Chapter 2a: The New Inmates

As I said, I came in 4 years ago at the tender age of 20. I knew I was at a huge disadvantage. Sure, I had height but that's about all. At the time, I was 6'2 and maybe 160 lbs. I was a scrawny little nigga. And like I said when you step off that bus and all those niggas are yelling, it sends chills up your spine. And here I was, chocolate and baby faced with perfectly organized peach fuzz, since my mom dressed me up all nice for my trial. But unfortunately, I was going into prison, looking just as good as I did in the trial. I didn't know a damn thing about prison except for what I learned on television. And one of the things I'd learned, was that pedophiles and cuties were preyed upon. That was 2 things against me.
There's a reason I never said why I went to prison when I introduced myself. I'm ashamed of it. At age 16, I lost my virginity to a 13 year old girl. And for the next 4 years, I became obsessed with teenage girls. There were 5 girls who testified that they were at least under the age of 15 when we had sex. I never hit or forcefully raped girls. I always made sure that they were ok and that this was a place that they wanted to go, even if they were too young to legally consent. But I didn't think that it would matter to these guys. They were still going to think that I was a child molester, and I guess I was.
Anyway, I walked into The Well shivering like crazy. In front of me, I was chained to some big burly ass Aryan skinhead with the Nazi symbol tattooed on the back of his skull. And in back of me was a thick middle-aged Mexican. I was petrified, and felt even worse when once I got inside. Back then, the guards used to make you find your own cellmate. They figured it would be better than randomly setting you up. So when they released us, I thought that the best idea would be to wait until lights out. Then I'd just find someone who was bunking alone.
On my first day, I found myself in everyone's way. An Aryan punched me in the face for sitting at their table. A Blood screamed at me for picking up a picture that fell out of his pocket, and handing it back to him. And when I tried to read the Bible with the Christians, they asked how I ended up here. I told them, and they shunned me. I sat in the center of all the cells and watched the television, fighting tears. And the Bloods knew it. Jermaine stared daggers at me throughout the whole day. Being a social outcast in The Well didn't last into the evening. At dinner, I took a seat and was joined by a neutral. Prisoner #458101, Nahid Cox, 28, was a built, muscle type dude. The dude wasn't fully black, as evidenced by his bright and pale skin color. He also had these big soft looking pink lips. Shit, I was only in for a day and I could already see how cute he was. Apparently, so were the Bloods.
"So where you from?" Nahid asked.
I looked around, because I wasn't sure he was talking to me.
"Indianapolis," I said.
"Oh cool. Chicago here," he said.
I knew the inevitable follow up question before he even said it.
"What you in for?"
I could lie or I could tell the truth. "I murdered my moms."
"Shit! Yo, I ain't expect that from you man," he laughed. "How you do that?"
"I just um... slashed her up."
"Damn yo," Nahid sat there thinking.
"What about you? What you in for?"
"Arson. I set my girlfriend's house on fire. It killed both of her parents. I wasn't trying to kill them. I mean, if you smart enough, you'd smell the smoke and get the fuck out the house. But I guess they got the memo too late. But damn, you slashed ya' moms up? What she do?"
"The bitch pissed me off."
"Shit man. You find a cell mate yet?"
"Nah, not yet."
"Why don't you come chill with me?" he offered. "I ain't been here long so I don't know many of these katz."
I wasn't sure about ole boy. I watched Oz, and knew that kindness came at a price. If I went with this big buff ass nigga, he was fo' sho gon' try to turn me out. I agreed to do it though, just cuz I didn't have a choice. But... I got a second offer later on.
Jermaine Watts, who had been staring at me all damn day long finally made his way over to me.
"Wassup young blood?" he asked.
I was shitting bricks. My stomach was flying all over the place. Jermaine Watts was a nigga that I feared on my first night in this bitch.
"I said wassup young blood?" he said again.
"Nun much. Jus' chillin'."
"Cool. So you new?"
I nodded.
"You know how da pen' work?" he asked.
"Tongis and Osama Bin Laden up there give us coins. They say that's our currency," Jermaine started. "But the only real currency is sex."
My heart jumped, and Jermaine responded like could literally see it moving quicker.
"Yeah, sex and protection. And I want to protect you. That dude you hooked up with, Nahid? Man, he's not good. The last nigga he shared a cell with, he had that nigga bleeding out the ass like a motherfucka. Dude's in the lil nursing station and been there for about a week. They stitched up his ass, man. He may never walk the same."
"What you want from me?" I asked.
"I want to protect you."
"But what...what do you want in return?"
"Imma give you two options. Either you give me some of that sweet black pussy of yours, or you do me another favor. It has nothing to do with me having sex with you. And if you do the other favor for me, I'll make sure that none of the Bloods fuck with you."
The choice was obvious to me, but I still had to know what exactly this "other favor" was.
"What's the favor I'd have to do?"
"Tomorrow at 8 o'clock on the dot, come into the showers. Tell yo cellmate that you don't want to shower alone and get him to come with you."
"And that's it?" I asked.
"Yeah... das all."
"But what about tonight? What if- what if he tries to fuck me tonight?"
"He won't man. Don't worry about it. Just remember, tomorrow at 8 in the morning."

I went to bed with a lot on my mind. Mainly, I was worried about when Nahid would turn on me. He was on the bottom bunk, and let me have the top one. Every time I heard him turn on his bed, I was worried that I would find him standing over me and trying to dig into my ass in a second. I was happy when the morning came. And when the clock struck 7:55, I led Nahid to the showers like I promised. But I had no idea what was going to happen.
After we walked in, a couple of Bloods started jumping Nahid. Aarif was inside the shower room, but left to be the look out and make sure that no one else came in. Nahid fought them off as best he could, and even got to a point where all of them were down while he stood strong. The heartbreaking thing about this, is that after he fought them off, he was ready to come to me and help me fight them off because he thought that we both had been jumped. He looked over at me, and saw that I didn't have a scratch on me, and that I wasn't their target. He looked confused for a second, and that second was all it took for them to take him down. Somebody tackled him from the back and his face hit the hard tiles of the shower. Some of the dudes held his chest to the ground.
Jermaine came up behind him and pulled Nahid's pants down exposing his ass. Not long after that, Jermaine was inserting and began to really fuck the hell out of Nahid. Nahid screamed in agony, and still tried to get up. I was stiff. This was my fault, but I couldn't get involved now. If I did, I'd be face down next to Nahid. After Jermaine emptied into Nahid, the boys rotated in positions and another one started to fuck him. But Nahid got ahold of a shank. Somehow, he managed to get it out of Jermaine's pocket and slashed Jermaine's leg. Due to the sting, Jermaine dropped his hold of Nahid and Nahid got loose. Nahid stabbed the man who's dick had just vacated him right in the neck and he bled out.
Though Nahid appeared to be victorious, he wasn't. The third blood that was holding Nahid, unscrewed a metal showerhead from one of the showers. He put it in a sock and beat Nahid repeatedly over the head with it. And just to make sure that Nahid was dead, they removed the blade from their fallen brother's neck and slashed Nahid's throat. Then they put it back in the fallen blood, so that when the officer's saw the crime scene, they would think it was just a fight between the two of them. Jermaine stood up and limped out of the shower room with the other 2 bloods. I walked over to Nahid's body. At the rate the blood leaked out of his neck, he would be exsanguinated soon.
I got down and held his head in my lap. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," I said.
The officers came to the showers after someone told them to check it. They saw the dead blood, the dead musclebound nigga and me with his head in my lap. They pulled me in for questioning as the bodies went off for autopsies.
"Terrius, I know it's scary. But if you saw something, you need to tell us," Officer Tongis said.
"I didn't see anything."
Tongis sighed. "I have witnesses saying that you and Nahid left your cell together to go to the showers. What happened?"
"I didn't see anything."
"Goddamn it, Terrius! I can protect you! We can protect you! But you have to tell us who we're protecting you from! We know it was the Bloods. Bryson Maxwell was dead right next to him. But I'm sure Bryson had help. Tell me who helped him!"
"I didn't see anything," I said once more.
Officer Tongis' hand stung against my face.
"They're running an autopsy on Nahid Cox," he said. "There was sperm on his shorts and you were in the showers the entire time. If DNA says that it belonged to you, I will lock your young ass up in territory you would never want to visit. You heard of the Aryans? The hate people like you. They hate niggers." The way the -er dragged off of the word when he said it made me cringe. "This is your last time to tell me what the hell happened."
"I told you, I didn't see anything."
I looked through the glass windows from the guard station. Straight ahead of us was the Blood's area. And they were watching me like hawks. I was certain that they were attempting to read my lips. And as long as Officer Tongis stayed mad at me, they would know that I didn't spill a secret.
Tongis brought his hand down against my face again
"Get the fuck out of here!"
I left, and went to my cell. I lay in my bed all day. I came from never seeing 1 murder, but now I witnessed 2 in one day. Before nightfall, Jermaine made sure to send a Blood by my cell. The Blood that he sent was Aarif.
"Yo, T-man," he called out to me.
I pulled the covers off of my head and looked at him.
"Jermaine wanted me to tell you that he's a man of his word. The Bloods won't fuck wit' you, we got your back if you get into with the Mex's or the Aryans or some shit."
I shook my head. Jermaine said there were 2 real items of currency. Protection and sex. But he missed something. It was actually the item that costs the most. Life. The events of my 1st and 2nd day in The Well, costs someone else's life. And yes, it still weighs on me. But I was about to receive even deeper news before the day was over.
Aarif didn't take off from my cell as quickly as I hoped he would.
"Is there something else?" I asked.
"Man... I'mma be real with you. And realness is something that many of the niggas in here can't really offer you. Jermaine said he was gonna rape you?" Aarif asked.
"He said it was either Nahid or me."
Aarif bit his lip. "It was never gonna be you," he said.
"What do you mean?" I was confused.
"Jermaine doesn't like dark skinned kats. He only chases the lighties. He used you to get to Nahid."
Well damn. I was off to a horrible start. Yeah, I had guaranteed protection, but I got a man killed to avoid a rape that would've never happened in the first place. Sure, one of the other Bloods could have gotten to me, but my fear came from the thought of Jermaine doing it. And now... I found out that I wasn't even his fucking type. So now you know the big secret. No, I've never been punked. But yes, I have been played. And from what Elijah told me, all the Bloods know it. Hakim and I weren't friends back when I first came in, so he didn't know the story of me and Nahid. But I had a feeling that Elijah was going to try to tell him.

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