Chapter 1c: The Gang's All Here

In present day, Elijah is probably the Blood that I'm the closest to, even though he's not considered a Blood. When the Bloods fought, Elijah didn't fight. He had the luck of being chosen by Cypress to be in his corner. And in returned, Elijah fulfilled those needs for Cypress that he couldn't get from a woman.

Khalil, the prisoner I mentioned before, is no longer associated with the Wellside Bloods. With the new dictatorship of Cypress, many of Jermaine's followers refused the new regime and dispersed. Some of them joined the Christians (such as the case of former blood, current prison pastor, Dijuan Chambers), one joined the Muslims (Aarif Jenkins, we'll meet him shortly) and the rest became neutrals. When Cypress began his reign, Khalil moved over to a cell right next to Hakim and I. Khalil was just as dark as me, and maybe just as tall but he was skinnier. The dude was massively athletic, flexible and a real good basketball player. He was a cool dude, but the real benefit of being near Khalil's cell was that the female night guard would come in and give him some every other night.

Khalil knew that Hakim and I would wait up and try to see as much as we could when they would fuck. So he helped us out by taking off all of her clothes so we could see her tits and shit. Yeah, the homies were down for each other in the pen.

It was Wednesday morning. The new prisoners were gonna be bussed in at noon, so me and a few of the homies busted out the morning in a game of spades.

"...fuckin' Monica," Khalil said. Monica was the name of the night guard.

"What happened?" Hakim asked. "I noticed y'all wasn't fuckin' last night."

"Y'all are some nosy ass so-and-so's," Khalil said. All of us laughed.

"She did sound like she was crying," I commented.

"Uh... she pregnant again," Khalil played a spade and took the pile.

"Again?" Hakim and I said in unison. Khalil's spades partner shook his head.

"When was she pregnant before?" I asked.

"She...uh... she's been pregnant 4 times since we started kickin' it."


"I know we ain't got condoms in prison, but the bitch can't bring some from home?" Hakim asked.

"Shit, I don't like condoms anyway. But uh... bitch talkin' about she wanna keep the baby," Khalil confessed.

"And how you feel?"

"Man, Terry. I'm in here for life. If she wanna keep the lil' bastard ass nigga, she can. I don't know how much of a father I'm supposed to be from a jail cell."

"So what is she gon' do?"

"She said she was gonna have it. I hope she don't try to make me involved with it."

"Well she can't do that," Hakim said. "If she did, they'd know that bitch was fucking around with you. She'd probably go to jail or something."

Out the corner of his eye, Khalil saw a visitor that he didn't particularly like approaching us. He threw his cards. "Yo Roland, let's go."

"Iight man," Roland and Khalil both stood up and walked away.

I looked to the north of the room, and saw the guy that was coming toward us. The half black/half Asian took the seat that Roland was in.

"Wassup Eli?" I asked.

"Don't call me that, I hate that name."

"Would you prefer Liah?" Hakim asked and chuckled at Elijah's expense. Liah was the name that he was called for his first 11 days in the pen. And the after Cypress's takeover, the rebel bloods began calling him Liah again.

"No. I hate that name too. But I needed to talk to you guys."

"About what? And won't yo man be pissed that you over here talkin' to us?"

"No. He still thinks I'm trying to get you two to join him. But uh... I need to talk to you about something private. Can we go in your cell for a sec?"

I looked at Hakim, who shrugged.

All 3 of us stood up and walked to our pod.

"So wassup Eli? Whatchu want man?" I asked.

"I need one of them pencil/razor things that y'all always got."

"Why? You plan on killin' the king or something?" Hakim laughed.

"No, he's got um... some new enemies. I'm trying to save him."

"Right, cuz if he dies, you go back on the market, huh?" Hakim laughed again.

"Judge me all you want Hakim. But I'm up for parole in 7 months, and I will still be HIV negative. I would rather make love with Cypress than to get passed around to somebody else."

Hakim snickered.

"What?" Elijah asked.

"You just said make love. Niggas don't make love in The Well. He banging you, he bussin' nutts in you, but y'all ain't makin' love."

"You don't know. Cypress would do anything for me if I asked. So can I get the razors or not?"

"Yeah," Hakim said. He pulled out a couple of the razors from the spot where he hides them, behind the sink. He gave Elijah 2 of them. "Now what am I gonna get for these?"

"What do you want?"

"20 bucks."

"For a razor with a pencil on it? You're fucking nuts." Elijah said.

"Then, you can spend the next week trying to sharpen a shank out of pencil or something.."

"Ok. I'll be back with it."

Currency was imposed by the warden. He thought it smart that we had some sense of economic value. So a buck was the equivalent of a green chip. 5 bucks was the equivalent of a blue chip. 10 bucks was the equivalent of a red chip. 20 bucks was the equivalent of a silver chip, and 50 bucks was the equivalent of a gold chip.

After a couple of minutes, Elijah came back with 20 green chips and gave them to Hakim, then he took the razors and left.

"Who the fuck do you think the new enemies are?" I asked Hakim.

"Probably the old enemies."

"We knew the Bloods would reunite sooner or later. They're probably gonna try to overthrow Cypress."

"Yup," Hakim agreed.

"Then, Elijah's right to be worried."

"He'll start all over at the beginning, and get passed around like a little ho. Oh, shit. That reminds me."

"Whassup?" I asked.

"Imma kick it with Lil' Billy tonight."

I started laughin. "Lil' Billy? For real?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm horny as a motherfucka'."

"Hakim man, you fuckin' dat nigga?" I asked. Hakim met up with Lil' Billy a few times before. After years in here, Hakim finally broke down and chilled with another dude. He told me that he didn't fuck the nigga. He said Lil' Billy sucked his dick and he fingered him, imagining that he was fingering a wet, white pussy. Lil' Billy was a puny little white ho that used to belong to the Aryans until some huge falling out that they had months ago.

"Nah, I ain't fuckin' him. He sounds like a bitch and sucks dick real good. I mean, come on. You know you gonna fall victim to the game in a lil' bit too."

"Nah nigga. Can't no nigga do a motherfuckin' thing for me. I'm strictly for the pussy and only the pussy."

"Nigga, you got 6 more years in this bitch. I wouldn't be surprised if you start goin' for the dick."

I put my arm around Hakim's neck and we started play wrestling for a couple of seconds. I wound up with my hands locked around his waist with his butt sittin' right in front of me.

"See nigga, I knew you was trying to do this shit," Hakim said.

I dropped my hands and backed away from him as he laughed. "Nigga, I ain't playing with you no more."

Hakim continued laughing. "Nigga, let's go out front. The bus should be comin' in anytime now."

"Nah, you know I ain't with all dat. I need to go hit the showers. I don't wanna be smellin' like you when the new niggas come in," I popped Hakim in the back of the head.

"Iight man. I'll see you when I get back." Hakim left and I grabbed my shit for the shower.

As soon as I stepped in, I regretted it. I heard the water running, but then I saw them. The so-called power couple was showering. Cypress stood up straight with his hands to his sides. His muscles shined from the water coming from the shower head. And behind him, was Elijah bathing his man. Elijah was wrapping up the wash by cleaning Cypress's ass cheeks. When finished, Elijah stood up and kissed Cypress on his back.

"You're done," he whispered in his ear.

Cypress walked over to the towel rails. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, and then he left the showers. I was still undressing. When I was finished, I went for a shower that was far on the other side of the locker room. Elijah waited to make sure that Cypress was completely out of hearing distance.

"Terry!" Elijah shouted. "Come over here, boy."

I sighed. Elijah was probably one of the coolest dudes, but I didn't want to shower next to him. But I walked over to the shower on the right of where he was.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey. Were you really going to walk by and not say anything?"

"Shit, I already spoke to you earlier today."

"So? It's a new setting. It's so rude to walk by somebody and not say hello," he said.

"Well, hello Elijah. It's such a beautiful day here in the showers, isn't it?" I said, sarcastically.

"Why, yes it is," Elijah laughed. "So why were you about to go to the showers way over there?"

"No reason."

He scoffed. "Cypress knows that we're friends. Do he really got you that shook?"

"Nigga, nobody got me shook."

"The first and only time I've ever seen you stand up to Cypress was when I first got here. Ever since then, you avoid him. You talk mad shit about him when you, Hakim, Deon and I are playing spades. But you never do shit."

"I don't need to do shit nigga, cuz he don't do shit to me either."

"And that's because I asked him not to," Elijah said.

"Don't do me no favors nigga. If yo old man wanna go, then we can go. I ain't afraid of dat nigga, dat's you! Shit, I still can't believe how you got punked out by that nigga. He got you in here bathing him like a lil' fuckin' boy."

"You can't believe it?" Elijah said, matter of factly. "Oh, Terry don't act like you don't know what it's like trying to survive in this bitch."

"I'm on my own two feet shawty."

"Really? You really gon' play like that?" he asked, hinting that he knows something more.

"Yeah, really! I don't need a fucking gang. If I need to crack a fuckin' skull, I will give it to any-fuckin-body who wants one."

Elijah scoffed again and shook his head. "You gon' sit up here and front for me?"

"Fuck you talkin' about nigga?"

Elijah thought to himself, but then decided to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. "I know," he said.

"You know what?"

"I know. And so do all the other Bloods."

"What the fuck are you talkin' about?" my voice echoed through the showers.

"You're really gonna make me say it?"

"Say what the fuck is on your mind, homeboi!"

"You may think that your secret died with Jermaine, but it didn't," he said.

"Shut the fuck up."

"No! You wanna sit here and boast about how you've never been punked and shit. Nigga, the reason you've never been punked is because of the deal you made with Jermaine the first night that you got here. You know it, I know it, and the Bloods know it. I wonder if you've told Hakim." Elijah shut off the shower after he finished rinsing. "The deal you made is so much worse than what I've been doing for Cypress in order to protect myself."

"That nigga still don't love you."

"But I'm the closest thing he's ever gonna feel to love again, and I know that for certain."

"Son, you have a maximum of 7 and a half more years in this shit. He's in here for life. When you're gone, he's gonna move right on to the next nigga. And he will get him, the same way he got you," I said.

"He might, but for the time being, he is my nigga. If I ask for something, it's mine. And he says that he loves me every night."

"And if you believe him, you're an even bigger clown than he is."

Elijah scoffed once more. "The only reason the Bloods don't fuck with you, is in memory of Jermaine. But know this; if I were to tell Cypress to overturn the law, you'd get punked out every night. And I would see to it."

"So much for being friends then," I said.

"I'm tired of you pretending to be so damn proud. You've done dirt too, bitch." Elijah wrapped the towel around his waist and left. As he was leaving, Prisoner #821026, Aarif Jenkins walked in. He was in for killing a gang mediator, someone who patrolled the streets to quiet gang violence. Aarif obviously heard the conversation I was having with Elijah. And he was here, when what went down actually went down. He knows the story between me and Jermaine. Not only did he see it happen through his own eyes, but he was also a part of it. Aarif Jenkins was the Blood that became a Muslim after Jermaine's death. He stood 6'5, 230 lbs of muscle, with a darkened caramel tone. He had this tiny mole on his cheek with slanted eyes and high cheek bones.

As he walked in, our eyes met. I could see the shame he felt for me, because of what I did. But I could also feel the remorse that he felt for himself, because of what he had been a part of.

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