From Part 2..................................

Work continued and when possible I had sex with either Zach or Joe.  I could tell when I was with each, that the were both extremely experienced in sucking cock.

Then, Zach told me that the repairs were more involved that first believed and that it could take four to six week more to finish. I didn't believe him and figured he wanted to extend the sex play.

A week later, Zach caught me off guard with one comment he made.


Part 3.............................

I was in the kitchen and after Zach sent Joe to pick up some supplies, he looked at me and said very matter-of-factly, "I want your cock up my ass."

I was totally stunned because Zach had given absolutely no indication that he liked getting fucked.  

"Oh really?" I asked.

"Definitely," he replied.  "I made sure Joe was going to be gone for a while by giving him a big list of supplies.  I want you to fuck me hard and deep.  Make it rough and when you get near your climax, back off and make it last.  I'm your bitch so show me that you're the boss and make me hurt."

So far, Zach had only given the impression that he was more of a dominate than a submissive.  I was immediately turned on by the thought of dominating his ass.  

I instantly became his master.

"Get out of those clothes, you cum-slut bitch."

"Yes sir.  What ever you want master."

I treated him like dirt and soon rammed my hard cock balls deep in one fast and powerful shove.  Zach yelled out in pain. "Oh yes, master, fuck me hard.  Show me what a slut whore I am."  

I fucked him hard and deep and twice as I neared my climax I held off, building the load he would eventually receive.  Little did he know it would be in his mouth and not up his ass.

He was on his hands and knees as I neared my climax for the third time.  As it drew closer, I pulled out of his ass and rammed my cock balls deep into his hot mouth.  As he gagged, my cock exploded, filling his mouth with my huge load.  I gave him a stern warning not to loose any of it, not even one small drop.

He did as told and managed to swallow every molecule of my load.

"Good fucking bitch whore," I told him.

He looked at me as he swallowed the huge load and smiled.  Once it was all in his stomach, he came up to me and after a long hot passionate kiss he said, "That was absolutely the best sex ever.  I only get like that on rare occasions and it has been building up to today.  Damn, I think you tore me a new hole and I love it."

"Anytime," I replied as I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock dry.

A short time later, Joe returned and work continued as if nothing had happened. Later, I managed to have a few minutes with Joe so that we could hungrily blow each other.

For the next few days I was sneaking sex with each brother any chance I got.  Then, one day Zach said he had to leave to check on a possible new job.  Soon after Zach was gone, Joe came to me and it was like a replay of what Zach had said when he asked me to fuck him.  Like Zach, Joe wanted me to fuck him hard, basically raping him and not be gentle.  I did him just as I had done Zach, calling him the same names.  After edging in his ass three times, like I had done Zach, I fucked his mouth to achieve my climax, and forced him to swallow every drop.

It was almost a mirror image of what had happened with Zach and I had trouble believing that they didn't know about each other.  Supposedly, neither was supposed to know the other loved male sex.  I couldn't help but wonder if they had sex together.  I decided to see what might happen if I left them alone.

On Monday of the following week,  when they arrived, I was dressed and ready to leave. 

"Guys," I began, "I have an appointment in town and will be gone until late afternoon. There is sodas and water in the fridge as well as lunchmeat.  Make yourself at home."

I had already packed water and a sandwich in a cooler in my car for me to have as i watched to see if they did anything together.  I left and once out of sight of the house pulled off the road and after grabbing my cooler, I headed through the woods going back to the house.

I found a spot where I could see into the kitchen and watched. I only had to wait about an hour and a half, when I saw Joe enter the kitchen.  When he did, he walked up to Zach and they began kissing passionately.  My suspicions were confirmed.

I eased closer so as to see them clearly and watched as they gradually stripped each other ad ended up on the floor in a sixty-nine.  After watching them suck each other's cock for a few minutes, they  stopped and Zach began fucking Joe.   After a few moments Zach stopped and sat on Joe's hard cock.  After riding him for a few minutes they returned to a sixty-nine.

My own cock was rock hard, so I quickly stripped and eased into the house, and had been standing in the doorway for a few minutes before they realized that they were being watched.

When they saw me they jumped up as I said, "So, neither of you knows the other likes male sex.  Interesting!"

"Mark, we can explain," Zach said. 

"Okay, try it."

"We have found that if we are doing work for a gay or bi male and he knows we both enjoy sex, he is more interested in having sex than getting the job finished.  Every evening when  we leave we tell each other what transpired sexually during the day.  when the job was finished we were going to tell you and see about a three way."

"Well, that all sounds like bullshit to me but why don't we go ahead and have the three way," I said.  "And you two are going to be my bitch slaves for today. Get on your knees."

They did and I alternated fucking their mouths, and asses.  The eagerly obeyed my every command, even when I used a belt on their hot asses.  It was an awesome three way, and yes I sucked them both with the other watching.

From that day to the end of the job, I was always nude when they arrived and they stripped nude as soon as they arrived and worked nude all day. and when either took a break, we had sex, even if the other watched.  I had found out that they had been having sex together since high school.

The job was finished and we had become close friends.  We continued having sex on many weekends and I soon had them and a gay contractor they knew add a few rooms to the house. The job took longer that normal because of the sex involved.  The contractor was hot and muscular and I had sex with him often.

Cory, the contractor, was also single and  since I now had plenty of room, I invited all three of them to move in with me.  they agreed and of course we all lived nude and since the house was surrounded by trees and brush, we could go nude outside as well, which we did.

Three months after the three of them moved in I proposed an agreement.

"Guys, since e all care so much for each other, why not become lovers?"

"You mean each of us would have three lovers?" Cory asked.

"Exactly.  By being lovers, it would hopefully avoid jealousy between us.  And of course, four way sex would be common."

Zach spoke up and said, "Fuck, I love the idea.  With Joe and I enjoying being subs at times and you and Cory being more dominate, I think it would be awesome."

Joe and Cory quickly agreed and it decision was final.  Moments later, Cory had Joe bound and was raping his ass as I did the same to Zach's mouth.

Cory and I soon had Zach and Joe turned into total subs.  He was Joe's master and I was Zach's master.  They were forbidden to have sex together unless it was approved by
Cory and I.

It worked out perfectly and all four of us couldn't have been happier.  We've been together for six years now and are still deeply in love with each other.

THE END.................................................Coming soon.......HOOK-UP AT WAL-MART

This wasn't my best and I apologize for that.  Sometimes the ideas just "run dry".



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