The distance between the cinema and Marc's house was quickly crossed and his hands roamed my body as he had me up against the wall. God knows how he managed to get the door open without parting his lips from mine. I guess that explains us crashing into everything.

"I'm sorry but you have no idea how much I've wanted to do that from the first day I met you", he breathed as a slight distance formed between our mouths.

Pinning me up against a wall and kissing the shit

out of me?

"Good, I thought I was the only one", I breathed back.

His arms were tightly wrapped around my shoulders, and mine, clinged to his hard muscular chest as we continued making out. I moaned as he started kissing my neck, his fingers digging into my flesh through the fabric of my jeans.

The kiss was hard but extremely soft; passionate yet playful; it felt like a split second but a split second that could last forever. In that one kiss, I

realised what hid behind his handsome smile, and it made me like him even more.

We both pulled out of the kiss gasping for air and he looked deep into my eyes.

"God, you're beautiful."

"Oh dear Mr. Malvacini... I believe you're making me blush."

His grin widened making his already handsome features more abiding.

"I don't want to seem to straight forward", he whispered alluringly into my ear, the effects of which travel all the way down there,"But I have

to have you... Right now."

"I'm not resisting you", I ventured.

He led me to the living room as I marvelled his suave looking house. It had the essentials, like a kitchen, a swimming pool evident through the

sliding glass back door, and soundproof walls (Just kidding).

"Would you like something to drink?", he asked standing a few feet away from me.

"That would be...", I almost succeeded saying before he had me up against the wall once again.

"No", he said cutting me off. " This urge can't wait."

He quickly had his hand all over me and his lips all over my neck.

"You always this smooth?", I taunted.

He didn't reply, instead his hands reached my ass and he picked me up, my legs wrapped around him. I felt his hard dick against my denim, grinding it against my ass. He tentatively forced the thick shaft of his dick to rub my crease through the denim, making me wish the fabric wasn't there. Gently, he bit my neck and ventured up the stairs to his bedroom.

He placed me on his bed and removed his jacket. Throwing it on the floor he climed on top of me and started kissing my stomach through my shirt, making his way up to my neck, then my mouth.

I could still taste the sweet scent of chocolate as we made out, the sugary taste bursting on my taste buds. I grabbed hold of his shirt and started removing it as he did the same with mine. Soon we were skin on skin, chest on chest, lips on lips.

But the desire within me wanted more. I moved my hands over his hairy navel area and over his crotch, foundling with his dick through the denim. He moaned into my mouth as I squeezed

it gently. He paused for a moment as he looked straight into my eyes, almost looking like he wanted to say something.

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

"The only wrong thing about this, are the opinions of other people who think this is wrong."

Really? A half naked guy is underneath him and that's what he's thinking about?

"Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome that you have such a wide spectrum of interesting debate topics in your head. But can we please

save that for a little later when you're not half naked and on top of me?"

He smiled his signature handsome smile before placing a butterfly kiss on my lips. His hands unbuckled the belt of my jeans as his lips showed no evidence of leaving mine. Soon he pulled my jeans down exposing the black briefs underneath.

"Nice underwear", he commented with a goofy grin.

Dear lord, please don't tell me they're too nice to be removed.

"But they'd look much better on my carpet", he continued.

Oh good, he probably saw the distressed look on my face.

"You're move...", I said with a devilish smirk.

He took that as an open invitation as he removed the fabric from my body by sliding it down to my feet and throwing it on the floor.

"Just as I suspected... That looks way better."

I was just about to comment when I suddenly felt his mouth envelope my dick, causing a tingling sensation everywhere.

Saying he was "skilled" at pleasuring the downtown area would be extreme restraint on my part. His head bobbed up and down like an elevator before happy hour, making low sucking noises. I was swirling in a space of ecstatic pleasure.

I felt my orgasm drawing near as my body tensed and a loud moan escaped my mouth. He must have sensed it too because he immediately backed off.

Carlos kissed his way up to my mouth and gave me a light kiss.

"Are you ready for even more sensation?", he asked placing a kiss on my cheek.

"That's a really dumb question to ask someone in my erotic state of mind."

He gave me a crooked smile along with another cute kiss.

I marvelled at his beauty as he walked over to his dresser, the moon illuminating his flawless body through the open window. He retrieved a condom and a bottle of lube before turning around. He saw me looking at him and he did his best catwalk pose.

That was like Chuck Norris in a tutu doing ballet!

"Don't ever... Ever do that again." I stifled a


"So I try to impress you and that's what I get?"

"A for effort but an F for performance."

"Way to boost a guys self esteem." He folded his arms as he pouted.

"Well luckily I know of a way to score some extra credit."

He delivered one of his trademark smirks as he made his way over to the bed and kissed my stomach up to my chest. He removed his jeans and underwear revealing his large dick. His balls

were low and oval shaped, pink with warmth. His abs flowed smoothly to his

dick and made a V-shape near his hips

Opening the condom, he gently slid it over the length of his cock before applying some lube.

"Are you ready?"

"Uh huh", I said with a gulp, the anticipation overwhelming my senses.

I laid down on my back with my legs spread, pulling him toward me. The soft hairs of his jaw scratched the side of my face as he leaned against my body.

Our kiss began softly but gained more passion as I softly bit his lower lip. He kneeled between my legs and entered me all the way in one quick

trust. Gasping at the sheer size of him, I securely wrapped my legs around his waist, my hands gripping the sheets.

His sharp nose grazed against my cheek as he leaned down and kissed me, this time much more urgent than before. Allowing me to adjust, we

made out for a while. A low groan issued from his throat as he slowly he began thrusting in and out of me. I brought his hand up to my face and sucked his finger into my mouth, softly biting it.

My body tingled at the vast amounts of body contact and intense face-to-face interaction. My inhibitions gave in and I started stroking his thighs, elbow and basically every other body part within my reach. Growling in response to my touch, he increased his tempo, making every visible muscle bulge.

He hooked his one hand around my shoulders deepening the depth of penetration as the other

caressed my cock. The willing and unwilling sensations of my mind went wild as my orgasm drew nearer as a loud moan escaped my mouth.

Carlos immediately let go of me as he quickened his pace, making me climax into my chest. He stopped and his lips shaped to mine, kissing me softly.

After a while he slowly began to penetrate me again. His actions turned more passionate as his thrusts became longer and harder. Suddenly I

heard him groan loudly and he thrust once more, this time holding his position as he came inside of me.

He buried his head into my neck and breathed heavily into my ear. He raised his head and looked deep into my eyes, the luminescent moon painting the one side of his face.

"That was... Incredible", he said breathlessly.

I pulled his face closer to mine and kissed his jaw lightly. He manoeuvred himself on his back and I rested my head on his large bicep as I absently rubbed his arm. He instantly pulled me closer to his perpendicularly moving chest, his arm clamped around me.

I listened to his heartbeat as I brought his other arm to my face and kissed it softly. We stayed quite for a while before I broke the silence.

"How would you feel about me getting a tattoo?"

He took a deep breath before he gave me a kiss on the head, making me look up at him. For some reason it looked like his eyes were still blazing with sexual tension.

"I think it would look hot. But the real question is, how would you feel about getting a tattoo?"

"I've always wanted one and I almost got one but I got really scared after seeing this really buff guy crying."

"People handle pain differently."

"Yeah but come on, he looked like he lifted houses for a living."

Get it? Houses for a living... Oh never mind!

"The prickling of the needle can be a bit irritating sometimes, but it's not that bad."

Irritated is my least favourite season.

"Can I get drunk before getting a tattoo?", I asked with a hint of excitement. A reason to get drunk...

"Alcohol causes blood thinning which can lead to the tattoo fading."

"That sucks." My brows furrowed as I frowned, making him smile.

"Why do wanna get drunk?"

"Maybe it will numb out the pain."

He placed a sweet kiss on my all of my fingers before playfully biting my pinkie.

"I can be your alcohol. My hand could be the focus of your pain."

Was that just me or did that actually give you goosebumps too? I struggled up, grabbing his arms and levering myself into a sitting position. Looking at his handsome face, I brushed his jaw softly with my finger.

"I can't decide if you're psychotic or really romantic right now!"

"Aren't they usually hand in glove?"

I leaned down and kissed the crook of his neck.

"I could think of something else being hand in glove."

I lingered my lips against his neck, kissing gently before exhaling slightly. Retrieving the bottle of lube, I sprinkled a bit on my fingertips and started grazing the skin on his chest down to his pecs. I leaned down and licked one of his nipples before biting it slightly, causing him to nibble on his lower lip.

Kissing my way down to his cock, I brushed my closed lips against his head, gently circling them around his head. I looked up at Carlos to see the nibbling turning into biting.

I stopped for a moment to kiss his inner thighs meanwhile stroking his shaft. Not letting go of his cock, I swirled my tongue around his crown, licking ever so gently.

Enough with the teasing?

I took his cock into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down, making Carlos breath louder, with soft moans escaping his mouth.

Still using firm strokes on his shaft as I licked the head, I felt his orgasm coming on. I pushed my head further down the shaft as cum instantly filled my mouth. A wildly sexy night!

That's what I call sexy comedy! Thoughts?



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