I am in my third year of college now, doing great, Im twenty three, I had graduated when I was seventeen and a half, six years ago, spent one year, or almost one year working to earn some cash for the college expenses.

Getting that student grant and loan helped and took some of the pressure off on the financial end too.

Oh yeah my name is Kerry Singleton, and I'm going to state university to be a coach/teacher and I have been involved with sports since I was old enough to throw a football, so I am in fairly good shape physically, I also am a gay man, and there is nothing more awesome looking to me than a good looking, well built man, and for some reason I prefer older men, like in there mid to late thirties.

I guess thats due to the fact of having lived in the older part of town, in a two story brick home with an alley behind the back yard.

My Dad and Mom always put a garden in, and I helped work the garden, which it pretty rewarding when it comes to having fresh vegetables to enjoy from the garden.

Well to make a long story short, there was this older guy that lived up the street from us who was into gardening too, and I would go up to his back yard and help him with his garden sometimes, he was a friendly dude, he worked construction, was very well built, which I had no problem enjoying his looks and he would would wear these light shorts when he worked in the back yard garden.

Thing happened and we were in the shed behind his house I asked him why he didn't have a wife, he told me well Kerry, I have never liked women, I'm what they call Gay, which was a new term for me, I was only sixteen at the time, and lived a shelterd life.

Mr. Anderson, Bill actually, stood there and asked me if I knew what that meant, I of course told him I think it means your a homo, He of course started laughing, 'Yeah thats about right,' he said.

'But Bill you can't be a homo, arn't they sick, perverted, kinda warped guys that go around preying on other men, and little kids in the dark or something like that?' I asked.

'Well like everything, I guess there are those types but they are in every walk of society, not just gay men, Truthfully Kerry, a gay man is a man that is sexually attracted to other men instead of women and enjoy sex with them, rather than like hetero sexual men, like sex with women, outside of that they are no different than, say your father. THey are just men, ordinary, home loving, working men.' he said.

'Really Bill, What do they do with each other?' I remember asking, I was intrigued by the thought of what that meant.

'Well, be honest with me, Kerry, do you like to feel your dick rubbed and stroked on?' he asked.

I blushed a little and said, 'Well Yeah,' I replyed sorta embarrassed like.

'Hey Kerry, don't be ashamed or embarrassed about that, all guys do it and enjoy themselves in that way, and it's perfectly normal, if your father told you the truth, he would probably tell you he does it too.' he said.

'No kidding,' I said. 'Do you do it?' I asked.

'Of course son, I love to feel my dick rubbed expecially when it gets hard. Thats when its best.'

AS we talked about it, I felt my already fairly big, six and a half inch cock swelling up from just thinking about it, it was almost aching.

I looked over at Bill and noticed his cock was pushing out the front of his shorts and damn it looked big.

I smiled at Bill, 'Wow looks like you got a boner too,there Bill,' I said in an embarrassed sort of way.

'Yeah just talking like that to a young man, has that effect on me.' he said.

'Well what is it that Gay men do with each other?' I said.

'Well they enjoy jerking each other off, and sometimes sucking on each others cocks.'

'Wow what does sucking feel like?' I asked.

'Mr Anderson came over to me and said,'Would you like to see, I can show you if you want.' he said.

'Sure I would love to know,' I said.

Bill took me by the shoulders and set me up on the work bench on some clean rags, reached over and began to rub my boner thru the shorts material, the feeling was out of this world, I wanted more, so i raised up and started to pull my shorts and white briefs down, and Bill helped me get the job done, my shorts were off and on the side of the bench, and I watched as Bill reached into his shorts and pulled out his huge nutsack and hard boner, but his was different than mine, it was covered with skin, mine dick head was out and open, I found out later that I was circumcized.

My boner was standing up like a lamp post, wanting some attention and Bill reached over and stroked it making me gasp from pleasure.

Then he smiled and said, 'Here it is,' and I almost fainted as my sensitive cock felt a hot wet mouth for the first time in my young life, NOw I will say here, that most people would think this was underage sex, at this stage of the game, I didn't give a fuck, It felt so fucking good, I wanted it, oh fuck yeah did I want it. And there was no way I would ever tell on Bill, I enjoyed it too much.

Bill began to take my six and a half inch cock to the balls and began to work over the sensitive head like mad, I had died and gone to heaven, nothing had ever felt like this before, and I could feel that churning, boiling feeling down deep in my loins and balls, and I knew if he kept up the sucking and licking of my cockhead, I would be cumming in his mouth, It was quickly comming on and It happened so fast I didn't have time to warn Bill before my young cum filled his mouth, I think I had shot hte biggest load of my young life at that point, and Bill surprised me, I thought he would gag or something but he just kept sucking on the sensitive head and licking off all my cum it was awesome.

I totaled by the time BIll had finished and I just sat there like I had run for miles.

I finished and Bill was standing there wipeing the moisture off his lips, 'That was fantastic, and your cum is delicious.' Bill said.

I looked down and Bills cock was standing hard and proud, quite long and thick, I wanted to try it, I thought if it was that enjoyable It must be awesome.

I jumped down and Bill stood there smiling as I leaned over and took his now uncoverd cock head into my mouth, tasting that sweet pre-cum that was oozing out the tip.

I was quickly becoming addicted to the taste of mancock.

I felt his cock tightening up and his balls were now up against his body, tight and almost disappearing when he said, 'Oh Shit man,Here it comes kid.'

And I began tasting this musty, sorta salty, sweetness that was filling my mouth, I started swallowing like mad, to keep in all in.

It was a totally different taste than anything I had ever tasted but I like it, and knowing that I had just done for Bill what he had done for me was phenomenal, I loved it.

That started a regular thing for me and Bill and for some reason sex was suppose to be between an older man and a younger man, or so it seemes to me, but that is what I personally like.

I had completed my second year in college and Was in the mid term break in my third year.

I decided to go visit the high School that afternoon and see a few old teachers.

I went into the hallway and smelled the old familiar aroma of the school, it had a smell of its own, so many memories, so many thoughts about past things.

I walked passed the Gym locker and went in adn notice a couple young guys dressing out for Football practice, cute young asses, yeah I would fuck em, but I preferr older guys.

I walked on up into the Classroom area and went by Mr. Carter's office, he was still the principle, he must have been there since Moby Dick was a Minnow, but then I went on down to the end of the second floor hallway, all the halls and classrooms were deserted due to the fact that the school day had ended, and everyone had left, but I got to My old Math classroom and opened the door, I knew Mr Allen always stayed late, usually grading papers and since he never had gotten married he was in no particular hurry to go home I guess.

I opened the door and the sight of Mr. Allen made my heart beat faster. There he was seting at that same desk where he had taught me Third year Math, and how many memories seeing him brought back.

I remember how I loved his handsome looks, How many times I had lusted after his gorgeous trim, well built body, he worked out with several gym classes and helped coach football, I had seen him several times in the locker room, he had the most beautiful, rounded ass, lightly covered with this almost fiery red hair, his beautiful blue eyes deep, mysterious under those wire framed glasses, Mr. Allen was a god to me.

Mr. Allen looked over and saw me, 'Kerry, how wonderful to see you, man you've filled out and looke great, College looks good on you,' he said.

'And your still the best looking teacher in High School too.' I said.

Mr. Allen,(David) blushed, 'your too kind,' he said.

WE made small talk for about fifteen minutes then my mind got to the point of where I wanted to go with this.

'Well have you gotten married yet?' I asked.

'Nah, don't know if I will ever find the right one.' he said.

I walked over to Davids chair and I leaned over to his ear and whispered in his ear, 'WEll Maybe it's because you aren't looking in the right places.'

'He looked a little bewildered, I looked down into his eyes as I leaned over him at the desk,

'What do you mean Kerry?'

'Well Mr. Allen let me tell you something, When I was in your class, I was a young lad with a tremendous crush on you, Yeah, Im gay, Do you have any idea how many times I undressed you with my eyes, how many times I would stay after class just to clean the blackboard so I would have the chance to see that bulge in your trousers, how many times I would go to the boys room and jerk off wishing it was you doing it with me, I have had this thing for you since I first saw your standing there in the hallway when I was a freshman, your gorgeous smile, handsome face, your beautiful red hair, God man, I am nuts about you.'

'I--I--I had no idea about your feeling like that Kerry, but even if I had know your a student it is a non happening thing,'

'WEll I'm not a student now, I said as I leaned over from behind his chair and reached down and slid my hands down his heavy chest, making sure i touched his nipples on my way down, untill my face came to rest at Mr. ALlens ear, which i began to kiss and nibble.

'Aw shit Kerry, that makes me crazy,' he said.

I began to to kiss his neck and lick up wards letting my hot breath blow in his ear.

I undid his tie as he just layed there and leaned back in his chair with his hand resting on the arm rests.

I began to sensually unbutton his shirt and reached in and felt his muscular chest, god he was gorgeous. My cock was aching by this time, finally I was touching the man of my dreams, for so long I had dreamed of this moment.

'Oh Jesus man, that feels so fantastic' he said.

my hand slid down the smoothe skin of his washboard abs.

I watched as his cock swelled up thick and hard in his trousers.

I could see the outline of his cockhead pressing tight against the material of his trousers and i reached down and gave it a gentle squeeze.

David moaned as I gently stroked his cock thru his trousers.

On thing for sure, it was sad that such a nice thick, hard cock had been laying dormant for so long, not haveing anyone to pleasure it or have it give pleasure to anyone else.

I walked over and gave the lock a turn on the door to his classroom.

I walked back over to his chair and he was speachless as I undid his belt and opened his pants, unzipped them and fished out one beautiful cock, cut, with a beautiful pink head and the straight shaft he must have been a good eight inches and the girth was at least six inches around, it was awesome.

I looked into Davids eye as I leaned over and started licking on the tip of his beautiful cock. I then slid my mouth down and took one very hefty nut into my mouth and heard him almost gasp and yell out, as I started sucking on his nuts.

But he did let out a stiffeled yell as I took his thick cock almost all the way to the balls in my mouth and felt it slide down my throat a bit.

His body tightened and he whispered that he was already about to cum.

It didn't take anytime at all to bring DAvid to a full climax, and he layed there with his head layed backward.

His Body began to jerk and I tasted Mr. Allen's cum fill my throat.

'Oh Fuck man, it's been so long for me to feel something like that.

'Just how long has it been since you were touched by another person, male or female?' I asked

'Almost five years, Didn't want anyone to find out that I liked guys, it might ruin my teaching career.' he said.

'WEll David, now you have me, and I want you to go home, get ready cause Im going to pick you up and take you out on an official date and were going to come back to my place and have passionate sex, I want you to fuck me with that awesome cock of yours, it's lay dormant for too long.

It was about six that evening that we went out to dinner at an nice restaurant, I was looking into David's eyes as he took a bite of food licking his fork in a sensous way, when he said, 'God Kerry, your so adoreable, just looking at you has given me a hardon, and just to think, a couple years ago you were one of my students, life is full of surprises.

We went to a movie but we did so much making out at the movie, that I don't remember what it was about.

AS we walked up to the front door, I whispered to David, I wanted to feel his awesome cock shoved deep inside my manhole.

We undressed and I began the love making by bending David over and making him groan and grunt as I tounged his asshole, like it was starving, it was awesome, to see that pink hole and its swirling golden redish hair swirling around it.

then I nibbled as his asscheeks as I fondled his balls and stroked his swollen hot cock.

But the most awesome part of the night was when David, raised my legs up with me on my back and places that awesome cock of his against my love hole and I felt his girth seperate the opening of my love hole and felt it slowly inch by inch slide into my intestines, it was the most awesome feeling, I was starting straight into his eyes as he almost gasped for air at the sensation my anal muscles were giveing him, I looked into his eyes with fire and passions as he made love with me, we fucked passionately untill the bed was wet with our sweat and we finally both came like breeding horses, and he filled me with his seed, and I shot cum over the both of us.

That was last year, David and I are living together now, and he don't care who know he's gay, and I am so much in love with a man fifteen years older than I am and I love it.



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