'No, no, no, no, no! You look like you're kissing your grandmothers!' yelled Sam Edwards at the two actors on the stage. 'The kiss in the first act is supposed to be awkward, but the one in the second act is romantic, and the one in the third act is downright raunchy. Surely, you're not virgins, are you?'

Barely 30, Sam Edwards had already established quite a reputation as a writer. He had won national awards and critical acclaim for his short stories and even had a couple of his plays produced off Broadway, one of which he had been invited to direct. When he was offered the position of writer in residence at a small, but prestigious, university in the Midwest, he gladly accepted because he only had to teach one course the first semester and direct a play the second semester, which left him plenty of time to devote to his writing. In fact, the dean had asked him to write an original play for the spring production, and he welcomed the opportunity.

Sam was not gay, and he had never written about gays before, but when he saw how successful 'Brokeback Mountain' had been, he decided to give it a try. The story was basically about two high school seniors discovering their sexual orientation and falling in love with each other.

The casting call had been very interesting. Some of the students in the Theatre Department backed out of the auditions when they found out what the roles were. Others stipulated on their tryout sheets that they would only consider supporting roles (in other words, the straight roles). Still others jumped at the chance to experiment with something new and different. The challenge for Sam was to find two actors who were talented enough to play the challenging roles and at the same time young enough to pass for 16- or 17-year-old kids. If they were also cute, well, that would just be icing on the cake. In the end, Sam cast Andy Richmond to play the part of Josh, the younger of the two lead roles, and Kevin Clark to play the part of Dean, the older of the two.

Andy was nothing short of adorable. His golden blond hair hung down in a bang to his crystal blue eyes. Dimpled, rosy red cheeks accentuated his round, boyish face. His beaming smile would melt the Rock of Gibraltar. He stood about 5' 9', and Sam guessed his weight to be about 160. Kevin was slightly taller and in many ways just the opposite of Andy. His eyes were dark, almost brooding, and his equally dark hair flowed down to his shoulders. With the right tattoos, he would easily pass for a rock star wannabe. Because it was wintertime when the auditions were held, both wore baggy sweatshirts, so Sam couldn't really tell what their torsos looked like, but their tight jeans betrayed narrow waists and well-proportioned butts. They certainly looked the parts when Sam cast them, but now he was beginning to have his doubts about whether they could act the parts.

Andy and Kevin stood silent when Sam asked them if they were virgins. They took it as a rhetorical question. Snickers erupted from some of the other young actors on the stage and in the wings, however, especially a couple of the girls who knew from first-hand experience that both of them were anything but virgins.

'OK, let's wrap it up for today,' Sam sighed. 'Everyone's dismissed . . . everyone but Andy and Kevin, that is. We need to talk.' Once all the others had cleared out, Sam approached the two with a more mellow tone. He walked them over to one side of the stage with one arm wrapped around each one's shoulder, the way a coach might with two of his players. Then, turning to face them, he said, 'Now, talk to me. What seems to be the problem here?'

Andy and Kevin stared at the floor for several seconds and glanced at each other before Andy finally spoke. 'I've never kissed a guy before, Professor Edwards. I know it's just acting, but I just can't seem to get into the part.'

'And you, Kevin?'

'Same here. I just . . . I just . . . .'

'OK, look. To tell you the truth, I've never kissed a guy either, but how hard can it be? Just pretend it's a girl.'

The hesitation did not lift from their faces. 'All right, obviously we're going to have to work on this. How about we get together tonight?'

'Oh, tonight's really not good for me, professor,' said Kevin. 'I've got a big chemistry test tomorrow, and I really need to study. I know rehearsal is important, but chemistry is not my best subject, and if I don't pass, I could lose my scholarship.'

'Well, we can't let that happen. How about you, Andy?'

'Uh, yeah, I'm free tonight, but what good would it do if Kevin's not there?'

'I'll work with you myself. Like I said, I've never kissed a guy before either, so in that sense, it'll be no different from kissing Kevin here. Oh, damn. I forgot. Professor Lassiter has booked the auditorium for tonight. I tell you what, why don't you come over to my apartment, and we can practice there. That OK with you?'

'Uh . . . sure. OK.'

Andy showed up promptly at 8:00, wearing the same frumpy sweatshirt and tight jeans that he had worn for the audition. Sam went over the role with him, trying to get him into the character's mind. Then, they went to work. 'Well, that was awkward as shit,' said Sam after their first effort. 'It'll work fine for the kiss in the first act, but we're going to have to do better for the other two kisses.' After several more attempts, frustration began to show on both of their faces.

'I think we both need to relax,' said Sam. 'I have an idea.' He went to the kitchen and came back with a couple of cans of cold beer. 'Here, drink up.' The two men sat on the sofa and chatted, mostly about Andy - his high school, his college studies, and especially girls. Sam wanted to get his juices flowing. When they finished their beers, Sam brought out a second one, and then a third. 'Feeling more relaxed now?'

'Yeah, I am, professor.'

'OK, now, you're Josh, and I'm Dean, so call me Dean. Are you feeling relaxed, Josh?'

'Yeah, Dean. I'm relaxed.'

Since the romantic kiss in the second act takes place with the two characters standing, Sam got up from the sofa and then pulled Andy up beside him. He looked at him longingly and ran his fingers gently through his sunshine hair. He whispered the seductive dialog from the play into Andy's . . . uh, Josh's . . . ear. Then, he cradled his baby face in both of his strong, masculine hands and slowly leaned toward his succulent lips. He kissed him, tentatively at first, and then more confidently. He tilted Andy's head one way and then the other. At first, Andy stood motionless, but Sam peppered his way with butterfly kisses to Andy's ear, licked and sucked his lobe, and breathed heavily, 'Oh, God, Josh, I love you so much. I don't care what anybody else thinks. I love you, and I want you to be mine.' He kissed Andy again on the lips and slipped his tongue between his lips. This time, Andy wrapped his arms around Sam and rubbed his hands over his back. He opened his mouth and took in Sam's tongue. As the passion rose, he inserted his tongue into Sam's mouth, and the two danced in each other's saliva. After a couple of minutes, Sam slowly withdrew and looked Andy straight in the eye.

'How do you feel?' asked Sam.

'Wow. Uh . . . I dunno. Uh, OK, I guess. I think I can kinda see what you're going for, professor.'

'Look, kid, we just sucked face with each other. I think we're on a first-name basis now. Call me Sam.'

Andy blushed and laughed awkwardly. 'Can we . . . can we try it again?'

Sam smiled and the two men ran through the scene again. 'That was much better, but it still needs some more work.' So, they ran through it again, and again, and again. Sam noticed that each time, not only did Andy get into the role better, but so did he - so much so that he began to feel an uncomfortable stirring in his groin.'I think that's enough for one night,' he told Andy. 'Let's see how rehearsal goes tomorrow.'

The next day, the entire cast showed up for rehearsal, and Sam could see the improvement in Andy's performance, but Kevin was still stiff. He asked him to stay behind after rehearsal. 'Me too, Sam?' asked Andy. The other students raised their eyebrows at the mention of their professor's first name. Seeing their reaction and not wanting to give the wrong impression, Sam quickly spoke, 'Ah, it's OK, everybody. You can all call me Sam.'

'Did you notice the improvement in Andy's performance today?' Sam asked Kevin.

'Yeah,' he breathed heavily. 'A lot! You must have really worked him hard last night.'

'Well, that's my job,' replied Sam, trying to keep everything professional. 'Since it seems to be working with Andy, I thought maybe just you and I could work together tonight. Then, once we get you up to speed, we can put you two back together. How 'bout it?'

'Uh, sure. Here?'

'Actually, even though I think the auditorium is available tonight, Andy seemed to relax more at my place, so if you don't mind, why don't we do it there?'

'No, I don't mind.'

The evening started out much the same as the night before. Kevin was very uptight and just could not seem to get into the role. So, Sam resorted to his tried-and-true technique: he softened Kevin up with conversation and beer and tried again. With Kevin, though, the beer did not prove enough. So, Sam decided that he had to escalate matters. He pulled out some weed and offered it to Kevin. Of course, Kevin had smoked pot before, but never with one of his professors. He felt awkward at first, but after Sam took the first toke, Kevin cautiously followed his lead. In fact, after one joint, he seemed ready for another, but Sam didn't want him so relaxed that he could not rehearse, so he said, 'Maybe later.'

Sam started to pull Kevin up from the couch, but Kevin pulled him back down. 'I've got a confession to make,' he slurred.

A long silence followed as Kevin seemed to cogitate over whether or not he really wanted to say what was on his mind.

'What is it, Kevin?' asked Sam, placing his hand on Kevin's shoulder as he had done before. 'Is it about the play?'

'Well, sorta,' Kevin answered.

He paused again, took a deep breath to muster up his courage, and continued.

'Kissing Andy . . . uh, Josh . . . whatever. The reason I'm having so much trouble with it is not because he's a guy. Well, I mean, it is, and it isn't.'

'What do you mean, Kevin?' asked Sam reassuringly. 'What is it?'

'It's . . . well, it's . . . goddam it, Sam, he's just so fuckin' cute, and those lips are so damn sweet, I'm afraid I'm gonna pop a boner right there on the stage in front of God, the cast, the crew, and the whole goddam audience. I'll be the fuckin' laughing stock of the whole damn school.'

'Oh, I see,' said Sam, trying very hard to control his surprise.

'I ain't no fuckin' queer or nothin',' Kevin hastened to add, 'but, I mean, goddam, Sam. You've seen the kid. He's fuckin' hot!'

Kevin looked like he was about to cry. Sam placed his hand on Kevin's knee in a gesture of understanding and reassurance, but he felt a quick twinge, so he withdrew immediately. 'Maybe we could use a little more relaxation,' said Sam as he again pulled out the pot. The two men smoked and talked for two hours. Finally, Sam asked, 'Do you want me to recast the role, Kevin, 'cause . . . ?'

'No,' Kevin snapped, 'please don't do that. This is the first time I've had a leading role, and if I don't do this one, I don't know when I'll ever have another chance.'

'Well, maybe we can design your costume so that if you do get an erection, it won't show.'

'Fat chance,' Kevin scoffed. 'There ain't no way to hide this baby!' he bragged as he rubbed his crotch.

That comment really piqued Sam's curiosity, but he decided not to pursue it at the moment.

'Tell you what. Let's try the scene again, and don't hold back. If you get hard, you get hard. It's just you and me, and nobody else will know.' Sam helped Kevin off the sofa. 'Remember now, you're Dean, and I'm Josh. Let's take it from the point where you tell Josh that you love him.'

Kevin spoke the line and leaned in for the kiss. Sam was fully prepared to take Kevin through the same steps that he had used the night before with Andy, but that proved totally unnecessary. Kevin grabbed Sam and went wild with passion. He kissed him like his life depended on it. Sam was taken aback, but he threw himself into the role of Josh and reciprocated, tonguing Kevin's mouth and rubbing his hands all over his body. Kevin grabbed Sam's ass and pulled him close, rubbing their groins together. Suddenly, Sam realized what Kevin had meant when he said that it would be impossible to conceal his boner. It was huge. Kevin was on a roll, and Sam had to push him away to break the kiss. Kevin wiped his mouth with his shirt sleeve. 'Sorry, I guess I got kinda carried away.'

'No, that's fine. We'll have to tone it down a bit for the romantic kiss in act two, but that's perfect for the raunchy kiss in act three.'


'Oh, yeah!'

Kevin smiled, then blushed, and then looked again as if he would burst into tears.

Sam sat him down and reassured him that everything would be fine. He brought out some brandy to help calm him down. The two men sat and chatted for another hour, revealing intimate details of their lives. 'You ready to try it again?'

'Yeah, OK. You want me to be a little less passionate this time?'

'No, do it just like you did last time. It's better to go over the top and then work our way back.'

Kevin played the role even more passionately, and Sam met him more than half way. After several minutes, both men stood rock hard. When they backed off, Kevin let out a light, self-satisfied giggle. He rubbed his crotch and tried to rearrange his cramped snake, but to no avail. He tried to stick his hand down his jeans, but they were too tight. 'Here, let me help you,' said Sam, not really meaning to get personal; he just knew that with the liquor and the pot, Kevin might never make it, and since his own cock was raging in his pants, he easily sympathized with the young stud. So, he reached over, loosened Kevin's belt, and unbuttoned his jeans. The Levi's dropped to Kevin's knees to reveal a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. Kevin reached inside to rearrange his manhood, but the monster still strained to get free, so Kevin pulled down the underwear and let his dick pop out. Sam's eyes popped out too. He could not believe the size of the thing. It had to be at least 10'. Kevin rubbed it gently. Sam understood. It had to be sore from being so cooped up in those tight jeans. Hell, if he had a cock like that, he would be massaging it too. In fact, seeing Kevin massage his dick made Sam feel the need to rub his own. He squirmed as he pulled at his cock from the outside of his jeans and finally decided to follow Kevin's lead. He dropped his jeans and his boxer briefs and set his dick free. Kevin looked at him and smiled. Sam smiled back.

'You better do something about that thing,' warned Sam, 'or you'll never make it back to your dorm.'

'Nah, it'll go down in a little bit,' said Kevin.

'Not if you keep rubbing it like that,' chuckled Sam. Sam helped Kevin back down to the sofa and poured another glass of brandy, which Kevin drank a little more quickly than he should have.

'It's pretty, ain't it?' asked Kevin proudly, flying high from the dope and alcohol.

'Yeah, Kevin, it's pretty . . . pretty awesome.'

Kevin laughed. 'Yeah,' girls love it. Only it's too big for some of 'em,' he sighed. 'They get scared and chicken out. Some of 'em just suck on it cuz they don't wanna take it up their cunts, but none of 'em can get the whole thing in their mouths. I've thought about having a contest. The first girl who can get the whole thing down her throat gets a prize. Whaddya think, Sam?'

'That would be some contest,' admitted Sam, now rubbing his own cock freely. 'And what would be the prize?'

'Why, this!' he chuckled, waving his man trophy in the air.

'You got a pretty nice poker there yourself, Sam. I mean, I don't go around inspectin' guy's dicks or nothin', but I've seen 'em in the locker room in high school and in dressin' rooms, ya know. 'course, none of them was hard. I ain't never seen another guy's dick hard. Well, that ain't really true,' he giggled. 'When I was a kid, me and some of my buddies used to jack off together. Sometimes we would even watch a porn flick and see who could hold out the longest. I always won,' he giggled again and slapped Sam on the knee. 'You got any porn, Sam?'

The question caught Sam by surprise, but he figured, what the hell, and went to his room to retrieve a DVD.

'Now, that guy's pretty big,' Kevin said, pointing at one of the actors on the screen. 'Not as big as me, but pretty big. Damn! That chick's takin' his cock. Look, she's got it all the way down her throat. Way to go, babe. Suck that muthafucker dry. I wonder if she'd take mine. Whaddya think, Sam. Could she take mine?'

'It'd be a mouthful, for sure, but she's probably had a lot of experience, so she just might be able to do it.'

'I'd like to meet her and see if she could take mine,' Kevin slurred as he took another gulp of brandy. 'You got a nice dick, Sam. I mean, don't get the wrong idea or nothin', but I'm just sayin', you know, you got nothin' to be 'shamed of. You're not as big as me, but it's nice. You know, pretty . . . like mine. Pretty.'

'Thanks, Kevin. I'm kinda proud of it.'

'You should be, buddy. You should be damn proud of it,' said Kevin, slapping his newly intimate friend above the knee. 'It's pretty. It feels good too, don't it? I mean, it feels good in your hand, and it tingles all nice when you rub it . . . right down to your balls, and it feels awesome when you shoot. Shit, man, ain't nothin' in the world like that. I just loooove gittin' my rocks off, dude. Hee, hee, hee.'

Sam watched with amazement and laughed inside at the antics of the drunk sophomore on his couch. Kevin may have been uptight when he arrived, but he sure as hell wasn't now.

'Oh, God! Oh shit! I'm cummin', Sam. Oh fuck. I can't stop, dude. I'm gonna cum all over your couch.' Sam decided he had better get Kevin a towel, but it was too late. 'Awwww FUUUCCCKKK!' Sam feared that the scream would rouse the neighbors. The young stud shot a volley clear over his head and onto the sofa and the carpet. Even the second shot cleared his head, and the third and fourth landed in his hair and on his face. Some even got in his mouth, and he licked his lips. After nine shots, Sam thought that he would surely be spent, but he released three more squirts. The sight and sounds of the cock machine drove Sam over the edge, and he, too, shot his load, not as much as Kevin, but he did shoot more than he had in a long time. The two men shook and cursed as they sprawled out on the now-stained couch. Several minutes passed before they caught their breath. Somewhat to Sam's surprise, Kevin wiped the cum off his face with his finger, ate it, and washed it down with another swig of brandy.

'Whoa, dude. That was fuckin' awesome,' Kevin giggled. 'You got a pretty potent weapon there.'

'Thanks,' said Sam. 'Nothin' like yours, but it does the trick.'

'It sure does. That was nice. Real nice. And fun. Ha, ha, ha. Yeah, dude, fun. In fact, I would love to stay and do it again, but it's after midnight, and I gotta be goin'.'

'You better clean up first. The bathroom's inside my bedroom. Down the hall.'

Kevin rose to make his way to the bathroom, but he stumbled and fell on top of Sam, staining his clothes with his cum and brushing some against Sam's cheek. 'Sorry, dude,' said Kevin, breathing hot air into Sam's face. Then, in a bit of a shock, he fell upon Sam's mouth and planted a deep, wet kiss there. 'I love you, Josh,' he said as he released his lip lock.

Well, at least he's getting into the role, thought Sam. He pushed Kevin off of his body and helped him off the couch. He wrapped Kevin's arm around his shoulder and led him to the bathroom. Then, he returned to the kitchen to clean himself up. He put away the liquor and the pot and tidied up the living room as best he could. Kevin had been in the bathroom a long time, he thought. He went to check on him and found him zapped out on his bed, his cock still hard and stretching past his navel. He took a wash cloth from the bathroom and finished cleaning him up. Then, he pulled him to one side of the bed. Sam slept fully clothed on the other side, mustering all of his powers of concentration to keep his distance.

When the alarm went off the next morning, Kevin slept right through it. He was sporting morning wood (or had he never gone down all night?). Sam stared at the missile in total amazement. He had never seen anything like it before, and though the thought of touching another man there had never crossed his mind before, he could not resist this opportunity. His curiosity compelled him. First, he laid his hand on Kevin's pubes and ran his fingers through the coarse hairs. Then, he ran his hands down his thighs and felt his balls against his thumbs. He cupped the balls and marveled at how big they were. He lowered his face to get a close-up view of the magnificently sculpted penis. He studied it from one angle and then another, the way an art student would study a masterpiece in a museum. He wrapped his hands around it and felt its awesome power as his own cock grew stiff as a board. He repositioned himself between Kevin's legs and rubbed their hard dicks together. 'Ahh, jeez, fuck!' He rubbed his cock against Kevin's balls and then rubbed Kevin's against his own. He recalled the incident the night before and how Kevin had complained that no girl had ever been able to take the entire length into her mouth.

I wonder . . . no, I couldn't. It wouldn't be right. On the other hand, he's out cold. He'll never know.

(To be continued)


Brock Archer

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