I couldn't count the times I had set to the side lines and watched Daeken Singleton as he leaned against the wall of the hallway in High School, just leaning there with his books, looking every bit the hot sexy hunk that he was, I was saddened by the fact that Daeken was so gorgeous but thats not what made me sad, I wanted him,I wanted him so bad I would feel achy standing to the sidelines just ogleing this hunk, Athletic, manly, gorgeous in every way, built like an olympic athlete and a smile with perfect white teeh the would make your heart break, but the only problem I wanted him and he wanted anything that wore a skirt.

zi was well reputed that Daeken was well broken in the art of sex with the gals, and they were always coming back for more but what I was interested in finding out was if it were true or not that his cock was like nine inches and ver thick as I had been told by a buddy that had seen it almost hard in the locker room after Gym.

Now Daeken was as outgoing and friendly to me and we were somewhat friends and I was always doing everything I could to impress him and get his attention.

It was the Saturday before the Prom that I was standing at my locker in the hallway of the school Daeken came over to me and aske me if I was going to the prom, seems like he was having a time deciding to go with anyone, so many girls were wanting him he didn't want to disappoint any of them so he decided to go Stag, and then he could pick and choose who he would dance and hang with.

I told him I was going stag too and so we decided to hang together that night and he Picked me up in his Mustang, and off to the prom we went.

WE danced with some of the girls and had a really nice time.

I watched him as he chatted and talked and laugh with different girls, and as we got close to the finale of the Prom, Daeken came over to me and pulled out a little bottle of whiskey, 'Get your self a soda and lets get out of here and go somewhere private,' he said. I couldn't believe my ears, I really thought I would be left to find a ride home and he would head off to have some hot tryst with some high school piece of ass.

I got in the passenger side of his Mustang and we headed down Bradenauer Road.

We got to the road that lead to old Sutters Quarry, which was an old rock quarry that had filled with water and became a fishing hole, we pulled up to the moonlit quarry and He stopped the Mustand and just sat there and looked at me, we smiled at each other and he reached over and started rubbing my shoulder, 'Hey Ken, I want to ask you a question, if thats alright?' he said.

'I have watched the way you look at me there in the halls and for some strange reason I really like the feelings it gives me. I know I can seemingly have any gal I want in school but I have some thing I want to ask you about.

I smiled and looked into his eyes, 'Well what are you saying Daeken?' I asked.

'Well its kinda hard to say because if what Im feeling is correct, I think you like me, you know in a man to man sort of way sexually, is that true?'

I was in a state of total shock as Daeken ask these questions.

'Well to be honest with you Daeken, at the risk of loosing your friendship.Yes I have had these feelings for you for almost as long as I have known you.' I said.

'Does that mean you would like to get it on with me, you know? sexually.'

'Well yeah! I really would love to do something with you.'

I watched as Daeken smiled and I watched as he began to undo his shirt and play a little with his thickly muscled chest.

I felt my heart racing as this dream unfolded with Daeken.

'I looked into his eyes, 'I have heard this rumor about how big your cock is, is that true, I have wanted to see it for a long time.'

I watched Daeken reach down and undo his belt and then his trousers and watched with intensity as he raised his ass up off the car seat and slipped his trousers down to his ankles there in the car.

I almost gasp as I looked at the biggest cock I had ever seen. 'Well does it meet with your approval?' He asked.

I was mesmerized as I looked up into his face and eyes and almost breathlessly said, 'Oh fuckin A man, Its fantastic. it's bigger that I had heard.' I said.

Well would you like to!!!! You know, try it out?' he said.

I was in a full state of Euphoria as I leaned over and as Daeken slid more down in the seat and raising his hips I heard his voice saying 'OH HOlY SHIT,' as my mouth went over his cock and I began to suck this awesome beautifully cut beauty, it was awesome, thick, throbbing, and hearing Daeken moaning and working his hips into my mouth as I sucked of the cock I had longed so long to see and have a go at.

I had sucked Daeken for about ten minutes, deep throating his awesome cock like a pro, and I was anxiously awaiting his load of cum when I felt his body go rigid, start jerking and I felt his cock flexing and jerking in my mouth and his cum tasted like the nectar of the Gods.

I think what I loved most was the anxiousness of his actions a his body came closer to climaxing, he was doing funny things adn his cock was getting so fucking hard it was like a peice of concrete as I worked it over with my mouth and my hands, he was going balistic with it until he finished in my mouth and I swallowed all his precious nectar.

We sat there quietly as he rubbed on my head and bragged on how awesome it felt.

I finally raised up and let his awesome cock free from my lips, although I didn't want to.

Daeken went home with me that night and spent the night, sleeping with me in my bed.

Before the night had gone much longer I told Daeken that I wanted his cock in me like one of his girlfriends, He told me that he had wanted to try anal sex before but no girl would allow him to put his big cock into her there.

I was different at that point, I wanted to see what it would feel like.

I lubed Daeken's cock up and got up over his body adn straddled him, I let my body slide down over and around his thick cock, takeing it tot eh balls in my anal opening and It felt like Heaven came down and Glory filled my soul. it was like nothing I had ever felt before.

I began to squeeze his cock with my anal muscles, milking his cock and working him over really good, not only was Daeken enjoying it, I was feeling phenomenal, feeling his thick cock sliding upward, deep into my body, rubbing my prostate and We both shot a huge load at almost the exact same time.

I will never forget Daeken he had a special place in my heart and bed if he wants, he left for college about a month ago, and I get calles from him and texts all the time.





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