From Part 2....

We were on our way to Denver for a rodeo when we stopped for the night.  I had purchased a tube of lube and was trying to get up my nerve.  I had questioned Greg about the pain and he had said that in the beginning it could hurt a lot but that after a while it was very little pain on insertion. I wondered if I could do it.

We checked into a motel asking for a room in the back where we could keep watch over our horses and equipment. We secured  our equipment and went into the room.  After showering together, we headed to bed.  Could I do it?  I wasn't sure.


Part 3....

When Greg had his back to me, I slipped the lube under my pillow, just in case I went through it. I wanted it, but at the same time, I just wasn't sure.

He turned to me and we began a hot make out session, kissing and fondling each other.  The more passionate we got the more I was wanting to feel his cock deep in my ass.  After a few moments, I looked him in the face and said, "Fuck me, please!"

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Positive!  Show me every way possible for two men to pleasure each other."

I pulled out the lube and saw him smile. "I guess you are wanting it," he said.

"I am."

Greg raised my legs and generously lubed my hole both inside and out, then his cock.  Ever so gently, he began his insertion, telling me to relax as much as possible.  I did and a moment later the head of his hard cock slipped into me.  I gasped loudly, as I tried to relax.

He paused and let me try to adjust to having him in me.  After a while, he began to slowly work his way deeper and after a couple of minutes, he kissed me passionately , then said, "Baby, you have it all in you.  Are you okay?"

I reached back to feel and found that his cock was completely buried in my ass. Looking into his face, I said, "Fuck me.  I want to feel you shoot that load deep in me."

Greg began humping my hole and it was turning me on more and more.  I began moaning from pleasure that I had never experienced before.  "Fuck me, cowboy.  Fuck my brains out."

A few moments later he began to breath heavier and I knew what was about to happen.  Suddenly, I felt his cock swell more and the hot thick load start erupting and filling my hole.  At the same time, my own cock had a spontaneous eruption, not only onto my chest but also into my face.  Greg quickly began licking it off and feeding it to me.

Once he was drained, he slowly eased out of my ass and asked again if I was okay.  I assured him that I was and told him that he could fuck me anytime he wanted.  He listened, and in the middle of the night, I awoke to find him lubing my ass before sliding his cock in for another round.  After he again filled my ass, I returned the pleasure by filling his ass with my load.

After we arrived in  Denver, and met many other contestants we knew from previous rodeos.  After eating dinner in the mess hall, we began to go our own ways.  Greg eased up beside me and asked, "Buck and Larry commented to me that they would love to get you in bed and said that they had heard that you loved getting sucked.  Are you ready to do more with other guys?"

"Sure," I replied.  "I think it would be hot."

"Would you like for me to bring them to your trailer later?"

"Sure.  Should I answer the door nude?"

"Whatever you want?"

I smiled and went to my trailer, stripped, put on a jock strap, and  waited anxiously.  About fifteen or twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door.  Stepping off to the side so as not to be seen when the door opened, I said calmly, "The door is open."

Greg came in first followed by Buck and Larry.  Once they were in, Greg turned and locked it.  "Make yourselves comfortable gentlemen," I said.

Greg took the lead by quickly stripping totally naked.  Buck and Larry followed and both were beautifully built and well endowed.  As their cocks began to stiffen, I teasingly began to remove my jock.  As I dropped it to the floor, I knew that I wanted all three of their cocks in me that night.  I sat in a chair and spread my legs, saying "Who's first?"

Buck was the first to his  knees and swallow my cock.  Before I climaxed they had all taken turns sucking my cock.  Buck was the lucky recipient and after taking my load, he kissed Larry and shared it.  Buck and Larry assumed that the evening was over but knew different when I turned my ass to them, bent over, spread my ass cheeks and asked, again, "Who's first?"

Both men looked at each other with a shocked expression on their face, as both their cock grew harder.  Larry was the first and gently slid his cock balls deep in my ass.  As he began pumping in and out of my ass, I motioned for Buck to move closer.  Once I could reach his cock, I gently pulled him to me and began sucking him. 

"Holy Shit!" he exclaimed.  "He does it all."

I wouldn't let him shoot in my mouth.  I wanted all three loads in my ass.  Larry soon deposited his load and as soon as he pulled out, Buck buried his cock in me and soon deposited his load.  Afterward, Greg took his turn and  after depositing his load with the other two, he quickly knelt down and sucked all three loads out of my freshly fucked ass.

Buck immediately said, "Share it, mother fucker!"

Greg first fed Buck some of the loads then some to Larry, then kissed me and shared the remainder with me.

Afterward, as the four of us sat and talked, Greg asked, "Well, what do you two think of Jeff?"

"Hell, we'd have sex with him daily,"  Buck responded. "We never expected all of what happened."

I found out that Buck and Larry were on the same rodeo circuit as Greg and I.  I knew there would be more sex with them and loved the idea.

Over the next few weeks, Greg introduced me to watersports and fisting.  There was no way a guy was going to shove his fist up my ass but Greg and Buck both loved getting fisted.  Greg would often be my urinal after a few beers and drink straight from my cock.  In time I found that Buck and Larry both also drank.  I decided to try it and found it wasn't bad.

As time went on, more and more of the gay riders were visiting my trailer. Sex was every night, and I wasn't complaining. 

I never dreamed that I would ever have feelings for another man like I had for Greg.  I knew it was pure genuine love.

My winnings grew and soon I was one of the top moneymakers.  I wanted a larger trailer or a motor home.  One evening after Greg and I had enjoyed each others ass and mouths, I asked the big question.

Looking into his handsome rugged face, I said, "Greg, I want you to know that I have fallen deeply and unconditionally  in love with you .  If you would do me the honors, would you be my life partner?"

"Holy fuck!  I was about to ask you the same thing. Hell yes.  I love you too."

We kissed and the next day we made it official and bought matching rings.  Buck and Larry went with us to dinner to celebrate.

Greg and I bought a nice motor home and truck and horse trailer.  When we traveled, I drove the motor home  and Greg would drive the truck and pull the trailer that contained our horses. 

We were both very successful and had built up substantial savings.  Our rodeo career was quickly coming to an end because of multiple injuries over the years.  Upon retiring, we bought a ranch in southern Colorado.  We hire only gay hands to work the ranch.   Sex is almost constant when the hands have completed their required chores.  And because the house is not visible from other property, anyone that wants to can go nude .  it's so how watching all those hot cock swinging when they walk.

  THE END...............



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