Sam stared at the handsome young student actor stretched out cold on his bed, his huge dick hard as steel. Sam had touched another man's dick for the first time, and now he could not release the thought of what Kevin had said to him that night, the fact that no girl had ever been able to take his entire 10' into her mouth.

Sam could not understand what had come over him, but he just could not resist the temptation. After all, Kevin was out like a light and would never know. Just to be sure, Sam flicked his tongue along the shaft to see if Kevin would wake up. The organ twitched reflexively, but Kevin remained sound asleep. Sam licked again and again. Kevin moaned but did not wake. Finally, Sam took the monster into his mouth and sucked on the head. Kevin's body began to squirm, and he moaned louder and more frequently. Sam pushed further, filling his mouth with the fresh man-meat. He could not believe the sensation of having such a thing in his mouth. He was sucking another man's cock, and it actually felt good. Hell, it felt damn fantastic! Still, he had only slightly more than half of Kevin's dick in his mouth. Could he . . . ? He concentrated on relaxing his throat muscles and inched the pole deeper. Suddenly, he flinched at the feel of pubic hairs tickling his nose. He had done it! He had gotten the whole damn thing in his mouth.

'Oh, yeah, baby. Suck that cock.' Sam spooked at the sound of Kevin's voice, but he saw that the young man was still basically out of it. He probably thought that he was just dreaming. Sam put the cock back into his mouth and sucked it some more. He chewed on it gingerly, wishing that he could just eat the whole damn thing. It felt and tasted so fuckin' good. Sam had no intention of sucking Kevin off, but when he felt the cock swell up even more in his mouth and pulsate with the force of life, he could not let go. He had to feel the full expression of Kevin's young manhood. He sucked harder and relished the pulsations he felt in his hand and his mouth. 'Oh, God, baby. Oh shit! You suck so good. Oh fuck! Here it comes, babe. It's cummin', it's cummin', it cum . . . aaaaahhhhh, AH! AH! AH! AH! Whew. Whew. Whew. Oh, God. Fuck. Fuck, baby. Holy fuck.'

The torrent of baby pudding struck the back of Sam's throat like an uncapped fire hydrant. He pulled back reflexively, but that only got him plastered all over his face. He had tasted his own cum before when he was younger and accidentally shot some into his open mouth, but he had never tasted another man's nectar. He didn't think he would like it, but he choked on the load in his mouth and had no choice but to swallow it. It didn't taste as bad as he had expected, so he licked some off his hand and then lapped up what remained on Kevin's cock. Hmmm. He couldn't really say that he liked the taste of cum, but he did congratulate himself on having sucked off such a hot young stud as Kevin and tasted his manly juices - and without even waking him!

Sam cleaned Kevin up with a damp wash cloth and left him asleep on the bed, his cock slowly receding. His own cock was throbbing, and his balls ached something fierce, so he jacked off in the shower. Then, he got dressed and sat down to his morning cup of coffee. Around 9:30, he decided that he had better wake Kevin. But first, he had to just stand there and admire him for a few more minutes. Though his cock had gone soft, it was still beautiful, hanging at least six inches down his thigh. My God, thought Sam, what an awesome sight. He could not resist. He took the piece into his mouth one more time just to relive the sensation. He did not want to make him hard, though, so he quickly backed off. He pulled Kevin's underwear and jeans back up and fastened his jeans so that he would not suspect anything. Waking him was no easy task. Sam led him to the bathroom, where he splashed cold water on his face and left him to shower.

'Is that coffee I smell?' Kevin asked.

'Yeah, sit down, and I'll get you a cup. I didn't want to wake you, but I was afraid that you might have a class you had to get to.'

'What time is it?'

'A little after 10:00.'

'And what day is it?'


'I'm OK, then. I might be a little late for English lit, but that class is a breeze, so it's no problem. Oh, jeez. My fuckin' head. What happened last night?'

'You don't remember?'

'I remember that we were working on the play and then . . . well, everything after that is a blank.'

'We made a lot of progress with your part. I think you're gonna be just fine.'

'Really?' Kevin tried to smile, but the extension of his facial muscles only exacerbated his headache. 'Oh shit. You got any aspirin, Sam . . . I mean, Professor Edwards?'

'No, no, no. I said it's OK to call me Sam, remember?'

'Uh, yeah, I guess I do remember that.'

'Here, drink some coffee, and I'll get the aspirin.'

After Sam returned with the pills, Kevin asked, 'So, what exactly did I do to improve on my performance last night?'

Sam almost choked on the word 'performance,' but he knew what Kevin meant, so he kept a straight face. 'I tell you what, let's not worry about that right now. Why don't you and Andy take the afternoon off. I'll work with some of the other actors on their parts. There's no rehearsal scheduled for tomorrow, but maybe you and Andy and I can work on your scenes Friday night. OK?'

'Yeah, OK. I can make it Friday night.'

'Good. I'll confirm everything with Andy and let you know.'

Andy also agreed, and he and Kevin showed up at Sam's apartment just minutes apart. Each one, unbeknownst to the other, brought a six-pack of beer. Sam couldn't wait to see what would happen with the two hot young stallions together.

'OK, you've both had private lessons, and you've both made a lot of progress, so let's see you put it together. First, though, I'm going to take the role of Dean. Kevin, you just watch as I kiss Andy.' It may or may not have been necessary for Sam to demonstrate, but he sure as hell wanted another opportunity to suck face with the gorgeous kid, and Andy warmed up to the role very quickly.

'Now, Kevin. Your turn.' In their first kiss, Andy showed the same relaxed romance that he had demonstrated with Sam, but Kevin was still uptight. Apparently, he had, indeed, forgotten his lesson and reverted to his prior inhibitions. Perhaps he needed a reminder. 'All right, Kevin. Step aside, Andy. I'll play your part with Kevin, and you can watch.'

Before they started, however, Sam pulled Kevin aside and whispered in his ear. 'I don't know about you, Kevin, but I think Andy is awfully hot. Like I said the other day, I've never kissed a guy before, but I could kiss Andy all night. Just look at those delicious lips. I'll bet you've never seen a girl with lips like that before. And look at that face. Damn cute, don't you think? I know you're not gay, but Dean is, and right now you're Dean, not Kevin. Dean would swallow that face whole if he could. Forget your inhibitions, Dean. Let go. You're madly in love with this guy, and you don't care who knows it. Listen to your body and just do it.'

Kevin stared at Sam like he was hearing a message through a time warp.

'OK. For now, I'm Josh, but when we kiss, picture Andy in the role, and just let your passions flow.' Sam and Kevin stepped back over to the center of the room where Andy could watch. 'Let's take it from the line where you say, 'Oh, Josh, I love you so much'.'

Kevin spoke the line and went for the kiss. He was still somewhat stiff at first, but Sam kept working on him. He would not let up until he got the response he wanted. He stuck his tongue between Kevin's lips and got him to open his mouth. He swirled his tongue around every crevice, and finally Kevin reciprocated by inserting his tongue into Sam's mouth. Sam wanted to stir more passion, so he grabbed Kevin's ass and pulled their groins together. At first, Kevin tried to pull away, but Sam held him tight and ground their meat together. Andy, looking on, began to squirm. He wasn't quite sure what to make of the scene being played out in front of him. Did Sam want him to act that way with Kevin? On the stage? In front of all those people? Kevin began to respond more passionately, rubbing his hands over Sam's neck and back and grabbing his ass in return. Sam felt Kevin's bulge growing against his thigh, but he wasn't ready to push the part that far, so he pulled back, looked Kevin in the eye, and smiled. Kevin smiled back and took a deep, satisfying breath. Even if he did not remember everything that had happened the other night, his body had remembered something, and that something was all that he would need.

'OK, now, let's see you two young lovers do it together. Dean, from the same line.'

Kevin spoke the line and pulled Andy in for the kiss. This time, Kevin seemed fully prepared, but Andy, still uncomfortable with what he had just witnessed, tensed up and pulled back.

'Andy, put yourself back into the role. You're Josh now, not Andy. Josh is gay, and Dean is the man of your dreams. He's just told you that he loves you, and you've been waiting a long time to hear him say those magic words. You want him to take you, and you want to give yourself to him completely.'

Sam could see Andy start to pant, something akin to fear rising in his eyes.

'OK. Maybe we need some ambiance. This scene takes place in the locker room. You've just come from the soccer field. All of the other boys have already showered and cleared out, and it's just the two of you standing there in nothing but your gym shorts. So, let's strip down.'

'But we're not wearing gym shorts,' Andy mildly protested.

'Doesn't matter. Your underwear will do just fine. It'll help create the mood. Here, if it'll make you feel any better, I'll go first,' and with that, Sam stripped down to his boxer briefs.

Andy disrobed more slowly than Kevin, but in a way, that made the show all the more enjoyable to Sam. When they were nearly naked, Sam discovered what he had been missing. Without their baggy sweatshirts, they were fuckin' hot. Both boys had well-defined muscles. Andy had broader shoulders and larger pecs. His body was hairless except for a provocative treasure trail that disappeared into his shorts. If he hadn't already been cute as hell, he was now drop-dead gorgeous. Kevin had hair covering his chest and much of his stomach. It was not profuse, just thick enough to be inviting. He had powerful arms and legs, probably from years of dancing. Sam had noticed before that Kevin had a sonorous speaking voice, so perhaps he was aiming toward musical theatre.

Andy wore flaming red boxer shorts, and Sam just knew that what was underneath had to be a scorcher as well. Kevin wore another pair of CK whities, and Andy gawked at the way Kevin filled out his briefs. Sam had already enjoyed the sight of Kevin's package, but it stood out even more surrounded by all the dark hair on his body.

'Much better. Now, let's try it again.'

Again, Kevin really got into the act, but Andy balked.

'What's the matter, Andy?'

'I was cool with this before, but now it's getting too intense. I don't think I can handle this.'

'Stop thinking like a kid, Andy, and start thinking like an actor. Now, your lover has just told you that he loves you. What do you want to do at this moment?'

'I want to kiss him.'

'Yes, and what else?'

'I dunno. I just wanna kiss him.'

'You do want to kiss him, but as you are kissing him, what is going through your mind?'

'I dunno. I dunno.'

'What goes through your mind when you are kissing a girl?'

'I guess I'm thinking about how hot she is.'

'Yes, and . . . .'

'I'm thinking I wanna feel her up.'

'Yes, and . . . .'

'I'm wondering if I can get her into bed.'

'Yes, and when you get her into bed?'

'I wanna fuck her brains out.'


'Now, do you think that Josh wants anything less from Dean?'

'I dunno. I'm not a fag, so I can't say.'

'What you are is not important right now. It's what Josh is, and you're Josh. If you're not sure what a gay man wants, let's ask one. Dean, you have just told Josh that you love him, and now you are kissing him passionately. What do you want to do next?'

'I guess I would want to make love to him.'

'YES! So, let me see that kind of passion. You're kissing, but at the same time, you are thinking of making love to your partner. Here, let's try something. Josh sit down on the sofa and spread out. Now, Dean, you lie down on top of him.' Andy's eyes grew wider. 'Ah, this is your lover, remember. OK, let's try it again.'

Kevin spoke Dean's line and moved in for the kiss. Andy tried to pull back, but Kevin had him pinned down, and he kept kissing more and more passionately. He rubbed his hand along the outside of Andy's thigh and cupped his breast. Andy squirmed.

'Don't fight it, Josh. You want this. This is your lover showing you how much he really loves you.' Sam reached over, took Andy's hand, and rubbed it over Kevin's ass. Kevin's cock began to sprout as he ground it into Andy's crotch. Sam took Andy's hand again and stuck it down inside of Kevin's briefs, rubbing it against the bare skin of Kevin's cheeks and then between them. He leaned over and whispered in Kevin's ear. 'You're hot, Dean, and so is Josh. You can't get enough of him. God, you want his fuckin' body so much, you can't stand it. You ache for him.'

Kevin reached inside of Andy's boxers and found his manhood. Despite his best efforts, Andy could not fight the sensation. His cock grew and grew. Now, there were two hard poles rubbing against each other, and Sam was feeling his own loins stir. Andy lessened his resistance and even tongued Kevin back. Without any coaxing from Sam, he grabbed Kevin's ass and pulled their groins together and then rubbed one hand between Kevin's ass cheeks. Kevin let out a loud moan.

'What do you want to do now, Dean? How do you want to show Josh how much you love him?'

Kevin stopped kissing Andy, but only to lick his face and make his way down to his tits, which he licked and sucked furiously while continuing to pump his throbbing cock. As he did, Sam leaned over and refilled Andy's mouth with his tongue and placed Andy's hand around Kevin's cock. Both boys moaned and moaned. Sam's cock was now just as hard as the boys', and Kevin surprised Sam when he reached over and began to prime his professor's prize tool. Sam wasn't about to complain, though.

'What now, Dean? Show Josh that you really love him.'

Kevin responded by working his tongue down Andy's beautiful ripped abs to his navel, which he rimmed several times before following the treasure trail down to the pot of gold. He let go of Sam's dick to grasp Andy's cock with one hand and rub his balls with the other. He gave the organ one quick lick, and Andy jerked with the force of an electric shock. 'Aargh!' he tried to scream through Sam's lip lock. Then, Kevin took the meat into his mouth and sucked away. Andy screamed with pleasure.

Sam took Andy's hand and placed it around his shaft, and Andy wanked away, a little too roughly until Sam asked him to lighten up a bit. With Sam's tongue no longer in Andy's mouth, Andy licked his lips as if to ask for more, but instead of giving him his tongue, Sam offered him his dick. He rubbed it along Andy's boyish cheeks and then against his lips. Andy wrapped his lips around the circumference and then took the head into his mouth. Andy was now sucking Sam's dick and wanking two cocks. Kevin was sucking Andy's dick and rubbing his balls. Sam was getting his dick sucked and congratulating himself on what a good drama coach he was.

'Oh, God,' squealed Andy after removing Sam's dick from his mouth. 'Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum, Dean. I'm gonna cum!'

'He's your lover, Dean,' coaxed Sam. 'You want to love him completely.'

Kevin continued to suck away on Andy's pulsating cock.

'Oh shit! Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Aaaaaaaaaaa . . . unh!' Andy poured gobs of ball juice into Kevin's mouth. Kevin swallowed some of it, but never having sucked a guy off before, he was unable to handle all of it, so much of it dribbled down his chin.

'Oh shit! I'm cummin',' yelled Kevin. Sam had seen Kevin shoot before, and he was wondering if he would shoot as much or as far has he had before. He needn't have wondered. 'Aaaaaaaaaa FUUUCCCKKK!' Kevin again shot a dozen times, some of it flying clear over Andy's head and much of it coating his pristine blond hair and adorable face. Some settled in the rippled valleys of his abs.

Andy pulled Sam close and again took his cock into his hungry mouth. He sucked the seed right out of his balls and let it fill his mouth. As soon as Sam was able to stop quaking and regain his composure, he pulled Kevin forward and pressed his face toward Andy's, and the two boys licked each other's face clean and swapped cum. Their naked bodies squished Kevin's copious cum that coated Andy's magnificent torso. Sam fell on the floor beside them, and the three of them lay silently for nearly half an hour.

Finally, Sam suggested that they all shower and clean up. Kevin and Andy showered together. When Sam came out of the shower, he found the boys lying on the living room floor in a 69 position. He did not interrupt them, just stood and watched from a distance. They were so into each other that they never even noticed him. The scene was so hot that Sam immediately sprang another hard-on and had to jack off again while watching the action. Andy tried desperately to get all of Kevin's meat into his mouth, but it was obvious that he would need much more practice. After they finished sucking each other off, they got dressed and popped a couple of beers. Then, they ran through the scene one more time for Sam - not the extra parts - just the scripted scene.

'Perfect,' yelled Sam. 'Absolutely perfect. Now, just do it like that, and the show will be a smash.'

'I dunno, Sam,' said Kevin. Professor Lassiter always told us that a good actor is never satisfied with his performance. If it's all right with you, I'd like to come over at least once a week for more private tutoring.'

'Me too,' Andy quickly chimed in. 'Actors should always be pushing the envelope, ya know. Experimenting. Exploring new territory. How about it, Sam?'

Right up until opening night, the boys went over to Sam's place at least twice a week. Sometimes, Sam would rent gay or bi flicks to help get them in the mood. They would usually enjoy some beer and pot, but mostly after they had finished their rehearsals. They really didn't need them any more to help them get into the mood. Often, one or both of the boys would spend the night. Sam thanked God he had a king-size bed.

'Listen up, everybody,' Sam called to the cast at the final dress rehearsal. Tomorrow night, opening night, we will have a special guest in the audience. His name is Todd Lancaster, and he's the producer who staged two of my plays off Broadway. Now, there's no need to get nervous. You've all done great, and I know you will impress the hell out of him. So, let's go out and break a leg.'

The local paper gave the play a lukewarm review, which Sam attributed to the critic's homophobia. But Todd Lancaster had a totally different reaction.

'You really liked it?' asked Sam.

'Liked it? I loved it! I think we can take this show to New York.'

'Really? Off Broadway?'

'Hell, I think we can put it on Broadway.'

'No shit!'

'Yep, but on one condition: only if we can get those two boys to play the leads. Do you think they would be up for it?'

'Oh, yeah,' exclaimed Sam. 'They would definitely be up for it.'


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