Alex was Colt Ranch Hand Boss for the next 2 years until Colt is all done with his Court 24 months probation period. Alex had his own cabin which just about had everything in it and was about a short 3 minute drive to the main Ranch House. The Ranch had well over 10 people working there since Bill & Grace bought the place 20 years ago, They hired a lot of younger people to work there since they could not have any children at all. 

Colt room was just beside Alex room and they both have their own bathroom. The alarm clock went off every morning at 5 am. Alex was down making some coffee before Colt started to walk down the hallway to the kitchen for his breakfast. Alex had some Hockey Tickets for them to see a  hockey game over in Portland, Oregon. Colt was so happy to get away from the Ranch for the night with Alex. They check into the Hotel just after 3 pm before they headed up to their room. 

The Hockey game was great as the 2 of them got back to their room shortly pass 10 30 pm. Colt was all excited when Alex come out of the bathroom wearing his white FOTL Briefs with a littler semi on. " Hey Colt have you ever suck a man cock before " It took a few seconds for Colt to tell that he was fuck by a wrestler in the WWF. " Know Fucking way dude " He pick me up in the Hotel Bar and brought me back to his room to blow him. What was his name dude ? " He called himself the Mask Superstar and had like a nice 8 inch cock to him " 

How about you come over and blow me Colt ? It took Colt a few seconds before he was on his knees deep throating Alex 7 plus cock. Alex was very well built for someone in his early 60. He was divorce for over 10 years now and know how to get the younger guy's. He was pounding the shit out of Colt throat good and hard as it was filling his mouth up with his pre cum. 

" Fuck dude suck my cock "

" Suck it deep and hard "

" Harder Colt Harder "

" Give me your load Boss "

" Let me take it all Boss"

" Okay Colter Here it Comes "

Alex body was shaking as he started to dump his load of juice all down Colt throat before he grab for his beer. The rest of the night they both slept good and well before they got back to the ranch shortly after 11 am. The next few days they both work very hard making sure that the ranch was in good shape for this weekend Rodeo. Saturday attendance was well over 500 people and Rick Camel won all 3 of his events. Rick was around 45 years old and came from Calgary, Canada. Himself and Alex were very close friends for well over 20 years now. The rumour was they were both good old fuck buddies.

Colt walk out of his room and notice that Rick and Alex are going at it on the couch before they invited him to join in. Alex made sure that Colt was bend over the couch real good before Rick started to fuck him. Rick put some spit on his cock as he guided up his tight small hole as Alex  just sat there on his Lazy Boy chair watching it all go down. You can here of them both screaming and moaning as his cock was pounding in full throttle by now. 

" Fuck me Rick "

" Fuck me Rick '

Alex then got up and walk over and start to pinch Rick hard hairy Nipples that made him more aggressive bye now. 

" Fuck guy's this is fucking hot '

" Fuck this is so good"

" Give it to him Rick "

" Give it to him Rick "

It was another 10 minutes until he shot his load all over Colt smooth ass and checks.  Rick was the first one to hit the shower before the other 2 show up. The shower began to turn into another 3 some as each one of them went down on one another. Colt shot 2 loads off at once all over both Rick and Alex goatee mouths as both of them deeply enjoy licking all of the cum up. 

Alex drove Rick to the Airport  so he can catch his flight back to Canada just after 11 am, As for Colt he is working very hard in the field rounding up all of the cattle. The next few months Alex and Colt had sex every where you can think of on the ranch. It was late one evening that they were both caught having sex by the owners Bill & Grace in their sauna that they just put it.

They where both told to leave the Ranch the next morning and return back next Wednesday for their final pay cheque that owing to them both. Alex got another job has a Ranch hand down in Texas as for Colt he has been in and out of jail over the last 5 year period.

The End 




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