Prison Politics

Synopsis: Terrius McCord is an inmate at the Wellside Correctional Facility and is serving time for a statutory rape charge. When he learns of his best friend and cellmate's murder by another inmate, he begins to ponder whether a master plan has been set in motion with him as the main target. While somewhat investigating the murder of his friend, Terry gets paired with a slightly effeminate gay male and worries that his judgment has been impaired. This story takes a look at a prisoner's day to day life and the complexities of prison government.

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Chapter 1b: The Gang's All Here

You might be wondering why Cypress went out and got a spoon and two towels. It was for the sex act. What the niggas do is (and this is some wild ass shit) they force their bitches to lick on the spoon, and then force them to turn around and put it up their butts. I found out that apparently this is an ode to Oz, the HBO TV show. They put it up, and turn it around to force the nigga to release any "clogged pipes." When Cypress felt that Elijah was clean enough to get fucked, then he would begin to fuck him. The wet face towel that Cypress had was for him. He poured the sweet smelling soap on that towel and to hold to his face. If the cell got a little smelly, he would hold it to his nose and inhale the much more pleasant smell of the soap. The second and much bigger towel that Cypress had was for Elijah, and for the common courtesy of the guards and anyone else who may use that cell in the future.
Cypress set the big towel on their bed, and after Elijah was "clean," Elijah laid on his stomach on top of the bed.
"Get on yo knees nigga. Lemme look at that pretty ass pussy."
Elijah did what he was told.
"Aww shit," he said. "You got a pussy just like a bitch, you know 'dat?"
The boy didn't respond, so Cypress slapped him on the ass so hard that it stung.
"Ahh!" Elijah screamed.
"Shut the fuck up!" If the guards heard screaming from their station, they'd be forced to enter the suite and break the session up. They allowed the prisoners freedom, but still didn't allow them to get too violent with each other. "I said, do you know dat?"
"Yeah," the half-asian agreed. "I know."
"And you know I'mma fuck the shit out of you, right?"
Elijah had tears streaming down his face, but tried to hold himself firm.
"You want me to fuck you, baby?"
Elijah's mind was screaming no, but he knew that he had to say yes.
Cypress began undressing. First, he lifted the wifebeater off of his chest. When he began to drop his pants, he noticed those slanted eyes staring at his waist.
"Oh nigga, you can't even wait, can you?"
Elijah swallowed. "No," he said. The truth is that Elijah wanted to see the size of Cypress's dick. He prayed that it would be small, and that Cypress was one of those bullies that psychiatrists always post statistics about. He hoped that Cypress was below average because that spoon left his ass extremely tender. His prayer wasn't answered.
Cypress's pants dropped and his dick hung like a pendulum between his legs. Cypress got on the bed behind him.
"Wait," Elijah stopped him. "I should suck it, right? Give you some neck. Would you like that?"
Cypress smiled. "Ok," he agreed.
Cypress sat down on the bed and Elijah got up. Elijah only received head twice from his old girlfriend. So he attempted to reenact her position on Cypress. He kneeled down to the floor and put his hands on Cypress's lap. Cypress held it up to his mouth, and Elijah went straight to work.
"You better be good at this shit, too," Cypress said.
Elijah's mouth drooled over the dick, and then slurped as it bobbed up and down on it.
"Mmm... Shit, you was feenin' for the dick, wasn't you?"
"Mmhmm," Elijah hummed, without coming off of it.
"You like me, don't you?"
"And you wanted to make sure that I was the first nigga to hop in dat ass too, didn't you?"
"Mmhmm." Elijah couldn't play hard anymore. The rock hard dick banging at his throat was the last straw. The tears that had been sitting under Elijah's tear ducts ever since he found out about his conviction finally began to come out. Not completely heartless, Cypress wiped them off of his face.
"Yeah, keep suckin' dat pipe. Uza good lil' ho nigga," Cypress encouraged him. "Yeah yeah, lemme feel that neck on the tip of my dick."
Elijah tried to go down deeper.
"Yeah yeah, nigga. I don't want no fuckin head, I want neck."
Elijah kept going. He even began to turn his head, so that Cypress's shaft wouldn't only get the up and down sensation, but the left to right sensation as well.
"Oh, fuck nigga. And dis yo first time suckin' dick?"
"Damn, you do this shit better than all the hoes in here," Cypress complimented.
Elijah had a plan. He thought, that if he could make the head better, then Cypress wouldn't want to stop; Cypress wouldn't want to fuck him. So Elijah sucked to no end. Anything he could think of that has brought pleasure to him in the past, he tried to do to Cypress.
He pulled the dick out and slapped himself in the face with it. He dropped low and sucked on the low hanging, hairy balls while stroking Cypress's slippery and slobber covered dick.
"Yo, yo nigga. Ahhh...." Cypress exhaled.
Still tempting fate, Elijah dropped Cypress's dick. He put his hands underneath Cypress's legs. He lifted them up a little bit so he could encase the entire nut sac in his mouth. He allowed his tongue to pop under each of those fat ass nuts.
"Mmmm... damn you such a good bitch."
"Come back to the dick," Cypress said. Elijah's lips did as they were told. He started sucking on Cypress's King Kong thug dick.
"You want a nutt, baby?"
"Keep suckin' that dick bitch. Pull that nutt up outta there. Make that motherfuckin' dick good and fuckin' wet." Cypress was very pleased at the way the new Blood ho sucked dick. Bloods had only 2 hoes at this time, but Cypress didn't care for either one of them. As far as he was concerned, this Blood ho needed to become Cypress's regular. "You suck dick so good, bitch."
"Uh-huh." Elijah increased the speed by about a fraction of a second. He tickled Cypress's balls too and Cypress couldn't hold the shit. Cypress was on the brink of nutting, when he stood up and his dick came out of Elijah's mouth.
Elijah looked up, and was about to stand up to.
"Don't fuckin' move," Cypress said. Quickly, Cypress stepped behind, and kneeled behind Elijah. When he nutted a second later, the first stream fell right onto Elijah's ass. Cypress pulled apart Elijah's ass cheeks to expose his well tunneled out hole. The second stream of nutt fell right into the hole. Cypress came like a madman. A semen river poured right into Elijah's ass. When the river ran dry, Cypress used that nutt that sat on Elijah's ass from the first stream to lube up his dick.
Elijah could feel Cypress's member, knocking at the backdoor entrance. His plan failed. Though Cypress nutted, and rather soon, he was still ready to go. The head of his dick broke the seal of Elijah's ass.
"Haaah!" Elijah said.
Cypress hurried up and put his hand over Elijah's mouth. But when he did that, he unintentionally pulled Elijah back, and rammed his dick all the way up the boy's ass. If Elijah's mouth wasn't covered, he'd have screamed bloody murder.
"Shut up, shut up," Cypress said. "Just relax."
Elijah felt like his head and his ass was on fire. Some tears fell while he was giving Cypress head, but they eventually ended. With that sudden thrust into his ass, the tears welled back up. The boy began sobbing.
"Shut up, nigga. Shut up!" Cypress whispered in his ear. Elijah wasn't listening, and Cypress understood why. "Fuck," he said. Cypress used his free hand to explore Elijah's body. He tried to rub Elijah's nipples and his stomach and his dick, just to see if there was any place that could sooth him and make him forget about the pain. None of the places he stroked worked. "Shut up, nigga, just man-up."
Elijah continued with what would have been loud sobs if his mouth wasn't covered.
Cypress made his peace with the fact that the boy wouldn't stop crying. He kept his hand over Elijah's mouth as he fucked. At one point, Cypress put both hands over the boy's mouth to weaken the muffled sounds even more. This shit started feeling real good to him. That fat ass load that he busted mixed around with the tightness of Elijah's asshole and body temperature made this shit feel like heaven. And the crying boy wasn't really a priority to him anymore.
"Yeah nigga, you givin' up dat ass now. You feel that dick?" Cypress merely pretended that Elijah said yes, because even if he did say yes, Cypress probably wouldn't have been able to hear him over the double muffle. "Ahh.... You got some good pussy. You like Blood dick? Huh? Blood dick is the best dick, ain't it?"
Elijah continued yelling and crying. He couldn't believe the pain he was in.
Cypress bit on the nigga's ear lobe from the back. Elijah's tears streamed down his face and onto Cypress's hands. His fingers began to get slippery, but he refused to let them unlock the boy's mouth. The last thing he wanted was for one of them officers to come up and interrupt this shit when it was feeling so good.
"Ahhh... I'm fuckin' this sweet, smooth, pretty pussy. Ahh, shit. You gettin' dat good dick right now, nigga. This the best dick in The Well. You know you likin' dis shit so stop frontin'."
Another tear came down Elijah's face.
4 to 5 more minutes went by with Cypress savoring the feeling of a tight boy pussy on his dick. He didn't even notice that Elijah wasn't screaming anymore. Sure, tears kept coming down, but Elijah wasn't actively yelling.
Cypress's hands were getting slipperier. They had actually slid further down on Elijah's face. Elijah's hands were planted on his thighs, but in one quick motion they raised and pulled Cypress's hands down.
Enflamed, Cypress was about to beat this nigga over the head until he realized that he wasn't screaming. In fact, Elijah put his hands right back on his thighs and began to move his own body to and from Cypress's dick.
"Oh shit," Cypress said. This shit kicked it up a notch. Now Elijah could validate him the way he wanted. He tested it at first. He leaned into Elijah's ear. "You like this dick?" he whispered.
"Who got the best dick, baby?"
"Fuck nah, nigga. Who got the best dick?" Cypress asked again.
"Oh, fuck yeah. Come on nigga, suck the babies out this dick again. Work 'dat ass," pleased at how quick the new ho learned.
Elijah continued forcing his body to move back and forth. He wanted this over with and as soon as possible.
"You love Blood dick, don't you?"
Cypress started losing the battle. His mind was locked on the sensation that his dick felt. He hunched over the boy, and his eyes closed. He imagined the sweetest female with the wettest pussy bouncing on his dick. The fantasy wasn't coming true, but this was an incredible simulation. And then he felt something so sensual, that it pleased him even further than Elijah had been doing. It was the kiss. Elijah turned his head, and saw Cypress hunched over his shoulder with eyes closed. The lips were pursed and ready for the taking. Elijah took the risk and kissed him. Cypress opened his eyes and snapped back. He never kissed a ho before, and never ever wanted to. But... this felt good. He went back in for a second kiss and played tonsil hockey with Elijah. This final act was the thing that sent Cypress over the edge.
With their lips locked, Cypress's genitalia began to strain. It emptied another solid shot of milky white Blood juice into Elijah's ass.
"You love me nigga?"
"Yeah," Elijah said.
Cypress's dick drained and he began to fuck Elijah at a slower pace.
"Say, 'I love you," Cypress told him.
"I love you."
"Tell me you love the Bloods."
"I love the Bloods."
"Scream it out nigga!!!!!!!" Cypress yelled so the entire block could hear him, startling everyone who'd settled in the darkness.
"I love the Bloods!!!!!" Elijah yelled, trying to match Cypress's volume.
"You love who?"
"The Bloods!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The Bloods section of the Block began to hoot and holler. They roared in celebration.
"Shut up!" Tongis yelled at them.
Hakim laughed his ass off.
The next day, Elijah took a stroll around the jail with Jermaine. The next day, he took a stroll around with another blood, then another blood, then another blood. He was the resident ho for the Bloods, and after a few days, I really don't think he minded it. Anyway, all that happened 2 years ago. Elijah is 20 now, and isn't a ho for the Bloods anymore. After 11 days straight of getting' fucked by all the Bloods that wanted a turn at Elijah, Cypress kinda wifed him up. Elijah is more like... their queen. You see, after the unexplained death of Jermaine Watts (he "hung himself," yeah, right!), Cypress emerged as the front runner and became the head nigga in charge.
I normally, don't think the Bloods would accept a queen but Cypress forced it upon them. Within a week of their... courtship (I guess that's the right word for it), It was protection that Elijah was seeking, and now he had it in Cypress.

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