Chapter 2b: The New Inmates

I finished my shower. As I dried off, I wondered if Hakim had finished getting his rocks off to frightening the new prisoners yet. He hadn't. When I got back to the cell, it felt like a ghost town. The cells aren't even this empty when we go to dinner. Everyone was outside and waiting for the bus to come, so I decided to go and gawk at the guys too. Even while I was still in the building, I could hear the men roaring outside like animals.

"Look what the cat dragged in," Khalil said, when he saw me step out. "I thought yo ass wasn't into shit like this."

"I'm not. I'm looking for Hakim. I need to talk to him."

"Shit, he's way up front and having the time of his life."

Khalil pointed in Hakim's direction so I could see. "Alright. Yo, man, I'll get at you later." I made my way through the crowd, which was hard to do because the bus had begun unloading. All the men started screaming as soon as the first boy stepped off. When I finally got up front, I saw Hakim along with others.

Cypress had pulled a chair out to the front of the fence. And on his lap, sat Elijah. Elijah cut his eyes at me when he saw me come out, but didn't pay much more attention to me.

"Fuck you doin' out here?" Hakim asked. "You never come out for this."

"No, I don't. But I wanted to talk to you about something," I said.

"Huh?" Hakim yelled. He couldn't really hear me off of the loud baritone and bass screams behind us.

"I said that I need to talk to you," I matched his volume.

"'Bout what?"

"You remember my first day here, right?"

"In The Well?" he asked. I nodded. "Vaguely. I remember your first cellmate, though. The dude that got murked in the showers- Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The loud outburst wasn't directed at me. It was directed at a dark-haired college kid that stepped off the bus. If you could see the look on that kids face... "I want you baby! I'm gonna bang you all night long!" Hakim started humping the fence, symbolizing his dick running in and out of that kid's ass. The guys behind us started laughing, and gave Hakim hi-fives, fist bumps and chest bumps. I laughed at how much joy this actually brought him. Once things slowed down, I started talking again.

"Yeah, well it's about him," I said.

"About who?" he asked, his mind had forgot what the fuck I was even talking about.

"My first cellmate. I heard something from Elijah that sounded like it may be coming out soon. So I wanted to make sure that I was the one that told you, and not someone else. I want you to remember that I was new and didn't know anything. Please don't judge me."

"Judge you? Yo, man I can't judge you. Nigga, I'm in here for 35 years because I got fucked up on meth and decapitated a bitch with a machete. The last thing I can do is judge you," he said.


"Yeah!!!!!" Hakim sounded off again. This time it was directed at a different white guy (Yeah... Hakim had a thing for the whites, kind of like how Jermaine had a thing for light-skinned niggas like Nahid and Elijah). This white guy was also a brunette, but looked like trailer trash. It was obvious that as soon as he got into The Well, he'd join up with the Aryan's. "I hope you like salty nuts baby! Cuz that's all you gon' be eatin' once I get ahold of you! Load after load after motherfuckin' load of these black babies right down yo throat!"

The Bloods cheered Hakim on, but the Aryans did not look pleased. I looked around, and I could see that even the naturally hard face of Cypress broke to chuckle at Hakim's comment. And while I was looking at his face, it suddenly shifted. It took a more serious look. His eyes were still focused on the bus. My forehead wrinkled at him, and Elijah saw my facial expression. He saw the fact that my eyes were on Cypress, so he looked at Cypress. He saw Cypress's eyes on the bus, so he turned his eyes to the bus and so did I.

This kid had hopped down off the bus. He was a redbone, a real redbone. And his skin had this glow about it, which may have been a result of the sun. Dude stood approximate 5'11, maybe 150 lbs but certainly didn't look a day over 18. The sides of his head were faded, while the top was a short and nappy curl. Ole boy had one of them nigga-mohawks. When all the other guys got a peak at him, they started going crazy. Some dude who was on the far right side of the fence actually pulled his dick out and started jacking it. After being so disgusted at seeing that, there was this shadow coming from behind me. I turned around and it was Cypress. He'd kicked Elijah off of his lap and stood up to get a better view. Cypress's hands clinched the fence, and I was standing so close that I could actually hear him growling. Was this growl an angry growl or was it something lustful?

I looked back at Elijah, who seemed just as shocked to see Cypress behaving in such a way. Cypress turned to face the prisoners, and all the blacks stared at him. He roared like a barbarian, and then started walking back into the building. Elijah wasn't far behind him. I leaned into Hakim.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"What you think man? Cypress wants ole boy that just got off the bus."

"And what happens to Elijah?"

Hakim chuckled. "Once Cypress gets the new dude, Elijah's history. That nigga gon' give it up to the first nigga he can find that is willing to take Cypress's sloppy seconds."

"Damn." Prison politics, I thought.

"Yeah!!!!!!" Hakim started screaming again as another white boy stepped off the bus. "Yo, watch out," he said to me as he pushed me back away from the fence. Then, Hakim unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers.

"Nigga, what the fuck are you doin?"

"Haha, watch this."

Hakim turned upside down and stood on his hands. His erect dick slid right through one of the holes in the wired fence. His knees braced the fence and he began pumping his hips so his dick was rapidly running in and out of the hole. All the niggas, and even the Aryans and the Mex's started laughing at this nigga.

"Dis gon' be me and you nigga! Me and you!" Hakim yelled. He was so into pumping his dick that he didn't see one of the black guards from the bus walk over to him. The guard slapped Hakim's "nightstick" with his own night stick. The only problem was that the guard's nightstick packed a bigger punch. Hakim fell to the ground holding his dick. More of the guys laughed at him.

And the black guard stood on the other side of the fence, smiling at him. "Put your dick through the fence again and I'll chop it off. And that goes for all of you maggots."

The entire crowd booed the guard, while I helped Hakim to his feet.

"You alright, man?" I asked, even though I thought it was funny too.

"Yeah, yeah. Dat faggot ass nigga tried to break mah' dick."

It seemed that the whole prison was on edge, waiting for the new prisoners to make it out of booking. The guards seemed to be holding them back there forever. We had lunch and dinner, but still hadn't seen the new prisoners. And there was visible tension within the Bloods camp. Elijah had been yapping Cypress's ear off because of what happened out in the yard. I was surprised Cypress hadn't hit him yet. Maybe there was some kind of love there.

"You're still not giving me a solid answer! Why did you push me off of you?" Elijah asked.

"Man, yo. You need to get out of my face with that. Since when do I answer to you?"

"You don't answer to me. But I think I do deserve an answer."

"You don't! You don't!" Cypress banged on the cafeteria table. "You deserve whatever the fuck I decide to give you! And if you don't want to get your ass kicked then shut the fuck up!"

Cypress yelled a lot, but in the last year, you really didn't see him yell at Elijah. He yelled at everyone else, but not at Elijah. It was probably because Elijah didn't choose to piss Cypress off too often. Elijah closed his lips, and Cypress asserted that he still had his bitch on a leash. Even though Elijah pranced around the jail and pretended to rule things, Cypress still had him by the reigns and wouldn't allow him to get that far out of control.

"I dare you to open your fucking mouth again," he said.

Elijah didn't speak. He just began to start his dinner. He opened his carton of chocolate milk. He brought to his face and opened his mouth to drink. Before he could even savor the taste of the chocolate, a fist flew at his face. The fist didn't hit him, but it knocked the carton of milk out of his hand and sent it flying across the cafeteria.

"I said, DON'T OPEN yo FUCKIN' MOUTH!" Cypress stood up and grabbed the tray with Elijah's food on it. He handed it to one of the fatter Bloods. "Good news Mackie. Today, you get seconds."

Elijah kept a salty look on his face, but made sure not to open his mouth.

Cypress sat back down, and looked at his bitch. "Don't even fuckin' yawn for the rest of the God damn night. Do you got me?"

Elijah was about to respond by saying, "I got you," but in doing that, he would only show that he didn't fully understand. Instead Elijah kept his mouth closed and let a "mmmhmmm" escape from his throat.

Dinner ended soon, and we all went back to our cells. But it wasn't until deep evening when the officers pulled the new prisoners out of booking. They were about to start assigning them to cells.

Hakim and I were having a conversation in our own pod when Lil' Billy came by.

"We're spending the night together, right?" he said in the highest voice possible.

"Oh yeah," Hakim said. He got up from his bed. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow, little brother," he said to me.

"I guess man," I shook my head. Hakim's ass was silly. He said he never fucked Lil' Billy, but I don't believe that shit. His infatuation for the white boys was growing and he was playing with fire by fucking with a former Aryan ho. Even though Lil' Billy no longer belonged to them because they gave him up, they still didn't like their former hoes to be fuckin' outside of the race. But Hakim didn't care. Shit, I don't even see how he could think about sex when he's been holding his dick ever since that black guard went upside it with a nightstick.

Hakim pulled his shirt tail out of the back of his pants for Lil' Billy to grab. Instead of doing the casual stroll all the way around the prison that the Bloods always do, he just walked up to the guard's station. The guards were too busy with the new prisoners to notice Hakim's position, so he yelled.

"Tongis! Motherfucka, you know you see me!"

Tongis turned around and looked down to Hakim.

"Hakim? With Billy again? How can you even get that little dick up after what Officer O'Neal did to you?"

All the prisoners laughed, reliving the moment.

"My dick ain't little! Bill got my shirt, nigga, so you know what to do!"

"Yeah, yeah. Get your ass up there to one of those empty cells. And if the two of you keep it up, I might force you into holy matrimony," Tongis laughed to himself.

Hakim and Lil' Billy went up to the top floor to pick out a cell and Tongis went back to work. There were only about 20 more minutes until the lights went out, so I decided to reread one of the letters that I received in the mail earlier today. It came from one of my ex-girlfriends. I got so engaged in the letter, that time passed quickly.

"Terry!" Tongis yelled from the guard station. I put my letter aside and came out of my cell and went to him. He was sitting down at the base of the steps with the boy; the boy that was the cause of all that ruckus earlier today.

"Sup?" I asked.

"You don't have a roommate tonight. I thought you might want to take our new prisoner here."

I gulped. I looked over at the Bloods, who seemed to be panting like a pack of wild wolves at the sight of this young man.

Tongis continued talking, "You always seem to want to play mama bear to the younger guys that come in. I thought you might want him. He's a young kid, not affiliated with any of the gangs. You know what it would be like if I set him up with the wrong roommate."

The boy looked as terrified of me, as I was of Nahid on my first day.

"Yeah. I guess he can bunk with me. Come on, man," I told him. He followed me for a little bit. "So how old are you man?"

"18," he said. I immediately saw why Tongis wanted the boy with me instead of many of the other guys out there. The boy's voice was soft. It wasn't necessarily thin, but it was definitely soft.

"Oh yeah? And what's your name?"

"Jirani," he responded.

And here he is. Prisoner #486350, Jirani Compton. Jirani is in prison for the vehicular manslaughter while under the influence of alcohol. Rani, what his friends call him, apparently set off everyone's gaydar as soon as he stepped off the bus. And now that I was talking to him, I saw it too. The boy wasn't fem, but he was extremely soft. He's not gonna make it in The Well. And his biggest threat was on his way to my cell.

Cypress turned the corner in a brute type of way. He wouldn't be exchanging pleasantries with me. He came for one thing, and one thing only.

When Jirani turned his head, his face lit up, but not in a "I'm scared," kind of way. The look on his face was more... jubilant than anything. I couldn't understand why. Jirani was about to speak until he was shut down by Cypress.

"Shut the fuck up!" Cypress said.

Jirani did as he was told.

"Come with me." Cypress snatched Rani up like a ragdoll.

"Yo' what the fuck are you doing?" I said.

"Back the fuck up, sellout!"

"Hell nah! That's my fucking cellmate for the night."

"No, motherfucka. This is my bitch for the night," he said staring me down face to face. If there was a time for me to prove that I wasn't afraid of Cypress, it was right then and there. I was kicking myself for not having the confidence to go ahead and do. "Grab the back of my shirt, nigga," Cypress said to Jirani.

Jirani didn't know what the fuck was going on, but he grabbed it.

"Like this?" he asked.

"Yeah. Now, come on." Both of them left my cell, but I knew that I should do something.

"Jirani, you don't have to go with him. Just tell the guards that you don't want to."

"Back down nigga," Cypress whipped his head back toward me. "Back the fuck down."

Cypress and Jirani kept walking and stood in front of the station.

Tongis was thrown for a loop. Jirani wasn't in my care for a whole fucking minute yet, and here he was holding the back of Cypress's shirt.

"No, Cypress," Tongis said. "He's too new. I put him in the cell with Terry for a reason."

Cypress whispered to Jirani. "Tell him you want to go with me."

"I-I wanna go with him," Jirani said.

"You do? Tongis asked.


"And you understand where the both of you are going, right? You know that by doing this, the two of you will come up to one of the cells on top floor for more privacy."

Jirani nodded, but Tongis still didn't believe his ass.

"And you will probably have sex," Tongis said. "You know this, right?"

"Yes sir, I know."

Tongis shook his head in frustration. "Well, go on up there then."

The Bloods hooted, for they had a new ho. And acquiring the slim and sexy redbone made all of them happy. They couldn't wait to have their night to fuck him. While the Bloods seemed to celebrate, one refused to accept it. Elijah was livid. This was the first and only time Cypress was going to fuck someone else since he and Elijah became an actual item. Ever since they've been together, Cypress never strayed. However, now he was, and Elijah wasn't taking this well.

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