For the most part my days were kinda uneventful, but not today, first thing that happened I got dressed for the office, sat down at the apartment to drink my morning coffee, and dumped a whole cup of hot coffee all over my new white shirt and tie.

I changed the shirt and tie, got into the car and realized I had a flat tire, so I got out the spare and found it flat too.

I called Triple A, thank god that was still in force, they came out and fixed my tire, I was already late.

I was buzzing down the street where I work, and looked up and there was a cop with his lights flashing right behind me.

I pulled over and looked into the eyes of this officer that looked like he was bear hunting and I was the bear, 'In a hurry are we?' he said.

Then I said something I don't think he liked 'I don't know, I was, were you?' I said, already in a dither and pissed off.

That didn't make things any better for me but my day was already ruined, and I got me one of those little tickets that they so freely hand out, for us speeders, first speeding ticket I had ever had.

I was not a happy camper, then to top it all off, I was ready to turn into the parking garage at my office building and the privacy gate came crashing down across my front hood, denting the hell out of my new car.

Now mind you I can take just so much crap till I crawl back into the hole I just came out of and try to wake up on the other side of the bed so to speak.

Now I was already late, and of course the boss already had about 17 weeks worth of work piled on my desk when I walked into my cubicle.

'Well Ken, setting new hours for ourselves are we?' he asked with a decided smirk.

'No sir, just things haven't been going so well for me this morning, you wont believe,

As I told Bill (that's my supervisor) he just looked at me like I was making the whole thing up.

I was ready to tackle what ever came my way that morning. I went to the coffee room, got myself of fresh coffee and turned slipped on something, god know's what? and spilled more coffee on my clean shirt, I wanted to scream.

Now to top that off, I went to the men's room to take a piss, unzipped my slacks, pulled out the old schlong and took my whiz, then the zipper broke on my pants and I was walking back to my desk with my pants gaping open, which I stapled shut, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Now then outside of the hard drive on my computer going out that day, and the copier jamming up every time I tried to use it, It was a 'PERFECT DAY.'

Nothing sounded more beautiful to me than the sound of the 5:00 buzzer that afternoon.

I had just lived through a day from hell.

I got into my care admiring the customizing job the gate bar had done on the hood, the looked up at the visor and saw the ticket hanging out from under it, looked down at my stained shirt and my gaping trousers, tried to smile and say things could always have been worse.

I went home and decided I owed myself a good stiff belt so I changed into clothes that weren't stained or the zipper wasn't broken and went out.

I got to a corner bar that I frequented and sometimes found a hot guy that needed some attention at.

I walked into the bar and I sat down at the bar and ordered a double of what I was drinking.

I had had about five drinks and I heard this guy come in and walk over and set down beside me, he looked over and smiled.

I smiled back and then realized that there was something very familier about this nice looking guy, I knew him.

I smiled at him and as we chatted I began to feel an old familier feeling coming over me.

I realized it was a guy I had gone to high school with, even had a few times of jerking off with him at my fathers old shed out back, he use to live up the street from us.

'Hey man, aren't you Lloyd Dickerson?' I asked.

'Why Yes, do I know you?' he said.

I hadn't realized I had changed that much but I said, 'Yes man, we lived up the street from each other as kids. My name is Ken White, remember now?' I ask.

'Wow man you've really changed, damn man you filled out and look good.'

'Well about four years in the Marines helped and I work out some now. Your not looking so bad yourself man, what happened, where did you disappear too, after High School.'

'Hey man, want to get a table and talk over old time?' I ask.

'Sure, man sounds awesome.' Lloyd said.

'Well first off, I got sent to boys town, I got involved with a couple bad dudes and I didn't know it but hey were stealing and selling drugs, and I got caught up in the middle of that, and after boystown, I joined the Navy, I spend several years overseas aboard several different flat tops and battleships. Now I decided to come home to where I started and try to get things right.'

'Wow, sounds like you've had a really full life.' I said.

'Hey Ken, I was wondering, do you remember what we use to do in your dads tool shed?' he asked.

I laughed, 'Oh Yeah! I have thought about that a lot in the last several years, I really missed out times we jerked off with each other, Truthfully man, I don't know if you knew it or not, but I had this crush, a passionate crush on you, I wanted us to do more than just jerk off, but I was afraid to ask you for fear you would think I was a little faggot or queer or something.'

'No shit, I was always wanting to do more than just jerk off with you, Damn man, Well! tell me something do you still feel the same way?'

I looked up and stared into Lloyd's gorgeous deep dark blue eyes, 'I sure the fuck do,'

Lloyd's mouth smiled a beautiful sexy smile.

'Do you have a private place where we can go and pick up where we left off?' he asked.

'I have my own apartment, and I have thought of this for a long time.' I said.

As we drove home I remembered how awed with Lloyd's cock I had been as a young man, it looked huge to me back then, but I wondered if that was just because I had not seen one like it before, I loved watching his foreskin slip back and forth as he stroked his thick manhood to a shocking climax, Lloyd could cum like a geyser, thick and a lot.

I was seven inches long and fairly thick myself but Lloyd's cock was thick like his wrist, and I loved watching it blast a load out, how many times did I want to be the one stroking it for him.

We got to the apartment and went in I gave him a beer and we got comfortable and chatted a little.

'What do you like to do outside of stroking your cock?' he asked.

'Well, I love to suck and swallow, I love getting fucked and I absolutely adore eating ass. There's nothing better.'

'Well I love to kiss and make out, I hope you like kissing?' he said.

'I love kissing, truthfully I love it all,' and with that we embraced for the first time, I felt almost week in the knees, I wanted Lloyd to ravish me, right there and then.

we began to undress each other as we walked to the bed, it was so exciting and erotic.

I saw his hard cock bulging out in his briefs and realized I hadn't been wishful thinking, it was that big.

We slipped our clothes completely off and went to work on each others bodies, things were different this time as we were both going after each other like ravenous dogs.

I leaned down and stroked Lloyd's thick cock, and as I took it into my mouth I heard his voice,'Oh Fuck man, that's what I need, OH yeah!'

I was working that foreskin and head like magic with my tongue, gently sucking his cock like It was the only one left on earth

I wasn't done with Lloyd yet, I wanted more. I got up on the bed and lay on my back and I had Lloyd get between my legs and he began to slide his cock along the crack of my ass and it didn't take long until I felt his cock head slide into my asshole. I felt like heaven to feel his thick cock gently sliding deeper and deeper into my body.

I lay there on my back and looked straight into Lloyd's eyes as he took my body and used it for his pleasure, but then of course I was using his cock for mine, I was about to blow my nut with his awesome cock sliding against my prostate.

I will never forget that night back together again, when I rekindled that flame, that by the way is still burning brightly and Oh yeah Lloyd and I are living together and love it.

I know this story is a shorter one but I love it, and hope you do to, it is based on a true happening.



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