I stuck my hands in my pockets walking down the long road. I didn't have a clue where I was going but this place seemed nice. No Job. No home. No family not anymore anyway not after what just happened. Passing a cafe I glanced slightly to the right noticing a few of my old high-school friends. "Hey Wayne right?" One of them called out. I recognized him immediately. Jacob Gonzalez. All through out high-school I had a crush on this guy and there he was again. To be honest it was like getting shot through the heart.

"Yea.. i'm Wayne I can't believe you remember me.." my hands were shaking it was like seeing him in the hallways all over again. His shirt was so tight and his shorts we're practically see through. His hair had grown a little longer but I loved it. Looks like he had a new ear piercing too but that just seems so sexy to me. He smiled and walked up to shake hands with me but all I could do was stand there like an idiot. He reached his hand out and as much as I tried my hands wouldn't move. He looked at me awkwardly and then invited me over to sit down with them. They we're all talking about what ever football game was on TV. I wasn't really paying attention to anything just hoping maybe I could find the courage to even talk to one of them. But soon enough slowly and surely they started to leave for home soon it was just me and Jacob. "So you've grown a little bit bigger" he said looking directly at me. I felt my heart pound out of my chest. "Yea.. after I guess my growth spurt came a little late.. haha" He smiled at me. "So where are you living now?" I didn't know how to respond. I was homeless.. I lived in my mothers house until I was 23 she just kicked me out after I told her I was gay. I looked at him "Well.. nowhere really I don't have a place to stay just yet.." He looked at me wide eyed. "Really?" he sounded shocked. "Well, you can stay at my place if you want.. the guest bedroom is a little crowded i'll have to clean it out but yea it shouldn't be much of a task." I was so happy and scared at the same time.

Did he really mean that.. am I actually going to get the chance to stay at my dream man's house? "Well.. what do ya' say Wayne wanna stay at my place for a while?" I sat there for a moment before I could finally udder out a "Yea that would be great". As I didn't have a car he drove me back to his place. The whole time I was staring out the window thinking about the possibilities of what could happen. Since high-school I had known I was gay.. and almost the whole school knew too. The way I stared at the guys on the football field and occasionally hit on them too. I saw Jacob take a few passes at the baseball team and even once at me but I was way too shy to even speak of that.

After about 15 minuets of driving we arrived at a little house. It was really nice. A pool out front with a fence surrounding the whole place. Once we got inside he showed me around. The first room you walk into is a nice little living room. Cozy a pretty big couch and a nice little love seat in front of a fire place. On the mantle I saw picture of him in high-school he seemed so much smaller then. His hair barely running past his ears. He was really skinny in high-school but adorable. I glanced over at him. He had worked out a lot since then. Not to built but some nice muscle. I shut my jaw practically drooling over him. "Well let me show you the bedroom then." At first I assumed he meant the guest bedroom but we went straight to his room. The bed was pretty big. Big enough for two people. There was a side table on either side and a dresser placed under a flat-screen TV on the wall opposite of the bed. "You wouldn't mind sleeping here tonight right? The couch is way to small for you and the guest bedroom is way to messy right now." My eyes widened at the thought of sleeping next to him. "Yea.. I don't mind at all." He smiled at me "well the bathroom is right down that hall if you want to shower if you don't that's fine with me. You saw the kitchen what's mine is yours the living room isn't much if you want you can watch TV in there or in here. I'll most likely be outside in the pool that's where I spend most of my time anyway" I smiled back at him and simply replied with "Alright cool let me grab my bags out of the back of your car I think I have a suite if you'd allow me to get in with you.." "Yea of course meet you out back!"

I changed into my swim trunks in the bathroom and walked outside to the pool. Jacob was laying in a poolside chair with his eyes closed smiling. He had already changed into his trunks too. His body was amazing. His long black hair was almost down to his shoulders. His abs we're amazing too. Like I said not to muscly but that's the way I like my guys. He opened his eyes to see me there. I had an obvious boner but there wasn't much I could do to hide it. He looked down at my trunks and smiled at me. "That monster for me?" He grinned. I started to blush as he walked to me. "Look Wayne.. since high-school I had a little crush on you. I dreamed of your body on mine. Oh wow I guess i'm being a little to forward here huh.. oh god i'm so sorry" "No.. don't be" I felt my voice shake and start to crack. He slid his hand down my chest slowly making his way down to my trunks. He looked up into my eyes and smiled back at me. "Are you sure you want to do this.." My heart was pounding but god did I want him. "Of course" I whispered to him. "Good.. because I have wanted you since I was 15 and I can't wait to have your ass"



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