We arrived at the mall and it was packed! I tried to locate an ice cream shop as an ocean of people brushed past me from all sides. Think gay club on a Saturday night but with more women and less pink drinks. Let's just say it was an "elbow to ass" kinda situation.

Am I missing something here?

Holy Peter Parker!! Jordan!!! Where is he? A hundred different scenarios instantly filled my mind.

What if cannibals took him? Oh god, my cousin is going to become some twisted person's personal stash of Nachos. Or worse... Tacos!

What if they force him to become John "Cannibal" Smith? And he goes on a PMS (Perpetual Munching Spree), becoming the meat in A-"team"? Yeah, that was an anagram... I'm just classy like that!

What are you doing? Go find him, idiot!!!

There are so many children! Where do I start? It looked like Peter Pan kidnapped a buttload of children and instead of dropping them off at Never Neverland, he brought them here.

"Have you seen a boy in a Spider-Man costume?", I asked everyone who would take the time to listen.

His parents are going to kill me! Or it's going to turn into one of those situations where boy dies. Boy comes back from dead. Boy haunts Keegan for losing boy. Keegan loses mind for losing boy who is now going "Bloody Jerry" on my ass. Anyone know the number of a good ghost whisperer?

I even looked if he was kinky enough to go into a lingerie store but still no Jordan. I don't get it... Isn't Spider-Man supposed to sweep in and save the day?

"Are you looking for Spider- Man?", I heard a deep voice say behind me.

I turned around and there he was!! Jordan... He stood there with some tears in his eyes.

"Jordan!! Where were you? I searched everywhere for you." I immediately wrapped my arms around him.

"I saw a cool toy and I wanted to have a closer look. When I turned around you weren't there, I thought you left me." He cried into my chest.

"I wasn't there when you turned around because I was looking for you. I would never leave you like that."

"I'm sorry for running off."

I pulled him closer to me and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Parting from Jordan I saw him standing there with a smile on his face.

Okay, so he's not exactly Spider-Man but who needs a superhero when you've got "Mr. Drooling Hazard" over here? To say "Tu est tres beau" to him would be an understatement. No! An insult! He could leave anyone completely breathless.

Relationship status: Stalking

He was wearing a long sleeved navy blue V-neck shirt with the sleeves pulled up to his elbow. His left arm was covered with tattoos starting at his wrist, going to his elbows where the shirt covered the rest of his arm. Hot with a capital "What are you doing tonight?"

"Thank you so much for finding him."

"You are most welcome. I'm Carlos by the way", he said extending his hand.

Who would play him in the story of my life? I'd go with... Michael Trevino but with tattoos, you know, the sexy upgrade of Taylor Lautner.

"I'm Keegan", I said shaking his hand," and this is Jordan.

His hands were strong and rough making my skin tingle at the touch.

"It's nice to meet you", he said with one helluva handsome smile.

We both seemed to be reluctant to let go as we stared into each others eyes and believe me when I say, I got lost in his deep dark eyes. They looked like a river stream under the shade of the branches of an old oak tree.

Our gazes locked but I looked away as soon as I realised we staring at each other for an inestimated moment. He immediately cleared his throat.

"I gotta say man, I love your costume", he said attempting to change the subject.

Well, he nailed "getting a kid to like you 101".

"Really?", Jordan asked wiping away the last of his tears.

"Yeah, I almost wore mine today."

"They come in your size too?"

Oh god...

"Come on buddy. Let's go get some ice cream."

Jordan pulled on my jeans signalling me to bend down.

"Can Carlos come with us?", he attempted to ask in a whisper but failed due to the shakiness still visible in his voice.

"I'm sure he has better things to do."

"I really don't", he said hastily, "Can I tell you a secret? I love ice cream."

There I go with the staring again.... Way to carve an L on your forehead.

"Well okay then, let's go get some ice cream."

We found what looked to be a cosy place and we went in.

Talk about shocking!!! The last time I saw bright pink mixed with neon was when barbie shagged an alien... What a horrific nightmare.

"So, what are my options?"

Talk about sounding businessy... "First class" businessy. We both gave him a confused look.

"What? That's what my mom says when she's in her closet."

"What does your spidey senses tell you?"

What do you get when you cross comic con with ice cream? Keegan praying the next conversation topic won't be about those overrated neon glowing poking sticks of doom.

"My mind is trying to reveal it to me", he said closing his eyes and placing his grooming fingers on both sides of his head. "I'm going to have to go with blueberry cheescake flavoured ice cream", he said sounding like a six year old... Oh wait.

"I'll just have a coffee."

"Make that two."

I couldn't help but stare at his tattoos. Normally coloured tattoos don't really sit that well with me but it looked extremely sexy on his olive skin. Every tattoo perfectly complementing the next.

"Do my tattoos bother you?", he asked bringing me back to reality.

"What? Oh.. Uh... Not at all. They're really captivating to look at. Totally bad ass."

I looked at Jordan who shot me a dissatisfied look, as to say;" Watch you're language young man".

"I mean... They're not as... Bad as tattooing you're whole body. Gives you a little bad boy street cred."

A neck tattoo... Now that's the rebellious cousin of bad ass! I was saved by the waitress bringing our order.

"How's you're ice cream Jo- bear?"

"Very good. Better than the sing along mail guy's ice cream", he said before gushing down a spoonful.

"The sing- along mail guy?", Carlos asked a bit jumbled.

"Yeah, the white truck with the irritating song."

Oh, he probably means the ice cream truck. You gotta love this kid! Carlos looked at Jordan, then he shifted his gaze to me and back to Jordan.

"So uh..." Unable to finish his sentence, he looked at me almost regretting saying something in the first place.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"He probably resembles his mother a lot because he doesn't quite look like you."

He thinks Jordan is my son?

"You think Jordan is my son?"

"He's not?"

"No, he's my nephew."

"Oh, I just assumed... You know what? Never mind."

He smiled at me and my heart melted. He was absolutely breathtaking. His sharp nose and angular facial features captured the essence of handsome!

We talked a while before the waiter came with the cheque. I was just about to take it when he grabbed it away. I gave him a displeased look.

"What? It's the least I could do for interrupting your ice cream session."

"You didn't. I invited you along for saving Spider-Man over here."

"And I appreciate it. So much so, that I'll pay."

I wanted to argue but couldn't muster the energy.

So get this: a) Jordan seems to like him b) He's gorgeous beyond words and c)he paid the bill without even hesitating. The candi"date" meter is kind of high right now.

Candi"date": Possible dating material

We walked around in the mall just looking around with the proximity of our bodies impendingly close. I made and effort not to lose jordan again so I would ever so often see where he was. I looked around when Jordan gave me the "look".

"Oh I know that look", I said with an unanimated expression.

"What look?", he asked innocently.

"The "can we go into Toys R Us" look."

"Can we please go inside? Just for a minute."

He gave me his best puppy dawg face. See, I have this condition where I can't say no to those overly cute Chihuahua faces... And he does quite a good impression of one!

"Okay, okay. But only for a minute. Would you like to join us?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world", he said with an amused look on his face.

We walked through the aisles and Jordan was in heaven. He had one of those "now this is my kinda thing" faces.

I hardly paid any attention to what was happening around me as my eyes were hooked on Carlos. I would give my eyes a break from his handsomeness to see what Jordan was up to.

When I looked to see where Jordan was I saw him standing with a life size toy of Spider-Man. I say "life size" because is like the equal of Jordan! Okay, maybe a tad taller.

"Oh, I know that look."

"What look?"

"The "Kee-bear, can I please get this toy?" look."

There he goes with that face again. It's the least I could do for losing him, right?

"Okay, okay. Just stop with the face."

I looked over at Carlos who had the goofiest grin on his handsome face.

"What?" I asked inquiringly.

"You sure he's not yours ? He sure knows how to play you."

"You try saying no to that."

The line wasn't that long and soon we were in front. I saw Carlos fishing for something in his pocket. Well, I think it was his pocket because my eyes were set elsewhere. He calmly took out his credit card as we walked to the pay point.

"What are you doing?"

"It's the least I could for interrupt..."

"I'm not falling for that one again! So unless you're into action figures, I would suggest putting it away."

"It's just money", he casually replied.

I grabbed his credit card and hid it behind my back while he tried in vain to get it back. This went on for about a minute before he somehow got it back. I immediately tried to get hold of it once again but I failed because... Because...

Wait for it... He kissed me! Like... Like "screw the butterfly kisses" kissed me. His lips perfectly gliding against mine.

Without parting from me, he grabbed his credit card away and placed it on the table.

He pulled away and I looked at the cashier who had a shocked look on his face. That's me... But turned inside out...

Several times!

I looked at Jordan who had a huge smile plastered on his face.

"I know that look", he said trying to keep a straight face.

"Oh, shut up."

So, the walk to my car was silent... Well, except for Jordan talking to his maxi- me. I opened the passenger door and Jordan gave Carlos a hug before jumping in.

"Can I see you again?", he asked closing the door.

"I don't-"

"Don't tell me you didn't feel that back there. How about tonight?"

"Tonight's not really a good..."

"Tomorrow night?", he eagerly asked.

What is wrong with you? The candi"date" meter is Amy Winehouse high and you have to admit... That was one amazing kiss.

"I'm...I'm sure I'll be hungry by then."

He pulled me in for a hug.

"Great! See you tomorrow night."

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