"Get the blacksmiths whipped. Those armours didn't stand a day", ordered King Calijah Llovern, the mighty ruler of Yodridge. His army had encountered a devastating blow previous morning itself, losing half their most skilled cavalry. The atmosphere was dense with fear. The only respite for the king was that the enemies had misjudged the number of soldiers Yodridge had and ended up declaring truce. But for how long will the enemy be hidden from the truth? Yodridge had to regroup. They had to regroup quick.

The sunlight crept through the Redwood forest and fell as gently as snow on prince Llovern. He woke with a jolt, almost falling off his bed. He had hardly slept. The winds still carried the other day's screams. The realization dawned upon him that he too would face the war soon. His shoulders ached, rather the responsibilities piling on him were weighing them down. He was soon going to turn 22. His brown hair fell back in messy curls. His lean body and his chiseled chest could knock the breath out of all females and occasionally, some guys as well.

He went up to his private balcony which faced the redwood forest, to strech a bit. He knew he wasn't wearing anything but he also knew no women were allowed into the woods so he went there anyway. After a good workout and a breakfast facing the mountains, he headed out to the city.

"Good morning sir. Hope you had a good sleep", greeted his manservant.

"The king wants to see you near the stables sir", he said. "Aye", Llovern replied and sped off. He was in a hurry to escape from the head minister, the man whom he secretly detested. Little did he know that the feeling was mutual.

"Not running away from me, are you prince?". Llovern knew the minister's voice.

"Would I ever?"

"The king has had an urgent message, so he had to leave. He has asked me to send you down to lake along the woods. He will meet you there, my prince".

"The lake? Father has repeatedly asked me to avoid it".

"If you don't feel like it, you don't have to go. After all it's not like you care if he is in danger or not"

Llovern had a sudden urge to spit at the minister. He controlled himself. "This better be true, minister", he gnarled. He turned towards the woods and walked away. He breathed the anger away.

It was his first time at the woods. Only the first few hundred meters were allowed for lumber, but the lake was a good mile and a half into the woods. "What is father doing there?", he wondered. He soon realized he didn't bring his sword along.

Halfway down the journey, he felt vulnerable. The silence screamed in his ears. His heart picked up the pace.

His legs synchronized his heart. He felt he was losing his way. He decided to stop and return. He vowed to kill that minister. To send him into the woods was a murder mission. Just as he turned back, his eye caught something green. Darker than the woods. "It's the lake", he talked to himself.

"Faaather", he screamed and sprinted towards the green water. He was about to call one more time. "Faath..", his voice was caught in his throat. Someone caught him by his throat, while he felt his legs being hit by something. His strength was not enough to fight, as he realized he was trapped between three men. Soon two men grabbed his arms and tied his feet together.

"Andy, get the dagger out quick", the one standing in front of Llovern ordered.

Andy was a native, Llovern realized. "Here it is luiz", Andy handed the dagger to Luiz. Llovern was panicking. It was a plot. Luiz seemed to be from southern America. He had rich latino features.

The third member was behind Llovern, so couldn't see him. Luiz targeted the dagger to his neck and then the heart. Llovrern tried to shake them off. He tried to reason. "Goodbye prince", the third guy said. He shut his eyes and screamed.

But nothing happened. He was still alive. He reminded himself to open his eyes. Luiz was standing there with a smile. "Boys, look at our prey", he said. "So masculine, he hardens something in my pants", he said. The others laughed with him. "Kill me, you bastards", growled Llovern. Tight rope was wound on to

His fists. He was then injected with a weed. Llovern began to feel drowsy. His vision was blurred.

Luiz smile disappeared as he tore open Llovern's shirt. His masculanity was put to display. Llovern's jaw felt heavy. He couldn't speak. Luiz began kissing Llovern hard, as Andy and his friend cut open the pants. "Look at the royal ass", he said as he bent down to grab the cheeks. Llovern cock was beautiful. Five inches of meat, hanging down gloriously. "It isnt even hard yet boss", remarked the third guy inspecting the cock by pulling the foreskin back. Luiz stripped off his clothes and took Llovern's cock in his hands. "Get hard for me baby", he stroked it. To Llovern's surprise, Luiz began to suck his cock.

He tried to revolt. His bonds were tied tight. He then felt it. His penis was growing hard. He couldn't control it. It pained him to control it. But he himself was surprised when his mind said "I'm enjoying this".

Andy rimmed the ass and sucked the musk several times. He then took out his massive 8.5 inch monster and began to nudge Llovern's ass with it. The third guy finding nothing else to do, started rimming Luiz. Andy then pushed it in. Llovern let out a painful yelp. He then bent forward and sucked Llovern's nipples hard. He showed little mercy to the royal butt. His cock continuosly raped Llovern's prostate. He let go off the nipples and gave a final thrust. The ass was dripping with juiced for over a minute. The sexual fuse in Llovern's mind went loose. He came with vigour he had never known. Luiz licked out the juices from the hardened 9 inch cock.

"Andy, you pigfucker. I wanted to finish him.", scolded the third guy.

"Should we kill him?", said one.

"Let's leave him here. The wolves need some breakfast", said other.

They threw his clothes into the lakes and ran away.

The weed effect wore off after a while. Llovern could collect his thoughts. He expected anger, rage, a disastrous breakdown. But he didn't feel any of those. He initially felt disgusted. Not because he was fucked out in the open by strangers, but because he enjoyed it. It's like all his responsibilities felt far for that one hour. He cried because his brain asked for more. He looked around. He was still tied, naked, too tired to walk home.

Will help come? Who will it be? The saga continues.


Leighton Sil BA

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