My head was spinning as I drove home, I couldn't believe what had just happened and craziest of all – I had enjoyed it. My ass was twitching at the thought of the big cock stretching it out and my mouth watered remembering how his sweet cum tasted. What the fuck was wrong with me?

I jerked off that night, picturing in my mind what happened with the cop; wishing he was there to make it feel even better. But even without him I blew a huge fucking load all over myself, I scooped it up in my fingers and tasted it, it wasn't as good as the cop's but I still enjoyed it.

The next day at school, all I could think about was what had happened and was planning to go see the cop again. That experience must of brought something out in me as after baseball practice I started noticing the other guy's bodies, especially their cocks and asses, making me even more horny.

I was leaving the locker room and met a girl I had been fucking.

'Hey Jack' She smiled at me seductively.

'Hey Britney' I replied.

'So my parents are out of town tonight, want to keep me company?' She asked. Usually I would of jumped at the chance to fool around with all night but now all I wanted to do was meet the cop.

'Sorry Brit, i'm busy' I said and walked away.

I could tell she was pissed that I had blown her off, but I didn't really care, suddenly my interest in girls had disappeared. I waited all evening for it to get late enough to go meet the cop, I don't know why I had become so needy to have sex with a guy but I couldn't think of anything else.

Finally the time arrived and I set off in my car and headed out to the road where he had pulled me over yesterday. It didn't take long to find him. I saw his car pulled over and he was leaning against the hood, staring right at me as I pulled up behind him.

'I've been expecting you' He said as I got out my car and walked over.

'Hey' was all I could manage to say as I realised his big cock was already out and he was slowly jerking it.

I wasted no time and dropped straight to my knees, taking his beautiful dick all the way down, something I had been waiting all day for.

'Awww fuck yeah' He moaned.

I hungrily sucked him, sometimes switching to his balls, lapping all the precum that he leaked; I was in heaven. Fuck, I was loving making love to his big, tasty cock and I could tell he was loving it too.

'Aww shit, you gotta stop, i'm gonna blow and I still need to fuck that tight ass' He said and I pulled off, I didn't want him to cum yet either.

'Take your clothes off and lay on your back on the hood' He told me.

I quickly stripped, revealing my rock hard dick and did what he said. He instructed me to hold my legs up, revealing my tight pucker hole and I could feel the night air blow against it. He spread my cheeks with his hands and stuck his face deep in my crack, licking across my hole before penetrating me with his tongue.

'Fuuuuck' I moaned as he teased my hole with his talented tongue, he knew how to get a guy hot and ready and my own dick was twitching; leaking precum. He hungrily ate my ass until I could take it no more.

'Aww fuck man, give me your cock' I shouted.

'I knew you would be begging for it' He smiled as he pulled away and lined his cock with my hole.

He pushed in and a shot of pain travelled through me, it was nowhere near as bad as yesterday and now I knew it would soon start feeling good. I let him push in all the way without stopping, gritting my teeth through the pain until it started to feel good.

He began to fuck me hard straight away, and I loved it as my hard dick bounced on my stomach and his cock hit all the right places inside of me. I couldn't understand why a dick in my ass made me feel so good, but it did, and so I let the pleasure of it fill me up. He continued to fuck me good and I felt my load building up in my balls and I knew I was going to blow.

'Shit, i'm coming!!' My load blew all over my chest, and fuck, it was a huge load. The cop surprised me by reaching and down and licking up my cum. He then reached forward to kiss me and we shared my creamy load, it was fucking hot.

'Fuck, i'm coming!' He shouted as we broke our kiss and I felt his cock shoot rope after rope deep in my guts.

He slowly pulled out and I felt the cum run out my hole, he shocked me when he crouched down and began to lick my hole, sucking up the cum and cleaning me up.

'Mmm tastes good, but I cleaned you up, now you have to do the same to me' He said as he stood up, his still hard cock glistening with cum and ass juices. I got off his car and, without hesitation, put his dick in my mouth. The way his cum tasted straight out my ass turned me on so much I nearly blew another load.

'Fuck, that was awesome, you better be here tomorrow, I need that ass' He said as I stood up.

'Hell yeah I will' I replied.

'I'm Justin by the way' He said

'I'm Jack'

So everyday I would drive up to that cop and get fucked, it was always pretty much the same routine but sometimes he would suck me as well. I didn't have sex with girls any more, i'm pretty sure I was gay but I would never let anyone know, I didn't want it to ruin my baseball career.

One time he had just finished blowing his load inside me when he asked me a question:

'Hey Jack, wanna come to a party tomorrow?'

'Sure, what kind of party?'

'What do you think?' He winked.

'Hell yeah'

'It's at a house on the edge of town, it's real popular. Anything goes, the only rules are you stop if someone doesn't want to and you don't tell anyone you saw them there, there will people you recognise. Oh and you have to be hot, so you'll definitely get in' He told me.

'Sounds fucking awesome'

He gave me the details of where it was and the password to get in, now all I had to do was wait until tomorrow night.

The night finally arrived and I drove to the address slightly nervous, as I had only had sex with one guy before, but I was also excited for what was about to happen. I parked my car and walked to the gate, I gave the password and got buzzed in. A guy was sat just behind the gates and made me strip, giving me a bag to put my clothes in and he looked after them. He directed me to a building away from the main house, but it was still pretty big, like a giant barn.

I knew what this party was about, but I still was a little shocked when I walked in; there were about 20-30 guys all naked. Some were just jerking around the edge, some were in a corner pissing on each other, one guy was in a sling getting fisted and most were spread over tables and chairs fucking and sucking.

I was surprised to see Justin lying on his back getting fucked, he never said he liked to get fucked as well. He noticed me and waved me over, as I walked over I saw a few guys I recognised, cops, firefighters, businessmen, some of my dad's friends; who I knew were married, which excited me even more.

'Hey hot stuff, my dick needs some attention' Justin said as I got close.

I bent over and began eagerly sucking his stiff dick as his ass got pounded, the next I felt was a dick pushing against my hole and I spread my legs slightly so he could get in. He slammed in balls deep and I moaned around the cock in my mouth as he fucked me hard, but fuck, it did feel good.

'Oh man, I always knew this ass would feel good' the voice behind me said. I pulled off Justin and turned to see my baseball coach fucking my ass.

'Holy shit' I said as he smiled at me and fucked me even harder.

I went back to sucking Justin's dick and it didn't take much longer for him to blow a big creamy load down my throat, which I hungrily swallowed. He got up and moved away while coach still plowed my ass as I moaned loudly in pleasure. Another guy walked up to me, and offered me his cock, I looked up to his face and realised it was my dad's boss. He smiled at me and I grabbed his cock, even more excited at the thought if blowing my dad's boss.

'Fuck yeah, who knew Adam's son was such a good cocksucker' He said as I deepthroated his fat dick.

Coach was quickening up as he fucked me and I knew hew was about to give me his load; he moaned loudly and his balls slapped my ass as I felt his cum fill me up. He lay still for a few moments before he pulled out and as he walked away he slapped me on the ass like he sometimes did in the locker room.

'You ready to fuck my ass now stud?' said my dad's boss as he withdrew from my mouth.

'Hell yeah' I replied, excited to fuck my first man ass. I stood up and he came into my place, bending over to reveal his muscle hole, and I lined up my cock.

'You gotta eat it first man' He said.

I had never done that before but as I crouched down and buried my face between his cheeks I instinctively knew what to do. I lapped at his hole, I could taste cum and I realised he already had a load inside him, it didn't disgust me, just turned me on even more and I hungrily ate him out.

'Fuck dude, you're good now give me that teen dick' He moaned.

I wasted no time in pulling away and standing up and with one big thrust I slammed my dick until my balls hit his ass. He moaned loudly as I pounded him hard, I couldn't believe that I was fucking my dad's married boss and it felt amazing. Fucking Britney had never been like this, his ass was tighter and warmer and I could feel him milking the load out of me.

'Fuuuck' I Shouted, my orgasm came quicker than expected as I unloaded deep inside him. I slowly pulled out as cum ran out his now looser hole.

'Damn, you fucked me good, love getting fucked by teens' He said as he got up and walked off, looking for more action.

After my intense orgasm, I had a little break and walked around to see what else was going on, my dick had stayed rock hard. I saw Justin now in the corner on his knees letting guys piss on him, it looked hot but I wasn't ready to try that just yet and coach was now getting fucked in his ass as he sucked on another, fuck it was a hot scene; I was surrounded by hot guys having hot man sex.

As I walked around I saw a big black guy I recognised as a cop, lying on his back as head hung over the edge, deepthroating a nice dick. My eyes nearly popped out my head as I saw the size of the black guys dick, it must have been 11 inches and thick as it lay across his abs and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

'Like what you see?' said the guy the black dude was sucking.

'Fuck it's huge' was all I could say.

'Go and try it, sit on it' He said.

He didn't need to encourage me any further as I climbed up and squatted over the black guy, I grabbed his dick and aimed at my hole as I pushed my ass down towards it. I let out a sharp breath as the head popped through but I continued to push down until all eleven inches were buried inside me and I was sat on his lap. He filled me up like no other cock and it felt awesome as I began to ride up and down on the huge dick.

I felt a hand push my back down, I guess was guiding me to share the cock the black guy was working on and I started to make out with him as we shared the dick between our lips. The next thing I felt was a dick pushing at my hole that was already filled. Before I had time to resist a cock pushed through and began to stretch out my hole as I yelled in pleasure and pain.

'OH FUCK' I shouted.

It felt like I was being ripped in two as the two huge dicks began to fuck me; I could feel them rubbing against each other, and fuck it was feeling good. My own dick was rock hard as my ass got destroyed and I knew gonna blow my load soon.

My mouth suddenly filled with cum and I realised the guy I was sucking was dropping his load in my mouth, I kept that dick in my mouth until I had every last drop. I pulled off and began to make out with the black guy, sharing the big creamy load until we both hungrily swallowed. The delicious taste of the cum triggered my own climax and I screamed loudly as my own cock unloaded all over his chest, shooting rope after rope.

It didn't take long for one of the dicks in my ass to cum and I felt a huge load hit my insides, the other dick soon followed and soon I was overflowing with both these guys cum. The guy behind me pulled out and I pulled off the black dick, rolling onto my back next to him, cum running out my ass. It was only then I saw who the other guy fucking me was.

'Holy shit'

I was looking up at my best friends dad, he was a huge guy, I'd say near 190 of pure muscle and masculine tats, he worked as a trucker and I knew he was still married. I couldn't believe a guy like him was into dudes.

'Always knew that would be a fine ass' He said and smiled at me.

'What the fuck?' was all I could manage to say.

'What she doesn't know, doesn't kill her' He replied, almost if he could read what I was thinking and he crouched down and began to eat my stretched hole, sucking up the used cum.

'Mmm tastes fucking nice' He said, pulling up and leaning forward to kiss me, I let his tongue and we kissed passionately, sharing the cum straight out my ass.

'Well I got a wife and kids to get back to' He said as he pulled away and winked at me.

I could hardly walk as I headed back to my car, but that had been one of the best nights of my life and the best thing was they happened every week, my cock twinged and my ass clenched at the thought of next week, fuck I was hungry for man sex.

'Hey Jack, enjoy yourself?'

I turned to see Justin coming out the party, he was in his uniform and he still had cum on his face – making him look even hotter.

'Fuck it was amazing'

'I knew a hot little stud like you would like it'

'Well I sure did, thanks for inviting me'

'No problem, there's a lot more I want to show you as well' He said before he winked at me and got into his car.

I couldn't believe he had more he wanted to show me, but fuck I wanted it – and so did my ass.


Chris Miller

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