Chapter 4b: Lockdown

I woke up when the lights came up at 6, and jumped down from the bunk. The officers hadn't unlocked any of the cells except for the Aryan's. And there were about 12 officers, more than ever in cell block B. The only reason they would reassign more officers to a certain block is if they were planning a raid, or expecting a riot. The fact that they didn't unlock all the cells proved they weren't planning a raid. Something was about to go down. Officer Tongis and Melee had even come in early to join in on the fun.
Officer Freebush, a Jew that the Aryans hated, walked to their cells first.
"Well, well, well," the Aryan leader said. "Boys, we've got a kyke in our midst." Zachariah Thomas was his name. The man was near his 50's with silver hair and very built, but aged body. Zach was pinched for carving "Jew" into a shop owner's forehead with a steak knife because the owner accused Zach's sons of stealing from the shop.
Zachariah got a good look around and saw that the "kyke" wasn't alone. "Looks like the blandest fuckin' rainbow out there," he said, talking about the ranging skin colors of all the guards.
"Zach," Officer Freebush said. "We have some questions to ask you. You can choose to answer them in private or you can answer them here. If you're afraid of what the other prisoners might think, we can go in private." Freebush did that on purpose. He knew The Well's code on fear, that if you give in then you might as well give up. Freebush was provoking him. He didn't want Zach to go into a private area to answer these questions, because he wanted all of us to hear the answers. Zach refused to retreat in fear of the other prisoners, so he decided to answer the questions in front of the entire prison, just like Freebush wanted.
"Ask me anything, Jesus killer. I've got nothing to hide," Zachariah said. The other Aryans became restless. They knew what it meant when multiple officers came into a cellblock. And they could see the guns filled with corks and rubber bullets in their holsters. Some of the guard's even had tasers.
"Ok. The warden has been talking to Lil' Billy."
"Let me stop you right there. The Aryans don't fuck with Billy and you know that. We didn't have a thing to do with him killing that jungle bunny upstairs."
"He said that you did. And the warden believes him."
"Well I'm telling you that I didn't. That little faggot is a liar," Zach said.
"He said that The Aryans threatened to kill him because you didn't want him having sex with black guys."
"He's a fucking pig. The Aryans don't give a fuck about pigs!"
"But that's not true, is it? I can recall seeing you pull Billy aside many times in the past few months, after you allegedly discarded him," Freebush responded.
"You're a liar. You crucified Jesus and now you're lying to me!"
"You didn't like Billy kickin' it with the homies, did you? You know some of the essas had a turn with him too."
"What could I expect? He was a ho. So get the fuck outta here, kyke." Zach turned his back.
"We're not done."
"Yes, we are." The rest of the Aryans put on their best aggressive faces and were prepared to go to war.
"Stand down, all of you."
"Fuck you!" an Aryan said.
Zach approved of what the random Aryan said. "My boys don't take orders from Jews."
"But you will," Freebush smiled. "I said, we're not done."
One of the Aryans stepped into Freebush's face, and quickly, Freebush clubbed him with his nightstick. And all hell broke loose.
Guards clubbed Aryans and Aryans threw as many fists as possible. Just about everyone who wasn't already awake, woke up because of the commotion.
Khalil hopped up from his bed and you could see the erect stiffness from both he and Roland's boxers.
"What's goin' on?" Khalil asked me.
"Billy told the warden that the Aryans put him up to killing Hakim."
"That doesn't make sense though. Zach hates Billy," I recalled.
"I saw them just the other day. They were hidin' in that janitor closet and whisperin' and shit. I believe it. If these white boys want to start a war, I can give it to them. The minute they open these bars, I'm crackin' some fake ass Nazi skulls."
An Aryan knocked the nightstick out of Officer Melee's hand, forcing them to actually fist fight.
"Oh shit," Khalil said. Melee and the Aryan were headed our way. Melee was able to pin the dude up against the bars of my cell, so being the nigga that I am, I reached through the bars and grabbed him. My arms locked around ole dudes neck in a chokehold. With me restraining him, Officer Melee pulled out his taser and shot the Aryan in his chest.
"Arrrrrghhh!" The Aryan yelled out. His body suddenly went stiff and he fell straight to the floor. After the Aryan dropped, Melee quickly handcuffed him. Melee looked up at me.
"Thanks Terry," he said.
"No prob."
After Melee secured the Aryan's hands behind his back, he went back out to help other officers.
Dudes head lay right in front of Khalil's cell, so of course he took the cheap shot and kicked him in the face.
"I hate those Aryan fucks!" he said.
He hopped back on his bed. I turned around to head back to my bed too.
Khalil reached his hand through the bars and slapped Jirani's face.
"Wake up nigga! How in the hell are you sleeping through this shit?"
"What? Leave me alone,"Jirani pulled the covers over his head.
"Get yo lazy ass up." Khalil pulled the blanket down and exposed Jirani's naked body. "Nigga, you ain't got no fuckin' clothes on!"
"No, I don't. Now leave me alone and let me go back to sleep." Jirani pulled the blanket back over his head.
In a matter of minutes, all the commotion with the Aryans and the correction officers died down. With nothing left to really see, most prisoners went back to sleep. I got back on the top bunk and looked up at the ceiling. From the bunk I could hear Khalil and Roland whispering. They were most likely about to play a prank on Jirani. I would have helped Jirani out, but I knew that whatever Khalil was gonna do, it would be harmless because he and Jirani had some shit in common. Khalil liked him. Anytime Khalil played pranks on me or Hakim, they weren't anything vile.
I paid the boys no mind and made an attempt to get some more sleep.
"Shh," Khalil told Roland. Roland sat on the chair inside of the cell, while Khalil lied on the bed. Khalil put his hand through the bars and slapped Jirani's ass.
"Stop it," Jirani said. The covers were still over his head, so you couldn't really hear him.
Khalil put his hands under the blanket. Roland giggled in his whisper voice and Khalil shushed him again.
Khalil's hand rested on Jirani's ass and Jirani smacked it away. Khalil and Roland both laughed and Khalil's hand never withdrew. Instead, it moved around. Khalil's "prank" was driven by sexual arousal. His hand moved down to the crevice and his fingers made a swipe through Jirani's ass. Then he withdrew his hand.
Jirani's interest piqued. "What are you doin?"
Khalil looked at his fingers. There was no skid mark.
Jirani pulled the covers off of his head just in time to see Khalil sniff them.
"Yuck, nigga." Jirani said. "You nasty as shit."
Roland laughed. "Yo, yo. I'm goin back to bed. You niggas are silly as hell." Roland moved from the chair and jumped back up to the top bunk.
Khalil didn't notice a funk smell on his finger. The smell was more of a musk.
"Come here," Khalil whispered.
"Uh-uh," Jirani played coy.
"Come over here."
Jirani slid closer to him. Khalil put his hands back through the bars and went for Jirani's ass again. His finger rubbed around the rim of the hole, still too cautious to actually go into it. This was the first time that Khalil was going somewhere with another male. He always talked about being open to it, if it were to happen. He wasn't close-minded like me. This may be because he's actually been in the pen longer than I have- and wasn't ever going to get out. Plus the fact that he's seen many men turned out due to the fact that he witnessed the Jermaine Watts regime.
His finger stopped rubbing Jirani's ass and he pulled it out to sniff again. Still no funk. The finger went right back in. This time it didn't fuck around.
Jirani got taken by surprise at how Khalil began fingerbanging him so quickly.
"Uhhhh-" Jirani moaned in a whisper.
"You like that?" Khalil said back.
"Shhhhh," Khalil shushed him because he made the mistake of going full voice.
"Yeah," Jirani whispered.
Khalil pulled his blanket over his body. Then he turned to lay on his side and free his dick. Jirani did the same. The two boys lay face to face with only jail bars between them. Khalil's left hand reached past the bars, under the blanket, between Jirani's thighs, under Jirani's nuts and into his crawlspace. Khalil's right hand stroked his phat and throbbing 8 inch dick. Khalil covered his head with the blanket so Jirani followed suit.
Khalil had a fetish for pussy, fingering pussy and eating pussy, more so than actually fucking it. He loved squirters, and lettin' them squirt in his face or his mouth when they orgasm. What Khalil was doing with Jirani, allowed him to relive his experiences with women. His two middle fingers plunged into Jirani's warm channel.
Jirani's soft whimpers were reminiscent of a woman's. He began to breathe heavier.
"Let- lemme- Lemme suck it," he said between breaths.
"You want to?"
"Yeah," Jirani said.
"Iight." Khalil extracted his hand. He didn't know exactly how this would happen. The guards were up and walking around, and the lights were on. But the idea came to him soon enough. He flipped his position so he was lying at the foot of the bed. He moved down so that their bodies could line up, and put the blanket back over his body. Then he slid his dick in between two jail bars.
With the rod staring him the face, Jirani sucked at it. Before he really got into this, he wanted to make sure he didn't get caught. There was a narrow space where Khalil's dick was visible. Khalil had his blanket cover his side of the bed, and Jirani's blanket covered his side, but that space between the bars was uncovered. A whole 2 inches of raw, milk chocolate dick was bare. Jirani pulled his blanket across the bars to cover it.
-Sluuuuuuuurp- "Mmmm...." Jirani hummed.
Khalil liked this shit. He really dug it. The angle they were at was perfect to maximize his pleasure. Khalil's dick curved upward like a banana, so as it passed through Jirani's mouth, it never stopped touching a taste bud. And its length seemed a perfect fit. When Jirani's mouth came down as far as it could because of the jail bars, the dick sat right at his throat passage. And Jirani had no gag reflexes, so the dick went down easily.
"Aww shit..." Khalil bit his fist to keep from getting verbal. There were so many words flying around in his head that it was like a job trying to keep them from coming out. "Yeah, suck dat daddy dick," was just one of the phrases he tried to keep in.
"Uhhh...." Khalil moaned. His teeth actually began to pierce the skin of his fist.
Jirani enjoyed this too. He sucked dick like it was food. He valued the taste of Khalil's dick like it was a pizza, let the head pass his tonsils like it was a huge and unhealthy piece of red meat. He kept sucking at Khalil's dick, waiting for it to dispense its protein and fill his empty stomach.
"Ahhh," Khalil was starting to break his whisper. His abs began to tighten and sweat bubbles began to form at his forehead. "Oh shit," he broke the whisper, but was luckily still low enough to where no one outside of Jirani could hear.
Jirani's hand stroked his own dick underneath the blanket. He was getting off simply on the pre-cum that leaked into his throat. He kept gobbling up because he didn't want the appetizer, he wanted the entre.
"Keep suckin' dat dick, keep suckin' dat dick," Khalil encouraged. And instead of him relying on Jirani's head to do the work, he started feeding the dick to him. His hips pumped the bars at a steady pace.
Jirani's hands let go of his own dick and reached past the bars to pull Khalil's dick all the way through.
"Oh... fuck, keep suckin' dat dick, keep suckin' dat mothafuckin' dick," he whispered.
Jirani's hands went underneath Khalil's boxers so he could feel the firmness in his ass. He squeezed the cheeks, massaging them.
"Rani, get that nutt. Nigga, get that nutt up out of there." Khalil's body convulsed and his voice disappeared. He reached his hand back over to Jirani's cell, but didn't bother to go underneath Jirani's blanket. He didn't give a fuck who saw. He grabbed Jirani's head and pushed it down as far as he could. He held that lil' nigga in place and distributed the nutt. "Drink that fuckin' nutt," he said in his whisper.
The first wave went into Jirani's mouth and he instantly started coughing. The cough actually pushed some of Khalil's nutt back out of his mouth and it dribbled down his cheeks. Jirani coughed again, and it sounded like he was hacking or choking.
"Yo, you ok, man?" I asked, oblivious to what was going on underneath me.
"Uh huh," Jirani answered.
Khalil let go of Jirani's head but still wouldn't pull his dick away. Khalil's nut sac flexed over and over again until it all came out.
"Huuuuuuh," he exhaled when it ended.
Jirani swallowed the thick substance as best he could, and kept on sucking.
Khalil pulled the covers off of his head and lifted himself up. Jirani was still on his dick and suckin' on it. Khalil wondered what it looked like. He wondered exactly what it looked like to see Jirani's face, with that thin layer of mustache hair over his top lip on top of his dick. He looked around to make sure that no one was looking at him or into his cell. He pulled the covers off of himself first, and then he pulled Jirani's blanket off of his head. The boy was still going to town.
Khalil thought he looked gorgeous. His eyes were closed, and his smooth complexion beamed from the lights. The short faded sides of his head, shined from sweat. That thin layer of hair on his top lip gradually moved to and from Khalil's dick. And through the crevice of his lips was a thin layer of slightly transparent sperm. The shit could have very well made Khalil hard again. Jirani's lips let go of Khalil's dick, and he rolled from his side to his back. He beat his dick fast and hard, O-facing when he started to nutt. When Jirani turned, you could see a wet spot down on his blanket, but more importantly you could see Khalil's nut running down his cheek and collecting down at the bottom of his face and at his ears.
Jirani whimpered to himself when he nutted. When he finished, he opened his eyes and looked up at Khalil smiling at him.
Jirani took his hand, which was covered in his own nutt and brought it to his jaw. His finger touched the bottom of his jaw and brought Khalil's nutt back up to his mouth. The mixture from both men went into his mouth and Jirani swallowed.

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