Chapter 3b: Rude Awakening    

Cypress headed to the cafeteria to eat breakfast until he realized that someone was in his cell. However, it wasn't someone he didn't expect. He walked over to the cell, and spoke low enough to not startle the person.
"How are you?" Cypress said.
Elijah turned around to face him. His mouth hummed because he kept it closed. If his lips had parted, the muffled sound would have clearly been, "I don't know."
"You can open your mouth. We need to talk anyway," he said.
"No, we don't. I get it. You found a new play thing and I need to get a move on."
"No, baby, no. I still love you, but we need to talk about what happened yesterday."
"Ok. Let's start with why you took that guy up to the suites," Elijah said.
"Not that. I'm talking about you getting vocal with me around the guys."
"Yes, Elijah, I told you many of times that you cannot do that. You can't question me, you can't disobey me, you can't argue with me and you can't nag me," Cypress ordered.
"Why not? If this is a relationship, and we're supposed to be in love then why can't we have a dialogue?"
"Because it doesn't fucking look good! If I can't control you, then how am I supposed to control them? We always joke about how I'm the king and you're the queen, but you gotta know that they don't see you like that. I'm the leader and you're my ho."
"Your ho? You're demoting me?"
"No, I'm telling you how they see you, how they need to see you in order for me to stay on top. If I fall, we fall. And I guarantee you that none of them will be concerned with protecting you like I am." Cypress grabbed Elijah's face and rubbed Elijah's cheek with his thumb. "We both know that there are people that no longer want to follow me. If they try to takeover, I'm a dead man. We need to play it smart. As long as I'm runnin' shit, you're safe. The minute I'm done, they're gonna have you starting all over again from the bottom. I love you too much to let them do that to you."
Elijah inhaled and exhaled heavily. Then he smiled.
"And I want you to know, that I don't think of you as my ho. I've told you many times over and over again that if we could officially rule the kingdom together, then we would."
Cypress pulled Elijah's face into him, and they sucked at each other's lips. They savored the precious joy that there is in making-up.

I tried to make small talk with the young boy, but found it too hard to do. I couldn't get over his gayness. Shit, I was cool wit gay niggas in here. Aarif was known to fuck niggas before he became a Muslim. Shit, I already said that Elijah was one of the closest niggas to me outside of Hakim. But they was different than this nigga. Beatin' ya dick does get old, and sometimes you do wanna feel something else on it. In Elijah's case, he didn't have a choice. He needed to survive and I respected the shit. But Jirani? This nigga was fuckin' niggas way back when he had the chance to get pussy. He was probably takin' it up da ass too.
I was so happy when Khalil came back to his cell from breakfast.
"You iight?" Khalil asked.
"Tongis tell you what happened? I saw y'all go into his office."
"He told me that uh..." I ciphered through all the information that Tongis gave me at the quickest speed possible. Since Tongis did tell me that what we discussed was not to leave his office, I didn't want to tell Khalil anything that was specific. "Uh... he said that Billy's story ain't addin' up. I guess he's claiming that he killed Hakim in self-defense."
"That meth-head ass white boy," Khalil sucked his teeth. "You gon' fuck him up when he get back?"
"Hell yeah. Hakim was my mothafuckin' dude. I'mma turn that white nigga's lights out."
"You know I got my money on you man."
"Correct me if I'm wrong," Jirani started. "If you fight, don't you get put in the hole or something?"
"Yeah," I said.
"Don't you think the powers that be, might get a little upset if you were to go to the hole?" Jirani was talking about his brother. If I got sent to the hole, Jirani was back on the market. And no, I suppose "the powers that be" wouldn't be too pleased if I picked a fight with Lil' Billy.
Khalil's face couldn't hide his confusion. "Terry, who da fuck is this?"
"This is my new roommate, Rani. Rani, this is our neighbor Khalil."
"Nice to meet you, Khalil," Rani responded.
Khalil laughed. I knew what he was laughing at. He was laughing at the very same thing that brought me shock when I first heard Rani's voice.
"Kid, you're never gonna make it in The Well. You gon' get passed around like a joint," Khalil laughed.
That reminded me. I looked around and saw that most of the Bloods had returned from breakfast already. It was show time. I stood up from the seat.
"Come on," I said.
"Alright." Jirani stepped up and grabbed the tail of my shirt.
Khalil stepped aside, and as we walked pass him, he saw that Jirani had ahold of me.
"Oh, snap!" he said. Then the nigga started laughing. That was the thing that grabbed everyone's attention. They all looked at me as I began the stroll. I turned to the right as I walked out and passed a couple of neutral cells. After that, came the Muslim's area. They looked at me with disdain. It was the same look they gave all men that took the stroll. One of them elbowed Aarif, whose head was locked on the Quran. He looked up to me, and his eyes locked into mine. He shook his head, and then dropped it. Eventually, he went back to reading. After passing the Muslims, I came across a couple more neutral cells, and then the Asians, and the Aryans. The Mexicans had the cells that were on the top of the Aryans and Asians, so they could see me from the top floor as well. I kept walking, and came across the area that had been declared territory for the Pedophiles and Christians.
I'd gone around about 2/3 of the oval area. The last 3rd was Blood territory. And they could smell me while I walked. I tried to appear as confident as they always do, but that didn't help. Niggas were pissed.
"What the fuck?" somebody said.
One of the Bloods jumped out of his seat and stepped to me.
"You can't claim him homeboi," he said. "He a Blood ho, and you ain't a Blood."
"Leon!" Cypress called to the Blood that just approached me. "Let him pass!"
"Hell no! He can't be walkin' around here with a Blood ho!"
"The boy is not a Blood ho!"
All the Bloods turned to Cypress.
"I didn't make him a ho for the Bloods last night. He was just a ho for me."
"What?" Leon yelled back. There was a wave of grunts and groans that came from the Bloods that actually fuck men. The other Bloods didn't really give a damn.
"If you want to fuck Jirani, you will have to wait until Terrius is done with him."
"Fuck nah!!!" The Bloods sounded off.
"You heard me! And both Terrius and Jirani will go unharmed, as per request of Jermaine."
Grunts and moans still ran through this entire side of the room. But they moved out of my way and let me pass. That didn't stop them from shooting dirty looks at us though.
Up at the guard's station, Officer Melee looked down at us.
"What the hell is Terry doing?" Melee said. Tongis got up out of his seat to see what he was talking about. "When did he start raping the newbies?"
Tongis looked down. He knew that I wasn't like that, and was actually able to catch on to what was really happening.
"He's not," Officer Tongis said.
"Carl, look at them!" Melee said. "He's holding Terry's shirt. You know what that means."
"Yeah, I know what that means, but that's not what's going on. Terry is protecting him."
Officer Tongis went back to his seat and continued working.
I finished my walk and came back into my cell.
"Uza' slick nigga," Khalil said.
"Fuck you talkin' 'bout, nigga?"
"I'm talkin' bout all dat shit you be slangin about how Cypress is a pussy nigga, and all them niggas that fuck other niggas are bullshit, and you bout to do the same thing."
"It's not like that."
"The hell it ain't. I knew as soon as Hakim cracked that you weren't gon' be too far behind him."
"Yo, keep yo voice down. I'm not going to fuck him," I tried to explain.
"The hell you ain't, nigga. This cell gon' be smellin' like musty nuts, a shitty ass and lavender soap." The lavender soap was a reference to the towel that the top niggas sniff when that dirty aroma of prison sex gets to be too strong.
I laughed. "Nigga, how you know about the lavender soap?" I questioned, in a joking way. The joke hinted that maybe he, himself had sniffed the towel while he's been here.
"Aww, nah, nigga. I know da game," he laughed. "I heard them niggas talkin' about sniffin' the towel. You know me nigga. I don't need to fuck da niggaz in here cuz you know I'm still gettin' pussy."
"Nigga, you know you be sniffin' the towel, with that rank, dry and hairy ass pussy that Officer Thornton got."
Jirani and I laughed.
"Hakim always say that he could literally hear yo dick gettin' rug burns when you was fuckin' her."
All three of us laughed at that. Once the laughter settled, it became quiet. I don't know what Rani was thinking about, but Khalil and I were thinkin' about Hakim. We were really gonna miss that silly ass nigga. Khalil caught himself getting gloomy, and decided to shift the subject.
"But I never said I wouldn't fuck a nigga. I distinctly told you that I haven't done so, but if I needed sex bad enough, I'm not sure what I would do. But you, on the other hand," Khalil began to mock me. "I ain't gettin' punked, Ion't fuck niggas, I ain't eva gon' be on dat faggot ass shit."
"Ion't fuckin' talk like that."
"Yeah, you fuckin' do nigga," Khalil laughed.
"Shut up, and lemme whoop yo ass in a game of spades."
" Iight, lemme go get Roland." Khalil took off to find his favorite spades partner.
I turned my head to Jirani. "You know how to play spades, right?"
Jirani nodded.
"Cool, come on."
We played a couple of rounds of spades and Jirani wasn't that bad of a player. The game was noticeably quieter. Generally, Hakim would have been the one to be talking shit and getting everyone started up. While Jirani could play the game, he was no suitable replacement.
"Who is that?" Jirani asked. I turned and looked behind me. Jirani pointed to the half black and half Asian, that was fawning under his brother.
"That's Elijah," I said. "He's an interesting character."
"You fucked his man last night. He been walkin' around still pissed about it all morning," Khalil said.
"And I bet yo ass enjoyed seeing him mad."
"I don't give a fuck about either one of those niggas. I left that bullshit behind me when I left the Bloods."
"You stay in contact with any of the others that left?" I asked.
"Um... yeah. I still talk to most of the neutrals."
"What about Aarif?"
"Nah- nah," Khalil said.
"Dat nigga completely jumped ship. He don't talk to any of the old crew anymore," Roland answered.
"I thought it was a phase at first," Khalil said. "But if we say wassup to him, he don't even look our way. Do he talk to you?" Khalil asked back.
"Shit, Aarif never really talked to me in the first place," I answered.
"Dude used to be madd cool. I guess dat shit went out the window."
"Maybe it's the religion."
"Maybe so."
During the last part of the conversation, I noticed Jirani's eyes dancing around at whatever was going on behind me. I found out why.
"I'm playing next game," Elijah said, pulling up a chair from a table nearby. Normally, Khalil and Roland would get up, but it was extremely rare that they would have more points than me. Since they were up by 70, they remained seated and kept playing.
The game became awkwardly silent. Elijah and Jirani kept looking at each other. Elijah hated him on sight, and Jirani felt it.
"So... who's the new guy?" Elijah asked.
"You mean Cypress didn't tell you?" I asked. I meant the fact that Cypress and Jirani were brothers. But the way I said it, made it sound like I was trying to make a dig at how Cypress keeps secrets from Elijah. And that's how both Khalil and Roland took it.
They both laughed.
Elijah's face got sour. And I didn't know exactly how to recover. If Cypress didn't tell him that he and Jirani were brothers, then I assume he didn't want Elijah to know.
Elijah tried to keep his pride intact. "Cypress doesn't tell me things that he thinks might upset me. I know that they shared one of the suites last night, and I'm ok with it. I was just asking you punks to introduce me to him. Especially since he's yours," Elijah took a dig back at me. "That was a nice show you put on earlier. I would say that I'm surprised, but that would be lying."
"What you mean?"
"I knew you were fuckin'. And even if you weren't, I knew you were thinking about it."
I shook my head. This was the same bullshit Khalil was tryna say... And the shit ain't true. I ain't fucked or even thought about fuckin' no nigga.
"I guess man."
"Don't play dumb, nigga," Elijah added.
This shit was beginning to make me mad. I ain't no fuckin' gay ass nigga. It was hard as hell to restrain myself from flippin' out on da dude. But I was working it out, until...
"It was only a matter of time before your perversion for young girls became a thing for little boys like Jirani anyway."
That's it!
Elijah was sitting to the left of me. Without a second of thought, my left hand punched him in the face and almost knocked his lil' sissy ass over. I followed up with a right hand to the face and the dude fell to the floor. Then, I put my hands around that bastard's neck. Behind me, Khalil and Roland were cheering me on.
"Beat his ass, Terry! Beat dat lil' niggas ass!"
From the guard's station, I could hear Officer Tongis screaming at me. "Terry, knock it off!"
I got fuckin' caught up in the shit and really wanted that nigga dead. Fuck friendship. Everybody in the block already knows, that bringing up that shit about my past gets your ass beat. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT! Officer Tongis came running down the steps to get in the middle of the fight.
"Terry, let go!"
I kept choking him and even punched him again with my right hand as his arms flailed around helplessly. In the heat of the moment, I actually wanted to see Elijah's life pass from his body at the hands of me. I wanted him dead. My thoughts went so red that I forgot the consequences of putting hands on Elijah. But I was reminded soon enough.
"Hiyahhh!" A Blood came running toward me and kicked me in the ribs to get me off of Elijah. The kick didn't hold back any force at all. This nigga kicked me with all the power that his thighs could muster. I rolled off of Elijah, and he rolled on top of me. Officer Tongis tried to separate us, while Melee started coming down the steps as well because another fight had broken out. Roland was fighting with the Blood that kicked me.
Elijah already had a deep and dirty ass cut on his eyebrow, so he tried to get revenge. While on top of me, he pulled out one of those pencil-razors that Hakim gave him the day before. The nigga brought it down and tried to slash my face. My hands grabbed his arms to keep him away from me. Around us, the fight had expanded. Khalil was wrestling with some other random Blood. Through the corner of my eye, I saw Cypress running towards us.
I pried the pencil-razor out of Elijah's hand and swiped it across his face.
"Ahhhhhhh!" He screamed and threw himself back and away from me. The place I cut him was right across the nose. The cut wasn't deep, but it was long. Another Blood came charging at me and kicked the razor out of my hand. Then he got down and started punching me.
Cypress finally made it all the way over to the fight and pulled the Blood off of me. A few of the neutrals were able to pull Khalil away from the fight that he was actually having with 2 other Bloods.
"Stop it!" Cypress said.
The Bloods turned to their leader and looked lost, but they ceased.
"No!" Elijah hopped up, holding his nose. "He cut me! Kill him!"
"NOOOO!" Cypress yelled back out, to make sure that the Bloods did not act on his order.
"No? He just cut me! You should be defending me!"
"No. You're not a Blood, You're a ho."
Elijah looked like his world was just torn into pieces.
"I want everyone to hear this. The days of fighting for Elijah are over. He is not a Blood, so do not defend him and do not come to his aide."
Elijah stared into Cypress' eyes, pissed at what he just heard. The army was no longer at Elijah's disposal.
The Bloods retreated back to their area, and Cypress nodded at me before wrapping his hand around Elijah and leading him back to their cell.
Still livid from the fight and even more pissed about Cypress's actions, Elijah snubbed him.
"I can't believe you just did that," he said.
"Shh. We'll talk about it when we get a moment alone."
"No, I don't want to talk about it," Elijah argued.
"Stop it," Cypress begged Elijah to quit. If this thing between them escalated, in order to save face Cypress would have to do something he didn't want to do.
"No, I won't stop it! Why did you do that?"
Cypress had to do it. He grabbed Elijah by the neck and charged him back against the wall. "When I tell you to stop it, I fuckin' mean it! Learn to fuckin' listen!"
Tongis and Melee ran to Cypress to pull him off of Elijah.
"Come on, big fella. Let go," Melee said.
"Turner, let go of him!" Tongis yelled.
Melee and Tongis pulled him away and held him back while Elijah felt how tender his neck was after being choked twice in 5 minutes.
"Eli," Tongis said. "Go in to my office and cool down."
Elijah took heed and walked to the guard's station, so Tongis turned his attention back to Cypress.
"Turner, calm down."
"Get the fuck off of me!" Cypress pushed both guards off of him.
"Do you wanna go to the hole?"
"I ain't 'fraid of no fuckin' hole!"
"Fine," Melee said. "Let's go." Melee pulled his nightstick out and nudged Cypress in the back with it.
"You ok with taking him by yourself?" Tongis asked Melee.
"Yeah, I got this. You should probably handle what went on with Terry and Elijah."
"Alright." Officer Melee walked Cypress out and Tongis turned around to assess the mess. "Khalil and Roland, go into Khalil's cell. Durrel and Javon (the two Bloods that fought Khalil), go to your cell, and Kelly (the Blood that kicked me and fought Roland), take one of the suites. All of you guys are going into lockdown." The guys groaned. For a second I thought Tongis forgot about me.
"And YOU!" he pointed to me. "Get your ass in my office right now."

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