I was a Senior that year, into athletics, as had been both my older brothers.

There were three boys in my family, Jarod, who was five years older than me, he was in the Marines, gone overseas for a tour of Duty.

Then there was Derick, he was two years older than me, he was in his first year of College, in another State.

Me, I had just turned eighteen, built like both my older brothers, Well I guess it was an enevitable thing for us, Dad was A Military man, built like a brick shithouse and very much into makeing us boys into his image.

I guess my introduction to likeing naked men was at the base My Father was stationed at, and it was in the mens Barracks that I was with Dad on some Military business of some sort, I had to take a leak, and I ask Dad where the toilet was, the Sargent that was talking to my father told me to go to the end of the barracks and the second door to the right was the Latrine, so while he and my father talked about something, I headed for the latrine.

I went to the latrine and I heard water running and guys talking in the room off to the right side of the Latrine where the urinals were standing.

I walked over to the door and looked in and saw the most gorgeous naked bodies standing there, some with almost hard cocks, and for some reason I noticed their cocks and ball, and of course their asses.

I instantly got a boner in my trousers and damned I couldn't take my eyes off those guys, One soldier saw me staring, and he reached down and jerked his cock back and forth a few times for me and winked, then just smiled and turned back to showering.

I thought I would die, that was something for a thirteen year old kid just coming into his own.

That scene was etched into my mind for life, of that awesome looking naked soldier standing there with almost a full blown boner stroking it a few times, I guess you would say that it was my inspiration for the next year for my jerk off sessions, and I was having more intense and frequent jerkoffs as I got older.

For some reason I began noticing my older brother Derick, he had a thick, cut cock that was awesome looking to me, but then almost any guys cocks looked awesome to me.

I remember one afternoon we were going to go out to supper at a nice place that evening and Derick was in the bathroom showering, I needed to go in and I went into the bathroom, nothing new there and I saw Derick was standing in the tub with the curtain pulled back, his cock was standing straight up and hard, I saw it and was astounded, 'Holy Shit Derick, how big is that thing, anyway?' I asked, 'I'll bet Denise sure likes it,' 'I'll never tell,' he said as he he just smiled and swung it back and forth, ' well it's just a shade over eight inches long and almost six around,' he said.

'Damn dude, I sure hope mine gets that big when I get your age.'

'Just keep rubbing it like you do and your's will be ten inches long, you know if you stroke it a lot it will get big,' Derick said.

'Is that how you got your's so big?' I asked, he smiled and said 'Well it helps I guess.'

'I know you stroke it, I have watched you at night in bed, you do it all the time,' I said. 'Well so fucking what, your socks are always stuck together like they have been glued from you shooting your cum into them,' He said.

I giggled and said, 'Yeah I know, bet Mom knows your doing it too.' he said.

'Come on we gotta get ready.' Derick said.

That was about three years ago, but I have matured more Now and Derick is no longer at home at home I have been buying some gay magazines from a older guy that buys them for me since Im not twenty one years old yet.

I was listening to the phone ringing in the kitchen when Mom said 'Get it will you Richy' Richy that's me.

I answered the phone and it was Derick, he wanted to talk to Mom.

Mom walked into the kitchen with a brnd new box of Kleenex in her hands, which was sorta strange, She took the phone and talked to Derick, 'Of course Derick that would be very nice, we would be glad for your friend to spend the holidays with us.' She hung up the phone and then threw the box of Kleenex at me and said, 'Richy, sweetie, I know your a growing boy, actually a young man, but I'm really getting tired of picking up your socks and finding that they're are stuck together, now Son I know what growing young men do and what causes that to happen, I have raised three boys, and your all the same, with Jarod, it was his underwear, Derick used wash rags from bathroom, and with you, its your socks, so please, PLEASE, use the tissues for doing your business, and there is a trash can beside your bed to throw the used tissue in too, I would appreciate it very much, thank you.'

Needless to say Mom was right and I was totally red from embarassament but I realized Mom knew what was going on, boy's will be boys.

The twenty first of December came around and Derick and his friend showed up in Derick's Kia that dad had gotten him for college.

I got a first glimpse of Brett as he unloaded his things from Derick's car.

Brett was bent over and I noticed his really nice ass in a pair of faded gray sweat pants, he had nikes on his feet and his shirt was a pullover sweat with the sleeves cut off making it a shortsleeve. his arms were thick and muscular, his waist was trim and sleek and his chest was thick and muscular looking, I wanted to reach out and touch this guy so bad I was almost aching. But I would probably get my face punched.

Brett, looked over and smiled when he saw me, and his smile was fantastic, perfect set of white teeth, Dark eyes and almost black hair, thick eyelashes, gorgeous, and a smile that would win an award.

I helped him and Derick take their things to Dericks room, and then I went to my room, but I couldn't get over how good looking this guy was, he was awesome looking.

I sat beside him a supper and got a glimpse of his crotch witched seem to be packed full of something, and I wanted to see just what it was.

I felt funny feelings for Brett, I felt a desire to do more than just smile and touch, I wanted to do something, but I was not sure just what it was.

Brett was so affectionate, ann perfect, I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Everything about Brett was just wonderful, his parents went to Europe and he was goint to stay at the college for the holidays but Derick brought him home and what a wonderful guy he seemed to be, he even helped with the dishes after supper with mom, he was winning point on every hand at our home with everyone.

He would scuffle with me and we chatted and he seemed to show such interest in me, what a great guy.

I was in the shower one Morning early I was standing in the tub drying off, when the door came open, 'Care if I take a leak?' Brett said.

'Na,No, not at all, and I felt my cock start to rise as he slid his short down in the front and hung out not only his cock which looked like it belonged on a small horse and his nuts too.'

Damn Brett was bigger than Derick. I swallowed hard when Brett finished blasting piss like a race horse and just stood there sorta letting it drip dry and he looked over and noticed my boner standing straight out, he smiled and said, 'You better take care of that before it explodes,'

I turned red, 'Hey man, don't be embarassed, a good looking hardon is something to be proud of, enjoy it,' he said, then he left.

I thought about his gorgeous cock all day long.

It was about eleven when I finally went to bed that night.

Thinking about Brett's cock I began to stroke off, in my bedroom, and I was really getting into it when the door opened to my bedroom and I notice fromt the night light it was Brett.

He turned and shut the door, and walked over to me at the bed.

I noticed that Bret was just wearing a pair of white briefs, very well stuffed briefs.

he slid into the bed next to me and looked at me, I was speachless, Brett smiled and looked into my eyes, 'Unless I'm mistaken you want to do this as much as I do.' Then the reached over and kissed me on the lips, I felt so wonderuful, I had never felt such feelings. I wanted to feel his body in every way, something I hadn't done with anyone. his body was hot against mine, and then I felt his hardness, his cock was like a iron pipe, he was breathing heavy and slathering kisses on my neck and went down to my nipples, I felt out of this world, god nothing had ever made me feel this way, I was about to loose my virginity, and I wanted it, I was so hungry for it.

Brett leaned over and began to kiss my stomach, and lick around the hairy navel, I wanted to see Brett so I snapped the lock on the door and turned on a little light on my night stand, he was naked except for his tidy whities.

His body was a peice of artwork, and I loved how his legs and lower body was slightly hairy from the waste down I reached over and squeezed his swollen cock, it felt so big, I wanted to do more, I slid his briefs off as he layed there and I stood by the bed, I felt his hand go around the very hard shaft of my cut cock, it was the best feeling I had ever felt.

Brett raised up and smiled at me, 'I was right you do want it don't you?'

'Oh yeah I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time.'

'Well Richy, its your time, Brett leaned over and took my cock into his mouth and I thought I would stop breathing, never in my life had I ever thought it would feel like this.

Brett was sucking and swirling his tongue around the swollen head of my little over seven incher and I was in another world, I felt like I wasn't even alive I was in another world. My nuts were aching as I let him suck my cock, and I knew if he kept it up I would be screaming as I let loose a torrent of cum and it took me about three more minutes of his working on the tip of my cock, and I felt that boiling and churning down deep in my loins as I prepared to unelase my cum, 'Do you want my load?' I said, he never stopped long enough to answer I began to pull his head to my body and then I started that body action and my cum began to fill Brett's mouth.

I shoot several big vollies into his mouth and he just kept on sucking, I was so weak after he finished and he never said a word. He just stood up and leaned over and kissed me, I opened my mouth to recieve his tongue and I got a part of my own cum, god it was awesome, he wanted to share my personal treasure with me.

Wel got back on the bed and he raised me up and began licking on my asshole and it was phenomenal, I have never given thougth to someone doing that. I wanted him tongue deep inside me as he made me crazy, he smiled and raised my legs up and hooked them on my shoulders.

Thats when he took some lube oil and began to work it into my asshole and I realized that he would be sliding that gorgeous cock deep inside me before long.

Brett smiled his beautiful smile at me as he worked several fingers into my anal opening, then he slicked up his gorgeous cock, placed it at the opening of my asshole, 'IT may hurt a little at first, but bear with it, it will feel better and actually enjoyable in a few minutes.

I gasped for air as he entered me, but I wanted it even in the pain I was enduring, and watching his body and face as he raised his chest up on his arms and sunk his thick hard throbbing cock deep, full length into my body, I wanted him more than ever, I had feeling for Brett at that time, and I felt like it must be like what a virgin feels on her wedding night, int the midst of the pain she was enduring there was this awesome love feeling, I was feeling that for Brett.

I reached my arms up around his upper body and pulled his body tight against mine, I felt his heart against my chest and he began to make love with me, I saw a tear form in his eye as he fucked me like a love would make love and fuck his lover, I was in a zone I had never touched before, taken to a plateau of desire and fullfillment, I loved Brett.

As Brett made love to me I felt his cock each time it slid out of my anus and then suck back into me, deep, rubbing my prostate with each thrust, I was going to cum again from just getting fucked, and then it was at that point I could hold back no longer I began to jerk and cum all over the both of us between our bodies, when Brett felt that It took him over the edge, he rammed his awesome cock deep in me and I felt the warmth of his cum as it filled my insides.

Brett finished filling me in a rapturous climax.

Brett just lay there on top of me and we fell asleep, the next thing we heard was my brother Derick, 'Hey Brett, are you in there with Richy?'

'Yeah man, I came in to talk to Richy last night and just slept here with him, be right out.'

Brett got his briefs off and leaned over and kissed me passionately and said, 'Hey baby this aint over yet, Later man.'

I smiled and got up and got my clothes on and went down to breakfast, My mind was in a dither all day from what had taken place, and I need some soothing ointment for my asshole that day, hehe. But I' just fine, truthfully before Brett went back to college with Derick, I had sex with him almost every day, and now he calles me every day. Like he said 'It aint over yet.' not by a long shot.



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