'Oh shit' I said out loud.

Blue lights flashed behind me, reflecting in my mirrors, I knew I had been going too fast but it was pretty late at night and I didn't think anyone would catch me. I pulled over and waited for the officer to come over; I tried to stay calm but inside I was panicking. My dad would kill me if he found out I got another ticket as my license would get taken away and would mean I couldn't get to my baseball practice – which I had to go to if I wanted the scholarship.

The cop pulled up behind me, got out his car and walked over to my window, giving it a tap. I wound my window down and prepared myself to beg.

'Sir, do you realise how fast you were going?' He asked.

'Too fast officer' I replied.

'Sir, you were going at 100 miles an hour, the limit is 55' He said, staring deep into my eyes.

'I'm sorry officer, I was running late for... for...' I tried to think of something to say, but really I had no excuse.

'Ok, lets cut the crap and show me your licence'

I showed him my licence, which he studied carefully before saying anything else; leaving me to sit in my car to squirm in panic.

'Ok sir, I see you're 18, been out partying tonight? It's pretty late?' He asked.

'No officer, I've not been drinking, I was just on the way back from girlfriends house and got a bit carried away'

'I need to ask you to step out the car and take a breath test'

I did what I was told and quickly stepped out the car, eager to prove my innocence, hoping that he might let me off with a warning and not give me a ticket. I breathed into the machine and he nodded at me in approval when it came back negative.

'Ok good, but I still need to give you a ticket sir, that was a serious speeding offence' He said. I started to panic again, shit. I could not get this ticket.

'Please officer, you don't understand, I can't get this ticket, I'll be banned and I won't get the scholarship....' I started to ramble off my problems to him and why I couldn't get the ticket.

'I'm sorry sir, but the law is the law'

'Is there not anything I can do? I will do anything, anything' I said, pleading.

'Well there may be something you can do' He replied and rubbed his hand over his crotch.

'Anything' I said as I looked straight at his crotch and then into his eyes.

I had never done anything with a guy but I was not stupid enough to let this ruin my whole life, giving a guy a blowjob didn't seem that bad in the long run and no one would ever know. He wasted no time in pulling out his dick, it was already hard when it popped out his pants and fuck, it was huge. It was at least 9 inches long and real fat as well, I bet I wouldn't even be able to get my hand around it.

He walked back to his car and leant against his car hood, slowly jacking his dick. He looked straight at me and I knew it was my signal to come over; I walked over to him and grabbed his cock. It was a bold move, especially as I had never touched another guys dick before but I didn't want him to take too much control of the situation. I began to jerk it, it didn't really feel weird, it was kind of like jacking my own but it just didn't feel as good.

I thought I might just get away with a handjob but after a few minutes he pushed my hand away and told me to get on my knees. I did what he said and came eye to eye with his huge tool, it had a massive drop of precum on the end and it dropped onto my pants.

'Go on' He said as he grabbed the back of my head.

I had no choice but to open my mouth wide as pushed my head down onto him, his cock popped through my lips, fuck he was wide, I had to really stretch just to get him in. I didn't really know what to do once he was inside me so I just kind of let it rest in my mouth and started to lick the head a little.

He sensed I didn't know what I was doing and started to push his cock down my throat, I gagged a little when he first started but soon I was easily taking him. He didn't stop pushing until I felt his pubes tickle my top lip and I was strangely proud of myself that I could manage to deepthroat his huge cock.

He pulled back out and started to fuck my face, after the deep throating I kind of started getting into it and began to tongue him as he moved in and out. As I hungrily sucked him, I realised my own cock was hard and pushing against my pants, why the fuck had sucking a dude turned me on?

'Shit dude, you getting good, but I don't want to come yet' He said as he pulled out.

'Isn't that the point?' I asked.

'If you really don't want that ticket, you gotta give me a bit more'

'Like what?'

'Bend over the hood, and i'll show you'

I did what I was told even though I knew what he was going to do, fuck me in the ass. I started to panic a little, he was so big and nothing had ever been up there before. I couldn't believe I had got myself in this situation and this cop was a big guy; there would be no way I would be able to fight back.

'I don't think I can take you' I said, stuttering my words.

'Shut up man, let me decide that'

He pulled my pants down, to reveal my bare ass to the night air. My cock was glad to be released and hadn't softened, even at the thought of being fucked in the ass.

'Shit, that's a fine muscle ass' He said as he kneaded my butt cheeks.

He began to rub his cock between my cheeks, tickling my ass hole and I spread my legs to give him easier access. The sensations his cock rubbing against my ass were awesome and making me less scared about having his monster cock fuck me. He pulled away and I braced myself for what was about to come but I was surprised when I felt something wet and rough flick across my hole.

'Uggghhhh' I moaned.

He was eating my ass and fuck, it felt amazing; his tongue lapped hungrily at my hole, it gave me pleasure I didn't know my ass could give me. He worked his tongue through the tight muscle and started to lick my insides as I moaned like a bitch. Damn, he was hungry for ass; he ate me out like he hadn't eaten for weeks but I didn't care, I was loving it and my dick was rock hard, dripping precum.

'Oh don't stop' I whined as he pulled out.

'The best part is about to start' He chuckled as he stood up and grabbed my hips.

'OH FUUUUUCK!' I shouted in pain as the head popped through my hole.

He grabbed my mouth to stifle my shouts as he continued to enter me, I tried to pull away put there was nowhere to go; this big strong dude had me where he wanted me. I continued my muffled shouts as he pushed his huge dick all the way into me and when his balls finally slapped my ass it felt like I had been split in two.

He rested for a moment and my asshole began to adjust to being stretched out, I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me and my own cock started to rise again. He didn't wait long before he started to fuck me, the pain was still pretty intense but he was hitting something inside of me which was making the fucking start to feel good.

He was pounding my ass hard; almost pulling all the way out and then all the way back in but I was really starting to enjoy it as the pain faded and it turned to pleasure. My cock leaked precum all down my legs as he thrust hard in and out my ass, making me moan like a girl and beg for more.

'Oh yeah fuck my ass' I shouted.

I couldn't believe I was saying it but I wanted more, I loved the way his big cock stretched me out and probed my insides. When his balls slapped my ass his dick hit something inside of me which made me want to cum each time and I knew I couldn't last much longer.

'Shit, i'm coming!' I moaned, my balls contracted and my ass tightened as I shot one of my biggest ever loads all over my legs and down the grill of the cop car.

'Oh shit so am I, turn around' He shouted.

He pulled put of me quickly and I turned around to face his dick, instinctively I opened my mouth, preparing myself for his load. He groaned loudly as he jacked his dick and blew his load all over my face, rope after rope hit me; some in my mouth and fuck, it was a huge load, my whole face was pretty much covered.

I didn't know what to do with the cum in my mouth so I just let it sit there as he bend down and started to scrape the rest of his cum into my mouth. The taste was sort of weird but not disgusting and once he had filled me up he surprised me by bending down and kissing me. I kissed back straight away, this whole situation had turned me on and we shared his cum, passing it back to each other. He pulled away and I saw him swallow, I guess I should do the same and swallowed the whole thing and it actually wasn't too gross.

'Fucking nice man, I think you can forget about that ticket and if you want more i'm here every night' He said and winked at me as he zipped up his pants.

He got straight back into his car and pulled away, leaving me sat on the ground; cum all over my face and the most sexually satisfied i'd ever been. I was already hungry for more and I knew I would be back again pretty soon.


Chris Miller

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