David stood in his parent's yard and looked across the fields around the back of the property, the section of woods to the south and west and the barn that sat behind the house considering how it hadn't changed in the four years he had been gone. None of it had as he thought of his drive yesterday coming home after being overseas doing charity work. He had driven down from Atlanta after eighteen hours of flying and sitting in airports and when he got into the community he considered home he saw the general store still had the faded sign over the old windows, one still taped in a corner, and out front the usual array of pickups and further along the road he saw the church his parents still attended, the cemetery across the street, the small park nearby and further up the road the fields, one after the next, unbroken except at the creek where the land fell away rapidly down to its winding path with woods growing along the steep grade. It was if the area had been sealed in a bottle waiting on his return to open it back up.

He walked out to the barn and climbed up in the loft and stood at the door where he could see for miles around. He watched a crop duster flying over a neighbor's field, back and forth across the field the plane flew, low to the ground releasing its spray. To the east he saw his father running across one of his fields, the tractor kicking up a trail of dust that swirled in the wind as it rose up before settling back to the ground. As he watched his father he remembered what it had been like four years ago, the way he struggled with his feelings, the desires he had toward some of the other guys and how in the end he had signed up with the charity group and left as quickly he could arrange it. And it had been good, his four years down in South America, building small homes for the poor, helping to establish gardens, and a host of other work that kept him so busy he had very little time to dwell on those things that brought him to that place. But now it seemed to all come back to him, as if waiting for his return.

He thought of his school days and how he put on a mask, pretended to be someone else while secretly looking at some of the guys with feelings he couldn't express. Most of the time it was easy to push those feelings aside, to suppress his desires, but in P.E. it had been nearly impossible. He remembered how he stole looks at some of his classmates, watched them shower after their exertions in class, the way the water trickled down their lean teenage bodies and it had frightened him.

He sat down on the edge of the loft with feet dangling over the side, watching his father, then the position of the sun as it slowly fell toward the western horizon as he considered his next move. He had set up for college while he was overseas and his acceptance letter lay on his bed along with the forms he needed to get filled out in the next week. It felt like he was running away again but he kept telling himself this was setting up for his future. It was giving him the ability to pursue his dream of being an architect, a career choice he knew would place him in some area much more developed, some place where people were building and developing a community, a town or a city; some place that was away from here.

The sky grew darker as the light of the sun diminished quickly with its setting and David watched his parents pull out of the drive heading to some church function he had no desire to attend. Instead he threw on a t-shirt and a pair of old jeans and headed toward Mason, the small town fifteen miles away. It was where he had hung out with his classmates when in high school, the only town nearby with a small cinema and a couple of restaurants that teenagers could hang out. But tonight he knew it was the only town nearby with a bar.

The parking lot was nearly full with pickups and a few cars and David could hear the country music coming from inside as he approached the front door. Inside the place was busy and it felt even more crowded with its low ceilings and dim lighting. He scanned the room getting his bearings since he had never been in the bar before and quickly saw the layout. Bar along the right wall, the main sitting area in the middle with an open area near the back David assume was where the few who liked to dance would end up and along the left wall two pool tables, each crowded with people playing or watching.

He headed toward the bar, cutting along the edge of the room when he heard someone call out to him from across the room.

"David! David Howard! You son of a bitch, when did you get back into town?"

David turned toward the voice; one he recognized immediately for it was an old high school classmate, Travis.

"A couple of days ago" he replied and pointed to the bar to let Travis know he was going to get a drink before coming over to the pool table where Travis was playing. As the bartender pulled the beer he ordered from a cooler and popped the cap off the bottle David stared in the mirror looking at Travis playing pool. There had been several guys back in school he had had a crush on and Travis was one of them. Even in school he had a body that was tall and muscular. While most of the guys had chests that were nearly flat Travis had pronounced pecs and the muscles over his stomach would be pronounced when he exerted himself, especially when he had been working out in the gym. David thought of all the times he had just watched Travis, even in a classroom he would watch an arm flex or the way a tight t-shirt revealed Travis' upper body and he remembered all the times Travis would stretch his arms over his head causing his t-shirt to ride up revealing this stomach.

Now he saw Travis was filled out even more. His body that of a man, fully developed with the roundness of muscle over his upper torso and arms and when Travis moved around the pool table David looked at the way his jeans rounded out at the ass showing its form. He paid for his beer and headed across the bar toward the group around the pool table Travis was playing and realized there were three other former classmates standing in the group. He moved into the circle, greeting those he knew and introducing himself to the ones he did not know.

David found himself settling in with the others, talking of old times, telling of experiences in South America and before long he realized as one person after the next said goodbye, it had gotten really late. When Matt and Susan left only Travis and he remained, sitting at a table near the back of the bar, the jukebox playing slower and slower country music as if to reflect the late hour.

"So what are you going to do now that you're back?" Travis asked as he leaned on the table with his hands clasped together angling his eyes up toward David.

"I'm going to college this fall. I've gotten accepted and just have a few items to take care of and I'll be all set."

"Damn...you're really getting away from this place, aren't you?"

David leaned back and smiled in acknowledgement of his plans to leave and he nodded his head toward Travis.

"Son of a bitch" Travis drawled out slowly. "What are you going to do the rest of the summer?"

"Rest up, enjoy myself...you know. The work down in South America was great, but it was tough and I'm looking forward to just relaxing."

"Well I know it is late as fuck, but you want to come over to my place. The complex has a pool" Travis said mischievously.

"You living in one of the apartment complexes in town?" David asked.

"Yeah, the one out on Highway 33 on the edge of town. The pool is in the back away from the apartments and usually no one is using it this late."

"You swim late at night very often?"

"All the time."

David didn't know where it would lead, this late night swim, but he knew he couldn't say no, not to Travis and he soon found himself following Travis into his apartment. Although sparsely furnished, it was neat, everything in its place, which shocked David but he didn't comment as he followed Travis into the small kitchen along the back wall of the living/dining area.

"I'll grab us a couple of beers and we can ease down to the pool" Travis said, his voice sounding conspiratorial. "Go ahead and empty your pockets and pull off your shirt, shoes and socks. It'll make it easier at the pool."

When David tossed his shirt over the back of a chair at the dining table he noticed Travis looking at him. He knew he wasn't built like Travis but he knew he looked alright with his lean trim torso. He never worked out with weights but he had been so active in South America he had no problem staying in shape. He couldn't help himself and he ran a hand down his smooth chest and over his flat stomach. From the corner of his eye he saw Travis watching him. 'Just maybe...' he thought.

They eased down to the pool cutting along a sidewalk that wound through the complex. There was no one there and it was odd to see the clear water so calm its surface was as flat as a pane of glass. Travis pulled his jeans down revealing the white briefs he wore underneath and David considered what they would look like wet working hard to suppress a smile. He slipped his own jeans down revealing the blue boxers he was wearing and as he tossed his jeans over a lounge chair he saw Travis glancing his way. Now he wished he had worn a pair of the old white boxers he had worn while in South America. They were a boxer of no style, just a flimsy white cotton fabric knowing how perfect they would have been in this moment.

"Ease into the water so you don't make a lot of noise, okay?" Travis said as he went to the side of the pool and eased down into the cool water.

They swam around slowly for a few minutes each diving down and cutting across the pool, Travis using his strength to propel him effortlessly and David using his lean body and own strength built up for stamina to glide across the pool. David was the first to pull to the side and hop out sitting on the edge. He let his legs dangle in the water slowly paddling them back and forth. He watched Travis move through the water admiring his strong muscular body. Travis moved to the steps and climbed out of the pool letting the water cascade down his body, then slow to small trickles that followed the contours of his body. The cheeks of his ass were visible through the wet fabric and David held his breath knowing Travis would soon turn toward him.

It lay straight over the sac, Travis' cock, and even flaccid it was thick and a three or four inches long. The head pressed against the wet fabric revealing its flared shape and David fought the urge to stare diverting his eyes back to the pool surface. From the corner of his eyes he saw Travis move right up next to him. As Travis went to sit David glanced over and saw the water trickling through the hair on his legs, the dark hair lying flat against the dark skin. Travis eased down next to him, so close he bumped David on the shoulder as he sat.

"It's really a nice night, isn't it?" Travis whispered and David turned to him as he spoke casting a quick look downward. He saw Travis's cock pushed up and out as it lay over the sac and it was so visible through the wet fabric he could see how its skin was darker in color than the skin of Travis' body.

David didn't realize how his own cock was expanding revealing his arousal. It stretched out half erect and slipped out the leg of his boxers and Travis saw it. Travis kept glancing over to watch the head slowly slip out into the open. It was arrow shaped and nearly the same color of David's skin with its fair light tone.

"Have you talked to Beth?" Travis asked. Beth had been David's girlfriend in his senior year but he had broken it off right before graduation using his going away as an excuse.

"No...of course not" David replied.

"David..." Travis began to speak.

"Hey guys" Tina cried out as she came into the pool area. She had on a bikini revealing her thin figure.

Travis jumped more than David, for he was afraid Tina may have noticed something about the way he was acting just then with David but she made her way over to them and sat right next to Travis. Travis knew she wanted him to ask her out and lately she had taken to coming to the pool whenever she saw him heading toward it, but this was the first time she had followed him in the middle of the night. She was oblivious to the situation, the awkwardness that existed between Travis and David and her interruption of the moment. She talked nonstop, far too loud for comfort and David wanted to leave and when he saw Tina put her hand on Travis' thigh, so close to his cock, he just knew she would be the one to score with Travis, not him.

"Travis, I should go" David said as he pulled his legs out of the water and stood up. He saw Tina smile as she stroked Travis's thigh.

"No...wait up..." Travis uttered, the exasperation evident in his voice, "Tina I need to turn in" he said to her as he stood up and he didn't wait on her to reply as he followed David out of the pool area each grabbing up their jeans not bothering to put them on.

Travis followed David with his eyes glued to the tall lean torso in front of him, watching the way the shoulder blades moved, the way his ass cheeks moved up and down with the boxers clinging wetly to them and he let his eyes move up to David's neck and to his wet hair and how it lay around his head, some sticking out randomly. They were half way back to the apartment before he said anything.

"Tina is a fucking stalker. I can't believe she was watching for me this late."

"Have you gone out with her?" David asked.

"Oh hell no" Travis whispered, so low David could barely hear his reply.

They eased up the stairs quietly and Travis unlocked the door letting David in first.

"I'll grab you a towel" Travis said as he went into the bathroom. David went over to where he had tossed his things and hesitated in pulling off his boxers for he saw his reflection in the sliding doors to the deck. He saw this confused conflicted person staring back at him and he wondered what he was doing in Travis apartment, wondered if he had misread what had been happening at the pool, if he was letting his imagination run away with him.

Travis came into the room with one towel draped over his shoulders and another in his hand which he held out to David. As David took it he looked at Travis cock still visible, the way it now lay sideways and slightly elongated.

"Maybe you should come into the bedroom to change since I don't have blinds on these windows" Travis said as he turned and went back into his bedroom. David picked up his jeans and shirt and followed Travis into the small bedroom. Travis moved up beside his bed and pulled his wet briefs off and when he stood up David stared at his body, unable to turn his eyes away. Travis ran the towel slowly down his body as he watched David's eyes following it downward, over his chest, his stomach, then over his cock and he rub over it gently, letting the soft towel rub him to greater arousal.

Travis had wondered about David ever since high school, had secretly desired him but didn't know if this desire would be returned and when David had started dating Beth he assumed the idea of David willing to return those feelings was a mistake. Travis didn't understand his feelings at the time, and he didn't think of them as gay but just accepted that in this instance he was attracted to another guy. It was a few weeks after they had graduated when he let a man at the small park in town pick him up one Saturday afternoon that the realization really sank in and he knew he was gay and since then he struggled with this acknowledgment while living in a small town where it was not accepted by most of the people. He envied David leaving not realizing his leaving was for the very reasons he desired to do so.

Four years later, here in his bedroom just the two of them he was determined to find out, determined to see if the one person he desired would return his affections. He saw the way David watched him, the way David's cock grew half erect and pushed outward on his wet boxers and just like at the pool he could tell David had those same feelings, the same desires and he stepped toward David, closed the gap between them until he was so close he could see the stubble of David's beard coming in, the small scare on his jaw he had noticed before and he could see how David's hair had blonde hairs mixed in with the light brown.

"David?" Travis asked as he put the back of his fingers on David's stomach feeling the warmth of the skin and the undulating movement of David's breathing.

"Yes?' David whispered in reply.

"Is this okay?"

"Yes" David answered and when Travis moved forward to kiss him he met him half way bringing their lips together. Travis slid his hand downward, worked his fingers behind the waist band and moved his hand down till he could grasp David's growing erection. He felt the shaft flex in his hand, felt the way it grew hard and he moved his hand along its length till he felt the spongy head in his fingers and he worked them over it. David inhaled deeply as Travis manipulated his cock.

Travis pulled back and eased down on his knees pulling David's boxers down as he did so. David just stood there watching, unbelieving what was happening, the way Travis, big muscular jock Travis was on his knees in front of him. He felt his cock bob up and down hard and when Travis took it again and licked at the head he balled up his fist and held his breath. Travis put the head in his mouth and eased forward sinking inch after inch into his mouth as he moved his hands around David's waist and held him by the cheeks of his ass.

"Ohhh..." David exhaled as he felt his cock sink into Travis' mouth.

Travis sucked David, worked his mouth along the shaft feeling it grow to its full size, felt it nudge the back of his throat and he moved his mouth along the shaft and over the head, running his tongue over it. When Travis let David's cock slip out of his mouth it glistened wetly between them as it bobbed up and down. Travis stood up and kissed David then pulled back till their lips barely touched.

"I want you inside me" Travis uttered. He turned to his bed and moved up on it on his hands and knees. He looked back at David with the urgency for this fuck in his eyes.

"Come on David...put it in me...fuck me...I want you inside me" Travis pleaded and David moved to him stepping between his feet that overhung the side of the bed. Travis lowered his upper body to the bed and used his hands to spread his cheeks apart opening himself up to David. David saw the cleft of Travis' ass, the smooth dark skin and the opening to his hole and he moved his cock to it, rubbed the wet slick head over it, up and down along the cleft and Travis moaned as he pushed back against David.

David felt Travis open up to him, felt his cock breach the tight ring of Travis' hole and he slowly pushed inward feeling every inch squeeze through the opening and sink into the hot soft interior of Travis' hole. Travis exhaled loudly and moaned as he felt David sink into his hole and when he felt David's hips press up against his ass he looked back at David.

"Goddamn it, fuck me, David, fuck me" Travis begged and David began to work his hips back and forth savoring the way Travis's hole milked his cock, squeezed it as he pulled it outward and then shoved back in, over and over and over till he was in rhythm, his hips working in a steady pace. He fucked Travis, drove his cock into him with greater and greater zeal till his hips smacked against Travis' ass and the bed rocked noisily beneath him. David felt his body grow hot, his breathing heavy and he put a hand on Travis' back just above his ass and felt how his skin too was hot to the touch, slick with the perspiration forming on its surface and he slid his hand easily upward along Travis' spine feeling the way his body was rocking with his fuck, felt the way muscle was tensing up tight, moving beneath the skin and he leaned over Travis and let his body rest on top of him trapping their heat. He moved slickly over Travis as he drove his cock inward with a slower thrust, grinding his hips against Travis' ass every time he sank all the way inside of him. He reached underneath Travis and took his cock. He felt its girth in his hand, the way his fingers barely fit around it and he stroked it in rhythm with his fuck running his hand from the slick head all the way down to the base. Travis rocked obscenely beneath him, moaning and begging David to fuck him, to fuck him hard. David gave Travis what he wanted and thrust his cock into him harder and harder till he felt Travis shiver beneath him, felt the thick cock in his hand swell up thicker and flex in his fingers as it ejaculated Travis' cum, shooting wad after wad out as he pumped his hand along the slick shaft. He felt each ejaculation, the way it squeezed his cock as he slowly worked it back and forth through the tight ring of Travis' opening and it drove him over the edge, made his own cock swell up thicker and all too soon he felt his cum surge through his cock and explode deep within Travis.

When David stepped back Travis rolled over on his back, a big goofy grin on his face.

"That was nice" Travis said as he sat up. "Let's shower off" he uttered in a low voice and David nodded his head.

The shower was hot enough to steam up the small bathroom as Travis and David took turns under the spray while they kissed and fondled each other. Travis picked up the soap and began to bath David, run his hands over David's chest, stomach and over his cock. He turned David around and bathed his back and ass, slowly running his hands over the firm skin of David's lean body, exploring every curve and form. David's cock swelled up erect at Travis' touch and Travis ran his soapy hands over it, giving it a couple of strokes.

Travis handed David the soap letting him wash his body as he had done him. David's soapy hands moved over his chest, feeling the muscular form, the tightness of the muscle and how it defined his body. David washed downward over the flat stomach feeling the undulating form of muscle beneath the skin and Travis snickered at the ticklish sensation. David ran his soapy hand through Travis' pubic hair which was trimmed close to the skin and he felt the short hairs as he raked his fingers over them as he moved on to Travis' cock letting his fingers wrap around it. It quickly grew thick at his touch, began to elongate as he ran his fingers down its length and Travis pumped his hips slightly making is cock move back and forth in David's hand.

David let go and guided Travis to turn around and he bathed his back running his hands over the broad muscular form, down over the narrow waist and over the round cheeks of his ass. Travis leaned against the wall spreading his legs opening up to David. David ran his hand down along the cleft between the ass cheeks and Travis felt the way David ran soapy fingers touched him along his ass, probed along the deep crevice and pressed against his hole.

"Fuck..." Travis cried out and he stood under the spray taking David's hands washing the soap off of both of them. "Let's go" he commanded turning off the water. Dripping wet Travis didn't let take the time to let either of them dry off as he dragged David back to his bed. As they moved up to the bed David suddenly took the lead guiding Travis around and as he lay back on the bed he brought Travis down on top.

"Do me this time...okay?" David whispered.

David lay back with his legs spread getting Travis to settle down on top of him. He felt Travis' cock nestle against his ass, the fat blunt head push against him and he lay back, eyes closed and relaxed to it, let himself open up and soon he felt Travis breach his tight hole, felt the head of Travis' cock stretch him open and penetrate his hole and he shivered as he felt his body take Travis' cock, inch by inch, till it was fully lodged in his hole. Travis lay heavily on top of him with their wet bodies slick against each other. Travis began to move in that familiar way, the pump of his hips as he worked his cock into David's hole. David felt every inch of it, the way it moved through the tight ring of his opening and suddenly he felt it relax completely to the penetration and he took Travis' fuck easily. He put his arms around Travis and hugged their bodies tightly together.

"Fuck me Travis..." David cried out as he felt Travis' pace increase, the rhythm of his fuck grow faster till the bed rocked beneath them. David felt his own cock caught between them, being rubbed by the undulating body of Travis, and it inflamed his desires, aroused him to the point he felt his second load rush through his cock and blast out between them. Travis fucked him harder, drove into his hole with wild abandon as he came, the spasm of his hole with every ejaculation and the way it was being battered by Travis' thick cock made him cry out.

"Oh fuck...goddamn...fuck me..."

Travis rolled over on his back and ran two fingers through the cum puddled on David's stomach. He ran them in circles smearing the cum over David's stomach and David suppressed the urge to laugh at the way it tickled. Travis looked up at him smiling, then he leaned over and ran his tongue through David's cum lapping it up, kissing the skin as he went. When he rose up, David saw cum dripping from his lower lip.

"I guess we should shower off again" Travis said and he moved up and kissed David on the lips. Pulling back he looked down at David with a sudden seriousness on his face.

"Will you stay with me tonight?"

"Of course."



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