubled the pleasure. As he pushed up he got fucked by Brock, and as he pushed down his cock went deep into Dan. As before Rick couldn't believe the waves of pleasure, and he couldn't believe how much he wanted the feelings to never end.

All three teenagers were grunting and thrusting in their fuck dance, sweat pouring down their tight bodies, muscles contracting, faces contorted in sheer pleasure. Brock couldn't hold out very long, and with a yell of victory he slammed his cock to the hilt and exploded inside Rick's ass. Boiling cum filled the runner's bowels, and he felt the heat in waves. Brock made two more thrusts, cum spewing into Rick, before the blonde stud grunted and blew his own load into Dan. Throughly exhausted, he lay collapsed on the diving board. When Brock finally pulled out, cum ran down over Rick's balls and legs. Dan collapsed on the pool deck, and Brock, once again quiet and submissive, looked nervously around the backyard.

'Do you think anyone heard us?', he asked sheepishly.

'Shit, man, our neighbours are going to be asking my parents what the hell was going on back here. I'd better come up with a good alibi fast,' replied Dan, 'but first, I really need to clean up!'


Scott Cameron



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