This story is semi-fiction and contains FF, kink, and other explicit activities between two or more men. I hope you like.

It was spring in New York and I was eager to get out of my suit and tie and enjoy my weekend in the big apple. My new job had me bi-coastal and instead of going home for the weekend I thought I would sniff out some fun and trouble in the city. I changed and showered and cleaned out (in hopes I may trade fucks later) and went out to meet a friend from California for a late happy hour.

We met at a nondescript bar and caught up quickly. Ray and I had tried dating back in our early 20s but we were both too inexperienced to make it work. Since we were near his house, after cocktails he invited me up to his apartment for another drink. It was too early to hit the bars and Ray had told me he was going to a party later and that he needed to change clothes.

As we walked I asked Ray what the neighborhood bars were like and he gave me directions to a few for after we split for the evening. He pointed out a leather bar but said I would probably not be allowed in the way I was dressed. I said "darn". He smiled.

His apartment was very cool. Minimal, small but great chrome and leather furniture. After making a pitcher of Martinis he headed to the shower. On his way he handed me one of those LCD screen universal remotes and told me to turn on some tunes. I was into the remote and started to play. It closed the shades, it dimmed the lights and it operated the entertainment center.

His plasma TV was cool so I turned it on and hit play for the DVD. I don't know if Ray meant for me to see it or not but there was some serious gay porn going on. I sat on the couch and started to watch. Much to my happy surprise the second scene started to get even better. This hot tattooed man was pissing on a hot tattooed boy. In the background was a can of Crisco which I was hoping would soon be in use.

I whipped out my dick and started to enjoy myself as a leather daddy entered the room and started to play with the tattooed man's hot ass. "Do you like?" I snapped out of my Martini-porn-horniness haze and saw a wet Ray standing above me with his Martini in one hand and dripping dick in the other.

Ray had grown-up nice. At 34 he had the body of a god. Unlike my hairless bod he had a nice covering of man fur (where it looks good and none where it doesn't). And I guess dicks keep growing in your 20s 'cause his was way bigger then I remember.

I smiled at him and said I liked. I was not referring to the hot porn but about the hot man in front of me. He kneeled in front of me and took my cock in his mouth. Eventually I got on the floor and maneuvered myself into a sixty-nine. Just as I got the swing of his perfect meat he inserted a finger then another into my hole. I returned the favor. We moaned in unison.

We were definitely on the same wave length. He got up and started to prepare the room. I almost came when he got out a ladder and began to put chains in strategically placed hooks in the ceiling. Together we hung his well-made heavy leather sling. "I'm not freaking you out am I?" he asked.

I pointed at my extremely hard cock and smiled.

Once hung he got a cloth for under the sling and opened this black leather chest/end table. It was his toy chest filled with Crisco, gloves, poppers, leather floggers, clothes pins, and big dildoes and plugs.

"Well, you are freaking me out now." I said still hard and still smiling,

"Just so long as these are for your ass not mine."

He hopped up to take his seat in the sling and said, "Well, I would have liked to work your butt, but if you want me to have all the fun I'll take it." He opened a bottle of poppers and took a hit. "Before we go any further though, just fuck the hell out of me would you?'

I smiled, rubbered up, lubed up and plowed that pretty hole. There was zero resistance. My bone went all the way in one stroke. The last time I fucked this hole Ray complained that it hurt and that I was too big. This time it was heaven, all loose and sloppy and anxious to be used. Ray and I may have gone different directions, but we ended up in the same place.

So I fucked for a while and then pulled out and teased his hole with my fingers. He loved it and was very vocal about wanting more. I took this opportunity t get on my knees and inspect the hole. "Ray, this aint no asshole." I said, "This is one huge pussy. You've got the biggest cunt I have ever seen." I looked into his eyes and I could tell I embarrassed him. I smiled and added, "I fucking love this man-pussy...damn please let me rip it open more."

He liked that idea and became even more vocal. I made him beg and tell me what he really wanted. "What do you want bitch? You can't have it if you don't ask..come on what do you want?"

With that he started to yell and beg for me to fist him.

As the words crossed his lips I snapped on the gloves and opened the Crisco. I applied the Crisco to his puffy ass lips and started to push gobs into his hole. As I started to stretch him open he grabbed the sling chains and pushed his body forward taking me well past the wrist in one movement.

Ray was a fist pig. A real slut. As much as I love fisting I had never gone in so smoothly or quickly. I looked back at him to see him smiling and waiting for me to make the next move. I withdrew my had and pushed it all the way back in. "Bitch," I said, "I am in control here, you do that again and I am through." With that I stretched and pulled and played.

This was the Disney Land of assholes and I was taking every ride. At some point Ray realized I loved ass as much as he loved fist. I worked that hole until I had to pull out and give my hand a rest. Ray said he needed to break for a while so that he didn't start to cramp. "Got to save some for later too."

He got out of the sling and I washed up. We downed two or three more martinis. Ray wasn't ready to go back in the sling so he offered to eat my hole. I jumped at the chance to have a rim job. I got in the sling and enjoyed the talent of his tongue and lips on my ass hole. "Hey Mr.

Topman, this aint no virgin hole here. I think you been holding out on me."

With that I confessed to being a decent fuck bottom and even having experimented with some sizable butt plugs but that I had no desire to take a fist. "Okay." he said, "So let me work some toys on you."

What the hell, I was waisted, relaxed and horny. Before he did anything to my ass, he got a leather blindfold out of his chest and put it on me.

I hesitated but he said that it is so hot to feel it without seeing it.

That the ass doesn't fear, the eyes do.

He went slow and treated me sweetly. At one point he had been working something slowly in me. I didn't quite know what was going on until I realized he was withdrawing it and it was long, it just kept coming out and coming out. I asked how much I had taken. He laughed and just said,

"A whole lot."

He had me do poppers and told me when I should exhale. He kept playing and the more he was in my ass with the toys the more comfortable I became. A few times it got intense for me but Ray read me well and backed off. It got real intense at one point and Ray told me that he was just going to play a little and let me relax.

I took a hit of poppers to calm down and as I exhaled he said "just a little pain then relax". I felt the pain as I figured he was putting in a bigger butt plug. I felt full but it was not uncomfortable. He told me to take another hit of poppers and then take off my blindfold.

I immediately looked to see what size plug was in my ass. I let out the poppers and gasped as I saw that he had his fist in me. I struggled and forced his hand against my prostate. I shot all over Ray's face and even over my shoulder. He worked the moment and pulled out just as I was cumming off my orgasm.

I wanted to be mad but was thrilled. This was hot sex. "My apologizes to the bottoms back home." he said "I think I may have just converted their favorite top."

stay tuned for part two (what happened later that evening)



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