My firs encounter with a red head was  at a rest area started as I stood next to a red headed trucker at the urinal.  There was no privacy partition between the urinals so it was easy to see his long beautiful pale cock and the bright red-orange hairs that were visible around it. Although I had sucked many cocks, I had never had a red headed guy.  I couldn't help but stare at the beautiful sight.

After a moment, he asked, "You like what you see?" as he began slowly stroking his stiffening cock.

"As a matter of fact, yes, I do," I replied.

"Give me a few minutes  and come out to the Reynolds Aluminum rig out front.  The drivers door will be unlocked.  Climb in and lock the door and come back into the sleeper."

"Got it," I replied.

He left and just seconds later I heard another driver walking in.  He came up to the urinal next to me and I saw him glance over at my semi-hard cock and smiled.  He began stroking his and when he saw me watching he said, "I sure could use a good head job.  If you want it, it's all yours.  I'd take you to my rig but my co-driver is sleeping in the back."

I bent over right there and sucked his cock dry with him climaxing in only a couple of minutes.  His load was huge and delicious and as he put away his cock said, "Man, that was awesome. You're damn good and I sure needed that. Thanks."  Then he was gone.

As I walked out of the restroom, I saw his rig pulling out onto the highway.  I went to the Reynolds Aluminum rig and climbed in on the driver's side and locked it behind me. Opening the sleeper curtains and stepping in, I found the driver totally naked and propped up in one corner of the bed.  His sleeper was a stand up with two sun windows looking forward above the cab allowing plenty of sun to shine in.

The driver had about a three day stubble on his face and the sun made the red stubble twinkle.  The hair on his  chest, arm pits, crotch and arms and legs, glistened in the sun. My heart raced at seeing him like that.

Smiling he looked at me and said, "I don't suck ad don't do anal in any form but you can use your mouth on me any way you want, but I have a question first.  What turned you on to me?"

"Your red hair," I replied.

"That's what most people tell me," he answered. "Please, get naked and join me."

I did and as I sat on the edge of the bed and grasped his rock hard cock, he pulled me to him and gave me a hot tongue kiss that I wasn't expecting.

When we separated he said,  I dearly love kissing.  Don't ask me why because I don't know and I'll gladly jerk you off.  I like doing that and feeling the guys cock pulse in my hand as he shoots his load."

We kissed again and I began giving him a full frontal tongue bath as he moaned continually.  After gently sucking each nipple I moved to his cock and began sucking as he grasp my cock and began stroking me off.  Before long we both climaxed, him sending his huge load into my mouth and me depositing my load onto a wash cloth he had at the ready.  

"Damn huge load," he replied.

"Want to watch me eat it?" I asked.

"Fuck yea, then you can suck a second load out of me.'

Taking the wash cloth from him I brought it to my mouth and began sucking my own cum off of it and swallowing.

"Fucking unbelievable and awesome," he said.

I then returned to his cock and sucked a second load out of him.

As we both dressed, I found out that he was thirty-two and married.  he said he had been letting guys suck his cock since he was in his late teens for money but after he started driving he did it as a release.  He said his wife has no idea what goes on when he is on the road, and it's none of her business that he enjoys having guys suck his cock.

My second experience was several years later when I was a traveling salesman.  In one town, I always stayed at a trucker's motel and was usually successful in getting cock to suck.  I would go to the restroom and above the urinals I would write: 'Need a blow job? Leave room number' and above it I would write the date. I would check back from time to time during the evening and very seldom id I not find a room number. While blowing one driver in his room his wife called and he told her straight out that he was getting a blow job from a guy. I was shocked.

Then one night, I found a room number and went to the house phone and called the room as I always did.  He said he wasn't a trucker but a salesman and he loved getting his cock sucked, and that he was married.

I went to his room and when he opened the door, the first thing I noticed was his red hair.  He was in his late twenties and only got sucked, nothing else, but he had no objections if I wanted to get nude also.  I did and  when he said he wasn't in a hurry i took my time and sucked two loads out of his hard seven inch uncut cock.

We compared schedules and found that we were both in town at the same time every two weeks.  We agreed to be in the bar at seven in the evening and have a drink them go to his room for me to service his cock.  I always got two loads out of him.  This continued for almost a year.  Oh, I was also sucking numerous truckers during that time  usually after I sucked him.

The next time was more recent.  I had moved into another apartment and there were garages in the parking lot. The last one on the row facing my apartment was used as warehouse for two brothers who owned their own plumbing and electrical company.

I was out side one day  and met one of the brothers, Zach.  He was thirty three and red headed.  His tank top revealed a chest of red hair.  My cock began to squirm around.  He was the plumber and his brother, Joe, was the electrician.  It was a while before I met Joe who was twenty-nine.  And I was extremely turned on to find that he was a red head also.

We became speaking friends but I so wanted to get them both in bed, preferably at the same time.  they had both told me that if I needed a plumber or electrician to call them.  I said I would.

Then, about nine months ago I bought an older home that needed some work.  It was livable but I wanted to switch out the kitchen sink and add some electrical outlets.  I immediately called Zach.

He and Joe came out and we went over all I wanted done  they said it would take a week or so to finish and I gave the 'go ahead'.

Then the first day, as Zach lay on his back  with his head and shoulders in the cabinet under the sink I sat on the floor near his feet as we talked.  He wore shorts and a tank top and as we talked, I saw something I wasn't expecting.

I was able to see up the left leg of his shorts and suddenly the head of his uncut cock began to make an appearance. Closer and closer the head got to the opening of the shorts. After a moment, Zach said, Oh fuck! I'm sorry.  That bastard has a mind of his own when he knows someone is looking at him."  

It was then that I realized that Zach had seen me eyeing his cock.  Not quite sure what to say, I said,  "If he would be more comfortable outside his restraints then release him."

Suddenly Joe came in from the back of the house and said he needed to leave and get some supplies from the store, and left.

What happened next was totally unexpected.

TO BE CONTINUED......................



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