I began my rodeo career when I was eight riding in the junior rodeos.  After my first ride I was immediately hooked.  I was raised on a ranch and would practice at every chance I got.  After a while, I began winning my events and thought I was 'hot stuff' with my trophies and belt buckles.

Upon entering high school, the competition became more intense.  I began making more friends from all over the country. Between events, we would sit, talk and compare notes.  Then, in my junior year of high school, things began to change. 

I had just celebrated my seventeenth birthday and was attending a professional rodeo as a spectator and realized that I was looking at the cowboys in a different way.  I often found myself looking at their hot firm bubble butts in their tight jeans and for some reason, unknown to me,  I would get excited, if you know what I mean.

At first I thought it was just a phase and would pass, but I was wrong.  It only got worse. I was well into my senior year of high school and whenever I was at a rodeo, I almost always had a hard cock, and still wondered why.  It never occurred to me that I might be gay.  I had never considered sex with another male before.

After high school, I was able to compete with the big boys as a professional.  I really thought I was something by being able to compete with the real professionals.  The only problem was that when I saw their firm hot asses in tight jeans I still got a boner.  Only now, when it happened, I would often go back to my camper and jerk off.

I was approaching my twentieth birthday at one rodeo when I noticed two muscular good looking contestants talking quietly as they looked around.  I knew their first names only and that Greg was a bull rider and Jim was a saddle bronc rider. The way that they were acting made me curious so I slipped into an empty stall where I could watch them without them seeing me.

Greg kept looking around cautiously and after a moment he rubbed Jims crotch and whispered into his ear.  Jim's cock instantly began to grow and he nodded at Greg.  One at a time, they slipped quietly into a vacant equipment room.  I eased closer to the door and listened.

I eased the door open slightly and could see them behind a large combine.  I quickly stepped in and closed the door.  As I worked myself closer, to my amazement, I saw them wrap their arms around each other and begin kissing.  As they kissed, I could easily see their tongues entering each others mouth. My cock was hard as steel and straining wildly to escape it's confines.

I eased closer and opened my jeans and extracted my hard leaking cock. For the first time in my life, I was watching two men caress each other.  After a moment, they each began opening the others jeans, soon shoving them down and revealing two huge hard throbbing cocks.   It was another first for me, seeing men's cocks hard.

Then, Greg leaned over a partition slightly and said, "Fuck me, Cowboy.  Ride me hard."

Jim had him change his position so that he was leaning  over a hay bale, ass up in the air.  In one swift movement, Jim shoved his huge cock balls deep into Greg's ass. Greg let out a loud gasp before saying, "Fuck yea, baby."

Jim began pumping in and out of Greg's ass like a wild man, as Greg urged him on. Without thinking as I stroked my own cock, I moaned softly but yet loud enough to be heard.  Greg looked toward me and upon seeing me said, "Get your fucking ass over here kid if you want to watch."

Knowing that I had been seen and recognized, I made my way toward the two men.  Jim's cock was buried balls deep in Greg's ass as I approached, My hard cock still sticking out of my jeans.

"You're Jeff Rivers, the new kid, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am."

"I looks like watching two guys have sex turns you on," Greg said, eyeing my hard cock.

"Well, uh, I've never seen two guys have sex before," I replied.

"So, I guess you have never had sex with another man then, right?"

"No sir, I haven't," I replied.

A smile came over Greg's face before saying "Get over here close while he finishes his ride."

I stepped close and as Jim began pumping in and out of Greg's ass again, Greg reached out and grabbed my jeans and pulled me up against his face, all while swallowing my cock.  As he got fucked, he hungrily sucked my cock.  I couldn't believe that this big muscular, hairy married stud  was gay. I could tell Jim was getting close to his climax and it brought me closer to my own.  Greg stopped sucking just long enough to say, "Drop that load in my mouth, kid."

I quickly began climaxing, filling a huge built up load into Greg's mouth at the same time Jim began filling Greg's ass with his load.

"Fuck yea guys.  It's so awesome getting two loads fired into me at the same time," Greg  said. Then, looking at me said, "Any time you want to experience more, just let me know."  I watched as both men pulled up their jeans and made themselves presentable. 

Jim left first, and while giving him time to disappear, Greg looked at me and asked, "I know which camper is yours.  Do you mind if I stop by later this evening to talk?"

I guess that will be okay," I said nervously."

That night we had all got things ready for the next days events, and a short while later, there was a knock on the door.  I let Greg in and after he sat down, he looked at me and asked, "Was that really your first time seeing two men or having one suck your cock?"

"Yes, it was," I replied.

"Well, what did you think of your first bow job?"

"I liked it.  I've never had any of my girlfriends suck me like that.

"Only a man knows how to suck another man. Believe me."

"I'm curious about something.  I know you're married, but does she know anything about what goes on when you're away?

"No, she doesn't , We are in the process of getting a divorce.  Fortunately there are no kids involved. And she signed a prenuptial agreement before we married so she gets almost nothing."

"I see."

"Now, there is something you should know.  There are many guys that rodeo that are gay or bisexual. However, somehow word goes from one gay performer to another.  We keep it to ourselves."

"How does the qword get around?" I asked.

"Well, if you want it known that you like getting sucked by a man, I can pass it on to guys I know that are gay,  in turn it will make the round to all the other gay men. We only talk sex with other guys into it."

"Well, to be honest, I'd love getting sucked regularly.  In fact, I'd love to have you suck me again."

"I'd love that.  How about right now?" 

"Sure, I replied.

"Let's get comfortable," he said as he began stripping.  Soon, we were both totally naked and laying on my bed.  Greg lay between my legs and slowly began sucking my cock.  After a moment he stopped and lay beside me in what I knew was the infamous sixty-nine position.  He returned to sucking my cock.

As he did, I became more curious and wanted to see what another man's hard cock felt like in my hand.  I grasped it and as I began slowly stroking it, I heard him moan softly. 

As I slowly stroked his cock a clear glistening drop of pre-cum emerged from the slit.  I looked at it curiously.






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