This story is semi-fiction and contains FF, kink, and other explicit activities between many men. I hope you like.

Catching my breath in bed as Ray showered, I took inventory of the night so far. Met-up with old vanilla bf, he looked great-really hot, find out he is into kink, fist him and get myself fisted. Hmmm, I can go home happy. Except Ray invited me to go with him to a party. Said the guys are super hot and all fist friendly.

What the hell. I'll go I thought. Surprisingly I was full of energy and my ass was not the least bit sore. It actually felt good. I had experienced that empty feeling after playing with dildoes but this sensation was empty and hungry. Hmmm, could I be a bottom? Oh well, it is just labels in these sex games. Ray finished in the shower and he instructed me to do a touch up just in case I wanted more. I was pretty sure I did but doubted that I would take another fist this night. I touched up anyway.

I started to re-dress in my metrosexual outfit and Ray stopped me...said it wouldn't work for this crowd. He had already put on a hot pair of neoprene pants with a red stripe up the leg. The kind of pants that the crotch comes off so that they convert to chaps. Skin tight and dick hardeningly great looking. He said he had just gotten them so I could wear his old leather chaps and jock. I sniffed the pouch before putting them on.

We got to an old warehouse building in the middle of a deserted area of Manhattan. Ray had informed me that this party was a regular event hosted by a guy that works for a big contractor. He uses properties that are awaiting permits for construction for his parties. There was a pretty normal looking guy out front taking donations of $20. Ray told me the money went for Crisco, beer, condoms etc.

We went in and the place was a dump. Old, beat-up, dirty...perfect place to get nasty. We went up a flight of stairs to a huge warehouse room filled with slings and rubber covered mattresses. There were probably 35 guys there in various leather outfits. Of the 35, 35 were hot. I swear I could not believe that many perfect men could be at one sleaze party. Now I have fisted at sex parties back home but never this many guys and even in groups of 8 there is usually only one or two truly hot men...this was a feast.

Everyone was milling around chatting and drinking beer or water. Ray explained no play was allowed 'til the door was locked. We drank and I stared at the men. Ray was popular and knew several of the guys. He wandered off. As I stood checking out the scene a guy came up to me and extended his hand. He asked if I recognized him and I did not. He was extremely good looking and just about the youngest of the group. He said he was the receptionist at the ad agency office I had been at earlier in the week. I did remember him. I thought how cute he was, young and wondered if he was a twinkie. In all leather that thought was gone.

I made a comment about him being awfully young to wear a red leather band on his right arm. "I guess you'll have to get me in the sling so I can prove I deserve to wear it." I smiled and my hardon was aching inside the jock.

Before long the doors were locked and an old buzzer rang. This kid, Jeremy I think, took me over to a table and fit me for gloves and filled a bowl with Crisco. On our way to the sling a guy with a tray of hors d'euvres stopped me... he was passing out frozen Crisco. Jeremy told me to take two.

In the sling I leaned over Jeremy and started to make out with him as I inserted the first ball. He was a hot one. I definitely liked my luck so far. As he sat back in the sling I got my first look at what was quite possibly the biggest, reddest ass snatch I had ever seen. I actually gasped. I looked up at Jeremy who was blushing and attempting to get out of the sling. I asked what was wrong. He had mistaken my reaction as thinking this was a bad thing. I told him how hot that gapping hole looked to me and how much hotter he was then any man in the room. I was so turned on. He told me some men found his hole grotesque. I assured him I was a fan!

For the longest time, I just touched it and looked at it. When teasing it with my fingers he could push out his lips to grab my finger. I told him how amazing this was. He laughed and told me he practiced using his hole to pick up quarters off the coffee table. I could picture it.

I was in a trance and he finally had to urge me to do more then tickle and stare. I had greased the gloves up well and sunk in deep. This was the most comfortable I had ever been fisting a guy and I became crude and vocal. The more I told him how great his pussy was the louder and raunchier this young guy was. From two slings down I hear Ray tell me to keep it up that he was getting of on listening to us. I am sure it helped, but I think he was getting off on the big black arm in his butt as well.

"Punch it, punch me, yea fucking waste this hole." Jeremy started yelling. So I did. I balled up my fist and went in fast fist first. He let out air and yelled one. SO this was how that gash got so big I thought. This boy plays it hard! "Two" by 22 there was a little crowd gathering around us counting with him. By 50 Jeremy had stopped counting and focused on breathing and yelling more and please. At 95 he gasped

"yes, five more please." "Ninety-nine, one hundred" Everyone cheered and laughed. No one could believe this pig. He took it long and hard and loved it.

I left my hand in and stood up, leaned over his body and kissed him. "You need a break now." I said. As my body was pressed on his in the sling I realized he had a HUGE hardon. I looked at it and he laughed.

"Please, can I take that break after you punch a load out of me?" I did a jack rabbit punching to his hole while he jacked off. A very large load gushed out. At first it shot over him, then into his face, then onto his stomach. He was a shooter. As I pulled out, he jumped up. Did some stretches and moved around. He said he need that and if interested later he would show me how deep he could take it.

We walked together to get a beer but Jeremy did not make it to the bar as some other young guy asked him if he wanted more. Jeremy got in the closest sling. I needed a break, how could this fucker not? I got my beer and went over to where Ray was getting worked in the sling. I watched this hot Nordic blond give an almost spiritual slow fisting to Ray. It was beautiful and it got me hard. I think I was actually jealous of the treatment his ass was getting.

This biker looking guy with a dark covering of fur and sideburns that only work on leathermen asked me if that is how I liked my hole worked. I just smiled and looked into his eyes. This was the kind of man I would normally not be attracted too, despite the cute dimples, yet suddenly I wanted his hand in my ass.

He ordered me to go get large gloves and Crisco. While there I opened the freezer and got a frozen Crisco ball and put it in me. Oooh, that felt weird.

I got in the sling and this man, biker I'll call him, took tit clamps from his harness and attached them to my nipples. They were the kind that really bite. I made a noise. He tugged and told me to shut up or it would get worse. He took clothes pins off his chaps and attached them to my dick. It hurt but I was determined that I could take the pain. And, indeed the pain left soon and was replaced by a great warm sexual feeling.

His hands were greased and a few obligatory globs of Crisco were added to my ass. First a finger, then another then wham a fist. He went in, I started to scream and I stopped myself. I breathed and dealt with the pain. For being new to fisting as a bottom, I think I got the crash course in pleasure/pain. He pushed in me and stared in my eyes. I took a huge hit of poppers. I nodded, he began to work. He had huge hands and he was struggling to move in my very tight ass. He even asked, "Damn, are you a virgin or what?" He apologized for taking me so rough, he had no idea that I was so inexperienced at bottoming. I assured him I loved it all so far. With that he slowly began to work me open wider. He kept working and working. He was an ass master.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably 20 minutes, he motioned for this other hot biker looking guy to come over. Biker 1 told me he got me open wide but his hands were too wide and he wanted his friend Buck to go deep in me. I thought I should take a break, but I really found these two too hot to stop. Buck started to greases up but I asked him to use gloves. He smiled and said he would but that he liked to get his hands greasy before the gloves as it allowed him to feel me better. Hugh, I learned a new trick.

As he put on gloves I noticed his tattoo. It was a green ruler with the inches marked out. The 12 was in red. Buck saw me looking and showed me his left arm which had centimeters. He said he aint never been to Europe, but he got the tattoo in case he fists a foreigner. I laughed and said I speak inches and centimeters!

Biker one came to my side and worked my nipples. The clamps had been removed a while ago but the blood had only just begun to come back. Biker was pretty sensual with my tits and Buck was pretty smooth in my ass.

Occasionally Biker would tell me to take a hit of poppers or instruct me to breath deep. Every time I started to feel discomfort in my ass, Biker would pinch hard on my tits.

As things got more intense for me, Biker leaned down and licked my ear.

Told me what a pretty pussy I had and how much fun it was to play in there. Told me that next time he wanted me to be looser and that every time we played he wanted to see more of bucks arm disappear. He said all of this into my wet ear. It was so hot and sexy. Said that tonight I would get off easy, 12 inches and I could quit.

I asked him where we were. He laughed and said three inches. Tears formed in my eyes. He really chuckled and said he was kidding, he told me to look in the mirror. We were over nine inches deep. Buck withdrew and plunged back in. Started to fist me with his forearm. This was hot. It was such a wild fucking feeling.

After a few wonderful minutes of this we went back to working my tits and trying to go deeper. Biker told me to close my eyes and just picture anything that made me happy. I was picturing that big sloppy 21 year old hole of Jeremy's. I really started to fly into fantasy land. Biker was working one tit and was using his other hand to milk my cock in his greasy paw. Oh man this was hot and relaxing and fun. I never knew what ecstasy a bottom felt until that moment.

I came close to cumming so Biker backed off. He came around to my head and pulled his fat, really fat, cock from his nasty stained jock. He started to hit my head with it. It was one of those dicks that really oozes precum. He smeared it all over my face. I was loving it.

Buck started to get aggressive again and was pulling out and ramming in.

I asked how many inches to go..."hell he said, we are past 14 guy, I owe you 2!" With that he fore-arm fucked me while Biker grabbed a wad of Crisco and milked my dick. It was hard to cum this way. An arm in me and someone else working my cock. It was great and I felt my orgasm build and as I came it felt totally different then ever.

I screamed, howled and moaned. Biker and Butch looked please. As Butch pulled out I looked down to see my wad. There was no cum. Butch laughed and came around to show me his arm. Said, "See all the wet drops on the Crisco...that's your butt orgasm. Was that your first?" I told him it was and then he told me the secret. That if I let myself have those, I can play longer cause my cum still in me.

We cleaned up and I set out to find a beer. On my way I passed Ray who was the third in a fisting chain of 8 guys. At the head of the chain was Jeremy. What was really hot is the guy in Jeremy was bicep deep. Yea, I definitely wanted in that ass again!

I drank the first beer in one gulp...the second beer went down slower, took me at least two minutes. Biker came over to me to tell me that he really had fun and to see if I was okay. He was a teddy bear. I took inventory and I was okay. Told him all I needed was to pee and I would be ready to bury my fist. I asked if he knew where the bathroom was. He said that the shower was in the left corner but to follow him.

In the back right corner ere was a drain in the floor. Several guys were standing by. Biker told me to point at one. There was this long-haired Italian looking guy, almost model perfect. I pointed at him. Biker pointed at a hot, hot skin head guy. The two men came over to us and biker pushed his skin head to his knees. The model smiled at me and went down on his own. Without hesitation biker started to pee on his pick. I held my dick and stared down at the model. He had great green eyes. The guy raised his hand and lightly ran a finger under my balls. I sighed this felt god. My flow started. As my pee splashed onto his face he didn't blink, he just kept staring. Unlike the skinhead who had held out his tongue and now was taking the piss in his throat, green-eyes kept his mouth closed but worked the piss into his skin as it ran down chest.

I had a lot of piss to relieve so this was fun. Green eyes took his finger from my balls and felt my hole. Before I was done pissing, he had worked his hand into my ass. I pulled off because I don't like bare, but at the same time I loved it! Green eyes stood and leaned into me. We kissed. I tasted my used beer on his sweet skin. We really made out. I was into this boy. Designer suit and Gucci loafers by day and leather by night, this could be my dream date.

He spoke to me in perfect English with a seductive Spanish accent. I asked where he was from, he told me Madrid. I started to talk more. He said we could talk at breakfast. That until then we should fuck. I want to fist you good, but I also want you fist I my ass. So that is what we did. He was not as lose as Jeremy but not as tight as me either so it was a good hole to work. He said he had watched me all night and was glad I liked that sloppy hole I had been working on earlier. I asked him why. He said that because in two years when he had a hole like that he wanted me to still be attracted to him. Wow, this was a man I could really fall for.

I was sweet with his hole for as long as I could and then I went a little wild. He liked it all. We seemed to bond pretty well. When he got out of the sling he said that if I fist him like that enough it won't take more then a month to have cunt like Jeremy's. I told him I hoped to be in the hole often.

We had a beer and watched other play. I learned his name was Manolo. It had been about five hours since the party started yet everyone was still here and still playing. Manolo told me that no one was allowed to leave until sunrise, which was in about and hour which was good cause I wasn't ready to leave and Manolo said he wouldn't be happy until he was in my ass.

I took a deep breath and agreed to once again get fisted. Back in the sling my ass was made love to. Manolo was good. It was a dreamy sort of fisting. I got lost in all the sensations and just laid there staring into his beautiful green eyes. I had been relaxed and enjoying when Manolo told me to take more poppers. I did and he started to stretch me more. As a top I recognized his moves. Pulling me wide then pushing in. I always wondered what that felt like for the bottom. It was cool, kind of a challenge. He did that a few times then suggested more poppers.

As I exhaled the pressure became too intense. I closed my eyes tight. I pushed back to make him stop but instead it just allowed him to get both hands in. He rested. I took more poppers. He said in is hard, out is awesome. With that he rocked slightly out but back in again several times. It was pretty hot. It hurt like hell but I was loving it. The rocking turned into a fucking motion and soon he was out pushing back in again. Yup, I sucked both hands back in and then out he yanked them. I grabbed my dick and as he pushed in for the third time with his battering ram of a double fist I started to cum and as the two hands pulled out I shot my last orgasmic volley.

He lifted me from the sling into his arms and we kissed deep. I could feel the rhythm of my heart as I pounded against Manolo's chest. Soon the doors were open. I excused myself for a moment to go find Ray. He was double hands deep in the ass of the guy that had been working the door earlier. I kissed him on the cheek and told him I would call him in the afternoon. The guy in the sling said that I had better wait til evening as he expected at least four hours of getting fisted.

I grabbed my stuff and went to fin Manolo. As I was looking Jeremy came over to me with his phone number on a card. I promised to call him when I came back to town. I couldn't find Manolo anywhere. Finally I gave up and went downstairs. Just as I was about out the door, Manolo came bounding down the stairs. He had been showering and I had missed him in the steam.

We got in a cab together and went back to my hotel. We slept for hours then went out to eat.

I spent every night for next week with either Manolo or Ray in my ass or I in their asses. Manolo is coming to visit me soon. I have asked to be transferred to NYC. If it happens Manolo, Ray and I plan to get a big apt with a playroom together. If I don't get a transfer. Ray and Manolo say we should do it anyway and I could just service them. That isn't going to happen but it is nice to be asked!



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