I feel like I had left my soul in Afghanistan. I was finally on my way home after an 18 month tour of duty, I had gone in knowing I would probably be sent to that hell hole. I knew things would be extrememly hard for me, being a gay soldier in a straight mans Army. I had to really watch my P's and Q's as the old saying goes. I was not what you would consider the sharpest knife in the drawer by any stretch of the imagination, but I wasn't an idiot either.

We had landed right outside of Kabul and gotten our geer stowed away when we were almost immediately stuffed into a battle situation. I was going to get a first hand lesson on how to be scared shitless. I had never seen such carnage, I couldn't have possibley been prepared for such scenes as I had witnessed,basic doesn't train you for that. Yet I knew it was what I had joined the military for, and I knew we were there for a reason. I became very cold and unfeeling as the weeks turned into months and I saw buddy after buddy be sent back home in body bags.

I knew life had changed for me tremendously.

I found that all mens lives were precious to me. Each week, each day, every hour, and each minute was to be held close and appreciated.

Well my day for departure had finally come, I was going home. I boarded the big plane and we took off, and even that was harder than hell knowing that there were guys back there that had risked their lives for mine and they had months or weeks yet to endure it.

I finally took a couple tylenol and dozed off in the big Jet plane, all I could hear was the constant sound of the Jets as it flew for the USA. I almost didn't want to open my eyes for fear that I might find out it was a dream ,that I wasn't really going home after all.

But I was, and finally we landed on United States soil, I wanted to kiss the ground, I was finally home safe and sound.

I went into the processing center for my final orders and dismissal papers. I got that all taken care of, they gave me a plane ticket back home to the big city and I finally got home two days later. God It felt good to be back, but I felt kinda empty and very saddened.

It took a couple days to readjust to the time change.

I was setting on my bed back home when dad walked in and said, 'Son, you need some cheering up or something, You need to go out and find a girl or friend of some kind and get drunk, layed or what ever you need to cheer you up.' I said, 'Thanks Dad, I know your trying to get me back on track but I will be alright pretty soon, just give me a little time.' Dad Hugged me and said, 'Son I love you so much, And Im so glad that you made it home safe and sound,' I just smiled, 'Yeah, a lot of Parents aren't saying that to their sons about his time.'

Well after a week or so, I was wanting to go away for a while, to get my mind and thoughts back together.

I decided to go sorta camping and backpacking for couple days in the hills of Southern Missouri.

I got my backpack all loaded up and started off in my Toyota, while I had been gone it had be covered up in the garage the whole time, I had to drain the gas tank and put new gas in it, new antifreeze in it, and get the battery charged again, everything was dead in it.

The trip to the Mark Twain National Forest was about three hours and I stopped finally at a Forest Ranger Cabin in the National Forest, to get permission to go on the four day hike and to park my car there beside the station.

I had found a trail and started Hiking just walking as well as I could. So many thought were going thru my mind like an explosion, I had forgotten about food, sex, almost everything. But being in the woods, seeing those beautiful trees, and listening to the sounds of nature was doing something anew in me. I was very aware that there was not the sounds of guns going off in the distance. I was starting to come out of my doldrums.

I finally came upon a campground about five miles into the forest, It was a state run campground and I noticed nice restrooms and a shower hut. I was really ready for a nice shower even if the water was cool, I was dust covered from the hiking path and could use the wash off.

I didn't notice any cars around the area or other campers there It was deserted but that could change in a heartbeat.

I got some clean underwear and a towl from my back pack and walked up to the shower room. as I got closer to the Shower hut, I heard water running inside, I just though 'Shit, that waters is going to be cold as ice, if someone has left the water running all this time.

I entered the Shower hut and I came around the little walled area that kept anyone from outside from seeing in, and standing in the corner with water running down his gorgeous body was a young man, about nineteen or twenty. I at first, thought he could see me but then I noticed his eyes were closed and he was leaning back against the log walls of the shower room, which consisted of military style showers, just shower heads sticking out of the walls, about ten in this room. and two large drains one at each end on a concrete floor, which smelled of disinfectant.

He was leaning back against the wall, eyes closed, probably thinking he was the only one for miles, and he had his hand firmly wrapped around his very well endowed peice of manhood, his body was sculpted like a greek god, muscular chest, hard, ripped abs, awesome looking legs, and very nicely muscled arms. He was stroking about an eight inch cock, working it like a true master, and with his other hand pulling on his balls and rubbing his nipples and making very pleasureable moans.

I stripped off my cloths quietly so as not to disturb him and finally naked, quietly walked over to him and he still had not heard me. I was hard as a brick, my cock was really almost aching, wanting, yearning, desireing another man. It had been almost two years since I had the pleasure and joy of taking another guy and enjoying sex.

I finally got up infront of this young, gorgeous man, and I reached out, not knowing if he would allow me this pleasure, and I touched his chest. He gasped and opened his eyes to see me standing there his hand was flying back and forth like a sewing maching. God he was so friggen awesome.

I saw shock in his eyes, he started to say something, I just grabbed his head and started kissing him, I just thought I might as well go for broke. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into me. He resisted at first untill I wrapped my right hand around that awesome feeling cock of his. He then just melted into my arms, and just wimpered, I started kissing his mouth and sticking my tongue down his throat, he started kissing me back like a staved hound. God this was the most intense experience of my life, I knelt down and took that cock, beautifully cut, and perfectly shaped into my throat, It was exquisit, believe me, it was a mouth full too. I hadn't had that taste in my mouth for way too long, I had gone into the military under the don't ask, don't tell program.

This young man started stroking and shoving his cock into my mouth and fucking it like It was the first blowjob he had ever had. I was loving this, and he was too.

I took his cock to the Hilt and he started grunting and I knew his cock was filling my mouth with his hot steamy, tasty mancream.

I sucked it down with the fervor of a hounddog eating his first meal this week.

He held onto my head untill his load was completely drained.

He layed back against the wall and just gasped for air. I knew he had totally enjoyed this. But my cock was still harder than a peice of iron.

He looked down at me and said, 'Would you like to fuck me?' 'Oh hell yeah man,' I said.

He went over to his belongings and took out some kind of tube of something. He walked back over to me and said, 'Here, use this.' I took it and pushed some into his love channel, and I put some on my hard seven inch cock, He just looked at me and said, 'All right soldier boy, lets see how well you use that gun.' I just spun him around and pushed his face against the wall pulled his waist out at me and stuck my cockhead against his opening and grabbed his waist and sunk all seven inches into his asshole, He let out a loud yelp and said, 'Yeah man thats it fuck that ass.' I said, 'man you got it.' My cock was not gonna let me go very long since It had been so long since I had even used it on another guy. Damn It was feeling so fantastic. Hot, wet, slick, and my cock head was feeling the senstation as it was striking his prostate. He was almost a bowl of jello, he was pushing his ass back against my cock and mumbling something the whole friggin time.

I finally broke loose and let out a slight yelp as I shot a long hard load up inside this awesome looking guy, Fuck I didn't even know his name. But I knew he liked getting fucked.

I found out later his name was Toby Collier, and his father was a CEO of his own company in St. Louis. He had just graduated from College and like me he had just wanted to get away for a while.

I finally got a shower and Toby and I shared some good times together at that campsite.

we even slept together in the same sleeping bag and had sex almost twice a day while there in the forest together, I felt like I had finally made it home again. Toby and I exchanged phone numbers and found out we lived only about twenty minutes away from each other. We have been dating for about six months now, and I think I got my mind back on straight again.

That was an awesome way to be welcomed home.



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