He kissed me a second time and then laid on his side, facing me, his elbow supporting him. He looked at me, into my eyes, pretty deeply and smiled.

'What are you thinking about?' I got myself in the same position on my side, facing him.

'Just how great this night has turned out to be,' he took his free arm and stroked my face with the back of his hand.

'I agree, Hank. I was prepared for a night of babysitting my friend Donna, and instead, got laid!' I grinned back at him.

He continued with his hand on my face. 'Chris, you'll want to see me again after tonight, won't you?' he said in a much softer, lower voice.

'Sure, of course!' I didn't want to sound too over-enthusiastic, but I had just had the greatest sex in a long time and I really liked this guy.

'Good,' and he smiled and shifted onto his back, looking up at the ceiling. I did the same and we were silent for a few minutes. Then he took my right hand in his left, not looking over, just reaching out and taking my hand and he squeezed it.

'I hope you'll stay longer tonight, Chris. There's more I want to do to you,' he was still looking up at the ceiling.

'And I was hoping you'd invite me,' I said, sitting up.

'Be right back.' He disappeared into the bathroom, probably to wash my cum off his face and do whatever else one does in there.

I got up and put on my boxers and started to look around his bedroom a bit and walked around. One wall on the left side had a desk, covered in stacks of papers and had a laptop teetering on top. On the wall above were a multitude of flyers for his band, all over the wall. In the corner next to the desk were stacks of CDs. Apparently he had a record out.

'Want one? Take it,' he startled me by coming up behind me silently and putting his arms around my waist and kissing my shoulder.

'Um, sure - thanks! Very cool that you have an album out,' I leaned over and picked one up.

'Would be cool if someone would buy one,' and he laughed. 'Your boxers are on for some reason?'

'I just felt weird walking around your room naked, I guess,' and I probably blushed.

'Bathroom is down the hall here if you need it.

Want something to eat or drink?' and he grabbed his own shorts, I guess to make me less self-conscious.

I headed for the bathroom and when I came out, he was in the living room, sitting on the couch.

'Come here,' he patted a cushion next to him.

I sat down and he put his arms around me and kissed my neck softly. I felt chills for a second, which made me feel good inside and I even started to feel a new hard-on beginning.

I turned towards him and took his face and began kissing him, pretty hard this time, trying to suck on his tongue. He got up on his knees on the couch and leaned back into me and continued kissing me. I let my hand find his crotch and he was already hard.

'Ohhhh, yeah, that's nice' he said as I squeezed his cock and balls through his shorts. 'Are you ready for round two?' he whispered.

'Can't wait,' I smiled and we got up and went back to his room.

We immediately stepped out of our shorts and met in the middle of the bed and resumed kissing. He began running his hand all over my body, stopping to squeeze my nipples. He pulled back and leaned down to bite them. I love having my nipples bitten - it's a gigantic turn on. I didn't give him a chance before and I was getting more and more ramped up. I guess I was making noise a little, because he murmured a bit 'glad you like this' and kept going at them, alternating every so often. I was audibly moaning at that point, looking up with my eyes shut, pre cum dripping onto my thigh.

He sat back and pulled my legs out so I was laying down and he climbed on top of me.

'I want to get to that fine ass of yours. I didn't have a chance before,' and he leaned into me, our cocks touching. He grabbed them together and stroked them while he started biting my neck and earlobes, sending little spurts of electricity through me every time. He stopped and crawled backwards and said 'I gotta get at that cock,' and he started deep-throating me immediately, making my hips buck up into his face for a second. He gave me a good working over, sucking me with deep strokes all the way to the base of my cock and up to the very tip. His hands, meanwhile, were playing with my balls and stroking himself.

I scooted down and said 'turn around and climb up here so I can suck you, too,' and he smiled and turned around and climbed on me. We did this 69 thing for quite a while and both got sort of wrapped up in it. Then I started to feel his fingers playing with my asshole and it sent more electricity through me and I found myself again audibly moaning, while his cock was still in my mouth. He began licking the underside of my balls and working his tongue down towards my ass, really pushing hard with it.

He pulled himself away from me and climbed between my legs. I brought my legs up and he kept pushing them towards me so my ass would come up a little more. He began licking my hole, teasing me by varying what his tongue was doing, making me beg for more. I was in a perfect place, my body immobilized because I was holding my legs up more. I absolutely love when I'm getting rimmed and I can't move myself around much.

He then started tongue fucking me in earnest for a while, which was so fucking good. Then he stopped and grabbed a condom and said 'Can I fuck you now, Chris?' and I nodded and rolled over and got up on my knees.

'No,' he said, and he laid down on his back and said 'lower yourself on me,' and held out his hands to help hold me, I suppose.

I straddled his legs, facing him and got up on my feet and squatted, and I grabbed the headboard behind him. He put his hands on my waist and I slowly lowered myself on to that thick, meaty cock. I was out of my mind because I hadn't done this in a while and his cock was so thick that as it all went into my ass I was completely startled, filled up entirely and whimpering slightly. I raised myself up again and started to lift myself up and went down. I did this for a while, him holding my waist and making the sexiest moaning noises I've ever heard, in between saying things like 'Fuck, you're so tight,' and 'Fuck, oh yeah, sit down on my cock, shit, oh oh oh, that feels fucking good.' When I raised up off his cock the last time, he held my waist and he sat up so I climbed off him and went on my knees. He came up behind me and thrusted his cock all the way in at once, making me moan really loud. He started slamming me, not too hard, but hard enough that it was pretty forceful and he was grunting and groaning and at one point went into me and laid his head on my back for a moment, then kissed my back as he got up again.

'I want to see your face when we both come,' he said and he crawled back a little so I could get on my back. He kneeled between my legs and hooked them over his arms and started fucking me, pretty hard, while looking directly into my eyes. His eyes were watery and mine probably were too. I started stroking myself, my cock dripping so much that I had plenty to lubricate myself with. I could feel that wave of feeling that said 'you're going to come right now' so I said, 'fuck, I'm going to come...right...now' and I came, all over myself and even hit the wall behind me and as he watched me, he kept fucking me and then tipped his head upwards and said 'FUCK! ' really loud and came inside me.

We stayed like that for a moment or two and while he was still inside me he leaned down to kiss me, softly, like before. He pulled out and laid down next to me, disposing of his evidence in the trash. He was quiet for a while, and looked up at the ceiling again.

'You okay, Hank?' I said, as I leaned on my side towards him.

'Yeah, more than fine,' and he turned to look at me. He took my face in his hands and kissed me, over and over on my mouth and all over my face.

I sat up and said, 'Shit, I'm going to wash my face - be right back,' and he smiled.

I returned and he was sitting up, his cock still recovering and he opened his arms for me to come over to him.

We embraced each other, sitting on the bed, our heads on each other's shoulders.

'Wow, what an incredible night,' he whispered in my ear.

'I'll say,' I whispered back.

'Chris,' he paused and pulled back so he was looking at me.

'Yeah?' and I smiled.

'Can I see you again, and again, and again? Can I take you out on a real date?' he said, very seriously.

'I'd love that,' I said and I leaned in and kissed him.

'Can you stay the rest of the night?' and he looked sort of hopeful.

I tried to remember if I fed the cat already and thought, fuck it, she's too fat anyway, and I nodded.

We got under a blanket and he shut off the light on the side table. We were in the black of the dark room and sort of quiet.

'Will you come closer? I want to hold you,' I said. He scooted over towards me and I put my arm around him and he put his face on my chest and hooked his right leg in between my legs and put his arm across my stomach.

We fell asleep like that.



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