My friend from work, Donna, a woman who I'd say is a die-hard punk rocker, came up to me at lunch and said 'Hey Chris - there's this band I really want to see tomorrow night and my boyfriend has to work and none of the girls want to go. Would you be my date? I know it's not your thing but I don't want to go alone. I'll pay the cover and buy you two beers,' she cocked her head and smiled. I can never resist her - even though I'm gayer than gay, she has this effect on me where I'll do just about anything she says. She's got something about her that makes everyone give in to her requests.

'Why not - I'll go. What are they called? What should I wear so I don't get beat up?' She laughed but I was serious!

'They're called Hard Life and they are kind of an old-style punk band. Don't tell Doug, but I have a huge crush on the drummer,' she blushed just slightly when she said that. 'Oh, and just wear jeans and a t-shirt and you'll be fine,' and she walked away.

I picked up Donna at 9 o'clock the next night and we went down to the bar. We ignored the warm-up bands as she told me to and hung out drinking beer and waiting for the main attraction. I was definitely a fish out of water. I'm more of a Smiths/Depeche Mode kind of guy who likes nice clothes. I don't spit or thrash other people on the dance floor and I can appreciate some nice wine and sushi.

I noticed a guy across the bar with some friends and he stared at me briefly and a friend broke his gaze and he returned to talking. I saw him look again, but obviously trying to be nonchalant about it. He looked down as soon as I caught his glance and kept talking to his buddies. I thought to myself, 'do I have an admirer?' Funny place for me to get picked up. But I shrugged it off. Donna took off on me (just needed a ride, I guess) and put her arms around a couple girls with pink and green mohawks. That left me all alone at a punk rock bar. Oh well.

I looked down at my phone and thought I'd check email for a few minutes so I wouldn't look pathetic and all of a sudden, there he is - my admirer! He was right next to me when I looked up and I was pretty surprised. This was definitely a rough looking punk guy, but he had the sweetest face and smile and sparkly eyes, even in the dark.

'Hey, I don't think I've seen you here before ...I'm Hank,' and he offered his hand.

'Oh, hi - I'm Chris. Yeah, I'm not much of a punk fan but my friend from work talked me into coming with her and now she took off on me!' I laughed and he kept grinning at me.

Hank sat down on the stool next to me and started making small talk with me. I was definitely getting a pick-up vibe from him. We talked about weather, he asked me what I do, what kind of music I like. I got him to admit that he actually likes Depeche Mode but he said not to tell anyone.

Finally, after a short silence, he decided to go for it. 'Chris, are you gay?'

'Why...are you going to beat me up?' and I laughed nervously.

'No, no, no,' he laughed. 'I am and I was getting a vibe from you' he almost whispered it under his breath. 'Most of my friends have no idea - I don't really socialize with the guys much outside of here,' and he looked around as he said that.

'Yes, I am, a typical mid-twenties single gay guy who goes home to his cat every night,' and he laughed and it almost looked like he blushed.

At that moment, three guys walked up to him and said 'Hank, we gotta move - we're up in about ten minutes.'

'Yeah, yeah, I'm coming. Be right there,' and he shooed them off.

'Chris, I've gotta go - I'm actually the bass player in the next band. Will you stay around to watch?' he smiled again.

'You're in Hard Life? Wow. That's why we came tonight. My friend is nuts about you guys,' I said.

'Cool! I hope you'll agree, even though it's not your cup of tea...but will you wait until after the show? I really wanted to talk to you some more,' he almost said it under his breath. I nodded and as he walked away he gave my thigh a quick squeeze.

Wow, I'm getting picked up by a punk-rock musician skinhead. What would my mother think? So I settled in to where I could see the stage but not get involved in the action on the dance floor. I spotted Donna and she waved to me and motioned for me to come down there. I shook my head vigorously - um, no, sweetheart! I'm not getting into some slam dancing thing and get my head beat in.

I sat back and saw Hank get up there with his bass, plugging in, tuning a bit. I really got a good look at him finally and saw tattoos everywhere but some fine looking arms. He was wearing a black t-shirt, very faded jeans and motorcycle boots. He huddled with the other guys before they started and when he went back in place he looked over at me and grinned. Could he see me? In case he did I smiled back.

Hard Life started with a roar. I witnessed some really fast loud punk rock that blasted my eardrums and vibrated inside of my chest. I don't know my labels, so I'm not sure what kind of punk they played, but it was aggressive. The singer had a great presence, jumping around and leaning over the stage towards the crowd. The guitar player stood back from the stage and always had a lit cigarette in his mouth and a bottle of Jack Daniels on top of his amp. The drummer, who Donna has a crush on, was pretty cute in a Billy Idol kind of way. Hank, he played bass like he was going to destroy the thing. He flailed the thing whenever he had a chance and jumped occasionally, almost upstaging the singer, I thought. I couldn't take my eyes off him, though, I realized. He was really hot! Such a different type of guy than anyone I've been with before. Not only was he good to look at, the idea that he was a musician playing this over the top music kind of made him even sexier. A rebel!

Their set went on non-stop for 25 minutes. They were all drenched with sweat, including Hank, and the crowd made them come back for another few minutes. They were obviously very popular and loved around here.

After they finished, Donna found me and said 'Chris, I actually don't need a ride - I ran into my girl Betsy and she'll drop me off. Thanks for the date!' and she bounced off. Convenient!

Hank came over to me, in a fresh t-shirt with a towel around his neck.

'What did you think, Chris?'

'Um, I really liked you guys! I didn't think I would, but honestly, I liked it! And you play some mean bass,' I said, thinking to myself that I just said something lame.

'Really? Wow! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!'

'My friend just left on me - one of her friends is giving her a ride home,' I said.

There was a moment of silence between us.

'Do you wanna some coffee?' Hank looked at me, almost hopefully.

'Yeah, absolutely!' I thought - why not?

'Cool,' and he grinned again. 'Let me just finish up here and get paid. Do you want to wait here?'

'Sure - do you have a car or should I drive?' I asked.

'Um, I wouldn't mind getting a ride with you if that's okay. Better than walking home!' and he laughed and disappeared.

So here I am, about to go out for a late date with a skinhead punk who plays bass in a band and has tons of tattoos. Wow. Not my usual type, for sure, but Hank was pretty hot, I had to admit. And apparently he liked me - me and my sort of boring short brown hair, no earrings, no tattoos, usually dressed sort of preppy, office job, blah. Sometimes I can't believe how ordinary I seem.

A few minutes later he re-appeared, wearing a faded jean jacket and carrying a baseball cap and carrying his bass in a hard case, full of stickers. 'Ready? I sure am!' and we smiled at each other.

'This way - I parked around the corner,' and he followed me.

We made our way down the block to my boring VW Jetta four door. I went to let him in the passenger side and to open the trunk for his bass, when he set it down and touched my shoulders.

'Chris, I just wanted to say that I'm glad you came to the show tonight,' and he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

'I'm sure glad I came down, too,' and we stood silent for a couple beats. 'So where should we go?'

'There's a diner open pretty late a few blocks away,' and he showed me where to go.

We went in and found a booth towards the back. He asked me if I wanted coffee and ordered for both of us. Then we sat in silence across from each other, smiling, kind of blushing, kind of awkward - at least I was!

'I've never met a cute guy like you at one of our shows,' he said with a grin. 'You really took me by surprise when I saw you across the room.'

I'm sure I blushed. I couldn't think of what to say. 'Well, I never thought I'd meet someone as interesting as you - and at a punk rock show - one of the least likeliest places for me!' and he laughed a bit.

We drank coffee and sort of got to know each other on the surface a little bit - he's a construction guy, mostly painting but he's had other jobs. He went to college and got a degree in English but decided he liked working with his hands and swore he'd never work in an office. He's 28 and has been playing bass since high school and has always been into punk music, although he has a weakness for old jazz music. He reads books voraciously - (a thing in common with me, yay!). Of course he spends a fair amount of time at the gym. He was last in a relationship with someone six months ago - and the guy left town unexpectedly.

I told him about my boring office job and that I like to run, attempt to cook and love staying in and watching movies. And that I broke up with someone also about six months ago. Oh, he cheated on me...with a friend of mine.

'I'd love it if you'd cook for me, Chris,' and he grinned at me again. His stare and smile lingered for an extra moment. Then after a significant pause, 'Chris, do you want to come back to my place with me? I'm not far from here.'

Wow - wastes no time. 'Oh, wow, yeah, sure!' I sort of stuttered. He got up and paid the check and I followed him. We got out to my car and as I hit the key to unlock the doors, he touched me on the shoulder and turned me around and kissed me. Gently, softly, sweetly. I felt heat immediately rising in me. He pulled back and looked at me. Then I went in on him and took his face in my hands and kissed him back, more forcefully. I might look like a preppy wimp but I get pretty worked up with a hot guy and like to take control as soon as I can. He responded quite easily and we locked lips for a few minutes, me leaning against my car.

'Wow, you are an awesome kisser,' he said. 'Want to go?' We got in and he directed me about ten blocks away, turning here and there. We pulled up to an old brownstone type building and I parked in front. He led me in and we walked up one flight to his apartment. It was a great place - nice wood floors, built in cabinets and bookcases, vintage appliances in the kitchen. He wasn't the neatest guy but the place felt like it was comfortably lived in and that he had been there a long time.

'Sit down - want something to drink?' and he put down his bass and headed for the kitchen. He brought me a beer and sat down next to me.

'Chris, you are really sexy - I got a feeling about you when I came over at the bar and introduced myself. I'm not usually a guy who picks up anyone but you were pretty irresistible.'

'Well, Hank, you are pretty hot yourself. Your eyes are amazing,' and I don't think I got the '-ing' of amazing out of my mouth as he grabbed me and started kissing me more furiously than outside the restaurant. He climbed on my lap and started kissing me hard, me coming back at him, our tongues fighting. I found myself putting my hands under his t-shirt and feeling the soft skin of his back and felt the heat rising between us. He had his hands on my face and as I stroked his back he sighed. He was sitting on me in such a way that it was pretty obvious he had a hard on growing in his jeans. I know I was quickly getting excited.

He climbed off me and held out his hand, with an even bigger smile and led me back to his bedroom.

His bedroom was much like the other parts of the apartment. Lived in and cluttered. His bed wasn't made, which made me think that he probably hadn't even planned to have company.

We walked in there, me behind him holding his hand. He plopped right down on the bed and moved his hands to my waist and pulled me on top of him and laid back and started kissing me again. I pulled away from him and said 'Um, can we talk about what we're doing?' He smiled and said 'I'm hoping to make love to you,' and I blushed and said 'do you have condoms? I don't.' He nodded. Whew. 'What's your pleasure?' he whispered, 'I'll go either way. I just want you really bad right now.' I didn't know what to say so I just smiled and said 'Let's see what happens!' because I'm a versatile guy myself and I didn't have any real preference at the moment.

'Come back here,' he said as he wriggled out from under me and went all the way on to the bed, kicking his boots off in the process. I took off my shoes and smiled and crawled over to him. He took my face in his hands and began kissing me again, this time moving his hands from my face to my shoulders to my chest and under my shirt and I was already trying to do the same as well as try to get in the waistband of his jeans. I had an enormous hard on at that point, as did he, and I was just beside myself at how sexy this guy is and how I hadn't slept with anyone in months and I felt my cock getting uncomfortable in my jeans and that rushy sort of sense of butterflies that comes when you're getting ramped up while fooling around with a hot guy.

I pulled back off his lips and took his t-shirt off and he closed his eyes and sighed as I began kissing him all over his chest, stopping to play with his hard nipples and biting them and sucking on them. He is really rock solid, this guy. He had a minimal soft coat of brown hair on his chest which I buried my nose in. He moaned softly and was stroking the back of my head and neck.

'That's so nice, Chris...that feels so good,' he murmured as I continued. Then my somewhat out-of-character aggressive side took over and I wanted to devour this guy. I moved back and started unbuttoning his jeans while I stared into his eyes and he smiled and let me do the work. Jeans off, enormous hard on in his boxers. I sat back for a minute and admired the huge tent in front of me, glancing up at his smiling face, his eyes closed on and off, his hand on my shoulder as I hovered over him.

Abruptly I yanked off his boxers and was pretty awed at the huge piece of meat this guy has. Not a monster by any means, but beefy and thick and cut with huge plump balls that I had to get in my mouth as soon as possible. He groaned a bit more audibly as I started to stroke him and parted his legs so I could get at all the other good stuff.

I started giving his balls a tongue bath and alternated putting them in my mouth and sucking them as he continued to groan a bit louder. He was dripping already on into my hand while I stroked him and continued. I then brought my tongue up from his balls directly on to the back of his shaft and licked it while staring at him and his eyes sort of rolled back in his head and he put his hands on the back of my head and said

'Fucking A, Chris, you're making me so fucking hard' and when my tongue reached the perfect mushroom head of his cock I plunged him into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat and I think he yelped a little.

I climbed over his left leg so I was kneeling between his legs and kept sucking him while I played with his balls more with my hand and inched my way under him to his ass. His hips came up for a second there and he groaned pretty deeply saying 'Fuck, oh god, you're driving me crazy!' I couldn't get my hand all the way under where I wanted it to be so I went back to concentrating on giving him head for a while.

I came up for air and he sat up more and reached to pull my shirt off and pushed me back so I had to get my knees out and straighten my legs and he climbed on me again, his huge cock resting on my stomach as he sat back and had a long look at me. I guess the extra time at the gym since my ex left me has paid off as he began squeezing my upper arms and shoulders. He backed off and climbed to the side and began undoing my jeans. He had a belt to deal with and that took a bit of time because I think he was nervous. I let him struggle with it. Then he got my jeans off and wasted no time taking off my boxers and stroked my stomach while he checked out the goods. I was glad at that moment that he seemed impressed because his eyebrows went up a bit and he leered at me for a second. Then he went right to work, squeezing my balls in his hand while he ran his tongue up and down my shaft, going around and up and down again and I showed some appreciation by beginning to drip pre-cum, which he swallowed every time and made an 'mmmmm' noise. He stopped at the head of my cock at that point and put just that in his mouth and sucked on it for a few moments, still squeezing my balls. Then he took all of me in his mouth and gave me a good sucking for quite a few minutes. I was getting pretty ramped up and then thinking, 'who is going to fuck who?' and being sort of unsure as to how this was going to play out when he stopped sucking me and said, 'I want to feel you inside me - will you fuck me?'

'Yeah, I would really like to fuck you. But I'm also thinking about that big meaty cock in my ass, too' and he blushed and said 'well, we do have some hours before daylight,' and smiled.

He reached over and opened a bed side table and pulled out condoms and lube and threw them down and went back to paying attention to my cock and balls, moving his mouth down there to give me a tongue bath.

I was in heaven at that moment, even knowing that I would be even higher than that in a few moments. He stopped and sat back and I sat up and said 'I want to see that cute ass,' and he got up on his hands and knees. I slapped his ass pretty hard, which made him sort of jump but he was laughing and so I did it again, while I stroked myself with the other hand. He was stroking himself

underneath and moaning here and there, saying 'fuck yeah' under his breath.

Next I grabbed his ass and started to run my tongue along his entire crack from the top to his balls and he was getting louder with his moans. I spread his ass cheeks apart and dove my tongue into his hole which made him grunt an 'ohhh' sort of loud. I rimmed him for a good amount of time, mostly because he had the greatest ass and I just couldn't stop. I sort of lost myself, listening to him moan and knowing that I was getting him really excited.

I finally stopped and reached over for the lube and a condom. I put one on and smeared some lube on his ass and I leaned over him and took over stroking his cock while I fingered him just a bit and he was muttering 'fuck, don't stop, fuck' and then I sat back and raised myself up and entered him and holy shit, he was tight and soooo nice. I gasped and breathed out, concentrating on not wanting to come right away and he was moaning louder and backing himself up against me, my cock going in deeper and deeper each time. I started thrusting in and out of him and he grabbed his cock and starting stroking himself again, saying 'fuck, this feels good, oh, fuck, keep fucking me,' and so I obeyed and picked up some momentum and fucked him a little harder and he moaned harder. I went almost all the way out of him and plunged back in and he groaned and said 'fuck, I'm gonna come right now' and he said 'oh oh oh' each time he ejaculated, and then sighed when he was done. I started fucking him a little harder at that point and felt myself getting up to that point of no return when he said 'come on my face' and in a nanosecond I pulled out and whipped off that condom and he turned over and I jacked off until I began coming all over him, some of my load going directly into his mouth, and I was pretty loud about it all.

When I finished he looked at me and grinned and we both laughed.

I fell on the bed next to him and we laid in silence for a few minutes.

'Chris, you are an amazing lover,' he said while he looked up to the ceiling.

'Thank you, Hank - you're pretty fucking amazing yourself.'

He found his t-shirt and cleaned up his face a little and then rolled over and kissed me, sweetly.


Stay tuned for part two...



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