My neighbor, Keith and I were having regular meetings at my house and no one was the wiser that anything was happening sexually between us, Hell Keith would come over and spend time with me just to get away from Karina, his wife, evidently they weren't getting along too well.

One afternoon Keith came over and said I might just stay over here this afternoon and evening, Karina and the kids have gone to her mothers for the night about 80 miles away and may be gone for the weekend, I said o.k. and started putting plans in motion.

I looked at Keith and said are you horney, Keith just raised his eyebrows and smiled real devilishly, and grabbed his crotch and squeezed, Then he said but our love affair was a little one sided, I was always getting him off but I never got to cum unless I stroked myself off after he shot his load.

I said, What can I do about it, Keith said it's about payback time, don't you think? but I have never sucked another guy off before but it is only fair that I do you, don't you think?

He grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom, I just let it happen.

Keith started taking my shirt off and then my trousers and since I had shower thong flip-flops on for shoes in the house I kicked them off and then He started rubbing my cock thru my briefs and It was deffinately responding to his touch, Keith then started doing to me what I did to him and then he said, is it alright?, I said, oh hell Yea!

Keith stopped a minute to strip himself and He said be patient with me, I'll get it sooner or later, It was so delightfully cute like teaching a kid to ride a bike. He gently took my briefs off and then he knelt down, I looked down and saw his cock about to explode out of it's skin, damn it looked bigger than I had ever seen and that head was flanging out inside that beautiful foreskin and just about 1/2 inch of the head was sticking out from under it. I was about to faint, feeling his hand and then his virgin lips touch my cock and then I felt the feeling of his hand slowly retract my foreskin and felt the cool air and then his breath blow across the sensative head and I thought I would go wild. And then He did it, fuck he took about 3/4 of my cock into his mouth, being very careful not to scrape it with his teeth, and he was doing wonderful, and just to know this was his first solo flight into cocksucking was making it even more exciting, I was lost in Limbo, damn his mouth was like he had poured Hot water into it, and I was feeling every sensative nerve in my cock was like it was on fire. I knew that this wasn't gonna last long the way it was going, He started picking up his pace, Damn man I started feeling that boiling up of the manjuice deep inside my groin, and I said Keith if you aren't planning to take my cum in your mouth, you'd better back off and do it now, he just got wilder, and Oh Fuck man I started exploding and His mouth ballooned out and he started like he was going to gag, and his face got red but he kept going like a wolf after a peice of fresh meat, and didn't stop untill every last drop was pulled from me, He even took his thumb and slid under my cock from the base on the piss tube all the way up to the head squeezing every last little morsel and likeing it off with his tongue.

I was totally spent and wasted, it was so intense, I grabbed Keith by the hand raised him up and started kissing his mouth and I could taste my cum, I then said Hey guy were not done yet, I pushed him down on the bed and watching his cock as it throbbed up and down, and he said, What are we going to do now, I said you'll see, then I layed back on the bed, and I reached into the night stand and pulled out some lube and started lubing up my ass and then putting some on Keiths cock, He looked at me kinda funny and said Man you want me to fuck you in the ass, I've never done that, I said Keith There's a first time for everything, He said It will be my pleasure, I've always wanted to try that but Karina won't even let me have her pussy, much less her asshole, I said well, here it is baby, just be gentle at first your kinda thick in the cock dept, and then he knelt up to my asshole as I layed on my back and starting shoving it into me, It was sorta uncomfortable at first but that soon dissapated, and he started fucking like a madman, saying Oh mother, this feels awesome, I thought a blowjob felt good but this is out of sight, magnificant, I was feeling the glory of it too. Keith had a large enough cock to spread me open really good and a long enough cock to hit that 'Spot' I was wimpering and we were both grunting like Hogs mateing, Fuck it was the best fuck I had ever had and I think I was falling in Love with Keith, He was raising upon his toes and trying to stuff his nuts into my asshole too, I think I could feel them as he stroked them up against my ass and they were wet with the flow of pre-cum flowing out of Keiths cock and the lube, I was in Heaven, Then I noticed that Keith was getting redfaced and grunting and huffing and saying man, oh man, Ughmmmmmmm and his breathing almost stopped as he rammed his rock hard cock all the ways to the balls into my pulsing, milking rectum and I felt the splash of his seed as it filled my intestines, Damn, I exploded into another blast of cum shooting it up on my chest and on my mouth even, It was so friggin intense.

Keith rolled over totally spent and exhausted, totally fullfilled and saying breathlessly, that was so awesome I can't breath or move, I said I know I feel the same way, Keith leaned up over me and started Kissing me and licking the cum off my chin and chest. I had never felt quite exactly like this before.

We got up and cleaned up and got dressed and Keith heard a car pull up and looked out it was his nephew from Arkansas, and He said, Come here I want you to meet someone, He introduced me to his Nephew, and said he was gonna be spending a few weeks with them, I made my pleasantries with him and then let them go to Keiths home.

About a day or so later, Keiths nephew Brain, came over and sat down at the patio and I offered him a coke and he just started talking like he had known me for years. I noticed his build like a strong hard working farm boy, and His talk was quite countryfied, He was a very handsome boy, I ask his age and he said nineteen, and would soon be twenty in a few weeks or so. He drank his coke and started bluntly saying Your really a hot, good looking man, And I know good looking men, I am what they call queer down home, I think they call them gay up here, I like to mess around with guys and such, I hope that don't offend you, but I'm not from around here and I don't know any men from this area yet and I was kinda wondering if you could tell me where I might meet some. I just smiled and Said Brain, What are you looking for, He was just as bold as brass said ,I love to suck cock, and get sucked off and I know you might think I'm kinda sick in teh head or somptin, but I've like that since I was a kid, I don't know why, but I do. I Looked at him with a gleem in my eye, and said, Has your uncle been telling you things, He looked kinda blank and said what kinda things, I don't understand, I just said oh well, just forget it I said come with me and I took him into the kitchen of my house, set him down at the table and started asking him questions about sex, and I noticed the bulge in his levi's starting to rise, He said You better stop talking like that now or I'm gonna have to go and stroke one off, It's getting too me. I smiled and reached over and started rubbing on his cock thru his Levi's. He sorta leaned back and said, that feels great, Fuck this Arkansas kid had a root on him to make a porno star jealous It was thicker than Keith's and mine, and about 8 inches or longer, and It was hard, very hard.

I told Brian to stand up and I pulled off his white tee-shirt and then started rubbing his nipples, and stroking his perfectly clean, smooth chest which was as muscular as an olympic athlete, and I started massaging his washboard abdominal muscles and fuck, he was really getting into this action. I was getting turned on, This kid was gorgeous and a fucking dream come to life, His stomach muscles were clean from hair down to his navel and then there was a small line of dark curly hairs down into his Levi's and god he was beautiful, had a little stubble on his face because he had not shaved this morning and I wanted to lick his body untill my tongue bled.

He was leaning his head back just sorta moaning and really getting into what I was doing, and So was I, then I undid his Levis, had him stand up and let them fall to the floor and there he stood in his Fruit of the loom white briefs, and they were packed very full of balls and cock, Fuck I felt like fainting, He removed his Levi's and I said lets go to my bedroom and he said O.K. and I led him into my love chamber and I started feeling him rub my crotch and he said, Hell man your hard as a rock too, Do you like to do other guys, and I said can't you tell, he said I kinda thought so. and then he started undoing my trousers, and I was loving this, after we both got down to our underwear, we layed down on the bed and I started kissing him, He had never done that with a guy before and He started really getting into it, I looked down and his cock was leaking wet glistening pre-cum thru the material of his briefs and it was glistening in the light, I reached down and pulled his brief away fromt his cock and slid them down, What a surprised a young man 19 years and still uncut, fucking awesome, I guess they don't do that in the country area of Arkansas, I couldn't believe the cock on this kid, It was not just big it was huge, I would probably let him try to fuck me, but I would need a paramedic on hand to revive me when it was over. He slid my shorts down for me, and like a starving dog lunged at my cock and had it ingulfed to the nuts in about one second. and he was doing an awesome job sucking and swirling his tongue around the head, this kid knew what he was doing, I would guess he has had quite a bit of practice, I kinda rolled around and got his cock into my mouth, and started sucking like a vacuum and he started humping my mouth like a breading horse, He was loving what I was doing and Getting into it and making sounds like an animal in heat. I was working his cock over and he sorta kept my cock in his mouth but stopped his sucking and moving, he was getting close, and I wanted to make this any experience for him so I took my right index finger and wet it up with pre-cum and saliva and he started moaning like, and tightening up and his body was starting to stiffen up and I slipped my lubed finger up his turd tunnel and he let out an almost screame Oh Fucking Mother of God, UHMMMMMMMMMMMMM, and started bucking, and blasting a load of hot sticky, milky mancream into my throat, Oh Jesus, Holy Mother, That was awesome, totally, totally awesome. I had thought he would stop doing me after he got off but he returned back to sucking my cock and about one minute was all it took and I was in 'Elvis has left the Building' mode, my nuts ached the blast was that intense and My cock throbbed and he just kept sucking until I made him quit sucking It was that sensative. Fuck It was awesome.

Brian, for some reason came over at least once a day, I guess his 'well' just kept filling up and I, of course was perfectly will to empty it for him, and then he'd show up the next day, full again, for me to empty it, I was enjoying the hell out of it.

That was not to mention Keith too. which I had to relieve from his built up pressure.

Then one day Keith was engaged in anal sex, I was full of his cock, I guess it was about noon, and didn't hear anyone comeing into the house, I had forgot and left the garage door open and he came thru the kitchen door going out into the garage. But Keith was fucking my hot ass like a maniac, and I looked up and right outside the door to my bedroom stood Brian with his cock out stroking off as he watched us fuck, I jumped and looked up and Keith turned his head around, and I know he felt embarassed and He sorta froze, and Brian said, I'm sorry, I shoulda knocked but the door was open to the kitchen, but please don't stop Uncle Keith that's so fucking Hot. I want to watch please dont stop, and Keith, hesitantly started stroking his cock into my asshole, I looked up a Brian and motioned for him to come over to me and He stopped and took off his clothes and came over to my face and just stuck his cock into my mouth, Keith really got excited then and started pumping my ass for all he was worth and he stopped long enough to say Brian, I didn't know you like this stuff, I always have and always will, Keith started getting closer and started bucking and grunting and Brian leaned over and started kissing Keith on the lips as he blew a wad into my ass and he was jerking and humping and shooting and Brian then started getting into it and started shooting his load into my mouth, and the whole while he was kissing his Uncle Keith on the lips. Fuck this was a wild ride I started to feel it and Brian then leaned down and took my cock into his mouth and started sucking it like a madman, It wasn't long I loaded his oral cavity with Love nectar and he took it all without a hitch, Keith just fell backward, and I layed there all spent and Brian flopped down between us and said Hey Uncle Keith, Can we do this agin later today or maybe tomorrow Please. just like it was cooking dinner or something. Well tomorrow did happen and the next day and Damn man This kid was friggin insatiable. Later the month He went home and I was sad. and really missed him, but Keith came over and said don't be so sad, He's coming back to live here, I need to talk to you about him staying with you, and maybe living here, because Karina doesn't want him to live with us, we just need to figure out an expense account arrangement. How does that sound? I just looked up and Smiled a great big Smile. and said Hey man thats fine by me.



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