Ranger Cal has been a park Rangers for well over 30 years now over in Helena Montana he just got over a nasty divorce. He was riding his RV going down Skelter Road and came across Sean who was sunbathing naked in a secluded place over by the river bank. " Hey put some clothes on dude " Cal scream over at him. Sean quickly jump up and ran behind the tree and slap on his swim trunks real fast. Sean was a Bear Cub who stood about 5'8 weigh a solid 150 and had a very well kept trim beard along with short curly brown hair.

Sean was real happy driving his new Ducati Motor Cycle up to his favourite place were he like to have a few beers along with some cans of food. Cal finally made it up to where he was sitting on his beach blanket and began to scold Sean real hard and nasty. Cal was not happen at all because of his sexy smile and attitude that he was giving him before he slap the hand cuff on to him.

" Hey Sir is this call for "

" Yes it is "

Sean finally began to realize that he means fucking business by now. It only took a couple of minutes before he started to apologies to Ranger Cal. The sun was going behind the cloud as the winds starting to pick up real hard now.

" I think you better start hitting on home now, Before the storm comes in "

" Not to worry Sir, I am staying at my Uncle cottage about 10 minutes from here on Hunting Cove Road. "

" Cool Sean I check up on you later my friend "

" Yes Sir, I sure you will "

Sean but his one piece leather suit back on him and drove off back to his Uncle cottage. The time was 7 pm when Ranger Cal drove up there to check on how he was doing during the nasty storm that is happening by the time he made it to the front door he was completely soak from the rain.

" Come on in Sir '

" Please call me Ranger Cal or just Cal "

 They chatted for sometime as the huge Maple Tree just fall down onto the driveway to where Cal jeep was park. There was know way that he will be leaving that place anytime soon since  the storm winds are close to 80 MPHN by now. 

" I guess I well be with you until the storm is all over "

" Can I get you a towel and some of my Uncles clothes for you to change into"

" That well be great Sean, And Thank You very much for your help "

" Know problem Ranger Cal "

Sean walk out with a pair of Under Armour track suits, green pair of Hanes Briefs and a towel for him to try off with.  Cal had a great body for his Daddy Bear type aged, He was around 5'11 weight a solid 200 with dark slick black gel hair and a very well kept trim bristle moustache. He had just turn 63 over a month ago and hardly shows any grey hair at all over his Senior body.

Cal began to unbutton his shirt and then undo his wet soaking Dark Green Rangers pants that he was wearing. As for Sean he was just sitting in the Lazy Boy chair letting it all go down in front of him smiling with excitement of watching Cal take his clothes. 

"Fuck you look hot Cal in those tight white spandex briefs "

" You not the only one that said that before Sean '

" I hope the Under Armour fits you good "

" Yes it looks like my size that I wear playing Hockey  in"

" I play hockey all my life Ranger Cal "

" You were properly very fast on skates "

" I was the goalie most of the time "

" I play goal for 5 years, Then became a winger "

" I love my High School Hockey Coach "

" He was the first man to suck my cock "

" How old were you "

" I was 18 the last year in High School "

" I see Sean "

" I got suck off by my College Coach Sean "

" Now that man knew how to suck a dick "

" Let me show you what sucking a cock is all about "

Sean walk up to Cal and got down on his knees in front of the fireplace, He began to suck Ranger Cal cock good and hard as his huge 8 inch dick was thrusting his throat good and hard by now. 

" Fuck Sean you are fucking good "

" Yes Cal "

" I love your hairy mouth rap around my cock "

" Let me deep throat you good and hard now "

" Fuck dude, I am close "

" Give it to me Cal "

" Give me you load Sir "

" Here it coooooomeees "

" Holy Shit Seaannnnnn "

Cal huge load flew out of him like a cannon ball all over Sean hard nipples, chest and beard. As Sean was just amazed from the huge load that he was all cover in.

" Fuck dude that was hot "

" Thank you Ranger Cal '

" How about licking the rest up from my dick "

Sean got down on his knees once again and began to slurp up the rest of Cal's load that was left hanging there. They both got clean up before they ate dinner and have a few beers before the sun goes down for the rest of the evening.

Sean was spread out on his hairy stomach as Cal began to eat his small tight hole all out. They both moan with great pleasure as Sean ass juice was pouring out covering Cal moustache. 

" Fuck the felt great Cal "

" I love you ass juice dude "

"Let me feel you cock now "

Sean was in the doggy style position as Cal start to shove his mushroom head cock into Sean tight small hole, It took a good few minutes until they both felt comfortable with one another.

" Love you hole dude "

" Fuck me harder Cal '

" Fuck me like Coach Franks "

" Let me feel it Sir " 

Cal cock has started to message Sean prostate gland good and hard now as they were both screaming and moaning with sexual climax now.

"I love you dick Sir '

" Fuck me Range Cal "

" Fuck me Cal"

" Fuck you getting me close now "

" Fuck you ass is making me close "

" Give it to me Sir "

" You fucking want it "

" Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa "

" Here it comes dude "

" Holy fucking shiiiiiiiiiiiit "

Cam sweaty body and dick erupted like a volcano as he was orgasming into Sean hole, There bodies were cover with a sweet sexy order while they both lay totally exhausted by the fuck. Cal was the first one to get up to grab a shower as the winds began to howl real loud now.

The time was just pass 10 am next morning when Cal finally got dress and head out the door to get the drive way all clear up before he went on back to the outpost station. They brace themselves one more time before he climb into his jeep.

Part 2 to follow




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