Chapter 6b: Work-Release

"We have mail for a Gee-toe Torres," I said to the solitary guard. She was a white female who was on the phone and really didn't give a damn.

"The name is Jito (He-to), essa," Jito said. Jito was fairly short, even for a Hispanic. He was chubby and packed full of tattoos. He stood about two cells down from the female guard's desk.

Jirani walked over to him and handed him the letter. "I think it's from a lady friend," he said. "It smells like perfume."

"Si! Yo te quiero tambien, mami! Thank you, essa. Thank you," Jito said.

I stood in place and looked around the cells trying to spot Lil' Billy, but I didn't see him anywhere.

"Yo Jito," I said.

"Si papi, wazzup?"

I walked closer to him while the guard was still on the phone chatting it up.

"Do you know a Billy Chapman? A skinny white kid."

"Yeah papi! Esta alli!"

I didn't know exactly what he said, but he pointed so I went in the direction where he pointed. Lil' Billy's cell was a few more cells down.

"What are you doing?" Jirani asked.

"I'm just about to say hello to a friend. I won't be long, I promise."

Jirani followed me over to the cell and Billy was standing up like he was waiting for us.

"Hey Bill," I said.

"You've never been one to say hey to me," Lil' Billy rolled his eyes.

"You're right. And I don't apologize for that. I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions."

"I told them already. Zachariah threatened to kill me. It was either Hakim or me. He had a nice dick and all, but it wasn't worth my life."

"You don't even feel guilty for it. If Zachariah actually threatened to kill you if you didn't kill Hakim, the only reason he wanted Hakim dead was because you were fucking him. In the end, all this comes full circle and right back to you," I said.

"I don't have any control over how Zachariah reacts to me being with other men."

"No, but you let him control you. You let him make you kill someone. And to tell the truth, I don't believe that he told you that. I don't think you're telling the truth."

"Well, he did," Lil' Billy reacted.

"And he wanted you to kill Hakim, specifically?"

"His words verbatim were, 'kill that nigger that you're always fucking.' I assumed he meant Hakim."

"But why Hakim? I mean, you've let many of brothas hit it, and a ton of the essas too."

"I guess he had something against Hakim," Lil' Billy shrugged his shoulders.

"And what was it?"

"I don't fucking know."

"That's hard to believe. You were the nosiest ho up in cellblock B. Even if Zach didn't tell you why he wanted Hakim dead, you had the means to find out," I concluded. "Why didn't you?"

"It wasn't my business. I just had to get the job done. Now, if you're done playing 21 questions, maybe you and Cypress's new bitch should go on back to your own cellblock."

"You're hiding something Billy. And you know what I think?"

"I don't give a fuck."

"I think you killed Hakim for somebody else, and then blamed it on the Aryans because of the bad blood between you and them."

Lil' Billy smiled a nervous smile, and I could see right through his facade. "I killed Hakim because Zach wanted me too. I told the officers everything that I know, and I don't have to fucking answer to you." Lil' Billy rested his left hand on his hips and grabbed the bar of the cell with his right hand.

"Billy, I know you're lying to me. And I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Should I find out the truth from somebody else, I will kill you. I will literally kill you."

Lil' Billy scoffed. "I'd like to see you try-"

The full word hadn't even come out of his mouth when I grabbed that hand that was on the bars and yanked it through. Billy's head banged on the bars of the cell, and in the confusion, he tried to use his other hand to block. I grabbed the second hand and drew him back from me. Then, I pulled extremely hard and his face hit two of the jail bars full on.

"Terry, stop it," Jirani said.

"Fuck!" Billy screamed.

I let go of his hands.

The yell caught the attention of the female guard. She set the phone down, and looked over to Billy's cell. "What the hell is goin' on over there?"

"Nothing," I answered. "We're just giving Mr. Chapman his letter."

"I think it's time you guys get out of here," she said.

"No problem," I said. "We were just leaving." I grabbed the cart and Jirani followed me out. We got onto the elevator and went up so we could distribute the letters to the Supermax prisoners.

"Look," Jirani said after the elevator doors closed. "I know you feel some sense of loyalty to your buddy, and may even plan on going on some one man killing spree like that bitch in Kill Bill. But I ask one thing and one thing only; please leave me out of it. I want my time to go by as easily as possible. I don't want to get caught up."

"You won't. That had nothing to do with you."

"But I don't want to get in trouble because of it."

"Ok, Ok, I get you. I won't bring you into my shit anymore," I said.

"That's all I want."

I looked at him as he sucked his lips like he had an attitude. No lie, the shit was cute. He had a fresh haircut that he'd received from the prison barber. He went for that same Mohawk he had when he first came in. I studied his posture, which resembled a straight chicken head. He noticed me looking at him.


"I didn't say anything," I said.

"But you must want to."

"Nah, your mohawk just looks a lil' crooked."

"Liar," he said, not even budging at my statement.

The elevator doors opened.

There were 730 Supermax cells; so many because the cells were so small. The absolute most dangerous prisoners were in this building. I was surprised that Jirani wasn't shittin' his pants like I was the first time I came in here. Maybe it's because we hadn't made it to any of the scary niggas yet. The floor we were about to get off on, was the floor where they put all the pussy ass Aryans.

Jirani handed the first letter to the Aryan in the first cell. The Aryan snatched it from him. He was thrown back at the Aryan's rudeness.

"Niggers crossing," one of the Aryans said.

I grabbed the next letter. As luck would have it, it was supposed to be going to that Aryan that just opened his mouth. I pretended to hand it to him but dropped it to the floor.

"Pick that up and hand it to me the right way, nigger," he said.

I stomped the letter, twisting and turning my foot so the letter wrinkled up and even tore. Then I spat on it and kicked it to him underneath the cell.

"Bitch," he said as he bent down to pick it up.

We kept moving through. Oddly, not everything the Aryans had to say was negative. One of them complimented Jirani's looks.

"Haha, this is one sexy fuckin' nigger," he said. And yes, this was technically a compliment. "If you dyed your hair blonde, I bet no one would even know you were part coon. I'd definitely fuck ya."

"No need for that, I'm proud to be black," Jirani said.

"You guys hear that? He's proud to be black."

"Yes, Black is in and has been ever since November 2008," Jirani smiled.

Another Aryan said, "That fuckin' nigger stole the election. Barack? What a nigger name, I bet you got some real nigger name too, don't you boy?" This Aryan was actually one that came out cellblock B and his name was Ezra Finster.

Jirani began to feel self-conscious about his name. He quieted himself, so it was up to me to steal the power back.

"You realize that all of your hoes are gone, right?" I asked.

"The fuck are you talkin' about, coon?"

"Oh yeah. On the very night after you guys got locked up, they ran to the Bloods. Hell, one of them ran to me... and I took him, too. In unison, the whole block made them all chant, "Black Power" while they got their assholes destroyed by the all-powerful black dick." Jirani snickered at what I said. "If you guys ever get out of Supermax, and try to fuck them again, it'll be like throwing a dart into a steam train tunnel." I raised my fist, mocking them. "Black power! Black Power! Oh My God, your dick is so much bigger than Ezra's baby dick!" Jirani started laughing.

Ezra didn't share the same sentiment. He and the rest of the Aryans were pissed. Who cared though? It was time to go.

"Yeahhh, nigga. I was like, 'Black Power! Ahhh... your dick is so much bigger than Ezra's baby dick!' Nigga, they was mad as shit!" I told the story to Khalil and a couple of the other guys from the block and they cracked up too.

"I bet they were," Khalil said.

"Fuck yeah!" I might have embellished when I told the Aryans about the whole "Black Power," thing, but a lot of the Aryan hoes did run to the Bloods because they knew that the minute they got fucked by someone outside the race, the Aryans wouldn't want them anymore. "Rani, come here!" I yelled. Jirani was still in the cell, but came out and walked to us.

"Yes?" he said.

"They was mad as shit, wasn't they?"

"You got me out of bed for this? Boy please," Jirani walked back to the cell and got back on his bed.

"Yo', you havin' problems keepin' yo ho on a leash?" one of the Bloods that overheard, said.

"Nah, I don't have any problems, homeboi."

"Oh, iight den. I just thought you might want a lil' free time. I'd take him off ya hands for you, if you wanted me to."

"Fuck outta here nigga," I said.

Dude acted like he wanna step to me and start some shit, but dat got squashed real quick when Tongis started calling us so he can make an announcement.

"Gather around girls," Tongis said. He stepped out of his office and bent over the rail so he could look down at all of us. "I know everyone's been having so much fun over the past couple of weeks. A lot of you have your own cells thanks to the Aryans being removed, but I regret to inform you that that is about to come to an end."

Many of the guys groaned, upset at the thought of the Aryans coming back.

"Don't worry, they're not coming back yet," he said. "The warden thought that this came at a perfect time, so that the prison can work on its upkeep. Cellblock C has been going through some plumbing issues, so the warden decided that this gives us a good chance to work on those issues. So for the next month, Cellblock C's prisoners are being redistributed to other cellblocks. And in an effort to keep some sense of diversity, he randomly assigned the prisoners."

What? I thought.

"Don't try to make sense of it," Tongis identified our confusion. "Just know that it's happening. And we'll be getting 7 new prisoners. Midas Suchkin, Eddie Alvarez, Redd Saldana, Gianni Sabato, Chuckie 'Boricua' Rivera, Quintell Simpson and Varnan 'Sugarman' Peoples."

The room got tense, specifically because of that last name on the list. The Bloods were shook, hell some of the Ex-Bloods were shook. The niggas did not want Sugarman in our cellblock.

Prisoner #868029, Varnon "Sugarman" Peoples, stood about 6'4 and 400 lbs. The combination of fat and muscle on his body worked together to make a very threatening figure. Varnon was 29 years old, and locked up for the vicious torture and murder of a Latin King gang member in Joliet, Illinois. He entered The Well with a bang. On his second night of lock up, he stomped through the Wellside Bloods of cellblock C. He was sent to the hole. When he returned, after a dispute with a white neutral, he went postal on the guy and beat him to a bloody pulp. He was sent to the hole again.

After only 2 weeks of being in The Well, Sugarman had been to the hole twice. When he returned from the second trip, he got in yet, another fight and this time it was with an Ex-Blood. Sugarman was a one man wrecking crew, and it appeared that no race, religion or gang affiliation was safe. He had no allies and didn't need them.

Cypress whispered in Elijah's ear. "Come back to the cell with me," he said.

Cypress walked back and Elijah followed.

"What do you know about this Sugarman character?"

"Diamond, one of the hoes from Cellblock C, said that he fought 6 Bloods at once," Elijah started. "I guess his man was one of the ones that got hospitalized.

"Why did he fight the Bloods?"

"I don't know. Diamond said he was acting weird the entire first day. Then the next day, he called one of The Bloods a faggot. They stepped to him, and he pummeled them."

"What else have you heard about him?" Cypress asked.

"Uh... Diamond claimed they had sex, but I think he's lying."

"I don't give a fuck about that," Cypress snapped. "What else?"

"He uh... robbed a white guy for his gold chips, and apparently the last fight was with an Ex-Blood."

"Over what?"

"Crack. He just walked into the dude's cell, lifted his mattress and took a crack rock so they fought. On a danger scale of 1 to 10, he's probably a-"

"12," Cypress finished his sentence. Cypress walked to bars and looked across the block, worried about his little brother, and frankly, himself.

As if blood recognized blood, Jirani looked up and at his big brother at the exact same moment. Over where Jirani was, Khalil and I were already having a conversation. We saw Cypress pacin' back and forth in his cell.

"I bet you a hundred dollars, that nigga's over there flippin' out about Sugarman," I said to Khalil.

"I wouldn't dare take that bet."

"You worried?"

"Not worried, but this dude don't sound right in the head. He's been wreaking havoc in cellblock C, and I'm not just talking about the fights that we heard about," Khalil answered. "Apparently he turned out an Ex-Blood."


"What does that mean?" Jirani asked. "Turned out a Blood?"

"You supposed to be the gay one," Khalil said. "But you sure are slow on the lingo."

"He raped him, Rani," I answered his question. "And the Bloods don't get raped. They might rape other dudes, they may have even been raped when they first came to The Well, but they don't get raped after they've been here for a while."

"Oh," Jirani commented.

"But seriously man, this nigga Sugarman is taking this prison to a-whole-nother fuckin' level."

"So then, you are worried?" I asked.

"Man, fuck you," Khalil said, while throwing a crumbled up sheet of paper at me.

"I'm serious though. Why are we sitting here exchanging rumors about this nigga? Do we even know if any of the shit we heard about his ass is really true?"

"What I don't understand is, if he's supposed to be getting into all of these fights, then why isn't he in Supermax?" Jirani asked.

"That fat ass nigga probably can't even fit."

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