Jacob's hand went completely down my pants stroking at my 'monster'. I moaned loudly then whispered in his ear "We should go inside.. I don't want to ruin your perfect little reputation." He grabbed my hand and led me inside to his bed. He slowly pushed me back until I was laying down completely. He kissed me deeply and started working down my body placing kisses all over until he reached my swim shorts. Slowly he pulled them off releasing my cock from its fabric prison. He smiled at me before he took about 4 inches into his mouth making me moan. He looked at me and smiled "If you're that loud now I can't wait to see how loud you get when I fuck you" Just the thought of Jacob fucking me made me need to cum. I threw my head back and moaned so loud I thought maybe the neighbors might hear me he stopped sucking and came up to kiss me "Ready for dinner then?" Good god did I want to cum but he denied me when I asked him to finish me off. "I don't want you to be too tired I have plans for you tonight" he winked at me and as he was walking away said "So Chicken or Beef?"

As he was making dinner I sat on the couch thinking about tonight. Was he really going to fuck me? God I hope so. When dinner was finally done I sat down at the table. He had his shirt off the entire time and good lord was it sexy. I could almost see through his shorts. As he walked to me I almost groaned out loud but it came out as more of a whimper. He smiled at me and said "Down boy it wont me much longer" and leaned in to kiss me. His lips tasted so good better than dinner but what I really wanted was desert.

I ate dinner nearly as fast as I could. I just really wanted to get back in the bedroom. When we had both finished our plates he took my hand and guided me back into his room. "I can tell we both want this" He whispered into my ear. His voice was just so sexy. He slowly pushed me down on the bed and slipped my trunks off with one motion. He had his Trunks off just as quick. He spit on his hands and slowly lubricated his cock. "I know you're a virgin so this may hurt just a little if you need or want me to stop just ask ok" I slowly nodded. As he entered me I threw my head back and moaned there was slight pain but god it really felt good. "Are you ok" he looked slightly worried. It was really cute that he felt so worried about me. "I'm fine babe just.. just keep going" He smiled at me as he started to slowly fuck me "Like I said tell me if you need me to stop or anything ok" I showed a slight grin and nodded. He started to go a little faster it felt so good. I looked at him straight in the eyes and said "Go harder" He got excited and rammed in and out of me. I moaned out in pleasure and without even touching my cock I exploded cum all over my chest. Hearing me moan and cum must have set Jacob over the edge he groaned and shot his cum into me. For a few seconds we sat there panting. Jacob pulled out of me and made me moan. He whispered in my ear"Even better than I ever could have dreamed"

After a little while of recovering we agreed it was time for bed. I changed into my boxers and sat down on my side of the bed. Looking at me with a smile on his face Jacob said "So we really don't need that guest bedroom I guess". I smiled at him and said "Guess not". When he flicked the lights off I turned over on my side and felt him crawl into bed with me. I felt his arm wrap around me holding me tight as I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up I looked around and noticed Jacob wasn't beside me. I got up rubbed my eyes and stretched out. Walking into the kitchen I saw Jacob sipping on a cup of coffee. "Hey sweet thing sore from last night?" Now that he mentioned it I actually was pretty sore.. "Thanks to you" I grinned at him. He leaned in to kiss me. God I love the taste of his lips. I started to wonder about the state of our relationship were we just fuck buddies or did I have my first actual boyfriend? He kissed me again this time it was just a peck on the lips. "Whats wrong baby you look worried did I do something wrong.." I didn't really know what to say. I didn't want to tell him I basically loved him... or at least I thought I did. I had only spent one night with him. "I just don't know where this is going.. but I don't want to mess it up." He looked at me with tears in his eyes "Really.. I didn't really know you liked me like.. that". He took my hands and said "I have never really.. been in a relationship but I really really like you and I don't want to lose you."

My first real relationship with my high-school crush. Dates and cuddling everything I have always wanted. As I was standing in the kitchen making myself a cup of coffee I felt Jacob walk up behind wrapping his arms around me hugging me tight. "So dinner at that fancy place down the street in a few days?". My first official date! "Yea that sounds great!" He spun me around and kissed me. "Cant wait".



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